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5ive  Telestic Disfracture   Tortuga   metal   drone     3433  
AA.VV.  Alpha Motherfuckers   Bitzcore   rock   tributo     2903  
AA.VV.  Dracula 2000   Columbia   metal   alternative     4121  
AA.VV.  Give The People What We Want   Sub Pop   rock   tributo     2669  
AA.VV.  Loser My Religion #1   Loser Web Radio   indie   rock     2656  
AA.VV.  Metallic Assault   Big Eye   rock   tributo     3268  
AA.VV.  Ozzfest Second Stage Live   Divine   metal   nu-metal     2750  
AA.VV.  Smells Like Bleach   Cleopatra   rock   tributo     2960  
AA.VV.  Time To Move   No Brain Records   punk   hardcore     3235  
Afterhours  Siam Tre Piccoli Porcellin   Mescal   rock   alternative     7625  
All  Live Plus One   Epitaph   punk   hardcore melodico     2646  
Ash  Free All Angels   Infectious   rock   alternative     2773  
Ben Harper  Live From Mars   Virgin   pop   rock     4541  
Bjork  Vespertine   One Little Indian   indie   elettronica     2910  
Blake Babies, The  God Bless The Blake Babies   Zoe   indie   rock     2519  
Boyhitscar  Boyhitscar   Wind Up   metal   nu-metal     3904  
Brain Donor  Love Peace & Fuck   Impresario   punk   garage     4296  
Breakfast  Breakfast   Santeria   indie   pop     3088  
Bush  Golden State   Atlantic   rock   grunge     3516  
Colt 38  Colt Thirtyeight   VE Records   rock   stoner     3542  
Converge  Jane Doe   Equal Vision   punk   post-hardcore     7978  
Creed  Weathered   Wind Up   rock   grunge     4341  
Cut  Will U Die 4 Me?   Gammapop   punk   garage     2838  
Deftones  Back To School   Maverick   metal   nu-metal     3281  
Depeche Mode  Exciter   Reprise   pop   electro     3435  
Dog Fashion Disco  Anarchist Of Good Taste   Spitfire   metal   nu-metal     4769  
Donnas  Turn 21   Epitaph   punk   rock     2540  
Ed Harcourt  Here Be Monsters   Heavenly   rock   folk     3718  
Ed Harcourt  Maplewood EP   Heavenly   rock   folk     2978  
Eels  Souljacker   Dreamworks   indie   rock     2876  
Endo  Evolve   Panacea   metal   nu-metal     3051  
Fantomas  The Director's Cut   Ipecac   metal   alternative     5976  
Fear Factory  Digimortal   Roadrunner   metal   thrash     3441  
Fireball Ministry  FMEP   Small Stone   rock   stoner     3248  
Gea  Ruggine   Santeria   rock   stoner     5200  
Giardini Di Mir˛  Rise And Fall Of Academic Drifting   Homesleep   rock   post-rock     3897  
Gorillaz  Gorillaz   Parlophone   pop   rock     3714  
Iggy Pop  Beat'em Up   Virgin   rock   hard rock     2990  
Ill Nino  Revolution / Revolucion   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     4014  
Imodium  Imodium   Decibel   rock   grunge     3672  
Incubus  Morning View   Immortal   rock   grunge     4155  
Jeff Buckley  Live Al'Olympia   Columbia   rock   pop     3501  
John Frusciante  To Record Only Water For Ten Days   Warner   indie   pop     4996  
Ken Stringfellow  Touched   Poptones   indie   pop     2485  
Kings Of Convenience  Quiet Is The New Loud   Source   pop   folk     3697  
Kittie  Oracle   Artemis   metal   nu-metal     3864  
Lacuna Coil  Unleashed Memories   Century Media   metal   goth     4475  
Lali Puna  Scary World Theory   Morr   indie   elettronica     3033  
Lars Frederiksen  And The Bastards   Hellcat   punk   rock     3114  
Le Tigre  Feminist Sweepstakes   Mr.Lady   elettronica   electroclash     3063  
Le Tigre  From The Desk Of Mr.Lady EP   Mr.Lady   elettronica   electroclash     2492  
Lijubarosa  The No-Sense Song EP   dEPOT   rock   alternative     2428  
Low  Things We Lost In The Fire   Kranky   rock   post-rock     4343  
Mark Lanegan  Field Songs   Sub Pop   rock   folk     3675  
Mastodon  Lifesblood EP   Relapse   metal   alternative     4418  
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes  Blow In The Wind   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore melodico     3613  
Megadeth  The World Needs A Hero   Sanctuary   metal   thrash     3595  
Melvins  Colossus Of Destiny   Ipecac   metal   drone     3945  
Melvins  Electroretard   Mans Ruin   rock   alternative     5291  
Meshuggah  Rare Trax   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     3810  
Moldy Peaches, The  The Moldy Peaches   Rough Trade   indie   pop     2498  
Motorpsycho  Phanerothyme   Stickman   rock   psych     4914  
My Vitriol  Fine Lines   Pias   rock   grunge     3645  
Neil Finn  One Nil   Emi   pop   rock     3343  
Neil Finn  & Friends - 7 Worlds Collide   Parlophone   pop   rock     3944  
Neurosis  A Sun That Never Sets   Relapse   metal   post-metal     7774  
New Order  Get Ready   WEA   pop   electro     2581  
Nick Cave  No More Shall We Part   Mute   rock   pop     4323  
Nickelback  The State   Roadrunner   rock   grunge     3828  
Oasis  Heathen Chemistry   Epic   pop   brit     4414  
Otep  Jihad EP   Capitol   metal   nu-metal     3332  
Pixies  Complete B Sides   4AD   indie   rock     3656  
Puddle Of Mudd  Come Clean   Flawless   rock   grunge     4026  
Puya  Union   MCA   metal   nu-metal     4903  
R.E.M.  Reveal   WEA   pop   rock     3437  
Radiohead  Amnesiac   Parlophone   indie   elettronica     3485  
Rival Schools  United By Fate   Island   punk   emo     4117  
Rival Schools  United By Onelinedrawing   Some   punk   emo     2511  
Rollins Band  Audio Airstrike Consultan   2/13/61   punk   hardcore     3991  
Rollins Band  Nice   SPV   rock   alternative     3858  
Shandon  Punk.Billy.Ska.Core   Ammonia   punk   ska     5256  
Slipknot  Iowa   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     6036  
Soundtrack Of Our Lives  Behind The Music   Stickman   rock   psych     3981  
Southern Isolation  Southern Isolation   Baphomet   rock   folk     4216  
Stabbing Westward  Stabbing Westward   Edel   rock   industrial     4899  
Staind  Break The Cycle   Atlantic   rock   grunge     5464  
Stephen Malkmus  Stephen Malkmus   Domino   indie   pop     3060  
Stephen Malkmus  Jenny And The Ess-dog   Matador   indie   pop     2580  
Stone Gossard  Bayleaf   Epic   rock   alternative     4305  
Strokes, The  Is This It   RCA   rock   alternative     4008  
System Of A Down  Toxicity   American   metal   nu-metal     9033  
Tool  Lateralus   Zoo   metal   alternative     11452  
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  La Testa Indipendente   BMG   rock   alternative     5416  
Union Underground  An Education In Rebellion   Columbia   metal   nu-metal     2735  
Vincent Gallo  When   Warp   indie   pop     3919  
Vision Of Disorder  From Bliss To Devastation   TVT   metal   nu-metal     2873  
Wellwater Conspiracy  The Scroll And Its Combinations   TVT   rock   alternative     4366  
White Stripes  White Blood Cells   SFTRI   rock   alternative     3376