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At The Drive-In - Rarità in Arrivo

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At The Drive-In

Rarità in Arrivo

News del 19/03/2005

Il 24 Maggio Fearless Records pubblicherà "This Station Is Non-Operational" raccoltà di materiale raro, b-side, remix e cover del gruppo di El Paso.

Questa la tracklist:

01 - "Fahrenheit"

02 - "Picket Fence Cartel"

03 - "Chanbara"

04 - "Lopsided"

05 - "Napoleon Solo"

06 - "Pickpocket"

07 - "Metronome Arthritis"

08 - "198d"

09 - "One Armed Scissor"

10 - "Enfilade"

11 - "Non Zero Possibility"

12 - "Incetardis" ("Realtionship Of Command" B-side)

12 - "Doorman's Placebo" ("In Casino Out" B-side)

13 - "Autorelocator" (Sunshine Split)

14 - "Rascuache" ("Vaya" Remix)

15 - "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" (The Smiths Cover)

16 - "Initiation" (BBC Lamacq Session)

17 - "Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk" (Pink Floyd Cover, Live From Steve Lamacq Show/BBC)

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At The Drive-In - In Casino OutAt The Drive-In
In Casino Out
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At The Drive-In - This Station Is Non OperationalAt The Drive-In
This Station Is Non Operational