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  rock [ metal ] punk indie experimental pop elettronica



Origine: Stati Uniti, New Orleans
Genere: metal / thrash

Autori affini: Down | Crowbar | Eyehategod | Damageplan |

Sito ufficiale: www.officialpantera.com


Dimebag Darrel - Chitarra

Vinnie Paul - Batteria

Phil Anselmo - Voce

Rex Brown - Basso


Metal Magic (Metal Magic) 1983

Projects In The Jungle (Metal Magic) 1984

I Am The Night (Metal Magic) 1985

Power Metal (Metal Magic) 1988

Cowboys From Hell (Atlatic) 1990

Vulgar Display Of Power (East West) 1992

Far Beyond Driven (East West) 1994

The Great Southern Trendkill (East West) 1996

Official Live: 101 Proof (East West) 1997

Reinventing The Steel (East West) 2000

The Best Of Pantera (East West) 2003


Pantera - Power MetalPantera
Power Metal
Pantera - Reinventing HellPantera
Reinventing Hell
Pantera - Vulgar Display Of PowerPantera
Vulgar Display Of Power


31/10/2010 Dimebash 2010
31/08/2010 Brano Inedito Online
10/07/2010 Deluxe Edition di Cowboys From Hell
09/12/2004 Ucciso Damebag Darrell