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  Hallas  Conundrum   Napalm   rock   hard rock     1157  
  Hallas  Isle Of Wisdom   Napalm   rock   hard rock     568  
  Halsey  If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power   Capitol   pop   rock     1007  
  Hand Rolling  City Of Angels   DEMO   rock   grunge     3543  
  Handsome  Handsome   Epic   punk   post-hardcore     763  
  Handsome Boy Modeling School  White People   Elektra   rock   alternative     3293  
  Hank Williams III  Straigh To Hell   Curb   rock   country     2985  
  Hapax  No One Knows...   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     3920  
  Harvestman  / Minsk / U.S. Christmas - Hawkwind Triad   Neurot   rock   psych     3368  
  Harvestman  Lashing The Rye   Neurot   metal   drone     6153  
  Harvestman  Trinity   Neurot   metal   drone     3673  
  Harvestman  Triptych Part One   Neurot   experimental   ambient     192  
  Harvey Milk  Life... The Best Game In Town   Hydra Head   metal   sludge     2881  
  Hasard  Malivore   I Voidhanger   metal   black metal     483  
  Hatebreed  Supremacy   Roadrunner   metal   metalcore     3656  
  Haunted Plasma  I   Svart   metal   experimental     63  
  Hauntologist  Hollow   No Solace   metal   black metal     446  
  Hector Zazou  L'Absence   Santeria   elettronica   pop     3265  
  Heirs  Fowl   Denovali   metal   post-metal     2626  
  Helium Horse Fly  Hollowed   Dipole Experiment Records   rock   experimental     478  
  Hell Demonio  Discography   Wallace   rock   noise     2552  
  Hella  There's No 666 in Outer Space   Ipecac   rock   progressive     3812  
  Hellacopters  By The Grace Of God   Universal   rock   hard rock     4514  
  Hellacopters  High Visibility   Universal   rock   hard rock     3868  
  Helmet  Meantime   Interscope   rock   alternative     855  
  Helmet  Monochrome   Warcon Enterprise   rock   alternative     4927  
  Helmet  Seeing Eye Dog   Work Song   metal   alternative     2384  
  Helms Alee  Keep This Be The Way   Sargent House   rock   alternative     592  
  Helms Alee  Night Terror   Hydra Head   metal   alternative     2946  
  Helms Alee  Noctiluca   Sargent House   rock   alternative     574  
  Hemelbestormer  Collide & Merge   Van   metal   post-metal     270  
  Henrik Palm  Nerd Icon   Svart   metal   alternative     191  
  Henrik Palm  Poverty Metal   Svart   rock   alternative     614  
  Hermano  Dare I Say   Suburban   rock   stoner     4609  
  Hermano  Only A Suggestion   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     4496  
  Hexgrafv  Ritual   Ozium   metal   doom     684  
  Hey Colossus  Dances / Curses   Wrong Speed Records   rock   psych     709  
  High Confessions, The  Turning Lead Into Gold With The High Confessions   Relapse   rock   noise     2256  
  High On Fire  Blessed Black Wings   Relapse   metal   sludge     5203  
  High On Fire  Cometh The Storm   MNRK   metal   sludge     302  
  High On Fire  Snakes For The Divine   eOne   metal   sludge     3122  
  High Priest  Invocation   Magnetic Eye   metal   stoner     322  
  High Tension  Purge   Cooking Vinyl   punk   hardcore     449  
  Hildur Guðnadóttir  Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack   Invada   colonna sonora   ambient     399  
  Hildur Guðnadóttir  Chernobyl   Deutsche Grammophon   colonna sonora   sperimentale     541  
  Him  Dark Light   Warner   rock   pop     5654  
  Hissing Tiles  Boychoir   Whited Sepulchre   rock   noise     471  
  Ho99o9  Skin   DTA Records   metal   elettronica     512  
  Hole  Live Through This   Geffen   rock   grunge     5553  
  Home Front  Games of Power   La Vida Es Un Mus   rock   post-punk     317  
  Hoobastank  Hoobastank   Universal   metal   nu-metal     4021  
  Hooded Menace  The Tritonus Bell   Season Of Mist   metal   doom     727  
  Horrible Network  Let's Sabotage Transmission   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     2818  
  Horse Lords  The Common Task   Northern Spy   rock   mathrock     543  
  Horseneck  Fever Dream   Autoproduzione   rock   stoner     521  
  Hot Gossip  Hot Gossip   Eaten By Squirrels   rock   alternative     5138  
  Household God  Palace Intrigue   Greyday Records   rock   alternative     517  
  How To Destroy Angels  How To Destroy Angels   Null   rock   alternative     2372  
  Hull  Beyond The Lightless Sky   The End   metal   progressive     1577  
  Hum  Inlet   Earth Analog   metal   alternative     890  
  Human Impact  Human Impact   Ipecac   rock   noise     1006  
  Hurt Process  Drive By Monologue   Golf   punk   post-hardcore     3247  
  Husker Du  Zen Arcade   SST   punk   hardcore     5337