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  rock metal punk [ indie ] experimental pop elettronica

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Origine: Stati Uniti, New York
Genere: indie / rock

Autori affini: Siouxsie And The Banshees | Jon Spencer Blues Explosion | Strokes, The |

Sito ufficiale: www.yeahyeahyeahs.com


Karen O - Voce

Nick Zinner - Chitarra

Brian Chase - Batteria


Yeah Yeah Yeah EP (Shifty) 2001

Machine EP (Touch & Go) 2002

Fever To Tell (Interscope) 2003

Show Your Bones (Interscope) 2006

It's Blitz (Polydor) 2009

Mosquito (Interscope) 2013


Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever To TellYeah Yeah Yeahs
Fever To Tell
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - ItYeah Yeah Yeahs
It's Blitz
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your BonesYeah Yeah Yeahs
Show Your Bones
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow [DVD]Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow [DVD]


22/02/2006 In Italia