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  Bala  Besta   Century Media   rock   alternative     367  
  Big Brave  A Chaos Of Flowers   Thrill Jockey   metal   sludge     259  
  Big Special  Postindustrial Hometown Blues   So Recordings   rock   post-punk     149  
  Black Pyramid  The Paths Of Time Are Vast   Totem Cat   rock   stoner     134  
  Bongripper  Empty   Great Barrier   metal   post-metal     236  
  Brat  Social Grace   Prosthetic   metal   death metal     236  
  Castle Rat  Into The Realm   King Volume   metal   doom     206  
  Cell Press  Cages   The Ghost Is Clear   metal   sludge     195  
  Chelsea Wolfe  She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She   Loma Vista   rock   alternative     299  
  Couch Slut  You Could Do It Tonight   Brutal Panda   rock   noise     278  
  Crypt Sermon  The Stygian Rose   Dark Descents   metal   doom     53  
  Darkthrone  It Beckons Us All   Peaceville   metal   black metal     83  
  Dodsrit  Nocturnal Will   Wolves Of Hades   metal   black metal     116  
  Earth Tongue  Great Haunting   In The Red   rock   stoner     91  
  English Teacher  This Could Be Texas   Island   rock   post-punk     234  
  Eye  Dark Light   New Heavy Sounds   rock   alternative     159  
  Eye Flys  Eye Flyes   Thrill Jockey   metal   sludge     391  
  Fu Manchu  The Return Of Tomorrow   At The Dojo   rock   stoner     160  
  Galg  Teloorgang   Consouling Sounds   metal   black metal     87  
  Gnod  Spot Land   Rocket Recordings   rock   psych     78  
  Gouge Away  Deep Sage   Deathwish   rock   alternative     206  
  Greenleaf  The Head And The Habit   Magnetic Eye   rock   stoner     218  
  Harvestman  Triptych Part One   Neurot   experimental   ambient     198  
  Haunted Plasma  I   Svart   metal   experimental     73  
  Hauntologist  Hollow   No Solace   metal   black metal     450  
  Henrik Palm  Nerd Icon   Svart   metal   alternative     296  
  High On Fire  Cometh The Storm   MNRK   metal   sludge     307  
  Insect Ark  Raw Blood Singing   Debemur Morti   metal   post-metal     158  
  Inter Arma  New Heaven   Relapse   metal   black metal     232  
  Iron Monkey  Spleen & Goad   Relapse   metal   sludge     190  
  Julie Christmas  Ridiculous And Full Of Blood   Red Creek   metal   post-metal     156  
  Kim Gordon  The Collective   Matador   elettronica   noise     266  
  Louvado Abismo  Louvado Abismo   Half Beast   metal   alternative     222  
  Maruja  Connla's Well   Autoproduzione   rock   post-punk     188  
  Matt Cameron  Gory Scorch Cretins   Keep It Trippy Records   rock   psych     321  
  Melvins  Tarantula Heart   Ipecac   rock   alternative     227  
  meth.  Shame   Prosthetic   punk   post-hardcore     464  
  Moor Mother  The Great Bailout   Anti   pop   folk     245  
  Orange Goblin  Science Not Fiction   Peaceville   metal   hard rock     34  
  Pallbearer  Mind Burns Alive   Nuclear Blast   metal   doom     215  
  Pissed Jeans  Half Divorced   Sub Pop   rock   noise     203  
  Porcelain  Porcelain   Portrayal Of Guilt   punk   post-hardcore     213  
  Robot God  Portal Within   Kozmik Artifactz   rock   stoner     104  
  Shellac  To All Trains   Touch And Go   rock   noise     101  
  Shooting Daggers  Love & Rage   New Heavy Sounds   rock   alternative     47  
  Slift  Ilion   Sub Pop   rock   psych     451  
  Sonic Universe  It Is What It Is   Edel   metal   alternative     30  
  Sprints  Letter To Self   City Slang   rock   alternative     282  
  Sumac  The Healer   Thrill Jockey   metal   drone     128  
  The Body  & Dis Fig - Orchards of a Futile Heaven   Thrill Jockey   elettronica   dub     259  
  The Crypt  The Crypt   Metal Department   metal   doom     94  
  The Messthetics  And James Brandon Lewis   Impulse   jazz   rock     239  
  The Obsessed  Gilded Sorrow   Ripple Music   metal   doom     88  
  Thou  Umbilical   Sacred Bones   metal   sludge     205  
  Uboa  Impossible Light   Flenser   rock   experimental     103  
  Ulcerate  Cutting The Throat Of God   Debemur Morti   metal   death metal     110  
  Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats  Nell'Ora Blu   Rise Above   rock   psych     260  
  Whores  War   The Ghost Is Clear   rock   noise     296