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Autori genere metal

Alfabetico Per NazionalitÓ [ Per Genere ]

alternative colonna sonora doom drone elettronica experimental grunge hardcore hip hop indie jazz [ metal ] nu-metal pop post-hardcore post-metal punk rock stoner

(Hed)P.E. 1980 36 Crazyfists A Life Once Lost A Perfect Circle
A Perfect Murder A Swarm Of The Sun Abel Is Dying Acid King Agalloch
Akimbo Alastor Alcest Amen Amenra
Atomic Opera Baroness Bell Witch Big Brave Big Business
Birds Of Prey Black Cobra Black Label Society Black Sabbath Black Tusk
BlackLab BleakHeart Blood Incantation Bloody Panda Blut Aus Nord
Body Count Bongtower Bongzilla Boris Boss Keloid
Boyhitscar Briqueville Buried Inside Burzum Buzzov*en
Cathedral Christian Mistress Church Of Misery Circle Of Sighs Cloud Rat
Code Orange Conan Coprofago Corey Corrosion Of Conformity
Creed Crowbar Cryptae Cult Of Luna Cynic
Damage Plan Dana Dentata Dark Buddha Rising Darkest Hour Darkthrone
Dead To A Dying World Deathspell Omega Decapitated Deftones DGM
Divide And Dissolve Domkraft Dreadnought Dream Theater Dub Trio
Duma Dvne Dysrhythmia Dystopian Future Movies Electric Wizard
Entombed Ephel Duath Eternal Champion Evanescence Extrema
Eyehategod Famili, The Firebreather Frayle Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects
Frostmoon Eclipse Fudge Tunnel Gallhammer Gargoyl Gatecreeper
Ghost God's Hate Godthrymm Gold Grip Inc.
Helms Alee Hexgrafv High On Fire Hooded Menace Iceburn
Idle Hands Imperial Triumphant Insect Ark Into The Moat Intronaut
Ion Dissonance Iron Monkey Jesu Jex Thoth Jinjer
Kall Ken Mode Kenos Killer Be Killed Killswitch Engage
King Woman King's X Kirk Windstein Kittie Konvent
Korn Kylesa Lacuna Coil Last Minute To Jaffna Les Discrets
Lesbian Limp Bizkit Linea 77 Lingua Ignota Liturgy
Lord Dying Maggot Heart Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard Mantar Martyr
Mastodon Megadeth Melvins Menace Ruine Meshuggah
Metallica Meth. Mgla Middian Midnight
Might Ministry Miocene Mis■yrming Mizmor
Monolord Moon Coven Moon Destroys Mrs Piss MSW
Myrkur Nailbomb Nero Di Marte Neurosis Nevermore
No Reason Oathbreaker Obrero Obsidian Kingdom Ocean, The
Omega Massif OnsÚgen Ensemble Oranssi Pazuzu Originalii Otep
Overmars Ovo Paatos Pantera Pelican
Pig Destroyer Poison The Well Poppy Possessor Premonition 13
Primitive Man Probot Prosperina Puya Ramesses
Red Fang Roadrunner United Rob Zombie Rose Kemp Rosetta
Rosy Finch Ruff Majik Rwake Sadist Saint Vitus
Salome Savage Master Scars Of Tomorrow Schism Sepultura
Shaam Larein Shining Shock Narcotic Slayer Sleep
Slipknot Slow Machine Smoulder Somnuri Soulfly
Sourvein Southern Isolation Spirit Adrift Spotlights Staind
Strapping Young Lad Subrosa Sunn O))) Superjoint Ritual Sword, The
System Of A Down Tallah Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine Terror 2000 Tetrarch
The Devil's Blood The Fifth Alliance Thorr's Hammer Thou Throwdown
Today Is The Day Tony Iommi Tool Torpor Toxic Holocaust
Twelve Tribes Uada Ueickap Unearth Unearthly Trance
Vile Creature Voivod V÷lur Weedeater Werian
White Ward White Zombie Windhand Witchfucker Wolvennest
Wolves In The Throne Room Yautja Yob Zig Zags Ătheria Conscientia