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  !!!  Louden Up NOw   Warp   indie   rock     3533  
  24 Grana  Underpop   La Canzonetta   rock   pop     5920  
  A Perfect Circle  eMOTIVe   Virgin   metal   alternative     5220  
  A Short Apnea with Gorge Trio  ...Just Arrived   Wallace   rock   noise     3045  
  AA.VV  Daze Of The Underground - A Tribute To Hawkwind   Edgy   rock   stoner     4038  
  AA.VV.  Babylon Magazine Compilation   Psychosoda Blaster   metal   nu-metal     4441  
  AA.VV.  Idbox.it Compilation Vol.1   Idbox   indie   rock     2707  
  AA.VV.  Fragments   Psychotica   rock   noise     3224  
  AA.VV.  Collisioni In Cerchio   From Scratch   rock   noise     3214  
  AA.VV.  Vegetable Man Project Vol.2   Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati   rock   alternative     3424  
  AA.VV.  The Beatles Tribute   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3089  
  AA.VV.  Indies Against In(vi)die   Sub Records/Black Candy   indie   rock     2840  
  AA.VV.  Heavy Rotation 2   About Rock   rock   alternative     3188  
  AA.VV.  Classic   About Rock   rock   alternative     3149  
  AA.VV.  Neurot Recordings I   Neurot   metal   sludge     3834  
  AA.VV.  March(e)ingegno Sonoro   Kathodik   indie   rock     3058  
  Afterhours  Gioia E Rivoluzione   Mescal   rock   alternative     6656  
  Against Me!  As The Eternal Cowboy   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore     2761  
  Alix  Ground   Go Down   rock   stoner     5746  
  Alter Bridge  One Day Remains   Wind Up   rock   grunge     6462  
  Anatrofobia  Tesa Musica Marginale   Wallace   rock   noise     3379  
  Apostle Of Hustle  Folkloric Feel   Arts & Crafts   rock   post-rock     2697  
  Appaloosa  Appaloosa   Big Square   rock   post-rock     3209  
  Arsenico  Forti Di Incomprensioni Instabili   Mastello   punk   hardcore     3908  
  Artdisorder  Anoplogaster Cornuta   Jestrai   metal   nu-metal     3462  
  Atto IV  Stati Alterati   DEMO   rock   progressive     3542  
  Axis Of Justice  Concert Series Vol.1   Serjical Strike   rock   alternative     3500  
  B-Blast  Insidioso Ascolto Della Musica   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     3068  
  Bad Dog Boogie  /Electric Frankenstein - Doktor Frankendragster   Nicotine Records   punk   garage     3141  
  Bjork  Medulla   One Little Indian   indie   elettronica     3415  
  Black Eyes  Cough   Dischord   rock   noise     3819  
  Black Label Society  Hangover Music Vol.VI   Spitfire   rock   grunge     3958  
  Blonde Redhead  Misery Is A Butterfly   4AD   indie   rock     4091  
  Blood Brothers  Crimes   V2   punk   post-hardcore     4173  
  Blueprint  Phenomenology   Golf   metal   alternative     3674  
  Bonnie Parkers, The  Sweaty Shirts & Bloody Fingers   Nice To Mommy   rock   alternative     3230  
  Boris  Feedbacker   Diwphalanx Records   metal   drone     4766  
  Breakfast  Carry On EP   Mescal   indie   pop     2836  
  Breakfast  Ordinary Heroes   Mescal   indie   pop     3727  
  Breakfast  Take Me Home EP   Mescal   indie   pop     2787  
  Broken Social Scene  You Forgot It In People   Arts & Crafts   indie   rock     3757  
  Bron Y Aur  Quien Sabe?   Wallace   rock   noise     3178  
  Brother James  Days   Black Candy   indie   rock     3737  
  Cesare Basile  Primo Concime EP   Mescal   rock   pop     3329  
  Colonel Claypool's Bucket Of Bernie Brains  Big Eyeball in the Sky   Prawn Songs   rock   progressive     3033  
  Converge  You Fail Me   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     5929  
  Corey  Sacroniente   Dufresne   metal   grindcore     3991  
  Crash Test Dummies  Puss'n'Boots   Chi Chang   pop   rock     4156  
  Crawler  Crawler   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     3050  
  Crawler  F.T.C.T.T.P.   Kick Agency   metal   nu-metal     2770  
  CVD  Test Di Resistenza All'Onda D'Urto   Eclectic Circus   rock   alternative     2743  
  Damage Plan  New Found Power   Elektra   metal   metalcore     3863  
  Damien  Pretend We Are Kings   Autoproduzione   rock   grunge     3151  
