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  Paatos  Silence Of Another Kind   SPV   metal   goth     2804  
  Pallbearer  Mind Burns Alive   Nuclear Blast   metal   doom     209  
  Pan American  The Patience Fader   Kranky   rock   folk     499  
  Pan Daijing  Jade   PAN   experimental   elettronica     334  
  Pantera  Power Metal   Metal Magic   metal   hard rock     7231  
  Pantera  Reinventing Hell   Rhino   metal   thrash     5477  
  Pantera  Vulgar Display Of Power   East West   metal   thrash     6726  
  Paolino E Gli Anziani  Paolino E Gli Anziani   DEMO   rock   alternative     7865  
  Paolo Benvegn¨  Piccoli Fragilissimi Film   Santeria   pop   rock     3965  
  Papa Roach  Infest   Dreamworks   metal   nu-metal     4097  
  Papangu  Holoceno   Autoproduzione   metal   progressive     669  
  Paper Chase / Red Worm's Farm  Paper Chase Meet Red Worm's Farm   Robotradio   rock   post-rock     2802  
  Paroxysm Unit  Fragmentation Stratagem   New Standard Elite   metal   death metal     392  
  Part Chimp  Drool   Wrong Speed   rock   noise     665  
  Passenger  Passenger   Century Media   metal   nu-metal     3216  
  Paul McCartney  Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard   Parlophone   rock   pop     3387  
  Paz Lenchantin  Songs For Luci   Autoproduzione   rock   folk     3361  
  Pearl Jam  Backspacer   Monkey Wrench   rock   alternative     5184  
  Pearl Jam  Binaural   Epic   rock   grunge     7338  
  Pearl Jam  Gigaton   Monkeywrench   rock   alternative     2237  
  Pearl Jam  Immagine In Cornice [DVD]   Rhino   rock   alternative     5926  
  Pearl Jam  Live At Easy Street EP   J Records   rock   alternative     5219  
  Pearl Jam  Live At The Garden [DVD]   Epic   rock   grunge     8858  
  Pearl Jam  Lost Dogs   Epic   rock   grunge     8908  
  Pearl Jam  No Code   Epic   rock   grunge     10604  
  Pearl Jam  Pearl Jam   J Records   rock   alternative     6680  
  Pearl Jam  Riot Act   Epic   rock   pop     6624  
  Pearl Jam  Ten   Epic   rock   grunge     8261  
  Pearl Jam  Vitalogy   Epic   rock   grunge     8485  
  Pearl Jam  Vs   Epic   rock   grunge     7402  
  Pearl Jam  Yield   Epic   rock   grunge     6466  
  Pecksniff  Elementary Watson   Merendina   indie   pop     3673  
  Pecksniff  Honey You're Murdering Me   Black Candy   indie   pop     3199  
  Pecksniff  The Book Of Stanley Creep   Black Candy   indie   pop     3085  
  Peeping Tom  Peeping Tom   Ipecac   pop   rock     7532  
  Pelican  Australasia   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     5509  
  Pelican  City Of Echoes   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     3711  
  Pelican  Ephemeral EP   Southern Lord   metal   post-metal     3065  
  Pelican  Nighttime Stories   Southern Lord   metal   post-metal     449  
  Pelican  Pelican EP   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     4320  
  Pelican  The Fire In Our Throats Wil Beckon The Thaw   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     8139  
  Pelican  The March Into The Sea EP   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     4786  
  Pelican  What We All Come To Need   Southern Lord   metal   post-metal     3741  
  Pelican  Young Widows / Split   Temporary Residence   metal   post-metal     2957  
  Pennywise  The Fuse   Epitaph   punk   hardcore melodico     3348  
  Permanent Fatal Error  Law Speed   Wallace   rock   noise     3114  
  Persekutor  Snow Business   Blues Funeral   metal   heavy     318  
  Persiana Jones  Brace For Impact   Uaz   punk   ska     3896  
  Perturbazione  In Circolo   Santeria   indie   pop     5266  
  Perturbazione  Waiting To Happen   On Off   indie   pop     4521  
  Petbrick  Liminal   Neurot   metal   elettronica     442  
  PGR  Per Grazia Ricevuta   Mercury   rock   pop     3858  
  Pharaoh Overlord  6   Rocket Recordings   elettronica   synthwave     467  
