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Recensioni con lettera 'U'

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  U.S.Christmas  The Valley Path   Neurot   rock   psych     2021  
  Uada  Djinn   Eisenwald Tonschmiede   metal   black metal     613  
  Uber  My New Lifestyle   From Scratch   indie   noise     2713  
  Uboa  Impossible Light   Flenser   rock   experimental     95  
  Ueickap  Stereotyped   Uck   metal   goth     9053  
  Ufomammut  Eve   Supernatural Cat   metal   sludge     3151  
  Ufomammut  Opus Alter   Neurot   metal   sludge     3014  
  Ulcerate  Cutting The Throat Of God   Debemur Morti   metal   death metal     101  
  Ultha  All That Has Never Been True   Vendetta   metal   black metal     472  
  Ulver  Shadows Of The Sun   Jester Records   metal   black metal     4320  
  Ulver  Wars Of The Roses   Kscope   rock   sperimentale     1945  
  Un-kind  Hurts To The Core   Vacation House   metal   metalcore     3217  
  Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats  Blood Lust   Rise Above   rock   doom     3757  
  Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats  Mind Control   Rise Above   rock   doom     5866  
  Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats  Nell'Ora Blu   Rise Above   rock   psych     255  
  Uncode Duello  Uncode Duello   Wallace / Ebria Records   rock   noise     3031  
  Unearthly Trance  Electrocution   Relapse   metal   doom     3149  
  Unearthly Trance  The Trident   Relapse   metal   sludge     3778  
  Unearthly Trance  V   Relapse   metal   sludge     2491  
  Union Underground  An Education In Rebellion   Columbia   metal   nu-metal     2960  
  Universi Paralleli  Back Up   Helikonia   rock   alternative     2945  
  Universi Paralleli  Indelebile   Helikonia   rock   alternative     3316  
  Unsane  Lambhouse   Relapse   rock   noise     6467  
  Unsane  Wreck   Alternative Tentacles   rock   noise     2673  
  Unsifted  Unsifted   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3709  
  Unsolved Problems Of Noise  EP   Autoproduzione   metal   post-metal     3705  
  Unto Others  Strenght   Roadrunner   metal   hard rock     393  
  Upchuck  Sense Yourself   Famous Class   punk   post-hardcore     384  
  USA/Mexico  Matamoros   12XU   rock   noise     581