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  stoner post-metal [ post-hardcore ] metal grunge rock alternative


Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

alternative classica drone elettronica experimental grunge hardcore indie metal nu-metal pop post rock post-harcore [ post-hardcore ] post-metal punk rock stoner

1980  1980   Autoproduzione   post-hardcore     3204  
5ive  Hesperus   Tortuga   post-hardcore     4250  
A Swarm Of The Sun  The King Of Everything   Version Studio   post-hardcore     2997  
AA.VV.  Neurot Recordings I   Neurot   post-hardcore     3294  
AA.VV.  Triad   Neurot   post-hardcore     3316  
AA.VV.  Stones From The Sky Neurosound Vol.1   Neuroprison   post-hardcore     3399  
Antithesis  Antithesis   Concubine   post-hardcore     3246  
Apiary  Lost In Focus   Metal Blade   post-hardcore     4246  
At The Drive-In  In Casino Out   Fearless   post-hardcore     4335  
At The Drive-In  Relationship Of Command   Grand Royal   post-hardcore     5120  
At The Drive-In  This Station Is Non Operational   Fearless   post-hardcore     3486  
Barrato  'mmerecano Siupesciņ   Surface   post-hardcore     2575  
Behold...The Arctopus  Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning   Metal Blade   post-hardcore     5028  
Between The Buried And Me  Alaska   Victory   post-hardcore     3315  
Between The Buried And Me  The Anatomy Of   Victory   post-hardcore     3709  
Between The Buried And Me  Colors   Victory   post-hardcore     2348  
Blood Brothers  Burn Piano Island Burn   Artist Direct   post-hardcore     4931  
Blood Brothers  Crimes   V2   post-hardcore     3617  
Breach  Kollapse   Burning Heart   post-hardcore     6225  
Buried Inside  Chronoclast   Relapse   post-hardcore     3643  
Burnt By The Sun  Heart Of Darkness   Relapse   post-hardcore     3062  
Burst  Lazarus Bird   Relapse   post-hardcore     3331  
Cassilis  My Colours   Slow Growth   post-hardcore     1868  
Cave In  Until Your Heart Stops   Hydrahead   post-hardcore     5250  
Cave In  Jupiter   Hydrahead   post-hardcore     4158  
Cave In  Antenna   BMG   post-hardcore     3532  
Cave In  Perfect Pitch Black   Hydrahead   post-hardcore     4979  
Cave In  White Silence   Hydrahead   post-hardcore     2405  
Comity  As Everything Is A Tragedy   Candelight   post-hardcore     3106  
Conifer  Crown Fire   Important   post-hardcore     2369  
Converge  Jane Doe   Equal Vision   post-hardcore     7564  
Converge  You Fail Me   Epitaph   post-hardcore     5286  
Converge  No Heroes   Epitaph   post-hardcore     5976  
Cult Of Luna  Somewhere Along The Highway   Earache   post-hardcore     3669  
Curl Up And Die  The End Of All That Is   Revelation   post-hardcore     2736  
D.U.N.E.  L'ipotesi Della Stipsi   Donna Bavosa   post-hardcore     2919  
Daughters  Hell Songs   Hydrahead   post-hardcore     3209  
Daughters  Daughters   Hydrahead   post-hardcore     2277  
Dead Elephant  Sing The Separation EP   Autoproduzione   post-hardcore     4866  
Dead Elephant  Lowest Shared Descent   Robot Radio   post-hardcore     4452  
Death Of Anna Karina  New Liberalistic Pleasures   Unhip   post-hardcore     4240  
Dillinger Escape Plan  Under The Running Board   Relapse   post-hardcore     4196  
Dillinger Escape Plan  & Mike Patton Irony Is A Dead Scene   Epitaph   post-hardcore     5337  
Dillinger Escape Plan  Cursed, Unshaven, And Misbehavin'   Relapse   post-hardcore     3794  
Dillinger Escape Plan  Miss Machine   Relapse   post-hardcore     8422  
Dillinger Escape Plan  Plagiarism EP   Relapse   post-hardcore     4368  
Dillinger Escape Plan  Miss Machine The DVD [DVD]   Relapse   post-hardcore     3658  
Dillinger Escape Plan  Ire Works   Relapse   post-hardcore     4277  
Dysrhythmia  Pretest   Relapse   post-hardcore     4676  
Dysrhythmia  Barriers And Passages   Relapse   post-hardcore     4527  
