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  stoner post-metal post-hardcore metal [ grunge ] rock alternative


Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

alternative classica drone elettronica experimental [ grunge ] hardcore indie metal nu-metal pop post rock post-harcore post-hardcore post-metal punk rock stoner

10 Minute Warning  10 Minute Warning   Sub Pop   grunge     3821  
AA.VV.  Hype! Surviving The Northwest Rock Explosion   Sub Pop   grunge     3989  
AA.VV.  Singles Soundtrack   Epic   grunge     6281  
AA.VV.  Sub Pop 200   Sub Pop   grunge     4506  
Alice In Chains  Facelift   Columbia   grunge     5361  
Alice In Chains  SAP EP   Columbia   grunge     5090  
Alice In Chains  Dirt   Columbia   grunge     8925  
Alice In Chains  Live   Columbia   grunge     6619  
All The Shit's Hole  Mr.Sickness'Whisper   DEMO   grunge     3560  
Alter Bridge  One Day Remains   Wind Up   grunge     5952  
Black Label Society  Hangover Music Vol.VI   Spitfire   grunge     3500  
Bush  Golden State   Atlantic   grunge     3307  
Chevelle  Wonder What's Next   Epic   grunge     4274  
Cold  13 Ways To Bleed On Stage   Flip   grunge     4007  
Cold  A Different Kind Of Pain   Lava   grunge     3718  
Creed  Weathered   Wind Up   grunge     4100  
Damien  Pretend We Are Kings   Autoproduzione   grunge     2744  
Default  The Fallout   TVT   grunge     3242  
Dust For Life  Dust For Life   Wind Up   grunge     3268  
File  File   Silvertone   grunge     2958  
Fuel  Something Like Human   Epic   grunge     3408  
Godsmack  Awake   Universal   grunge     5107  
Godsmack  Faceless   Universal   grunge     4513  
Godsmack  IV   Universal   grunge     3943  
Godsmack  Good Times Bad Times   Universal   grunge     3603  
Green River  Come On Down   Homestead   grunge     5612  
Green River  Dry As A Bone/Rehab Doll   Sub Pop   grunge     4349  
Hand Rolling  City Of Angels   DEMO   grunge     3134  
Hole  Live Through This   Geffen   grunge     5082  
Imodium  Imodium   Decibel   grunge     3440  
Imodium  Nowhere EP   Sub Rock   grunge     2854  
Incubus  Morning View   Immortal   grunge     3950  
Incubus  A Crow Left Of The Murder   Immortal   grunge     4090  
Jerry Cantrell  Degradation Trip   Roadrunner   grunge     4999  
Lana  Esiclonica   Jestrai   grunge     3128  
Lingua  The Smell Of A Life That Could Have Been   Rebel Monster   grunge     4053  
Mr Wilson  Mr Wilson   Allright Family   grunge     3109  
Mudhoney  Mudhoney   Sub Pop   grunge     3827  
Mudhoney  Every Good Boy Deserve Fudge   Sub Pop   grunge     3397  
Mudhoney  Piece Of Cake   Reprise   grunge     5212  
Mudhoney  My Brother The Cow   Reprise   grunge     4949  
Mudhoney  The Lucky Ones   Sub Pop   grunge     2855  
My Vitriol  Fine Lines   Pias   grunge     3453  
Neil Young  Mirrorball   Reprise   grunge     6591  
Nickelback  The State   Roadrunner   grunge     3658  
Nirvana  Bleach   Sub Pop   grunge     5924  
Nirvana  Nevermind   Geffen   grunge     7632  
Nirvana  Hormoaning EP   Geffen   grunge     4428  
Nirvana  Incesticide   Geffen   grunge     5053  
Nirvana  In Utero   Geffen   grunge     7104  
Nirvana  Unplugged In New York   Geffen   grunge     5692  
Nirvana  From The Muddy Banks Of The Whishkah   Geffen   grunge     3990  
No Code  Try To Understand   Autoproduzione   grunge     2983  
Pearl Jam  Ten   Epic   grunge     7669  
Pearl Jam  Vs   Epic   grunge     6810  
Pearl Jam  Vitalogy   Epic   grunge     7808  
Pearl Jam  No Code   Epic   grunge     9851  
Pearl Jam  Yield   Epic   grunge     5898  
Pearl Jam  Binaural   Epic   grunge     6567  
Pearl Jam  Live At The Garden [DVD]   Epic   grunge     8204  
Pearl Jam  Lost Dogs   Epic   grunge     8035  
Plush  Hands   DEMO   grunge     3067  
Plush  Sounds Better, Frank   Autoproduzione   grunge     2578  
Puddle Of Mudd  Come Clean   Flawless   grunge     3848  
Soundgarden  Screaming Life   Sub Pop   grunge     5007  
Soundgarden  Fopp   Sub Pop   grunge     4074  
Soundgarden  Ultramega Ok   SST   grunge     4607  
Soundgarden  Louder Than Love   A&M   grunge     13583  
Soundgarden  Badmotorfinger   A&M   grunge     6405  
Soundgarden  Superunknown   A&M   grunge     7039  
Soundgarden  Down On The Upside   A&M   grunge     5680  
Soundgarden  SOMMS EP   A&M   grunge     6140  
Soundgarden  Telephantasm   A&M   grunge     2841  
Soundgarden  Live On I5   A&M   grunge     2544  
Stabbing Westward  Stabbing Westward   Edel   grunge     4677  
Staind  14 Shades Of Grey   Elektra   grunge     4731  
Staind  Break The Cycle   Atlantic   grunge     5254  
Staind  Chapter V   Atlantic   grunge     3751  
Staind  The Singles 1996-2006   Atlantic   grunge     3596  
Stone Sour  Stone Sour   Roadrunner   grunge     4677  
Sunna  One Minute Science   Virgin   grunge     6817  
Vanishing Floor  Demo   DEMO   grunge     2992