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Origine: Norvegia, Trondheim
Genere: rock / psych

Sito ufficiale: motorpsycho.fix.no


Saether - Voce, Basso

Snah - Chitarra

Gebhardt - Batteria


Maiden Voyage (Knallsyndikatet) 1990

Lobotomizer (Vow) 1991

Soothe (Vow) 1992

3 Songs For Rut (Vow) 1992

8 Soothing Songs For Rut (Vow) 1993

Demon Box (Vow) 1993

Mountain EP (Vow) 1993

Another Ugly EP (Vow) 1994

Timothy's Monster (EMI) 1994

The Tussler (dBut) 1994

Wearing Yr Smell EP (EMI) 1994

The Nerve Tattoo EP (Columbia) 1994

Blissard (Columbia) 1996

Manmower EP (Columbia) 1996

Babyscooter EP (Columbia) 1997

Have Spacesuit Will Travel EP (Columbia) 1997

Lovelight EP (Columbia) 1997

Angels and Daemons at Play (Columbia) 1997

Starmelt EP (Columbia) 1997

Ozone EP (Columbia) 1998

Trust Us (Columbia) 1998

Hey Jane EP (Columbia) 1998

Roadworks vol 1 (Stickman) 1999

The Other Fool EP (Stickman) 2000

Let Them Eat Cake (Columbia) 2000

Walkin' with J EP (Columbia) 2000

Roadworks vol 2 (Stickman) 2000

Barracuda EP (Stickman) 2001

Phanerothyme (Columbia) 2002

Serpentine EP (Stickman) 2002

It's a Love Cult (Columbia) 2002

Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns - In The Fishtank (Konkurrent) 2003

Motorpsycho + Cowboys - Motorpsycho Presents The International Tussler Society (Columbia) 2004

Black Hole / Blank Canvas (Stickman) 2006

Little Lucid Moments (Stickman) 2008

Child of the Future (Stickman) 2009

Heavy Metal Fruit (Stickman) 2010

Strings Of Stroop - Motorpsycho Live At Effenaar 2011

The Death Defying Unicorn (Stickman) 2012

Still Life With Eggplant (Stickman) 2013

Behind The Sun (Rune Grammofon) 2014

Here Be Monsters (Rune Grammofon) 2016

The Tower (Stickman) 2017

The Crucible (Stickman) 2019

The All Is One (Rune Grammofon) 2020

Kingdom Of Oblivion (Stickman) 2021

Ancient Astronauts (Stickman) 2022


Motorpsycho - + Jaga Jazzist HornsMotorpsycho
+ Jaga Jazzist Horns
Motorpsycho - 8 Soothing Songs for RutMotorpsycho
8 Soothing Songs for Rut
Motorpsycho - Ancient AstronautsMotorpsycho
Ancient Astronauts
Motorpsycho - Angels And Daemons At PlayMotorpsycho
Angels And Daemons At Play
Motorpsycho - BarracudaMotorpsycho
Motorpsycho - Black Hole / Black CanvasMotorpsycho
Black Hole / Black Canvas
Motorpsycho - BlissardMotorpsycho
Motorpsycho - Demon BoxMotorpsycho
Demon Box
Motorpsycho - Kingdom Of OblivionMotorpsycho
Kingdom Of Oblivion
Motorpsycho - LobotomizerMotorpsycho
Motorpsycho - Mountain EPMotorpsycho
Mountain EP
Motorpsycho - PhanerothymeMotorpsycho
Motorpsycho - The All Is OneMotorpsycho
The All Is One
Motorpsycho - The Death Defying UnicornMotorpsycho
The Death Defying Unicorn
Motorpsycho - The Nerve Tattoo EPMotorpsycho
The Nerve Tattoo EP
Motorpsycho - The TusslerMotorpsycho
The Tussler
Motorpsycho - TimothyMotorpsycho
Timothy's Monster
Motorpsycho - Trust UsMotorpsycho
Trust Us
Motorpsycho - Wearing Yr Smell EPMotorpsycho
Wearing Yr Smell EP

Live Reports

11/05/2006RiminiVelvet Club


31/03/2022 Quattro Date In Italia a Maggio
21/02/2013 Quattro Date In Italia
21/03/2005 Geb Lascia