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  Calexico & Iron And Wine  In The Reins EP   Touch And Go   rock   folk     2978  
  Calibro 35  Italian Golden Age Soundtrack   Cinedelic   rock   soundtrack     4006  
  Calibro 35  Momentum   Record Kicks   rock   funk     567  
  Calibro 35  Ogni Riferimento A Persone Esistenti   Autoproduzione   rock   funk     1697  
  Callisto  Noir   Fullsteam   metal   post-metal     4947  
  Callisto  Providence   Fullsteam   metal   post-metal     3661  
  Callisto  True Nature Unfold   Earache   metal   post-metal     4829  
  Calomito  Inaudito   Megaplomb   jazz   rock     3657  
  Candy  Heaven Is Here   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     561  
  Capra  In Transmission   Metal Blade   punk   post-hardcore     502  
  Carlos Cipa  The Monarch And The Viceroy   Denovali   classica   contemporanea     1875  
  Carlos Dunga  Oltre Quella Linea   UA   metal   thrash     558  
  caroline  caroline   Rough Trade   rock   post-rock     493  
  Carusella  Carusella   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     4732  
  Cassilis  My Colours   Slow Growth   punk   post-hardcore     2435  
  Castle Rat  Into The Realm   King Volume   metal   doom     200  
  Cat Power  Covers   Domino   pop   folk     372  
  Cat Power  The Greatest   Matador   indie   pop     3470  
  Catwalk  Thin Rebellion   Maninalto!   rock   ska     3053  
  Caustic Casanova  Glass Enclosed Nerve Center   Magnetic Eye   metal   progressive     656  
  Cavalera Conspiracy  Inflikted   Roadrunner   metal   thrash     2846  
  Cave In  Antenna   BMG   punk   post-hardcore     4250  
  Cave In  Final Transmission   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     545  
  Cave In  Heavy Pendulum   Relapse   metal   alternative     645  
  Cave In  Jupiter   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     4818  
  Cave In  Perfect Pitch Black   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     5751  
  Cave In  Until Your Heart Stops   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     6001  
  Cave In  White Silence   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     3093  
  Cayorosso  Tempo Stabile   About Rock / Sugar   rock   alternative     3925  
  Celebrity Sex Scandal  The Fundamental   Razor To Wrist   metal   nu-metal     535  
  Celeste  Mortes Nees   Denovali   metal   post-metal     3507  
  Cell Press  Cages   The Ghost Is Clear   metal   sludge     193  
  Cerce  Cowboy Music   Autoproduzione   punk   post-hardcore     421  
  Cesare Basile  Gran Cavalera Elettrica   Mescal   rock   pop     3816  
  Cesare Basile  Primo Concime EP   Mescal   rock   pop     3336  
  Chariot, The  Wars And Rumors Of Wars   Solid State   metal   metalcore     2545  
  Chat Pile  God's Country   Flenser   rock   noise     732  
  ChŔ  Sounds Of Liberation   Mans Ruin   rock   stoner     4366  
  Cheap Trick  Rockford   SPV   rock   hard rock     2633  
  Chelsea Wolfe  Apokalypsis   Pendu Sound   rock   alternative     2128  
  Chelsea Wolfe  Birth Of Violence   Sargent House   rock   alternative     536  
  Chelsea Wolfe  She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She   Loma Vista   rock   alternative     296  
  Cherubs  Immaculada High   Relapse   rock   noise     675  
  Chevelle  Niratias   Epic   metal   alternative     402  
  Chevelle  Wonder What's Next   Epic   metal   alternative     4724  
  Child Bite  Blow Off The Omens   Housecore   rock   noise     318  
  Chixdiggit  Pink Razors   Bad Taste   punk   rock     2697  
  Chris Cornell  Carry On   Interscope   pop   rock     5194  
  Chris Cornell  No One Sings Like You Anymore   Universal   pop   rock     644  
  Chris Cornell  Scream   Interscope   pop   rock     3619  
  Christian Mistress  Possession   Relapse   metal   hard rock     1822  
  Chubby And The Gang  Speed Kills   Static Shock   punk   rock     810  
  Chubby And The Gang  The Mutt's Nuts   Partisan   punk   rock     549  
  Ciaff / Barcode  Ciaff Vs Barcode   Nocturnal Music   punk   hardcore     3468  
  Cibelle  The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves   Crammed Discs   pop   folk     3551  
  Ciemra  The Tread Of Darkness   Avantgarde   metal   black metal     338  
  Circle Of Sighs  Narci   Metal Assault   metal   progressive     572  
  Clark Nova  So Young   Tube / Ghost Records   pop   psych     3566  
