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  stoner post-metal post-hardcore metal grunge rock alternative


Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

alternative classica drone elettronica experimental grunge hardcore indie metal [ nu-metal ] pop post rock post-harcore post-hardcore post-metal punk rock stoner

(Hed)P.E.  Blackout   Jive   nu-metal     3675  
(Hed)P.E.  Broke   Jive   nu-metal     4162  
30 Seconds To Mars  A Beautiful Lie   Virgin   nu-metal     8031  
A Perfect Circle  eMOTIVe   Virgin   nu-metal     4752  
AA.VV.  Ozzfest Second Stage Live   Divine   nu-metal     2580  
AA.VV.  Spawn - The Album   Immortal   nu-metal     4003  
AA.VV.  Babylon Magazine Compilation   Psychosoda Blaster   nu-metal     3853  
Amen  We've Come For Your Parents   Virgin   nu-metal     3322  
American Head Charge  The War Of Art   American   nu-metal     6323  
American Head Charge  The Feeding   DRT   nu-metal     3567  
Apex Theory  The Topsy Turvy   Dreamworks   nu-metal     2941  
Apex Theory  Inthatskyissomethingwatching EP   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     3064  
Artdisorder  Anoplogaster Cornuta   Jestrai   nu-metal     2902  
B-Blast  Insidioso Ascolto Della Musica   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     2721  
Biogora  Sheep?   Antibet   nu-metal     2697  
Boyhitscar  Boyhitscar   Wind Up   nu-metal     3695  
Boyhitscar  The Passage   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     3742  
Coal Chamber  Dark Days   Roadrunner   nu-metal     2857  
Coldseed  Completion Makes The Tragedy   Nuclear Blast   nu-metal     2230  
Crawler  Crawler   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     2596  
Crawler  F.T.C.T.T.P.   Kick Agency   nu-metal     2332  
Deftones  Adrenaline   Maverick   nu-metal     4411  
Deftones  Around The Fur   Maverick   nu-metal     5058  
Deftones  White Pony   Maverick   nu-metal     7565  
Deftones  Back To School   Maverick   nu-metal     3122  
Deftones  Deftones   Maverick   nu-metal     4192  
Deftones  B-side And Rarities   Maverick   nu-metal     3911  
Deftones  Saturday Night Wrist   Maverick   nu-metal     4557  
Deftones  Diamond Eyes   Warner   nu-metal     2249  
Disorder  Disorder   DEMO   nu-metal     2701  
Disturbed  Believe   Warner   nu-metal     5990  
Disturbed  The Sickness   Warner   nu-metal     13030  
Disturbed  10000 Fists   Warner   nu-metal     4426  
Dog Bisquits  Dietro Un Vetro   DEMO   nu-metal     2907  
Dog Fashion Disco  Anarchist Of Good Taste   Spitfire   nu-metal     4555  
Downset  Check Your People   Epitaph   nu-metal     5708  
Downset  Universal   Hawino   nu-metal     2854  
Dredg  Orph EP   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     4558  
Egg  Egg   Vacation House   nu-metal     3813  
Endo  Evolve   Panacea   nu-metal     2877  
Flaw  Through The Eyes   Universal   nu-metal     3600  
Green Arrows  The Sky   Vacation House   nu-metal     3005  
Guilty Method  Touch   About Rock   nu-metal     4662  
Hapax  No One Knows...   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     3470  
Hoobastank  Hoobastank   Universal   nu-metal     3526  
Horrible Network  Let's Sabotage Transmission   Vacation House   nu-metal     2444  
Ill Nino  Revolution / Revolucion   Roadrunner   nu-metal     3858  
Ill Nino  The Undercover Sessions EP   Cement Shoes   nu-metal     3182  
Incubus  Enjoy Incubus EP   Immortal   nu-metal     3400  
Incubus  S.C.I.E.N.C.E.   Immortal   nu-metal     6348  
Incubus  Make Yourself   Immortal   nu-metal     5057  
Kittie  Oracle   Artemis   nu-metal     3600  
Kittie  Spit   Artemis   nu-metal     3102  
Kittie  Until The End   Artemis   nu-metal     3111  
Korn  Korn   Immortal   nu-metal     7271  
Korn  Life Is Peachy   Immortal   nu-metal     5593  
Korn  Follow The Leader   Immortal   nu-metal     5345  
Korn  Issues   Immortal   nu-metal     7652  
Korn  Untouchables   Immortal   nu-metal     5508  
Korn  Take A Look In The Mirror   Immortal   nu-metal     4966  
Korn  See You On The Other Side   Sony   nu-metal     4973  
Korn  Mtv Unplugged   Virgin   nu-metal     5655  
Korn  The Path Of Totality   Roadrunner   nu-metal     2017  
Last Green Field  Another Way To Relate   Vacation House   nu-metal     2734  
