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Blue Cheer

Blue Cheer

Origine: Stati Uniti, San Francisco
Genere: rock / hard

Autori affini: Black Sabbath | Pentagram | Kyuss |


Dickie Peterson - Voce, Basso

Leigh Stephens - Chitarra

Paul Whaley - Batteria


Vincebus Eruptum (Philips Records) 1968

Outsideinside (Philips Records) 1968

New! Improved! Blue Cheer (Philips Records) 1969

Blue Cheer (Philips Records) 1969

The Original Human Being (Philips Records) 1970

Oh! Pleasant Hope (Philips Records) 1971

The Beast Is Back (Megaforce Records) 1984

Highlights and Lowlives (Thunderbolt Records) 1990

Dining With the Sharks (Nibelung Records) 1991

What Doesn't Kill You... (Rainman Records) 2007


Blue Cheer - Vincebus EruptumBlue Cheer
Vincebus Eruptum