  Danko Jones  We Sweat Blood   Bad Taste   rock   alternative     3361  
  Dave Evans  Sinner   Soul Food   rock   hard rock     2927  
  Deadpeach  Old Fuzz Generation   Brainstorm   rock   stoner     3489  
  Devendra Banhart  Rejoicing In The Hands   Young God   indie   pop     3194  
  DGM  Misplaced   Scarlet   metal   progressive     3154  
  Diamanda Galas  Defixiones - Will And Testament   Mute   experimental   vocal     5322  
  Dillinger Escape Plan  Miss Machine   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     9149  
  Disorder  Disorder   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3198  
  Dontcareful  Linings   Snowdonia   elettronica   pop     3088  
  Doppio Alibi  Americanati   DEMO   rock   alternative     3374  
  Downset  Universal   Hawino   punk   hardcore     3556  
  Eagles Of Death Metal  Live At Slim   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     4123  
  Eagles Of Death Metal  Peace Love Death Metal   Rekords Rekords   rock   alternative     3602  
  Edible Woman  SPARE ME/calf   Psychotica   rock   noise     2974  
  Egg  Egg   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     4492  
  End, The  Within Dividia   Relapse   metal   progressive     3363  
  Ex Models  Zoo Psychology   Psychotica   rock   noise     3258  
  Fantomas  Delirium Cordia   Ipecac   experimental   ambient     6111  
  Fiamma  Cecilia EP   Mescal   elettronica   pop     2854  
  Fiamma Fumana  Home   Mescal   elettronica   pop     4962  
  Finger, The  Sugar Plum Fairy   Snowdonia   indie   pop     2908  
  Fiub  Brown Stripes   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3541  
  Franz Ferdinand  Franz Ferdinand   Domino   indie   rock     4422  
  Frostmoon Eclipse  Death Is Coming   Iso666   metal   black metal     4293  
  Ghost (Jap)  Hypnotic Underworld   Drag City   rock   psych     4445  
  Ghostride  Cobrasunrise   Golf   metal   alternative     3310  
  Giorgio Canali  Giorgio Canali & Rossofuoco   La Tempesta   rock   alternative     3790  
  Giorgos Christianakis  Strange Stories   Hitch-Hyke   elettronica   pop     2889  
  Grails  Redlight   Neurot   rock   post-rock     4220  
  Grand Transmitter  Under The Wheel EP   Faith & Hope   pop   rock     2706  
  Green Arrows  The Sky   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     3329  
  Grip Inc.  Incorporated   Hunter   metal   thrash     4642  
  Guinea Pig  Guinea Pig   Psychotica   rock   noise     3074  
  Guns N'Roses  Greatest Hits   Geffen   rock   hard rock     4743  
  Hand Rolling  City Of Angels   DEMO   rock   grunge     3538  
  Hector Zazou  L'Absence   Santeria   elettronica   pop     3259  
  Horrible Network  Let's Sabotage Transmission   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     2817  
  Hurt Process  Drive By Monologue   Golf   punk   post-hardcore     3237  
  Impasto Nudo  Impasto Nudo   DEMO   rock   alternative     3341  
  Incubus  A Crow Left Of The Murder   Immortal   rock   grunge     4554  
  Innocent X  Haut/Bas   Label Bleu   rock   noise     2692  
  Iridyum  Slamd   DEMO   rock   alternative     3480  
  Isis  Panopticon   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     8770  
  It's Not Not  Giving Everything   About Rock   rock   alternative     2928  
  Jason Collett  Motor Motel Love Songs   Arts & Crafts   indie   pop     3027  
  Joe Leaman  Truly Got Fishin'   Black Candy   indie   rock     2677  
  Kaito  Band Red   Blast First   indie   rock     3157  
  Kardia  Frammenti Di Violenza Controllata   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     2986  
  Karnea  La Matta EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     4130  
  Karnea  Gi¨ Da Me   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3121  
  Keelhaul  Subject to Change Without Notice   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     5194  
  Kittie  Until The End   Artemis   metal   nu-metal     3546  
  La Muga Lena  Ricoperti Da Una Finissima Peluria   DEMO   rock   post-rock     3807  
  Lack Of Love  The Hunter Is Still Whistling   Circle Pit   punk   post-hardcore     4931  
