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  Mad Capsule Markets  010   Palm   metal   nu-metal     5427  
  Mad Capsule Markets  020120   Victor   metal   nu-metal     3548  
  Mad Capsule Markets  1990 - 1996   Victor   metal   nu-metal     2817  
  Mad Capsule Markets  1997 - 2004   Victor   metal   nu-metal     5815  
  Mad Capsule Markets  Osc Dis   Palm   metal   nu-metal     3509  
  Made Out Of Babies  Coward   Neurot   metal   alternative     5376  
  Made Out Of Babies  The Ruiner   The End   rock   noise     3233  
  Made Out Of Babies  Trophy   Neurot   metal   alternative     5072  
  Madhouse  Pig!   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     4185  
  Madlena  Promo   DEMO   rock   alternative     3066  
  Madrigali Magri  L'Avaro   Autoproduzione   rock   post-rock     3444  
  Magazine Du Kakao  /Laghetto - Split   Loudblast   metal   nu-metal     6819  
  Magazine Du Kakao  Bazum   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     4782  
  Maggot Heart  Hunger   Svart   metal   alternative     346  
  Maggot Heart  Mercy Machine   Rapid Eye   metal   alternative     638  
  Magnolia Electric Co.  Fading Trails   Secretly Canadian   indie   pop     2494  
  Maisie  Bacharach For President...   Snowdonia   indie   pop     2796  
  Major Kong  Off the Scale   Autoproduzione   rock   stoner     535  
  Mamaleek  Diner Coffee   Flenser   rock   noise     523  
  Mamiffer  Mare Decendrii   Conspiracy   metal   drone     2597  
  Mammatus  The Coast Explodes   Holy Mountain   rock   psych     3922  
  Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard  Yn Ol I Annwn   New Heavy Sounds   metal   doom     480  
  Manes  How The World Came To An End   Candlelight Record   metal   alternative     3413  
  Maniscalco Maldestro, Il  Il Maniscalco Maldestro   Videoradio   rock   progressive     12929  
  Mantar  Grungetown Hooligans II   Autoproduzione   metal   sludge     758  
  Mantar  Pain Is Forever and This Is the End   Metal Blade   metal   alternative     345  
  Marco Parente  L'Attuale Jungla   Mescal   indie   jazz     2463  
  Marco Parente  Pillole Buone   Mescal   indie   pop     2839  
  Mare  Mare EP   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     7273  
  Mares Of Thrace  The Exile   Autoproduzione   metal   sludge     477  
  Margaritas Podridas  Margaritas Podridas   Cintas   rock   alternative     405  
  Marigold  Divisional   Black Desert   metal   nu-metal     4274  
  Marilyn Manson  & The Spooky Kids - White Trash   InBread   metal   industrial     4096  
  Marilyn Manson  Antichrist Superstar   Nothing   rock   industrial     7110  
  Marilyn Manson  Eat Me Drink Me   Interscope   rock   industrial     4003  
  Marissa Nadler  & Stephen Brodsky - Droneflower   Sacred Bones   rock   folk     436  
  Marissa Nadler  The Path Of The Clouds   Sacred Bones   pop   folk     336  
  Mark Lanegan  And Isobel Campbell - Ballad Of The Broken Seas   V2   pop   rock     4139  
  Mark Lanegan  Bubblegum   Beggars Banquet   rock   alternative     4010  
  Mark Lanegan  Field Songs   Sub Pop   rock   folk     3954  
  Mark Lanegan  Here Comes That Weird Chill   Beggars Banquet   rock   folk     5001  
  Mark Lanegan  Somebody's Knocking   Heavenly   pop   synth     485  
  Marlene Kuntz  Che Cosa Vedi   Virgin   rock   alternative     6823  
  Marlene Kuntz  Senza Peso   Virgin   rock   alternative     5330  
  Mars Volta  Amputechture   Universal   rock   progressive     5267  
  Mars Volta  De-Loused In The Comatorium   Universal   rock   progressive     5757  
  Mars Volta  Frances The Mute   Universal   rock   progressive     5397  
