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  L'Altra  In The Afternoon   Aesthetics   rock   post-rock     2840  
  L.A.Witch  Play With Fire   Suicide Squeeze   punk   rock     667  
  L7  Scatter The Rats   Blackhearts Records   rock   grunge     479  
  La Muga Lena  Ricoperti Da Una Finissima Peluria   DEMO   rock   post-rock     3810  
  La's  La's   London   pop   brit     4672  
  Lack Of Love  The Hunter Is Still Whistling   Circle Pit   punk   post-hardcore     4935  
  Lacuna Coil  Comalies   Century Media   metal   goth     4372  
  Lacuna Coil  Karmacode   Century Media   metal   goth     4286  
  Lacuna Coil  Unleashed Memories   Century Media   metal   goth     4731  
  Laghetto  /Magazine Du Kakao - Split   Loudblast   punk   post-hardcore     6819  
  Laghetto  Pocapocalisse   Donna Bavosa   punk   post-hardcore     5389  
  Laghetto  Sonate In Bu Minore Per 400 Scimmiette Urlanti   Donna Bavosa   punk   post-hardcore     6723  
  Lair Of The Minotaur  The Ultimate Destroyer   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     3655  
  Lair Of The Minotaur  War Metal Battle Master   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     3350  
  Lali Puna  Scary World Theory   Morr   indie   elettronica     3326  
  Lamb Of God  Resolution   Roadrunner   metal   metalcore     2121  
  Lamb Of God  Wrath   Roadrunner   metal   metalcore     2903  
  Lana  Esiclonica   Jestrai   rock   grunge     3687  
  Lana  Presenze EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2799  
  Lankum  False Lankum   Rough Trade   rock   folk     553  
  Lara Martelli  Orchidea Porpora   InOut   pop   rock     4603  
  Lars Frederiksen  And The Bastards   Hellcat   punk   rock     3312  
  Lars Frederiksen  Viking   Hellcat   punk   rock     3315  
  Larsen  Seies   Important   rock   post-rock     3137  
  Larsen Lombriki  Free From Deceit Or Cunnings   Snowdonia   rock   noise     3138  
  Last Green Field  Another Way To Relate   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     3125  
  Last Minute To Jaffna  Promo 2006   DEMO   metal   post-metal     3638  
  Le Butcherettes  bi/MENTAL   Rise   rock   alternative     358  
  Le Masque  Gli Anni Di Globiana   Snowdonia   experimental   rock     3811  
  Le Tigre  Feminist Sweepstakes   Mr.Lady   elettronica   electroclash     3294  
  Le Tigre  From The Desk Of Mr.Lady EP   Mr.Lady   elettronica   electroclash     2750  
  Lecherous Gaze  Lecherous Gaze EP   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     2413  
  Lecrevisse  Le Piccole Foglie EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3399  
  Lento  Icon   Denovali   metal   post-metal     2809  
  Les Claypool  Of Fungi And Foe   Prawn Song   rock   alternative     2766  
  Les Claypool  Of Whales And Woe   Prawn Songs   rock   alternative     4089  
  Les Discrets  Ariettes Oubliees   Prophecy   metal   post-metal     2521  
  Lesbian  Power Hor   Holy Mountain   metal   sludge     3653  
  Lesbian  Stratospheria Cubensis   Important   metal   sludge     2700  
  Less Than Jake  In With The Out Crowd   Warner   punk   hardcore melodico     2517  
  Let's Get Lost  ...I Remember Yesterday When I Was Grey   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3525  
  Lethargy  Discography 93-99   Spoth   metal   grindcore     5011  
  Libertines, The  The Libertines   Rough Trade   rock   alternative     3708  
  Libertines, The  Up The Bracket   Rough Trade   rock   brit     3691  
  Lice  Wasteland   Settled Law   rock   post-punk     620  
  Lightning Bolt  Sonic Citadel   Thrill Jockey   rock   noise     931  
  Lillayell  Lillayell   Psychotica   rock   noise     3407  
  Limp Bizkit  Chocolate Starfish   Flip   metal   nu-metal     5043  
  Limp Bizkit  Results May Vary   Flip   metal   nu-metal     4651  
  Limp Bizkit  Still Sucks   Suretone   metal   nu-metal     725  