  Philm  Harmonic   Ipecac   metal   alternative     2519  
  Phoebe Bridgers  Punisher   Dead Oceans   indie   pop     725  
  Pig Destroyer  Phantom Limb   Relapse   metal   grindcore     4140  
  Pig Destroyer  Terrifier   Relapse   metal   grindcore     3935  
  Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs  Land Of Sleeper   Rocket Recordings   rock   stoner     359  
  Pike Vs The Automaton  Pike Vs The Automaton   MNRK   metal   sludge     394  
  Pink Floyd  The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn   Columbia   rock   psych     5910  
  Pipettes, The  We Are The Pipettes   Memphis Industries   indie   pop     3034  
  Pissed Jeans  Half Divorced   Sub Pop   rock   noise     200  
  Pixies  Beneath The Eyrie   Infectious Music   rock   alternative     408  
  Pixies  Complete B Sides   4AD   indie   rock     3937  
  PJ Harvey  Please Leave Quietly [DVD]   Island   rock   alternative     3917  
  PJ Harvey  Uh Huh Her   Island   rock   alternative     3199  
  Plastiscines  LP1   Virgin   punk   rock     4301  
  Plebeian Grandstand  Rien Ne Suffit   Debemur Morti   metal   experimental     412  
  Plozzer  Full Speed In The Wrong Direction   Snowdonia   elettronica   pop     2713  
  Plush  Hands   DEMO   rock   grunge     3663  
  Plush  Sounds Better, Frank   Autoproduzione   rock   grunge     2946  
  Poison Ruin  Harvest   Relapse   punk   rock     364  
  Pop Group  Y   Radar   punk   new wave     6191  
  Poppy  EAT (NXT Soundtrack)   Sumerian   metal   alternative     488  
  Poppy  Flux   Sumerian   rock   pop     447  
  Poppy  I Disagree   Sumerian Records   metal   alternative     844  
  Porcelain  Porcelain   Portrayal Of Guilt   punk   post-hardcore     201  
  Porcupine Tree  Fear Of A Blank Planet   Universal   rock   progressive     4265  
  Porcupine Tree  We Lost The Skyline   Transmission   rock   progressive     4127  
  Porn  American Style   Mans Ruin   rock   stoner     7909  
  Porridge Radio  Every Bad   Secretly Canadian   rock   alternative     590  
  Portrayal Of Guilt  We Are Always Alone   Closed Casket Activities   punk   post-hardcore     517  
  Possessor  Damn The Light   APF Records   metal   sludge     696  
  Poundhound  Massive Grooves   Metal Blade   metal   alternative     454  
  Poweman 5000  Transform   Dreamworks   metal   nu-metal     3510  
  Prague  / My Dear Killer - Split EP   Eaten By Squirrels   indie   pop     2923  
  Premonition 13  13   Volcom   metal   doom     1986  
  Priestess  Prior To The Fire   Tee Pee   metal   alternative     2495  
  Primitive Man  Immersion   Relapse   metal   sludge     470  
  Primitive Man  Insurmountable   Relapse   metal   sludge     423  
  Primus  Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People   Interscope   rock   alternative     5004  
  Primus  Green Naugahyde   Prawn Song   rock   alternative     1680  
  Probot  Probot   Southern Lord   metal   hard rock     3443  
  Prosperina  Flag   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     407  
  Proteo  Proteo   DEMO   rock   progressive     3378  
  Protomartyr  Ultimate Success Today   Domino   rock   post-punk     645  
  Psychic Paramount  II   No Quarter   rock   noise     2360  
  Psyopus  Odd Sense   Metal Blade   metal   progressive     2917  
  Puddle Of Mudd  Come Clean   Flawless   rock   grunge     4222  
  Pupil Slicer  Mirrors   Prosthetic   metal   progressive     341  
  Puppy  The Goat   Spinefarm   rock   alternative     336  
  Purling Hiss  Drag On Girard   Drag City   rock   alternative     336  
  Purson  The Circle And The Blue Door   Rise Above   rock   hard rock     2632  
  Putiferio  Ate Ate Ate   Robotradio   rock   noise     3658  
  Puya  Fundamental   MCA   metal   nu-metal     7015  
  Puya  Union   MCA   metal   nu-metal     5321  
  Pyreship  Light Is A Barrier   Autoproduzione   metal   post-metal     520  
  Pyrithe  Monuments to Impermanence   Gilead Media   metal   sludge     654