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  T-Rex  Electric Warrior   A&M   rock   pop     4525  
  T.H.U.M.B.  Lunar Flight EP   W*uck   rock   stoner     3441  
  Tallah  Matriphagy   Earache   metal   nu-metal     698  
  Tanake  Reazioni Pilomotorie   Idee Nere   rock   noise     2736  
  Taproot  The Gift   Warner   metal   nu-metal     3744  
  Tartar Lamb  Polyimage Of Known Exits   Autoproduzione   metal   drone     2071  
  Tasaday  In Attesa Nel Labirinto   Wallace   experimental   noise     3501  
  Tasaday  Kaspar Project   Wallace   experimental   noise     3588  
  Tbh  Emanuele Dopo EP   Jestrai   indie   pop     2888  
  Tbh  Tutti Contro Bob   Jestrai   indie   pop     3184  
  Team Sleep  Team Sleep   Maverick   elettronica   rock     4386  
  Teen Idles  Teen Idles EP   Dischord   punk   hardcore     4074  
  Teenage Fanclub  & Jad Fair - Words Of Wisdom & Hope   Geographic   indie   pop     3864  
  Teke Teke  Shirushi   Kill Rock Stars   rock   psych     429  
  Television  Marquee Moon   Elektra   punk   new wave     3500  
  Terror 2000  Terror For Sale   Scarlet   metal   thrash     2983  
  Terzij de Horde  In One Of These, I Am Your Enemy   Consouling Sounds   metal   black metal     369  
  Tess Parks  Blood Hot   359 Music   rock   psych     326  
  Test Switch Isolator  Let's Dance   Casket   metal   progressive     4163  
  Testext  I Padroni Di Babele   DEMO   punk   rock     3616  
  Tetrarch  Unstable   Napalm   metal   nu-metal     495  
  Thank  Thoughtless Cruelty   Box Records   rock   noise     436  
  The Answer Lies In The Black Void  Forlorn   Burning World   metal   doom     278  
  The Armed  Perfect Saviors   Sargent House   rock   alternative     379  
  The Armed  Ultrapop   Sargent House   punk   post-hardcore     539  
  The Austerity Program  Bible Songs 1   Controlled Burn   rock   noise     372  
  The Beths  Jump Rope Gazers   Carpark   indie   rock     600  
  The Black Heart Death Cult  The Black Heart Death Cult   Oak Island   rock   psych     446  
  The Bobby Lees  Bellevue   Ipecac   rock   alternative     446  
  The Body  & Dis Fig - Orchards of a Futile Heaven   Thrill Jockey   elettronica   dub     257  
  The Bug  Fire   Ninja Tune   elettronica   dub     492  
  The Comet Is Coming  Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery   Impulse   jazz   rock     638  
  The Crypt  The Crypt   Metal Department   metal   doom     82  
  The Dead C  Rare Ravers   Ba Da Bing   metal   drone     431  
  The Devil's Blood  The Thousandfold Epicentre   Van   metal   doom     2501  
  The Fifth Alliance  The Depth Of The Darkness   Burning World   metal   post-metal     459  
  The Fog In The Shell  A Secret North   Dufresne   rock   post-rock     2680  
  The Lord  & Petra Haden - Devotional   Southern Lord   metal   drone     405  
  The Lord  Forest Nocturne   Southern Lord   metal   drone     520  
  The Lovecraft Sextet  Miserere   Debemur Morti   jazz   dark     377  
  The Lunar Effect  Calm Before The Calm   Kozmik Artifact   rock   hard rock     527  
  The Messthetics  And James Brandon Lewis   Impulse   jazz   rock     236  
  The Muffs  No Holiday   Omnivore   rock   alternative     336  
  The Murder Capital  When I Have Fears   Human Season   indie   rock     443  
  The Necks  Three   Fish Of Milk   jazz   experimental     462  
  The Night Watch  An Embarrassment of Riches   Autoproduzione   metal   progressive     346  
  The Obsessed  Gilded Sorrow   Ripple Music   metal   doom     77  
  The Pretty Reckless  Death By Rock And Roll   Century Media   rock   alternative     401  
  The Pretty Reckless  Other Worlds   Fearless   rock   alternative     339  
  The Ringo Jets  The Ringo Jets   Tantana   rock   alternative     354  
  The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra  Pyramids   Ropeadope   jazz   rock     432  
  The Secret  Solve Et Coagula   Southern Lord   metal   hardcore     1934  
  The Silence  Metaphysical Feedback   Drag City   rock   progressive     513  
  The Smile  A Light For Attracting Attention   XL   pop   rock     531  
  The Sword  Gods Of The Earth   Kemado   metal   hard rock     2814  
  The Sword  Warp Riders   Kemado   metal   stoner     2396  
  The Want  Greatest Hits Vol 5   Southern Lord   rock   hard rock     786  
  TheConflitto  Dusk Over The Nations   Worm Hole Death   punk   post-hardcore     2201  
  Thee STP  Sin Temptation & Pain   Ammonia   punk   garage     3479  
  Theramin  We Were Gladiators   Psychotica   rock   noise     3471  
  Thisgust  Thisgust   Lady Music   metal   nu-metal     3435  