  Limp Bizkit  The Unquestionable Truth Part 1   Geffen   metal   nu-metal     6817  
  Lina Rodrigues Refree  Lina_Ral Refree   Glitterbeat   pop   folk     628  
  Linea 77  Available For Propaganda   Earache   metal   nu-metal     5659  
  Lingua  All My Rivals Are Imaginary Ghost   Aural   rock   alternative     3825  
  Lingua  The Smell Of A Life That Could Have Been   Rebel Monster   rock   grunge     4551  
  Lingua Ignota  Caligula   Profound Lore   rock   experimental     656  
  Lingua Ignota  Sinner Get Ready   Sargent House   rock   experimental     667  
  Lingua Ignota  The Caligula Demos   Autoproduzione   rock   experimental     614  
  Linkin Park  Hybrid Theory   Warner   metal   nu-metal     5619  
  Linkin Park  Meteora   Warner   metal   nu-metal     5640  
  Little Killers  Little Killers   Crypt   punk   garage     3155  
  Liturgy  Aesthethica   Thrill Jockey   metal   black metal     2552  
  Liturgy  H.A.Q.Q.   YLYLCYN   metal   black metal     932  
  Liturgy  Origin of the Alimonies   YLYLCYN   metal   black metal     930  
  Ljubarosa  The No-Sense Song EP   dEPOT   rock   alternative     2601  
  Lo Pan  Subtle   Aqualamb   rock   stoner     371  
  Locust  Plague Soundscapes   Anti   punk   post-hardcore     3948  
  Locust  Safety Seconds, Body Last   Ipecac   punk   post-hardcore     3721  
  Logan  Love Said Gas   Psychotica   rock   noise     2990  
  Loincloth  Iron Balls Of Steel   Southern Lord   metal   progressive     1953  
  London Odense Ensemble  Jaiyede Sessions Vol. 1   El Paraiso   rock   psych     595  
  London Underground  Through A Glass Darkly   Musea   rock   progressive     3225  
  Long Distance Calling  Long Distance Calling   Superball   rock   post-rock     1570  
  Loose  Rock The Fuck On!   Mousemen   punk   garage     2898  
  Lord Dying  Mysterium Tremendum   eOne   metal   sludge     336  
  Los Bitchos  Let The Festivities Begin!   City Slang   rock   psych     489  
  Losing Sun  Inertia   Copro   metal   nu-metal     2731  
  Lostprophets  The Fake Sound Of Progress   Columbia   metal   nu-metal     7168  
  Lotus  Nessuno Innocente   Mescal   rock   alternative     2316  
  Lou Reed  Berlin   RCA   rock   pop     5233  
  Lou Reed  Metal Machine Music   RCA   rock   noise     5296  
  Louise Lemon  A Broken Heart Is An Open Heart   Icons Creating Evil Art   rock   alternative     545  
  Louise Lemon  Devil   Icons Creating Evil Art   rock   alternative     542  
  Louvado Abismo  Louvado Abismo   Half Beast   metal   alternative     209  
  Love  Forever Changes   Elektra   rock   psych     4274  
  Love In Elevator  Venoma EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3846  
  Loveblobs  Prehistoric Extraction   Wiijita   rock   grunge     1194  
  Low  Hey What   Sub Pop   elettronica   rock     1004  
  Low  The Great Destroyer   Rough Trade   rock   post-rock     3122  
  Low  Things We Lost In The Fire   Kranky   rock   post-rock     4699  
  Low  Trust   Rough Trade   rock   post-rock     3210  
  Low Dose  Low Dose   Knife Hits   rock   alternative     337  
  Lowrider  Refractions   Blues Funeral   rock   stoner     1077  
  Luca Dirisio  Luca Dirisio   BMG   pop   commerciale     4897  
  Lucertulas  Tragol De Rova   Robotradio   rock   noise     3292  
  Lucidvox  We Are   Glitterbeat   rock   alternative     776  
  Lump Hammer  Beast   Inverted Grim-Mill   rock   noise     486  
  Lunar Funeral  Road To Siberia   Regain Records   rock   psych     366  
  Lungbutter  Honey   Constellation   rock   noise     428  
  Lustmord  & Karin Park - Alter   Pelagic   experimental   ambient     375  
  Lustmord  Other   Hydra Head   metal   drone     3027  
  Lustmord  Songs Of Gods And Demons   Vaultworks   metal   drone     1972  
  Lustmord  The Others   Pelagic   experimental   ambient     360