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  rock metal punk [ indie ] experimental pop elettronica



Origine: Stati Uniti, Duluth
Genere: indie / post-rock

Autori affini: Codeine | Slint |

Sito ufficiale: www.chairkickers.com


Alan Sparhawk - Voce, Chitarra, Piano

Mimi Parker - Voce, Batteria

Steve Garrington - Basso


I Could Live In Hope (Vernon Yard) 1994

Long Division (Vernon Yard) 1995

The Curtain Hits The Cast (Vernon Yard) 1996

One More Reason To Forget (Bluesanct) 1998

Secret Name (Kranky) 1999

Christmas (Tugboat) 1999

Things We Lost In The Fire (Kranky) 2001

Trust (Kranky) 2002

The Great Destroyer (Sub Pop) 2004

Drums And Guns (Sub Pop) 2007

C'mon (Sub Pop) 2011

The Invisible Way (Sub Pop) 2013

Ones And Sixes (Sub Pop) 2015

Double Negative (Sub Pop) 2018

HEY WHAT (Sub Pop) 2021


Low - Hey WhatLow
Hey What
Low - The Great DestroyerLow
The Great Destroyer
Low - Things We Lost In The FireLow
Things We Lost In The Fire
Low - TrustLow


19/02/2007 In Italia A Maggio