  Laghetto  /Magazine Du Kakao - Split   Loudblast   punk   post-hardcore     6806  
  Lana  Presenze EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2792  
  Lars Frederiksen  Viking   Hellcat   punk   rock     3310  
  Last Green Field  Another Way To Relate   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     3124  
  Lecrevisse  Le Piccole Foglie EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3395  
  Libertines, The  The Libertines   Rough Trade   rock   alternative     3703  
  Lillayell  Lillayell   Psychotica   rock   noise     3401  
  Little Killers  Little Killers   Crypt   punk   garage     3149  
  Logan  Love Said Gas   Psychotica   rock   noise     2988  
  London Underground  Through A Glass Darkly   Musea   rock   progressive     3221  
  Loose  Rock The Fuck On!   Mousemen   punk   garage     2897  
  Love In Elevator  Venoma EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3844  
  Luca Dirisio  Luca Dirisio   BMG   pop   commerciale     4893  
  Magazine Du Kakao  Bazum   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     4777  
  Marco Parente  L'Attuale Jungla   Mescal   indie   jazz     2458  
  Mare  Mare EP   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     7270  
  Marigold  Divisional   Black Desert   metal   nu-metal     4263  
  Marilyn Manson  & The Spooky Kids - White Trash   InBread   metal   industrial     4089  
  Mark Lanegan  Bubblegum   Beggars Banquet   rock   alternative     3997  
  Mars Volta  Live   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     4456  
  Mars Volta  Televators   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     3660  
  Mastodon  Leviathan   Relapse   metal   alternative     8799  
  Megadeth  System Has Failed   Sanctuary   metal   thrash     3793  
  Melissa Auf Der Maur  Auf Der Maur   Extra Labels   rock   alternative     3996  
  Melvins  + Lustmord - Pigs Of The Roman Empire   Ipecac   rock   noise     4046  
  merci Miss Monroe  merci Miss Monroe   Ghost Records   indie   rock     3165  
  Meshuggah  I   Fractured Transmitter Records   metal   progressive     5512  
  Mike Patton  Kaada - Romances   Ipecac   colonna sonora   sperimentale     5553  
  Million Dead  A Song To Ruin   About Rock   punk   post-hardcore     3705  
  Minor Threat  At DC Space [DVD]   Dischord   punk   hardcore     4075  
  Mistonocivo  Edgar   Arte Nativa   rock   alternative     3487  
  Morgan  Il Suono Della VanitÓ   Mescal   colonna sonora   strumentale     4886  
  Motel Connection  A/R Andata + Ritorno   Mescal   elettronica   pop     10844  
  Motorpsycho  + Jaga Jazzist Horns   Konkurrent   rock   psych     3445  
  Mu.St.  Rack Your Brain To Know Why   Lady Music   metal   nu-metal     2974  
  M¨m  Summer Make Good   Fat Cat   indie   elettronica     2022  
  My Own Voice  The Dinner Of The Ashes   Vacation House   punk   hardcore     3121  
  Naiveover  I Touch The Darkness With My Emotions   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3830  
  Neurosis  The Eye Of Every Storm   Relapse   metal   post-metal     6095  
  Nihil  Demo1   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3434  
  Nino Buonocore  Libero Passeggero   La Canzonetta   pop   jazz     4982  
  NYC Smoke  For The Posers   Smoke Recordings   rock   pop     2868  
  Ojm  The Light Album   Go Down   rock   hard rock     3404  
  One Dimensional Man  Take Me Away   Ghost Records   rock   noise     4011  
  Oneida  Secret Wars   Jagjaguwar   rock   psych     4422  
  Onq  Canzoni Tutte Uguali   Eaten By Squirrels   indie   rock     4016  
  Paolo Benvegn¨  Piccoli Fragilissimi Film   Santeria   pop   rock     3954  
  Paper Chase / Red Worm's Farm  Paper Chase Meet Red Worm's Farm   Robotradio   rock   post-rock     2798  
  Pearl Jam  Live At The Garden [DVD]   Epic   rock   grunge     8852  
  Pecksniff  The Book Of Stanley Creep   Black Candy   indie   pop     3083  
  Permanent Fatal Error  Law Speed   Wallace   rock   noise     3106  
  Persiana Jones  Brace For Impact   Uaz   punk   ska     3893  
  Pig Destroyer  Terrifier   Relapse   metal   grindcore     3923  
  PJ Harvey  Uh Huh Her   Island   rock   alternative     3195  
