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Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

alternative classica drone elettronica experimental grunge hardcore indie metal nu-metal pop post rock post-harcore post-hardcore [ post-metal ] punk rock stoner

A Storm Of Light  As The Valley Of Death   Profound Lore   post-metal     2444  
Across Tundras  Sage   Neurot   post-metal     1798  
Alcest  Les Voyages De L'Ame   Prophecy   post-metal     1611  
Battle Of Mice  A Day Of Nights   Neurot   post-metal     5987  
Battle Of Mice  / Jesu - Split   Robotic Empire   post-metal     2531  
Callisto  True Nature Unfold   Earache   post-metal     4098  
Callisto  Noir   Fullsteam   post-metal     4143  
Callisto  Providence   Fullsteam   post-metal     2909  
Celeste  Mortes Nees   Denovali   post-metal     2804  
Dead Elephant  Thanatology   Riot Season   post-metal     2032  
Dirge  Elysian Magnetic Fields   Division   post-metal     2594  
Dyskinesia  Dalla Nascita   Frohike   post-metal     2484  
Heirs  Fowl   Denovali   post-metal     1946  
Hull  Beyond The Lightless Sky   The End   post-metal     1038  
Intronaut  Null EP   Goodfellow   post-metal     4954  
Intronaut  Void   Goodfellow   post-metal     3843  
Isis  Oceanic   Ipecac   post-metal     7247  
Isis  Panopticon   Ipecac   post-metal     7782  
Isis  Live 4 Selections 2001-2005   Hydrahead   post-metal     3229  
Isis  + Aerogramme - In The Fishtank   Konkurrent   post-metal     4856  
Isis  In The Absence Of Truth   Ipecac   post-metal     4636  
Jesu  Jesu   Hydrahead   post-metal     4464  
Jesu  Silver EP   Neurot   post-metal     3570  
Jesu  Conqueror   Hydrahead   post-metal     3904  
Keelhaul  Subject to Change Without Notice   Hydrahead   post-metal     4576  
Keelhaul  Triumphant Return To Obscurity   Hydrahead   post-metal     2433  
Kongh  Shadows Of The Shapeless   Trust No One   post-metal     2975  
Lento  Icon   Denovali   post-metal     2142  
Les Discrets  Ariettes Oubliees   Prophecy   post-metal     1897  
Made Out Of Babies  Trophy   Neurot   post-metal     4364  
Made Out Of Babies  Coward   Neurot   post-metal     4751  
Made Out Of Babies  The Ruiner   The End   post-metal     2593  
Mare  Mare EP   Hydrahead   post-metal     6603  
Mass, The  Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness   Monotreme   post-metal     4800  
Neurosis  A Sun That Never Sets   Relapse   post-metal     7342  
Neurosis  The Eye Of Every Storm   Relapse   post-metal     5379  
Neurosis  Given To The Rising   Neurot   post-metal     5346  
Omega Massif  Karpatia   Denovali   post-metal     1346  
Orbe  Albedo   Autoproduzione   post-metal     1625  
Pelican  Pelican EP   Hydrahead   post-metal     3590  
Pelican  Australasia   Hydrahead   post-metal     4624  
Pelican  The March Into The Sea EP   Hydrahead   post-metal     4177  
Pelican  The Fire In Our Throats Wil Beckon The Thaw   Hydrahead   post-metal     7445  
Pelican  City Of Echoes   Hydrahead   post-metal     3144  
Pelican  Ephemeral EP   Southern Lord   post-metal     2516  
Pelican  Young Widows / Split   Temporary Residence   post-metal     2384  
Pelican  What We All Come To Need   Southern Lord   post-metal     3153  
Rosetta  Galilean Satellites   Translation Loss Records   post-metal     3436  
Rosetta  A Determinism Of Morality   Translation Loss   post-metal     2536  
Solstafir  Svartir Sandar   Season Of Mist   post-metal     1830  
Vanessa Van Basten  Vanessa Van Basten   Autoproduzione   post-metal     4937  
Vanessa Van Basten  La Stanza Di Swedenborg   Eibon / ColdCurrent / Noisecult / Radiotarab   post-metal     4144  
Vanessa Van Basten  Psygnosis EP   Consouling   post-metal     2817  
Young Widows  In And Out Of Youth And Lightness   Temporary Residence   post-metal     1468