  Thom Yorke  The Eraser   XL   indie   elettronica     2604  
  Thou  A Primer of Holy Words   Robotic Empire   metal   sludge     691  
  Thou  Blessings Of The Highest Order   Robotic Empire   metal   sludge     887  
  Thou  Emma Ruth Rundle - May Our Chambers Be Full   Sacred Bones   metal   sludge     656  
  Thou  Emma Ruth Rundle - The Helm Of Sorrow   Sacred Bones   metal   sludge     712  
  Thou  Umbilical   Sacred Bones   metal   sludge     197  
  Three One In Gentleman Suit  Some New Strategies   Black Candy   indie   rock     2854  
  Thronehammer  Incantation Rites   Usurper Records   metal   doom     497  
  Throwdown  Vendetta   Trustkill   metal   metalcore     3796  
  Thurston Moore  By The Fire   The Daydream Library Series   rock   alternative     554  
  Thurston Moore  Screen Time   Southern Lord   experimental   ambient     385  
  Time To Burn  Starting Point   Basement Apes   metal   sludge     3702  
  Tiny Elvis  We Are Not All Civilians   Golf   punk   rock     2370  
  Tittytwister  Demo n Side   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     2853  
  Tomahawk  Anonymous   Ipecac   rock   alternative     3858  
  Tomahawk  Mit Gas   Ipecac   rock   alternative     6237  
  Tomahawk  Tomahawk   Ipecac   rock   alternative     5883  
  Tomahawk  Tonic Immobility   Ipecac   rock   alternative     503  
  Tommy Lee  Tommyland The Ride   SPV   rock   alternative     4561  
  Tomviolence  Tomviolence   Black Candy   rock   post-rock     3373  
  Tone  Solidarity   Neurot   rock   post-rock     4137  
  Tony Iommi  Iommi   Priority   metal   hard rock     3716  
  Tony Iommi  The 1996 Dep Sessions   Sanctuary   metal   hard rock     3287  
  Tool  10000 Days   Volcano   metal   alternative     13853  
  Tool  Aenima   Volcano   metal   alternative     11401  
  Tool  Lateralus   Zoo   metal   alternative     11984  
  Tool  Opiate EP   Volcano   metal   alternative     5656  
  Tool  Parabola [DVD]   Volcano   metal   alternative     7732  
  Tool  Schism [DVD]   Volcano   metal   alternative     6669  
  Tool  Undertow   Volcano   metal   alternative     7529  
  Torche  Admission   Relapse   metal   sludge     732  
  Torche  Meanderthal   Hydra Head   metal   alternative     3794  
  Torche  Songs For Singles   Hydra Head   metal   alternative     2449  
  Torpor  Rhetoric of the Image   Sludgelord   metal   post-metal     420  
  Torquemada  Tales From The Bottle   Insecta   rock   noise     2972  
  Totimoshi  Ladron   Crucial Blast   metal   alternative     3694  
  Toundra  Hex   Inside Out   rock   post-rock     484  
  Toxic Holocaust  Primal Future 2019   eOne   metal   thrash     602  
  Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  (Il Sogno Del Gorilla Bianco)   Alternative Produzioni   rock   alternative     4266  
  Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  (Non Mi Manca Niente, Non Ho Niente) [DVD]   La Tempesta   rock   alternative     3799  
  Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  Il Principe In Bicicletta EP   La Tempesta   rock   alternative     7603  
  Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  La Testa Indipendente   BMG   rock   alternative     5773  
  Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  Le Origini   La Tempesta   rock   alternative     6351  
  Treedeon  New World Hoarder   Exile On Mainstream   metal   sludge     555  
  Trialogos  Stroh Zu Gold   Exile On Mainstream   rock   psych     454  
  Tricot  ???   8902 Records   rock   noise     688  
  Triptykon  Eparistera Daimones   Century Media   metal   black metal     2775  
  Trivium  The Crusade   Roadrunner   metal   thrash     3604  
  Tropical Fuck Storm  Braindrops   Joyful Noise   rock   noise     477  
  Tropical Fuck Storm  Deep States   Joyful Noise   rock   noise     416  
  Tropical Trash  Southern Indiana Drone Footage   National Waste Products   rock   noise     463  
  Trupa Trupa  B Flat A   Glitterbeat   rock   post-punk     442  
  Turnstile  Glow On   Roadrunner   punk   post-hardcore     1619  
  TV On The Radio  Return To Cookie Mountain   Interscope   rock   alternative     4501  
  Twelve Tribes  Midwest Panic   Ferret   metal   metalcore     2770  
  Twilight Singers  Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair   Birdman   pop   rock     3881  
  Twilight Singers  Blackberry Bell   One Little Indian   pop   rock     3621  
  Twilight Singers  Powder Burns   One Little Indian   rock   alternative     3513  
  Twin Temple  Bring You Their Signature Sound   Rise Above   pop   soul     434  
  Tying Tiffany  Undercover   Suoni Di Jato   elettronica   electroclash     5786