  Plozzer  Full Speed In The Wrong Direction   Snowdonia   elettronica   pop     2711  
  Plush  Sounds Better, Frank   Autoproduzione   rock   grunge     2944  
  Probot  Probot   Southern Lord   metal   hard rock     3438  
  Proteo  Proteo   DEMO   rock   progressive     3372  
  Queens Of The Stone Age  Stone Age Complication   Interscope   rock   stoner     5069  
  Renoir  Vega EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2933  
  Rico  Violent Silences   Manufractured   elettronica   rock     3035  
  Ronin  Ronin   Ghost Records   rock   post-rock     3320  
  Rosolina Mar  Rosolina Mar   Wallace   indie   noise     2965  
  Roxy Saint  The Underground Personality Tapes [DVD]   Star Blue TV   rock   alternative     3268  
  S.N.P.  Scarface   Adrenaline   metal   nu-metal     3706  
  Santo Niente  Occhiali Scuri Al Mattino EP   Black Candy   rock   alternative     3210  
  Satantango  Mr.Bore   Wallace   rock   alternative     3385  
  Scarapocchio  Attenti, Sono Felice!   Snowdonia   indie   pop     3366  
  Sedia  Sedia   Wallace   rock   mathrock     3221  
  Senor Tonto  Switched On T.A.R.M.   La Tempesta   elettronica   pop     3261  
  Shelter Of Leech  Shelter Of Leech   Bunkker   metal   nu-metal     3293  
  Sikth  The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something   Unparalleled   metal   nu-metal     6502  
  Since By Man  A Hate Love Relationship   Revelation   metal   metalcore     3511  
  Skasico  Terapia   Kick Agency   metal   nu-metal     5408  
  Slight  Everything Starts By A Feedback   Vacation House   punk   hardcore     3182  
  Slipknot  Vol 3 Subliminal Verse   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     6155  
  Small Jackets  Play At High Level   Go Down   rock   hard rock     3232  
  Sorelle Kraus  Sorelle Kraus   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     3554  
  Spleen Flipper  Istinto Alla Sopravvivenza   Vacation House   punk   hardcore     3416  
  Subsonica  Cielo Tangenziale Ovest DVD   Mescal   rock   pop     4345  
  Sunn O)))  White 2   Southern Lord   metal   drone     6273  
  Sushi  Vs Madaski - dDt   Mescal   rock   pop     3307  
  Tanake  Reazioni Pilomotorie   Idee Nere   rock   noise     2727  
  Tasaday  In Attesa Nel Labirinto   Wallace   experimental   noise     3492  
  The Fog In The Shell  A Secret North   Dufresne   rock   post-rock     2679  
  Theramin  We Were Gladiators   Psychotica   rock   noise     3466  
  Tiny Elvis  We Are Not All Civilians   Golf   punk   rock     2363  
  Tony Iommi  The 1996 Dep Sessions   Sanctuary   metal   hard rock     3278  
  Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  (Il Sogno Del Gorilla Bianco)   Alternative Produzioni   rock   alternative     4253  
  Twilight Singers  Blackberry Bell   One Little Indian   pop   rock     3617  
  Twilight Singers  Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair   Birdman   pop   rock     3872  
  Un-kind  Hurts To The Core   Vacation House   metal   metalcore     3214  
  Universi Paralleli  Indelebile   Helikonia   rock   alternative     3310  
  Universi Paralleli  Back Up   Helikonia   rock   alternative     2942  
  Valley Of The Giants  Valley Of The Giants   Arts & Crafts   indie   rock     2748  
  Vanishing Floor  Demo   DEMO   rock   grunge     3375  
  Velvet Revolver  Contraband   RCA   rock   hard rock     4288  
  Velvet Score  Youth   Black Candy   rock   post-rock     3058  
  Vernon Reid  & Masque - Known Unknown   Favored Nations   rock   hard rock     3041  
  Von Bondies  Pawn Shoppe Heart   Sire   rock   alternative     3056  
  Vortice Cremisi  Promo   DEMO   rock   stoner     4241  
  Will Haven  Will Haven   Golf   punk   post-hardcore     4504  
  William Shatner  Has Been   Shout   rock   alternative     3460  
  Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow [DVD]   Dress Up   rock   alternative     3419  
  Yo Yo Mundi  54   Mescal   pop   folk     17608  
  Zen Circus  Doctor Seduction   Linea Records   indie   rock     3002  
  Zona Loud  Quello Che Vedi   Jair Records   metal   nu-metal     3168