  Mars Volta  Live   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     4464  
  Mars Volta  Scabdates   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     4456  
  Mars Volta  Televators   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     3664  
  Mars Volta  The Widow EP   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     4960  
  Mars Volta  Tremulant EP   Southern   rock   progressive     4676  
  Marti  Unmade Beds   Green Fog   pop   rock     3825  
  Martin Grech  March Of The Lonely   Genepool   rock   alternative     4921  
  Martyr  Feeding The Abscess   Galy   metal   progressive     4508  
  Maruja  Connla's Well   Autoproduzione   rock   post-punk     182  
  Mass, The  Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness   Monotreme   metal   progressive     5386  
  Massimo Bubola  Niente Passa Invano   Sconfini   rock   pop     4399  
  Massive Attack  100th Window   Virgin   elettronica   trip-hop     4624  
  Massive Attack  Collected   EMI   elettronica   trip-hop     4681  
  Master Musicians Of Bukkake  Totem One   Conspiracy   metal   drone     3750  
  Master Musicians Of Bukkake  Totem Two   Important   metal   drone     2949  
  Masters Of Reality  Flik'n'Flight   Brownhouse   rock   stoner     4237  
  Mastodon  Blood Mountain   Warner   metal   alternative     7875  
  Mastodon  Call Of The Mastodon   Relapse   metal   sludge     6231  
  Mastodon  Crack The Skye   Warner   metal   alternative     4355  
  Mastodon  Hushed And Grim   Reprise   metal   progressive     703  
  Mastodon  Leviathan   Relapse   metal   alternative     8808  
  Mastodon  Lifesblood EP   Relapse   metal   alternative     4794  
  Mastodon  Live At Aragon   Reprise   metal   alternative     2754  
  Mastodon  Once More Around The Sun   Reprise   metal   progressive     4450  
  Mastodon  Remission   Relapse   metal   alternative     5469  
  Mastodon  The Hunter   Reprise   metal   alternative     2604  
  Mastodon  The Workhorse Chronicles [DVD]   Relapse   metal   alternative     5201  
  Mat Ball  Amplified Guitar   The Garrote   experimental   ambient     386  
  Matana Roberts  Coin Coin Chapter Four Memphis   Constellation   jazz   free jazz     446  
  Matra  Missione Delta   Last Scream   rock   revival     2572  
  Matt Cameron  Gory Scorch Cretins   Keep It Trippy Records   rock   psych     317  
  Mc5  Kick Out The Jams   Sundazed   rock   pop     4115  
  Mdou Moctar  Afrique Victime   Matador   rock   psych     623  
  Mdou Moctar  Ilana The Creator   Sahel Sounds   rock   psych     583  
  Me First & The Gimme Gimmes  Blow In The Wind   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore melodico     3885  
  Meat Puppets  Dusty Notes   Megaforce   rock   alternative     465  
  Meat Puppets  Golden Lies   Atlantic   rock   alternative     3465  
  Meat Puppets  II   SST   punk   hardcore     4193  
  Medication  Medication EP   Wea   metal   nu-metal     2797  
  Megadeth  System Has Failed   Sanctuary   metal   thrash     3800  
  Megadeth  The World Needs A Hero   Sanctuary   metal   thrash     3828  
  Meganoidi  Al Posto Del Fuoco   Green Fog   rock   alternative     4535  
  Meganoidi  And Then We Met Impero EP   Green Fog   rock   alternative     5118  
  Meganoidi  Granvanoeli   Green Fog   rock   alternative     5430  
  Meganoidi  Outside The Loop Stupendo Sensation   Green Fog   rock   alternative     8316  
  Melissa Auf Der Maur  Auf Der Maur   Extra Labels   rock   alternative     4000  
  Melloncek  Melloncek   Ghost Records   rock   post-rock     3104  
  Melvins  + Lustmord - Pigs Of The Roman Empire   Ipecac   rock   noise     4054  
