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Alice In Chains - La Setlist

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Alice In Chains

La Setlist

News del 20/02/2005

Ecco la setlist completa del concerto degli Alice In Chains:

Acoustic w/ Pat Lachman of DAMAGEPLAN:

01. The Killer Is Me

02. No Excuses

03. Heaven Beside You

04. Brother (w/ Ann Wilson of HEART)

05. Got Me Wrong

06. Down In A Hole


01. It Ain't Like That (w/ Lachman)

02. Again (w/ Lachman and Wes Scantlin from PUDDLE OF MUDD)

03. Would (w/ Scantlin)

04. Angry Chair (w/ Scantlin)

05. Them Bones (w/ Maynard James Keenan from TOOL and A PERFECT CIRCLE)

06. Man In The Box (w/ Keenan)

07. Rooster (w/ Lachman, Wilson, Keenan and Scantlin)

Ricordiamo brevemente che si trattava di un concerto per beneficienza (e infatti sono stati raccolti circa $100,000) a cui hanno partecipato anche Supersuckers, Heart, Sir Mix A-Lot e Chris Novoselic.

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