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  Facedowninshit  Nothing Positive Only Negative   Relapse   metal   sludge     3534  
  FACS  Present Tense   Trouble In Mind   rock   post-punk     791  
  Failure  Wild Type Droid   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     482  
  Famili, The  Neonoir   Fisheye   metal   death metal     3327  
  Fantomas  / Melt Banana - Split   Unhip   rock   alternative     5328  
  Fantomas  Amenaza Al Mundo   Ipecac   rock   alternative     6165  
  Fantomas  Delirium Cordia   Ipecac   experimental   ambient     6117  
  Fantomas  Suspended Animation   Ipecac   metal   experimental     5532  
  Fantomas  The Director's Cut   Ipecac   metal   alternative     6330  
  Fausto Balbo  Falbo   Snowdonia   elettronica   pop     2955  
  Fear Factory  Digimortal   Roadrunner   metal   thrash     3657  
  Feedbacker  XII   Kontingent Records   metal   sludge     681  
  Festa Mesta  Festa Mesta   DEMO   rock   alternative     3650  
  Fiamma  Cecilia EP   Mescal   elettronica   pop     2857  
  Fiamma Fumana  Home   Mescal   elettronica   pop     4966  
  Fight Amp  Hungry For Nothing   Translation Loss   metal   sludge     3447  
  File  File   Silvertone   rock   grunge     3483  
  Final  3   Neurot   elettronica   ambient     3010  
  Fine Before You Came  Fine Before You Came   Black Candy   indie   rock     3215  
  Finger, The  Sugar Plum Fairy   Snowdonia   indie   pop     2910  
  Fiona Apple  Fetch The Bolt Cutters   Epic   pop   rock     587  
  Fireball Ministry  FMEP   Small Stone   rock   stoner     3444  
  Firebreather  Under A Blood Moon   Riding Easy   metal   sludge     458  
  Fiub  Brown Stripes   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3546  
  Fiub  Ciubirismeicheuan   Jestrai   rock   alternative     4374  
  Five Star Prison Cell  Slaves Of Virgo   Faultline   metal   alternative     3304  
  Five The Hierophant  Through Aureate Void   Dark Essence   metal   post-metal     400  
  Flaw  Through The Eyes   Universal   metal   nu-metal     4149  
  Floating Points  & Pharoah Sanders - Promises   Luaka Bop   jazz   elettronica     375  
  Flooding  Silhoutte Machine   Static Hold   punk   post-hardcore     328  
  Floor  Dove   No Idea   metal   sludge     5129  
  Fluxus  Fluxus   Furious Party   punk   post-hardcore     5783  
  Flyindolly  Le Teorie Dell'Uomo Moderno   Airbag   pop   rock     3600  
  Fontaines D.C.  A Hero's Death   Partisan   rock   post-punk     969  
  Fontaines D.C.  Dogrel   Partisan   rock   post-punk     732  
  Fontaines D.C.  Skinty Fia   Partisan   rock   post-punk     509  
  Foo Fighters  One By One   BMG   rock   alternative     3841  
  Forecast, The  Late Night Conversation   Victory   indie   emo     2488  
  Forty Winks  Forty Winks   Wynona Records   punk   rock     3462  
  Franklin Delano  Come Home   Ghost Records   rock   folk     2571  
  Franz Ferdinand  Franz Ferdinand   Domino   indie   rock     4427  
  Franz Ferdinand  You Could Have It So Much Better   Domino   rock   pop     3821  
  Fratelli Di Soledad  Sulla Strada In Concerto   Mescal   punk   ska     2959  
  Frayle  1692   Lay Bare Recordings   metal   doom     848  
  Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects  Sol Niger Within   Relapse   metal   progressive     4913  
  Friends Of Hell  Friends Of Hell   Rise Above   metal   doom     388  
  Frostmoon Eclipse  Death Is Coming   Iso666   metal   black metal     4296  
  Fu Manchu  A Look Back Dogtown & Z-Boys   At Dojo   rock   stoner     577  
  Fu Manchu  Daredevil   Bong Load   rock   stoner     5976  
  Fu Manchu  The Return Of Tomorrow   At The Dojo   rock   stoner     152  
  Fuck Buttons  Street Horrrsing   ATP Recordings   rock   post-rock     3058  
  Fucking Champs, The  VI   Drag City   rock   progressive     3073  
  Fudge Tunnel  Hate Songs In E Minor   Earache   metal   alternative     1178  
  Fuel  Something Like Human   Epic   rock   grunge     3823  
  Full Effect  Reconcilement   Loudblast   punk   post-hardcore     5907  
  Full Of Hell  Garden Of Burning Apparitions   Relapse   metal   grindcore     373  
  Fursaxa  Mycorrhizae Realm   ATP   rock   psych     2381  
  Fuzz  III   In The Red   rock   stoner     972