  Melvins  A Senile Animal   Ipecac   rock   noise     6176  
  Melvins  Bad Moon Rising   Amphetamine Reptile   rock   alternative     570  
  Melvins  Colossus Of Destiny   Ipecac   metal   drone     4274  
  Melvins  Electroretard   Mans Ruin   rock   alternative     5809  
  Melvins  Five Legged Dog   Ipecac   rock   alternative     447  
  Melvins  Hostile Ambient Takeover   Ipecac   metal   alternative     6866  
  Melvins  Houdini   Atlantic   metal   alternative     7154  
  Melvins  Houdini Live 2005   Ipecac   metal   alternative     4079  
  Melvins  Lord Of The Flies EP   Amphetamine Reptile   metal   alternative     664  
  Melvins  Nude With Boots   Ipecac   metal   alternative     4800  
  Melvins  Stoner Witch   Atlantic   metal   alternative     5120  
  Melvins  Sugar Daddy Live   Ipecac   rock   hard rock     2532  
  Melvins  Tarantula Heart   Ipecac   rock   alternative     220  
  Melvins  The Bride Screamed Murder   Ipecac   metal   alternative     3383  
  Melvins  Trilogy   Ipecac   rock   alternative     17625  
  Menace  Quake Metal   DEMO   metal   heavy     2620  
  Menace Ruine  Nekyia   Union Finale   metal   drone     445  
  Menace Ruine  Union Of Irreconcilables   Aurora Borealis   metal   black metal     11445  
  merci Miss Monroe  merci Miss Monroe   Ghost Records   indie   rock     3170  
  Mesas  Spasmi Che Sanno Di Me   Maninalto!   rock   stoner     3752  
  Meschalina  Something 2 Die 4   Militant   metal   nu-metal     3257  
  Meshuggah  Catch 33   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     6420  
  Meshuggah  Chaosphere   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     7173  
  Meshuggah  Contraddiction Collapse   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     4382  
  Meshuggah  I   Fractured Transmitter Records   metal   progressive     5524  
  Meshuggah  Immutable   Atomic Fire   metal   progressive     605  
  Meshuggah  None EP   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     4619  
  Meshuggah  Obzen   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     4260  
  Meshuggah  Rare Trax   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     4111  
  Messa  Close   Svart   metal   doom     677  
  Metallica  Death Magnetic   Warner   metal   thrash     4482  
  Metallica  St.Anger   Vertigo   metal   hard rock     9386  
  Metallica Lou Reed  Lulu   Warner   pop   trash     1972  
  Meth.  Mother Of Red Light   Prosthetic   punk   post-hardcore     437  
  meth.  Shame   Prosthetic   punk   post-hardcore     459  
  Metz  Atlas Vending   Sub Pop   rock   noise     683  
  Mgla  Age Of Excuse   No Solace   metal   black metal     690  
  MGR  Wavering On The Cresting Heft   Conspiracy Records   rock   post-rock     2817  
  Middian  Age Eternal   Metal Blade   metal   doom     442  
  Midnight  Let There Be Witchery   Metal Blade   metal   thrash     409  
  Midnight  Rebirth By Blasphemy   Metal Blade   metal   heavy     556  
  Midnight (1)  Sakada   Black Lotus   metal   progressive     3067  
  Midwife  Luminol   Flenser   indie   pop     495  
  Might  Abyss   Exile On Mainstream   metal   sludge     473  
  Might  Might   Exile On Mainstream   metal   sludge     750  
  Mike Patton  Kaada - Romances   Ipecac   colonna sonora   sperimentale     5558  
  Mike Patton  Mondo Cane   Ipecac   pop   orchestrale     2423  
  Milaus  JJJ   Black Candy   indie   rock     3232  
  Milaus  Rock Da City   Cane Andaluso   indie   rock     4127  
  Million Dead  A Song To Ruin   About Rock   punk   post-hardcore     3708  
  Minor Threat  At DC Space [DVD]   Dischord   punk   hardcore     4079  
  Minor Threat  Minor Threat   Dischord   punk   hardcore     4347  
