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  Gaerea  Mirage   Season Of Mist   metal   black metal     515  
  Gaia Corporation, The  Equilibrium   Wynona Records   punk   post-hardcore     3361  
  Galg  Teloorgang   Consouling Sounds   metal   black metal     71  
  Gallhammer  Ill Innocence   Peaceville   metal   black metal     4437  
  GammelsŠter & Marhaug  Higgs Boson   Ideologic Organ   experimental   ambient     365  
  Garbage  Bleed Like Me   Geffen   Rock   Commerciale     3052  
  Gargoyl  Gargoyl   Season Of Mist   metal   alternative     591  
  Gary Lee Conner  Unicorn Curry   Vincebus Eruptum   rock   psych     726  
  Gatecreeper  An Unexpected Reality   Closed Casket Activities   metal   death metal     691  
  Gea  Baillame Generale   Il Re Non Si Diverte   rock   alternative     4323  
  Gea  From Gea With Love   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2599  
  Gea  Ruggine   Santeria   rock   stoner     5621  
  Gea  Ssssh...Blam!   Santeria   rock   stoner     4572  
  Gebbia, Ligeti, Pupillo  The Williamsburg Sonatas   Wallace   rock   noise     3807  
  Geese  Projector   Partisan   rock   post-punk     700  
  General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners  General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners   Ipecac   rock   alternative     4830  
  Genghis Tron  Dream Weapon   Relapse   elettronica   synthwave     452  
  Gerda  Cosa Dico Quando Non Parlo   Donna Bavosa   punk   post-hardcore     4189  
  Gersch, The  The Gersch   Tortuga   metal   sludge     3604  
  GG Allin  Carnival Of Excess   Vinyl Retentive   rock   country     701  
  GGGOLDDD  This Shame Should Not Be Mine   Artoffact   metal   post-metal     565  
  Ghost  Impera   Loma Vista   metal   hard rock     449  
  Ghost  Opus Eponymous   Rise Above   rock   doom     3134  
  Ghost (Jap)  Hypnotic Underworld   Drag City   rock   psych     4454  
  Ghostride  Cobrasunrise   Golf   metal   alternative     3314  
  Giant Sand  Cover Magazine   Thrill Jockey   rock   folk     2690  
  Giant Squid  The Ichthyologist   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     3722  
  Giardini Di Mir˛  Dividing Opinions   Homesleep   rock   post-rock     2783  
  Giardini Di Mir˛  Rise And Fall Of Academic Drifting   Homesleep   rock   post-rock     4156  
  Gilla Band  Most Normal   Rough Trade   rock   post-punk     462  
  Giorgio Canali  Giorgio Canali & Rossofuoco   La Tempesta   rock   alternative     3799  
  Giorgio Canali  Rossofuoco   Gammapop   indie   rock     3947  
  Giorgos Christianakis  Strange Stories   Hitch-Hyke   elettronica   pop     2892  
  Girl Band  The Talkies   Rough Trade   rock   noise     459  
  Glenn Hughes  Soul Mover   Frontier   rock   hard rock     3509  
  Gloria de Oliveira  & Dean Hurley - Oceans Of Time   Sacred Bones   pop   folk     312  
  Gluecifer  Basement Apes   SPV   rock   hard rock     4175  
  Gnod  Hexen Valley   Rocket Recordings   rock   noise     439  
  Gnod  Spot Land   Rocket Recordings   rock   psych     71  
  Gnome  King   Polder Records   rock   stoner     594  
  Goatriders  Traveler   Ozium   rock   hard rock     377  
  Goatsnake  Flower Of Disease   Mans Ruin   metal   stoner     5413  
  Goblin Cock  Come With Me If You Want to Live   Robcore   metal   alternative     2679  
  God's Hate  God's Hate   Closed Casket Activities   metal   metalcore     396  
  Godflesh  Purge   Avalanche   metal   industrial     362  
  Godsmack  Awake   Universal   rock   grunge     5893  
  Godsmack  Faceless   Universal   rock   grunge     5146  
  Godsmack  Good Times Bad Times   Universal   rock   grunge     4161  
  Godsmack  IV   Universal   rock   grunge     4600  
  Godspeed You Black Emperor  G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END!   Constellation   rock   post-rock     534  
  Godthrymm  Reflections   Profound Lore   metal   doom     753  
  Gojira  The Way Of All The Flesh   Listenable   metal   thrash     3365  
  Gold  Why Aren't You Laughing?   Artoffact   metal   post-metal     585  
  Golem Mecanique  Nona, Decima Et Morta   Editions Mego   experimental   ambient     561  
  Gorilla  Rock Our Souls   Go Down   rock   stoner     3131  
  Gorillaz  Demon Days   Virgin   rock   pop     4276  
  Gorillaz  Gorillaz   Parlophone   pop   rock     4034  
  Gouge Away  Deep Sage   Deathwish   rock   alternative     204  
  Grails  Anches En Maat   Temporary Residence   rock   post-rock     529  
  Grails  Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 1,2, & 3   Important Records   rock   post-rock     3730  
  Grails  Deep Politics   Temporary Residence   rock   post-rock     2777  
  Grails  Doomsdayer's Holiday   Temporary Residence   rock   progressive     3329  
  Grails  Redlight   Neurot   rock   post-rock     4229  
  Grand Transmitter  Under The Wheel EP   Faith & Hope   pop   rock     2710  
  Graveyard  6   Nuclear Blast   rock   hard rock     438  
  Graveyard  Hisingen Blues   Nuclear Blast   rock   hard rock     3282  
  Great Falls  Objects Without Pain   Neurot   metal   post-metal     404  
  Green Arrows  The Sky   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     3331  
  Green Day  Father Of All   Reprise   rock   alternative     611  
  Green Day  Warning   Warner   punk   rock     9514  
  Green Lung  Black Harvest   Svart   metal   hard rock     391  
  Green Lung  This Heathen Land   Nuclear Blast   rock   hard rock     434  
  Green Lung  Woodland Rites   Kozmik Artifact   rock   stoner     508  
  Green River  Come On Down   Homestead   rock   grunge     6215  
  Green River  Dry As A Bone/Rehab Doll   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     4983  
  Greenleaf  The Head And The Habit   Magnetic Eye   rock   stoner     212  
  Greg Dulli  Greg Dulli's Amber Headlight   One Little Indian   rock   pop     3454  
  Greg Dulli  Random Desire   Royal Cream   pop   rock     1025  
  Greg Koch  Radio Free Gristle   Favored Nations   rock   pop     3064  
  Greg Puciato  Child Soldier Creator of God   Federal Prisoner   rock   alternative     765  
  Greg Puciato  Mirrorcell   Federal Prisoner   rock   alternative     474  
  Grinderman  Grinderman   Mute   rock   alternative     4154  
  Grip Inc.  Incorporated   Hunter   metal   thrash     4650  
  Guapo  Black Oni   Ipecac   rock   progressive     4141  
  Guilty Method  Touch   About Rock   metal   nu-metal     5232  
  Guinea Pig  Guinea Pig   Psychotica   rock   noise     3078  
  Guns N'Roses  Greatest Hits   Geffen   rock   hard rock     4745