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Truckfighters Data Unica In Italia - Taxi Driver Eventi

Taxi Driver Eventi - Truckfighters Data Unica In Italia

Heavy Rock For Heavy People Night!!

Una delle band di punta dell'heavy psych europeo (Truckfighters dalla Svezia) condivideranno il palco con Shinin'Shade (visti in apertura dei Baroness nelle date italiane) da Parma e le glorie locali Gandhi's Gunn (che presenteranno la ristampa in CD di Thirtyeahs) e Christopher Walken!!!

Truckfighters data unica in Italia!

Preparatevi alla serata piu' fuzz dell'anno!

via bertani 1, Genova

Ingresso 5 Euro
Inizio ore 22


Sweden www.myspace.com/truckfighters

Truckfighters is a stoner rock band from Sweden. After releasing ep's in 2001 and 2002, they recorded a split-EP with local Swedish band Firestone in 2003. In 2005 they released their debut album Gravity X on both MeteorCity Records and Fuzzorama Records. Their follow-up album, Phi, was released in 2007 by Poison Tree Records in the U.S. and on the Fuzzorama label elsewhere. Latest album is Mania where the band has a more progressive sound. Over the years Truckfighters have moved from classic stoner to progressive/alternative metal/stoner. Their sound has been described as classic desert rock, similar to bands like Dozer, Fu Manchu (with whom they have toured), and Kyuss. They have been featured on the MTV Sweden show "Fuzz".


Italy - Genova www.reverbnation.com/gandhisgunn

I Gandhi's Gunn, dopo alcuni anni di intensa attivita' live durante cui hanno anche condiviso il palco con band di assoluto culto nel panorama Stoner Rock mondiale come Clutch (USA), Acid King (USA), Atomic Bitchwax (USA), Church of Misery (Giappone) e Los Natas (Argentina), pubblicano il loro primo album "Thirtyeahs" nell'Aprile 2010.

La band genovese si distingue per il suo sound granitico, di forte impatto, profondamente ispirato dalle ruvide sonorità della prima corrente Stoner americana, rievocando e attualizzando episodi alla Corrosion of Conformity, Clutch, Fu Manchu, e aprendosi a territori piu' visionari e psichedelici.

"Thirtyeahs", pubblicato per la neo-etichetta genovese Taxi Driver Records e gia' ben recensito su stampa specializzata, fanzine e webzine esce in edizione limitata 300 copie numerate a mano, in pacchetto unico Vinile + CD. L'artwork che impreziosisce l'album è opera di Kabuto (kabutoartlab.blogspot.com), ex bassista e grafico ufficiale della band: sue sono infatti anche le locandine dei concerti e il merchandise a marchio Gandhi's Gunn, a sottolineare quanto la contaminazione fra musica e arti grafiche sia parte integrante e fondamentale dell'espressione artistica della band.


Italy - Parma www.myspace.com/shininshade

Shinin' Shade Born originally as Madness City 4 in March 2005 from an idea by Allen Kramer (guitar, harmonica, VCS3, vocals) and Roger Davis (bass, guitar, VCS3, vocals), recruiting the drummer Fred Ferrari (drums , percussion, congas, vocals) and start to experiment with special sound, combining their influences and creating quite a few fast songs their own, always with a good dose of improvisation. Start as an hard rock band, this one switch to a generally much more experimental and challenging, always focusing on the trials as well as on the proposed expansion of the songs, and when, in June 2007, the drummer Ferrari leaves the band due continues contrasts with Davis and he is replaced by Greg Wonder (drums, percussion) in August of that year. With the arrival of Wonder, the band focuses mainly on writing songs and personal structuring improvisations live, and it is always at this time that the 'sound' final of the trio began to make head, due to the peculiar character of three components. After an appearance in May 2008 , Mek Jefrey (lead guitar) meet Allen Kramer, completely debilitated by hunger, and after this, Mek became the forth member of the band. Test marking the end of adventure with three solo instruments, but that opens the doors to a good improvement in terms of music, creating a 'wall of sound' really powerful, also due to the young Jefrey on guitars, able to bring a breath of freshness in the group, which react positively to stimuli provided by a new role within the band. In November 2008, the old name Madness City Band (always loved both) is changed to Shinin' Shade, and the songs of other artists began to disappear slowly from the ladder in favor of their own songs. During the month of February the quartet record the first Ep containing three original pieces. This EP, was released on 28 February 2009, at 'Psychedelic Night Fest'.


Italy - Genova www.myspace.com/cwrockband

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