  Minor Threat  Salad Days   Dischord   punk   hardcore     3068  
  Minus The Bear  Planet Of Ice   Suicidal Squeeze   rock   alternative     3663  
  Miocene  A Pefect Life With A View Of The Swamp   Corporate Risk   metal   nu-metal     5916  
  Miranda  Inside The Whale   From Scratch   rock   post-rock     2880  
  Miranda  Whale Shit   From Scratch   rock   post-rock     3438  
  Misery Signals  Mirrors   Ferret   metal   metalcore     2929  
  Mistonocivo  Edgar   Arte Nativa   rock   alternative     3492  
  Mistress  The Glory Bitches Of Doghead   Feto Records   metal   sludge     4468  
  Mis■yrming  Algleymi   Norma Evangelium Diaboli   metal   black metal     438  
  Mis■yrming  Me­ Hamri   Norma Evangelium Diaboli   metal   black metal     373  
  Mizmor  & Andrew Black - Dialethia   Gilead Media   metal   drone     527  
  Mizmor  & Thou - Myopia   Gilead Media   metal   sludge     527  
  Mizmor  Cairn   Gilead Media   metal   black metal     11445  
  Mizmor  Prosaic   Profound Lore   metal   black metal     459  
  Mizmor  Wit's End   Gilead Media   metal   doom     352  
  Mizmor  Yodh   Gilead Media   metal   black metal     374  
  Mobina Galore  Dont' Worry   Gunner   punk   rock     313  
  Moin  Moot!   AD93   rock   post-rock     481  
  Molassess  Mourning Haze / Drops of Sunlight   Van   rock   hard rock     319  
  Molassess  Through The Hollow   Season Of Mist   rock   hard rock     479  
  Moldy Peaches, The  The Moldy Peaches   Rough Trade   indie   pop     2809  
  Moltheni  Splendore Terrore   La Tempesta   indie   pop     3958  
  Mondo Generator  A Drug Problem That Never Existed   Ipecac   rock   alternative     3198  
  Mondo Generator  Cocaine Rodeo   Southern Lord   rock   stoner     5840  
  Mondo Generator  Dead Planet Sonicslowmotiontrails   Mother Tongue   rock   alternative     3486  
  Mondo Generator  Fuck It   Heavy Psych Sounds   punk   hardcore     908  
  Mongrel - Code 4-15  Split   Fond Of Life   punk   hardcore melodico     2381  
  Monolord  No Comfort   Relapse   metal   doom     439  
  Monolord  Your Time To Shine   Relapse   metal   doom     314  
  Monster Magnet  A Better Dystopia   Napalm   rock   hard     409  
  Monster Magnet  Mastermind   Napalm   rock   stoner     2540  
  Montecristo  Montecristo   Sleeping Star   punk   rock     4120  
  Moon Coven  Slumber Wood   Ripple Music   metal   doom     379  
  Moon Destroys  Maiden Voyage   Brutal Panda   metal   alternative     492  
  Moor Mother  The Great Bailout   Anti   pop   folk     242  
  Morgan  Il Suono Della VanitÓ   Mescal   colonna sonora   strumentale     4891  
  Morkobot  Morkobot   Airbag   rock   psych     4999  
  Morkobot  Morto   Supernatural Cat   rock   psych     3678  
  Morkobot  Mostro   Supernatural Cat   rock   psych     5497  
  Mortiis  Spirit Of Rebellion   Dead Seed Productions   elettronica   dungeon synth     514  
  Motel Connection  A/R Andata + Ritorno   Mescal   elettronica   pop     10847  
  Motley Crue  Carnival Of Sins Live   SPV   rock   hard rock     3380  
  Motorama  No Bass Fidelity   Bar La Muerte   punk   garage     3261  
  Motorama  Shy Girl   Bar La Muerte   punk   garage     3554  
  Motorhead  The World Is Yours   EMI   metal   hard rock     1911  
  Motorpsycho  + Jaga Jazzist Horns   Konkurrent   rock   psych     3452  
  Motorpsycho  8 Soothing Songs for Rut   Voices Of Wonder   rock   psych     459  
  Motorpsycho  Ancient Astronauts   Stickman   rock   psych     471  
  Motorpsycho  Angels And Daemons At Play   Stickman   rock   alternative     1186  
  Motorpsycho  Barracuda   Stickman   rock   stoner     12970  
