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  stoner post-metal post-hardcore metal grunge rock alternative


Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

alternative classica [ drone ] elettronica experimental grunge hardcore indie metal nu-metal pop post rock post-harcore post-hardcore post-metal punk rock stoner

5ive  5ive   Tortuga   drone     3325  
5ive  Telestic Disfracture   Tortuga   drone     3283  
Aidan Baker  Green & Cold   Gears Of Sand   drone     2834  
Alexander Tucker  Dorwytch   Thrill Jockey   drone     2224  
Alexander Tucker  Third Mouth   Thrill Jockey   drone     2259  
ASVA  What You Don't Know Is Frontier   Southern Records   drone     3485  
Barn Owl  Ancestral Star   Thrill Jockey   drone     1857  
Boris  Absolutego   Fangs Anal Satan   drone     5286  
Boris  Flood   Midi Creative   drone     6191  
Boris  with Merzbow - Sun Baked Snow Cave   Hydrahead   drone     3483  
Bruce Lamont  Feral Songs For The Epic Decline   At A Loss   drone     1717  
Earth  Earth 2   Sub Pop   drone     5515  
Earth  Sunn Amps And Smashed Guitars   Blast First   drone     4154  
Earth  Living In The Gleam Of An Unsheathed Sword   Troubleman   drone     7870  
Earth  Hex Or Printing In The Infernal Method   Southern Lord   drone     4960  
Earth  Hibernaculum   Southern Lord   drone     3864  
Earth  The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull   Southern Lord   drone     3621  
Earth  Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light 1   Southern Lord   drone     2267  
Earth  Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light 2   Southern Lord   drone     1998  
Harvestman  Lashing The Rye   Neurot   drone     5662  
Harvestman  Trinity   Neurot   drone     2701  
Imbogodom  The Metallic Year   Thrill Jockey   drone     2502  
Khanate  Capture & Release   Hydrahead   drone     3971  
Khlyst  Chaos Is My Name   Hydrahead   drone     3594  
Lou Reed  Metal Machine Music   RCA   drone     4827  
Lustmord  Songs Of Gods And Demons   Vaultworks   drone     1528  
Mamiffer  Mare Decendrii   Conspiracy   drone     2155  
Master Musicians Of Bukkake  Totem One   Conspiracy   drone     3396  
Master Musicians Of Bukkake  Totem Two   Important   drone     2562  
Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation  Succubus   Ad Noiseam   drone     2481  
Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation  Anthropomorphic   Denovali   drone     2403  
Sunn O)))  00 Void   Double H Noise   drone     6989  
Sunn O)))  Flight Of The Behemot   Southern Lord   drone     4248  
Sunn O)))  White 1   Southern Lord   drone     4475  
Sunn O)))  White 2   Southern Lord   drone     5721  
Sunn O)))  Black One   Southern Lord   drone     6807  
Sunn O)))  & Boris - Altar   Southern Lord   drone     4810  
Tartar Lamb  Polyimage Of Known Exits   Autoproduzione   drone     1750