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  [ rock ] metal punk indie experimental pop elettronica



Origine: Stati Uniti, New York
Genere: rock / art rock

Autori affini: Jarboe | Neurosis | Flipper | Nick Cave |

Sito ufficiale: http://swans.pair.com/


Michael Gira


Filth (Neutral) 1983

Cop (K.422) 1984

Greed (K.422) 1986

Holy Money (K.422) 1986

Real Love 1986

Public Castration Is A Good Idea 1986

Children Of God (Caroline) 1987

Feel Good Now 1987

The Burning World (Uni) 1989

Anonymous Bodies In An Empty Room 1990

White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity (Young God) 1991

Omniscience (Young God) 1992

Love Of Life (Young God) 1992

The Great Annihilator (Young God) 1994

Soundtracks For The Blind (Young God) 1996

Swans Are Dead (Young God) 1998

My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky (Young God) 2010

We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head (Young God) 2012

The Seer (Young God) 2012

Not Here / Not Now (Young God) 2013

To Be Kind (Young God) 2014

The Glowing Man (Young God) 2016

Leaving Meaning. (Young God) 2019


Swans - Leaving MeaningSwans
Leaving Meaning
Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The SkySwans
My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky

Live Reports

16/04/2011TilburgRoadburn Festival 2011 Day 3


31/08/2010 Headliner al Roadburn 2011
04/08/2010 Nuovo Brano, Tracklist e Copertina
09/07/2010 Dopo 14 Anni Il Nuovo Album