  Motorpsycho  Black Hole / Black Canvas   Stickman   rock   stoner     4484  
  Motorpsycho  Blissard   Stickman   rock   alternative     770  
  Motorpsycho  Demon Box   Voices Of Wonder   rock   alternative     502  
  Motorpsycho  Kingdom Of Oblivion   Stickman   rock   psych     573  
  Motorpsycho  Lobotomizer   Voices Of Wonder   rock   psych     609  
  Motorpsycho  Mountain EP   Voices Of Wonder   rock   alternative     416  
  Motorpsycho  Phanerothyme   Stickman   rock   psych     5378  
  Motorpsycho  The All Is One   Rune Grammofon   rock   psych     762  
  Motorpsycho  The Death Defying Unicorn   Stickman   rock   progressive     2589  
  Motorpsycho  The Nerve Tattoo EP   Stickman   rock   alternative     642  
  Motorpsycho  The Tussler   Stickman   pop   country     605  
  Motorpsycho  Timothy's Monster   Stickman   rock   alternative     748  
  Motorpsycho  Trust Us   Stickman   rock   stoner     872  
  Motorpsycho  Wearing Yr Smell EP   Stickman   rock   alternative     439  
  Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation  Anthropomorphic   Denovali   jazz   dark     2784  
  Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation  Succubus   Ad Noiseam   jazz   dark     2873  
  Mountain Caller  Chronicle I The Truthseeker   New Heavy Sounds   metal   progressive     482  
  Mr Bungle  The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo   Ipecac   metal   thrash     681  
  Mr Wilson  Mr Wilson   Allright Family   rock   grunge     3507  
  Mrs Piss  Self-Surgery   Sargent House   metal   alternative     867  
  MSW  Obliviosus   Gilead Media   metal   doom     692  
  Mu.St.  Rack Your Brain To Know Why   Lady Music   metal   nu-metal     2979  
  Mudhoney  Every Good Boy Deserve Fudge   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     3924  
  Mudhoney  Morning In America   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     595  
  Mudhoney  Mudhoney   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     4549  
  Mudhoney  My Brother The Cow   Reprise   rock   grunge     5681  
  Mudhoney  Pedazo De Pastel   Folc   rock   grunge     619  
  Mudhoney  Piece Of Cake   Reprise   rock   grunge     5837  
  Mudhoney  Since We've Become Translucent   Sub Pop   rock   alternative     3774  
  Mudhoney  The Lucky Ones   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     3359  
  Mudvayne  L.D.50   Epic   metal   nu-metal     6681  
  Mudvayne  Lost And Found   Epic   metal   nu-metal     5008  
  Mudvayne  The End Of All Things To Come   Epic   metal   nu-metal     4051  
  Multicult  Simultaneity Now   Learning Curve   rock   noise     352  
  M¨m  Finally We Are No One   Fat Cat   indie   elettronica     2869  
  M¨m  Summer Make Good   Fat Cat   indie   elettronica     2025  
  Municipal Waste  Hazardous Mutation   Earache   metal   thrash     3451  
  Muse  Absolution   Mushroom   rock   alternative     5135  
  Muse  Black Holes And Revelations   Wea   rock   alternative     4290  
  Mutoid Man  Mutants   Sargent House   metal   alternative     355  
  MWWB  The Harvest   New Heavy Sounds   metal   doom     432  
  My Bloody Valentine  Loveless   Creation   rock   noise     5089  
  My Brightest Diamond  Bring Me The Workhorse   Asthmatic Kitty   rock   pop     2654  
  My Dying Bride  A Line of Deathless Kings   Peaceville   metal   doom     3921  
  My Morning Jacket  Waterfall II   ATO   rock   alternative     777  
  My Own Voice  The Dinner Of The Ashes   Vacation House   punk   hardcore     3125  
  My Vitriol  Fine Lines   Pias   rock   grunge     3897  
  Myrkur  Folkesange   Relapse   pop   folk     819  
  Mythic Sunship  Wildfire   Tee Pee   rock   psych     587