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King's X

King's X

Origine: Stati Uniti,
Genere: metal / alternative

Autori affini: Rush | Atomic Opera | Galactic Cowboys | Alice In Chains |


Doug Pinnick - Basso, Voce

Ty Tabor - Chitarra, Voce

Jerry Gaskill - Batteria


Out Of The Silent Planet (Megaforce) 1988

Gretchen Goest To Nebraska (Megaforce) 1989

Faith Hope Love (Megaforce) 1990

King's X (Atlantic) 1992

Dogman (Atlantic) 1994

Ear Candy (Atlantic) 1996

Tape End (Metal Blade) 1998

Please Come Home..Mr Bulbous (Metal Blade) 2000

Manic Moonlight (Metal Blade) 2001

Black Like Sunday (Metal Blade) 2003

Live All Over The Place (Metal Blade) 2004

Ogre Tones (Inside Out) 2005

XV (Inside Out) 2008

The Bigger Picture (Molken) 2009


KingKing's X
Ogre Tones


24/06/2022 Tornano Dopo 14 Anni