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Eyehategod - La Tracklist Del Tributo

Afsky - Om hundrede ňrAfsky
Om hundrede ňr
Acid King - Beyond VisionAcid King
Beyond Vision
Screaming Females - Desire PathwayScreaming Females
Desire Pathway
Oozing Wound - Cathers The CowardOozing Wound
Cathers The Coward
Returning - SeverenceReturning
Sandrider - EnveletrationSandrider
Big Brave - Nature MorteBig Brave
Nature Morte
Eunoia - Psyop of the YearEunoia
Psyop of the Year
Ciemra - The Tread Of DarknessCiemra
The Tread Of Darkness
Sisteria - Dark MatterSisteria
Dark Matter


La Tracklist Del Tributo

News del 30/04/2006

Eyehategod - La Tracklist Del Tributo

Come precedentemente annunciato, Emetic Records sta preparando un disco tributo ai seminali Eyehategod. A partecipare sono stati chiamati alcuni dei nomi del giro stoner e post-hc.

Ecco la tracklist con i partecipanti:

Brutal Truth - "Sister Fucker (Part 1 And 2)"

Watch Them Die - "Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere"

Buried At Sea - "White Nigger" (Feat. Kevin Sharp)

Byzantine - "Shop Lift"

Dead Bird - "Children Of God"

Alabama Thunderpussy - "God Song"

Ichabod - "Jackass In The Will Of God"

Minsk - "Ruptured Heart Theory"

Total Fucking Destruction - "Kill Your Boss"

Mouth Of The Architect - "Story Of The Eye"

Swarm Of The Lotus - "Blood Money"

Raging Speedhorn - "30$ Bag"

Sow Belly - "99 Miles Of Bad Road"

Ozenza - "Revelation/Revolution"

Triac - "My Name Is God"

Unearthly Trance - "Shinobi"

Halo Of Locusts - "Dixie Whiskey"

If He Dies, He Dies - "Age Of Bootcamp"

The Esoteric - "Crimes Against Skin"

Lair Of The Minotaur - TBA

Century Media, invece, ristamperÓ "In The Name Of Suffering" e "Take As Needed For Pain. Non sono per˛ previste bonus track.

[Dale P.]

Eyehategod - A History of Nomadic BehaviorEyehategod
A History of Nomadic Behavior