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Recensioni con lettera 'W'

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  Waax  Big Grief   Dew Process   rock   alternative     476  
  Warish  Next To Pay   Riding Easy   rock   alternative     376  
  Warrel Dane  Praises To The War Machine   Century Media   metal   heavy     2648  
  Wednesday 13  Transylvania 90210   Roadrunner   rock   hard rock     3348  
  Weedeater  Jason... The Dragon   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     2818  
  Weeed  You Are The Sky   Halfshell   rock   psych     446  
  Wellwater Conspiracy  The Scroll And Its Combinations   TVT   rock   alternative     4681  
  Werian  Animist   Eisenwald Tonschmiede   metal   black metal     637  
  White Hills  HP-1   Thrill Jockey   rock   psych     2575  
  White Stripes  Elephant   XL   rock   alternative     4869  
  White Stripes  Get Behind Me Satan   XL   rock   alternative     4110  
  White Stripes  White Blood Cells   SFTRI   rock   alternative     3710  
  White Ward  Debemur Morti EP   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     448  
  White Ward  False Light   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     541  
  White Ward  Love Exchange Failure   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     592  
  White Zombie  Soul-Crusher   Silent Explosion   rock   noise     728  
  Who, The  Who's Next   MCA   rock   hard rock     4133  
  Whores  War   The Ghost Is Clear   rock   noise     287  
  Wiegedood  There's Always Blood At The End Of The Road   Century Media   metal   black metal     393  
  Wilco  Yankee Hotel Foxtrot   Nonesuch   indie   pop     3206  
  Wild Flag  Wild Flag   Merge   rock   alternative     1575  
  Will Haven  Will Haven   Golf   punk   post-hardcore     4508  
  William Duvall  One Alone   DVL Recordings   pop   rock     353  
  William Elliott Whitmore  Field Songs   Anti   rock   folk     2055  
  William Shatner  Has Been   Shout   rock   alternative     3465  
  Witchcraft  Black Metal   Nuclear Blast   rock   folk     731  
  Witchcraft  Legend   Nuclear Blast   rock   stoner     3938  
  Witchcraft  The Alchemist   Rise Above   rock   hard rock     3837  
  Witchfucker  Afterhour In Walhalla   Autoproduzione   metal   post-metal     795  
  With Honor  This Is Our Revenge   Victory   punk   hardcore     2936  
  Wo Fat  The Singularity   Ripple Music   rock   stoner     660  
  Wolfmother  Wolfmother   Interscope   rock   hard rock     3863  
  Wolvennest  Temple   Van   metal   experimental     582  
  Wolves In The Throne Room  Celestial Lineage   Southern Lord   metal   black metal     2627  
  Wolves In The Throne Room  Celestite   Artemisia   experimental   ambient     4516  
  Wolves In The Throne Room  Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge   Relapse   metal   black metal     395  
  Wolves In The Throne Room  Primordial Arcana   Relapse   metal   black metal     665  
  Woods Of Ypres  Woods 5   Earache   metal   goth     2185  
  Wormrot  Hiss   Earache   metal   grindcore     564  
  Worn  Human Work   From Within   punk   hardcore     405  
  Wrekmeister Harmonies  We Love To Look At The Carnage   Thrill Jockey   rock   experimental     539  
  Wucan  Heretic Tongues   SPV   rock   hard rock     578  
  Wyatt E.  Al Beluti Daru   Stolen Body   jazz   dark     382