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Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

classica colonna sonora elettronica [ experimental ] hip hop indie jazz metal pop punk rock

  Alto Arc  Alto Arc EP   Sargent House   experimental   elettronica     372  
  Anna Von Hausswolff  All Thoughts Fly   Southern Lord   experimental   ambient     679  
  Anna Von Hausswolff  Live At Montreux Jazz Festival   Southern Lord   experimental   ambient     338  
  Bada  Bada   Pomperipossa   experimental   ambient     710  
  Blood Incantation  Timewave Zero   Century Media   experimental   ambient     454  
  Diamanda Galas  Defixiones - Will And Testament   Mute   experimental   vocal     5304  
  Emma Ruth Rundle  EG2 Dowsing Voice   Sargent House   experimental   ambient     421  
  Fantomas  Delirium Cordia   Ipecac   experimental   ambient     6090  
  GammelsŠter & Marhaug  Higgs Boson   Ideologic Organ   experimental   ambient     335  
  Golem Mecanique  Nona, Decima Et Morta   Editions Mego   experimental   ambient     526  
  Harvestman  Triptych Part One   Neurot   experimental   ambient     50  
  Jerusalem In My Heart  Qalaq   Constellation   experimental   elettronica     407  
  Le Masque  Gli Anni Di Globiana   Snowdonia   experimental   rock     3795  
  Lustmord  & Karin Park - Alter   Pelagic   experimental   ambient     353  
  Lustmord  The Others   Pelagic   experimental   ambient     336  
  Mat Ball  Amplified Guitar   The Garrote   experimental   ambient     363  
  Nivhek  After Its Own Death   W.25TH   experimental   ambient     295  
  Pan Daijing  Jade   PAN   experimental   elettronica     313  
  Sarah Davachi  Cantus, Descant   Late Music   experimental   ambient     551  
  Senyawa  Alkisah   Autoproduzione   experimental   ambient     485  
  Serart  Serart   Serjical Strike   experimental   etnico     5807  
  Sightless Pit  Grave Of A Dog   Thrill Jockey   experimental   noise     472  
  Sirom  The Liquified Throne of Simplicity   Glitterbeat   experimental   folk     504  
  Steve Von Till  A Deep Voiceless Wilderness   Neurot   experimental   ambient     358  
  Tasaday  Kaspar Project   Wallace   experimental   noise     3569  
  Tasaday  In Attesa Nel Labirinto   Wallace   experimental   noise     3479  
  Thurston Moore  Screen Time   Southern Lord   experimental   ambient     347  
  Wolves In The Throne Room  Celestite   Artemisia   experimental   ambient     4496  
  Zu  Terminalia Amazonia   House of Mythology   experimental   ambient     977