  Clash  London Calling   CBS   punk   rock     4437  
  Cloakroom  Dissolution Wave   Relapse   indie   rock     390  
  Cloud Rat  Pollinator   Artoffact Records   metal   grindcore     454  
  Clutch  Pitchfork And Lost Needles   Megaforce   rock   alternative     3328  
  Clutch  Strange Cousins From The West   Weathermaker Music   rock   stoner     3967  
  Clutch  Sunrise On Slaughter Beach   Weathermaker Music   rock   stoner     567  
  Coal Chamber  Dark Days   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     3291  
  Coastal County  Coastal County   Preservation   rock   funk     353  
  Code Orange  Underneath   Roadrunner   metal   elettronica     482  
  Cods  Sperochett¨stia   Mexicat   rock   post-rock     2711  
  Coilguns  Watchwinders   Hummus   punk   post-hardcore     515  
  Cold  13 Ways To Bleed On Stage   Flip   rock   grunge     4611  
  Cold  A Different Kind Of Pain   Lava   rock   grunge     4133  
  Coldplay  X&Y   EMI   pop   rock     6234  
  Coldseed  Completion Makes The Tragedy   Nuclear Blast   metal   nu-metal     2607  
  Coliseum  House With A Curse   Temporary Residence   rock   alternative     2540  
  Colonel Claypool's Bucket Of Bernie Brains  Big Eyeball in the Sky   Prawn Songs   rock   progressive     3035  
  Colour Haze  Sacred   Elekrohasch   rock   stoner     427  
  Colt 38  Colt Thirtyeight   VE Records   rock   stoner     3895  
  Come To Grief  When The World Dies   Translation Loss   metal   sludge     389  
  Comeback Kid  Wake The Dead   Victory   punk   hardcore     3514  
  Comet Control  Inside The Sun   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     771  
  Comets On Fire  Avatar   Sub Pop   rock   psych     4749  
  Comity  As Everything Is A Tragedy   Candelight   punk   post-hardcore     3653  
  Communic  Waves Of Visual Decay   Nuclear Blast   metal   thrash     3149  
  Conan  Evidence Of Immortality   Napalm   metal   doom     457  
  Concrete Ships  In Observance   Trepanations   rock   noise     583  
  Conifer  Crown Fire   Important   metal   post-metal     2992  
  Constance Tomb  MCMLXXXVIII   Bloodrock   rock   post-punk     540  
  Converge  Bloodmoon I   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     599  
  Converge  Jane Doe   Equal Vision   punk   post-hardcore     8453  
  Converge  No Heroes   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     6689  
  Converge  You Fail Me   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     5935  
  Coprofago  Unorthodox Creative Criteria   Sekhmet   metal   progressive     5428  
  Corey  Sacroniente   Dufresne   metal   grindcore     3997  
  Corin Tucker Band  1000 Years   Kill Rock Stars   rock   alternative     2612  
  Costruzione 02  Demo 2003   DEMO   punk   hardcore     4102  
  Couch Slut  Take A Chance On Rock 'n' Roll   Gilead Media   rock   noise     633  
  Couch Slut  You Could Do It Tonight   Brutal Panda   rock   noise     272  
  Cough  Ritual Abuse   Relapse   metal   doom     3285  
  Crack Cloud  Pain Olympics   Meat Machine   rock   post-punk     877  
  Craig Armstrong  As If To Nothing   Virgin   elettronica   trip-hop     3729  
  Crash Test Dummies  Puss'n'Boots   Chi Chang   pop   rock     4163  
  Crawl  Damned   Profound Lore   metal   black metal     420  
  Crawler  Crawler   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     3053  
  Crawler  F.T.C.T.T.P.   Kick Agency   metal   nu-metal     2776  
  Creed  Weathered   Wind Up   rock   grunge     4688  
  Cretin  Freakery   Relapse   metal   grindcore     3657  
  Crowbar  Sever The Wicked Hand   Century Media   metal   sludge     2262  
  Crowbar  Zero And Below   MNRK   metal   sludge     465  
  Cryptae  Vestigial   Tartarus Records   metal   death metal     428  
  Cult Of Luna  Somewhere Along The Highway   Earache   metal   post-metal     4203  
  Cunts  Cunts   Ipecac   rock   noise     675  
  Curl Up And Die  The End Of All That Is   Revelation   punk   post-hardcore     3200  
  Curse Of Golden Vampire  Mass Destruction   Ipecac   elettronica   noise     3252  
  Cut  Torture EP   Gammapop   punk   garage     3214  
  Cut  Will U Die 4 Me?   Gammapop   punk   garage     3122  
  Cut Of Mica  Finally It's Friday   Green Fog   rock   noise     3049  
  CVD  Test Di Resistenza All'Onda D'Urto   Eclectic Circus   rock   alternative     2746  
  Cynic  Focus   Roadrunner   metal   progressive     5930