Limp Bizkit  Chocolate Starfish   Flip   nu-metal     4076  
Limp Bizkit  Results May Vary   Flip   nu-metal     4211  
Limp Bizkit  The Unquestionable Truth Part 1   Geffen   nu-metal     6443  
Linea 77  Available For Propaganda   Earache   nu-metal     5219  
Linkin Park  Hybrid Theory   Warner   nu-metal     5180  
Linkin Park  Meteora   Warner   nu-metal     5185  
Losing Sun  Inertia   Copro   nu-metal     2354  
Lostprophets  The Fake Sound Of Progress   Columbia   nu-metal     6323  
Mad Capsule Markets  010   Palm   nu-metal     5016  
Mad Capsule Markets  Osc Dis   Palm   nu-metal     3078  
Mad Capsule Markets  1997 - 2004   Victor   nu-metal     5363  
Mad Capsule Markets  1990 - 1996   Victor   nu-metal     2460  
Mad Capsule Markets  020120   Victor   nu-metal     3161  
Madhouse  Pig!   DEMO   nu-metal     3501  
Magazine Du Kakao  /Laghetto - Split   Loudblast   nu-metal     5961  
Magazine Du Kakao  Bazum   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     4305  
Marigold  Divisional   Black Desert   nu-metal     3547  
Medication  Medication EP   Wea   nu-metal     2477  
Meschalina  Something 2 Die 4   Militant   nu-metal     2908  
Miocene  A Pefect Life With A View Of The Swamp   Corporate Risk   nu-metal     5296  
Mu.St.  Rack Your Brain To Know Why   Lady Music   nu-metal     2670  
Mudvayne  L.D.50   Epic   nu-metal     5968  
Mudvayne  The End Of All Things To Come   Epic   nu-metal     3576  
Mudvayne  Lost And Found   Epic   nu-metal     4579  
Naiveover  I Touch The Darkness With My Emotions   DEMO   nu-metal     3463  
Nihil  Demo1   DEMO   nu-metal     2798  
Ninefold  Motel   Loudblast   nu-metal     3071  
None Of Us  Twice Again   DEMO   nu-metal     3394  
Osian  The Slow Fade Of Loving Things   Rising Works   nu-metal     3734  
Otep  Jihad EP   Capitol   nu-metal     3130  
Otep  Sevas Tra   Capitol   nu-metal     4752  
Papa Roach  Infest   Dreamworks   nu-metal     3664  
Passenger  Passenger   Century Media   nu-metal     2744  
Poweman 5000  Transform   Dreamworks   nu-metal     3164  
Puya  Fundamental   MCA   nu-metal     6252  
Puya  Union   MCA   nu-metal     4659  
Reflections  Free Violence   Temple Of Noise   nu-metal     3163  
Relative Ash  Our Time With You   Polygram   nu-metal     2498  
Rex Devon / Family Pusher  Loudblast Split Vol5   Loudblast   nu-metal     2722  
Rob Zombie  Educated Horses   Universal   nu-metal     2904  
S.N.P.  Scarface   Adrenaline   nu-metal     3062  
Setwall  Up To The Unseen   Vacation House   nu-metal     2663  
Shelter Of Leech  Shelter Of Leech   Bunkker   nu-metal     2953  
Shovaway  The Chocking Season   DEMO   nu-metal     2609  
Sikth  The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something   Unparalleled   nu-metal     6056  
Sikth  Death Of A Dead Day   Bieler Bros   nu-metal     3359  
Skasico  Terapia   Kick Agency   nu-metal     4941  
Slipknot  Iowa   Roadrunner   nu-metal     5690  
Slipknot  Vol 3 Subliminal Verse   Roadrunner   nu-metal     5692  
Slipknot  All Hope Is Gone   Roadrunner   nu-metal     5454  
SmaXone  Regression   Scarlet   nu-metal     2832  
Snot  Strait Up   Virgin   nu-metal     6345  
Sonoria  Demo   DEMO   nu-metal     3010  
Soulfly  Primitive   Roadrunner   nu-metal     3401  
Spineshank  The Height Of Callousness   Roadrunner   nu-metal     3375  
Suburban Base  Suburban Base   DEMO   nu-metal     2761  
System Of A Down  System Of A Down   American   nu-metal     6499  
System Of A Down  Toxicity   American   nu-metal     8834  
System Of A Down  Steal This Album!   American   nu-metal     5549  
System Of A Down  Mezmerize   American   nu-metal     10353  
System Of A Down  Hypnotize   Columbia   nu-metal     6642  
Taproot  The Gift   Warner   nu-metal     3331  
Thisgust  Thisgust   Lady Music   nu-metal     2885  
Tittytwister  Demo n Side   DEMO   nu-metal     2515  
Union Underground  An Education In Rebellion   Columbia   nu-metal     2588  
Unsifted  Unsifted   DEMO   nu-metal     3111  
Vision Of Disorder  From Bliss To Devastation   TVT   nu-metal     2711  
Volumi Criminali  Promo   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     2348  
Zona Loud  Quello Che Vedi   Jair Records   nu-metal     2770