Dysrhythmia  Psychic Map   Relapse   post-hardcore     2889  
End, The  Within Dividia   Relapse   post-hardcore     2913  
End, The  Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point   Relapse   post-hardcore     2828  
End, The  Elementary   Relapse   post-hardcore     3519  
Ephel Duath  The Painters Palette   Earache   post-hardcore     6310  
Ephel Duath  Pain Necessary To Know   Elitist / Earache   post-hardcore     5206  
Ephel Duath  Through My Dog's Eyes   Earache   post-hardcore     2384  
Fantomas  Amenaza Al Mundo   Ipecac   post-hardcore     5408  
Fantomas  The Director's Cut   Ipecac   post-hardcore     5654  
Fantomas  Suspended Animation   Ipecac   post-hardcore     4895  
Fantomas  / Melt Banana - Split   Unhip   post-hardcore     4703  
Fluxus  Fluxus   Furious Party   post-hardcore     4797  
Full Effect  Reconcilement   Loudblast   post-hardcore     5291  
Gaia Corporation, The  Equilibrium   Wynona Records   post-hardcore     2925  
Gerda  Cosa Dico Quando Non Parlo   Donna Bavosa   post-hardcore     3523  
Grails  Redlight   Neurot   post-hardcore     3534  
Hurt Process  Drive By Monologue   Golf   post-hardcore     2725  
Infarto Scheisse!  The Infarto Scheisse!   Concubine   post-hardcore     5731  
Inferno  Inferno   Bar La Muerte   post-hardcore     3520  
Into The Moat  The Design   Metal Blade   post-hardcore     5210  
Ion Dissonance  Breathing Is Irrilevant   Willowtip   post-hardcore     2830  
Ion Dissonance  Solace   Abacus   post-hardcore     3380  
Ion Dissonance  Minus The Herd   Century Media   post-hardcore     2850  
Ion Dissonance  Cursed   Basick Records   post-hardcore     1395  
Ken Mode  Venerable   Profound Lore   post-hardcore     2008  
Lack Of Love  The Hunter Is Still Whistling   Circle Pit   post-hardcore     4259  
Laghetto  Sonate In Bu Minore Per 400 Scimmiette Urlanti   Donna Bavosa   post-hardcore     6059  
Laghetto  /Magazine Du Kakao - Split   Loudblast   post-hardcore     5832  
Laghetto  Pocapocalisse   Donna Bavosa   post-hardcore     4265  
Last Minute To Jaffna  Promo 2006   DEMO   post-hardcore     3083  
Lethargy  Discography 93-99   Spoth   post-hardcore     4445  
Locust  Plague Soundscapes   Anti   post-hardcore     3377  
Locust  Safety Seconds, Body Last   Ipecac   post-hardcore     3244  
Mastodon  Lifesblood EP   Relapse   post-hardcore     4135  
Mastodon  Call Of The Mastodon   Relapse   post-hardcore     5517  
Million Dead  A Song To Ruin   About Rock   post-hardcore     3124  
Narrows  Painted   Deathwish Inc   post-hardcore     1829  
Oathbreaker  Maelstrom   Deatwish   post-hardcore     1097  
Ocean, The  Precambrian   Metal Blade   post-hardcore     3945  
Orange Man Theory, The  Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To   Indelirium   post-hardcore     6004  
Overmars  Affliction, Endocrine...Vertigo   Appease Me   post-hardcore     5340  
Psyopus  Odd Sense   Metal Blade   post-hardcore     2313  
Red Sparowes  At The Soundless Dawn   Neurot   post-hardcore     6191  
Russian Circle  Station   Suicide Squeeze   post-hardcore     4017  
So I Had To Shoot Him  Alpha Males & Popular Girls   Crucial Blast   post-hardcore     3355  
Test Switch Isolator  Let's Dance   Casket   post-hardcore     3561  
TheConflitto  Dusk Over The Nations   Worm Hole Death   post-hardcore     1773  
Time To Burn  Starting Point   Basement Apes   post-hardcore     3147  
Tone  Solidarity   Neurot   post-hardcore     3518  
Unsane  Lambhouse   Relapse   post-hardcore     5736  
Unsolved Problems Of Noise  EP   Autoproduzione   post-hardcore     3262  
Valerian Swing  A Sailor Lost Around The Earth   Antistar   post-hardcore     2696  
Virgen  Primera Vez   Inferno   post-hardcore     2401  
Will Haven  Will Haven   Golf   post-hardcore     3938  
Zozobra  Harmonic Tremors   Hydrahead   post-hardcore     3478  
Zu  Carboniferous   Ipecac   post-hardcore     5305