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... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead  Source Tags & Codes   Interscope   rock   noise     5198  
90 Day Men  To Everybody   Southern   rock   post-rock     3106  
AA.VV.  Spiderman Soudtrack   Sony   rock   alternative     3431  
Afterhours  Quello Che Non C'Ŕ   Mescal   rock   alternative     6366  
American Head Charge  The War Of Art   American   metal   nu-metal     6403  
Andrew WK  I Get Wet   Def Jam   rock   alternative     2868  
Apex Theory  The Topsy Turvy   Dreamworks   metal   nu-metal     2976  
Audioslave  Audioslave   Epic   rock   alternative     6146  
Barrato  'mmerecano Siupesci˛   Surface   punk   post-hardcore     2730  
Beck  Sea Change   Geffen   indie   pop     3122  
Bellrays, The  Meet The Bellrays   Poptones   punk   rock     3011  
Black Label Society  1919 Eternal   Spitfire   metal   hard     3474  
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  B.R.M.C.   Virgin   rock   alternative     2560  
Bless With Ecstasy  Hurry Up!   DEMO   punk   hardcore melodico     2570  
Boris  Heavy Rocks   Quattro Uk Discs   metal   stoner     6448  
Brama  Stayla   Autoproduzione   punk   rock     2653  
Breach  Kollapse   Burning Heart   punk   post-hardcore     6438  
Bugo  Dal Lofi Al Cisei   Universal   indie   pop     3089  
Bugo  Ne Vale La Pena?   Wallace   indie   pop     3795  
Bugo  Sentimento Westernato   Wallace   indie   pop     6438  
Coal Chamber  Dark Days   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     2908  
Craig Armstrong  As If To Nothing   Virgin   elettronica   trip-hop     3371  
Cut  Torture EP   Gammapop   punk   rock     2867  
Default  The Fallout   TVT   rock   grunge     3318  
Desaparecidos  Read Music / Speak Spanish   Saddle Creek   rock   alternative     3358  
Dillinger Escape Plan  & Mike Patton Irony Is A Dead Scene   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     5470  
Distillers, The  Sing Sing Death House   Hellcat   punk   rock     3052  
Disturbed  Believe   Warner   metal   nu-metal     6049  
Division Of Laura Lee  Black City   Burning Heart   rock   alternative     3011  
Down  II   Elektra   metal   sludge     5266  
Dredg  Leitmotif   Interscope   metal   alternative     4682  
Dredg  El Cielo   Interscope   rock   alternative     7763  
Enon  High Society   Touch & Go   indie   pop     2483  
Eva Kant  Stand Up And Kiss   Uptones   indie   sottogenere     3926  
Flaw  Through The Eyes   Universal   metal   nu-metal     3645  
Fluxus  Fluxus   Furious Party   punk   post-hardcore     5156  
Foo Fighters  One By One   BMG   rock   alternative     3431  
Giant Sand  Cover Magazine   Thrill Jockey   rock   folk     2199  
Giorgio Canali  Rossofuoco   Gammapop   indie   rock     3569  
Gluecifer  Basement Apes   SPV   rock   hard     3704  
Greg Koch  Radio Free Gristle   Favored Nations   rock   pop     2713  
Hermano  Only A Suggestion   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     3947  
Hoobastank  Hoobastank   Universal   metal   nu-metal     3585  
Jerry Cantrell  Degradation Trip   Roadrunner   rock   grunge     5123  
Jimmy Eat World  Bleed American   Dreamworks   punk   emo     3873  
Joe Leaman  People Against Loneliness   Gammapop   indie   sottogenere     2477  
Joey Ramone  Don't Worry About Me   Sanctuary   punk   rock     3252  
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  Plastic Fang   Mute   punk   rock     2703  
Juliana Hatfield  Gold Star The Collection   Zoe   indie   rock     2308  
Karate  Cancel/Sing   Southern   rock   post-rock     2896  
Korn  Untouchables   Immortal   metal   nu-metal     5582  
L'Altra  In The Afternoon   Aesthetics   rock   post-rock     2440  
Lacuna Coil  Comalies   Century Media   metal   goth     4037  
Lara Martelli  Orchidea Porpora   InOut   pop   rock     4117  
Libertines, The  Up The Bracket   Rough Trade   rock   brit     3292  
Lostprophets  The Fake Sound Of Progress   Columbia   metal   nu-metal     6403  
Low  Trust   Rough Trade   indie   post-rock     2720  
Mad Capsule Markets  Osc Dis   Palm   metal   nu-metal     3118  
Mars Volta  Tremulant EP   Southern   rock   progressive     4242  
Masters Of Reality  Flik'n'Flight   Brownhouse   rock   stoner     3817  
Mastodon  Remission   Relapse   metal   alternative     4782  
Medication  Medication EP   Wea   metal   nu-metal     2512  
Melvins  Hostile Ambient Takeover   Ipecac   metal   alternative     6256  
Mudhoney  Since We've Become Translucent   Sub Pop   rock   alternative     3227  
Mudvayne  The End Of All Things To Come   Epic   metal   nu-metal     3624  
M¨m  Finally We Are No One   Fat Cat   indie   tronica     2557  
New Pornographers, The  Mass Romantic   Matador   indie   pop     2552  
Nine Inch Nails  And All That Could Have Been   Nothing   rock   industrial     4127  
NoFx / Rancid  Split Series Vol.3   Better Youth   punk   hardcore melodico     3808  
Notwist  Neon Golden   City Slang   indie   pop     2590  
One Dimensional Man  You Kill Me   Gammapop   rock   noise     3676  
Onelinedrawing  Visitor   Jade Tree   punk   emo     2521  
Onomatopea  Onomatopea   DEMO   elettronica   sottogenere     3153  
Otep  Sevas Tra   Capitol   metal   nu-metal     4800  
Pearl Jam  Riot Act   Epic   rock   pop     6052  
Perturbazione  In Circolo   Santeria   indie   pop     4820  
PGR  Per Grazia Ricevuta   Mercury   rock   pop     3441  
Plush  Hands   DEMO   rock   grunge     3129  
Queens Of The Stone Age  Songs For The Deaf   Interscope   rock   alternative     9259  
Ray Daytona & The GooGoo Bombos  Space Age Traffic   Mad Driver   rock   sottogenere     3056  
Red Hot Chili Peppers  By The Way   WEA   rock   alternative     4663  
Rigie  Rigie   DEMO   indie   sottogenere     2676  
Shandon  Not So Happy To Be Sad   Ammonia   punk   ska     4606  
Skeleton Key  Obtainium   Ipecac   rock   progressive     4563  
Sonic Youth  Murray Street   Interscope   rock   noise     3435  
Sonoria  Demo   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3051  
Sparta  Austere EP   Dreamworks   punk   emo     2304  
Stone Sour  Stone Sour   Roadrunner   rock   grunge     4757  
Sunn O)))  Flight Of The Behemot   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4266  
Superjoint Ritual  Use Once & Destroy   Sanctuary   metal   sludge     5607  
System Of A Down  Steal This Album!   American   metal   nu-metal     5597  
Teenage Fanclub  & Jad Fair - Words Of Wisdom & Hope   Geographic   indie   pop     3515  
Tomahawk  Tomahawk   Ipecac   indie   sottogenere     5257  
Wilco  Yankee Hotel Foxtrot   Nonesuch   indie   pop     2794