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  E-L-R  Vexier   Prophecy   metal   post-metal     427  
  Eagles Of Death Metal  Live At Slim   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     4127  
  Eagles Of Death Metal  Peace Love Death Metal   Rekords Rekords   rock   alternative     3607  
  Earth  Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light 1   Southern Lord   metal   drone     2680  
  Earth  Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light 2   Southern Lord   metal   drone     2428  
  Earth  Earth 2   Sub Pop   metal   drone     6562  
  Earth  Hex Or Printing In The Infernal Method   Southern Lord   metal   drone     5526  
  Earth  Hibernaculum   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4450  
  Earth  Living In The Gleam Of An Unsheathed Sword   Troubleman   metal   drone     8367  
  Earth  Primitive And Deadly   Southern Lord   rock   stoner     4831  
  Earth  Sunn Amps And Smashed Guitars   Blast First   metal   drone     4645  
  Earth  The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4112  
  Earth Tongue  Great Haunting   In The Red   rock   stoner     82  
  Earthless  Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons   Nuclear Blast   rock   psych     415  
  Ed Harcourt  Here Be Monsters   Heavenly   rock   folk     4025  
  Ed Harcourt  Maplewood EP   Heavenly   rock   folk     3275  
  Eddie Vedder  Earthling   Republic   rock   pop     789  
  Eddie Vedder  Into The Wild   J Records   rock   pop     3566  
  Edible Woman  SPARE ME/calf   Psychotica   rock   noise     2977  
  Eels  Souljacker   Dreamworks   indie   rock     3251  
  Eerie Wanda  Pet Town   Joyful Noise   indie   pop     329  
  Effetto Doppler  Indifferenti Cieli   Mizmaze   indie   rock     2939  
  Egg  Egg   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     4502  
  Egokid  The Egotrip Of The Egokid   Snowdonia   indie   pop     2829  
  Eight Bells  Legacy Of Ruins   Prophecy   metal   post-metal     423  
  El Caco  From Dirt   Black Baloon   rock   stoner     3862  
  Elastica  The Menace   Atlantic   pop   brit     3281  
  Elbow  Leaders Of The Free World   V2   pop   brit     3400  
  Elder  & Kadavar - Eldovar   Robotor   rock   psych     352  
  Elder  Innate Passage   Stickman   rock   psych     651  
  Elder  Omens   Stickman   rock   psych     920  
  Elder  The Gold & Silver Sessions   Blues Funeral   rock   stoner     784  
  Electric Six  Fire   XL   rock   alternative     3334  
  Electric Wizard  Black Masses   Rise Above   metal   doom     3472  
  Elio E Le Storie Tese  Cicciput   BMG   rock   pop     4991  
  Elliott Smith  Figure 8   Dreamworks   indie   pop     4274  
  Emma Ruth Rundle  EG2 Dowsing Voice   Sargent House   experimental   ambient     443  
  Emma Ruth Rundle  Engine Of Hell   Sargent House   rock   folk     516  
  Emma Ruth Rundle  Some Heavy Oceans   Sargent House   rock   folk     4430  
  En Minor  When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome   Housecore   rock   folk     973  
  En Roco  Ad Occhi Chiusi   Green Fog   indie   pop     3144  
  End Of Level Boss  Inside The Difference Engine   Exile On Mainstream   metal   alternative     3525  
  End, The  Elementary   Relapse   metal   progressive     4002  
  End, The  Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point   Relapse   metal   progressive     3350  
  End, The  Within Dividia   Relapse   metal   progressive     3365  
  Endless Boogie  Admonitions   No Quarter   rock   psych     435  
  Endo  Evolve   Panacea   metal   nu-metal     3307  
  Engine Kid  Special Olympics   Southern Lord   rock   post-rock     324  
  Engineer  Crooked Voices   Blackmarket Activities   punk   post-hardcore     1445  
  English Teacher  This Could Be Texas   Island   rock   post-punk     228  
  Enon  High Society   Touch And Go   indie   pop     2875  
  Entombed  Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments   Candlelight Record   metal   death metal     3299  
  Entombed  Unreal Estate   Threeman   metal   death metal     3721  
  Entombed  Uprising   Sanctuary   metal   death metal     5299  
  Envy  The Fallen Crimson   Pelagic   punk   post-hardcore     928  
  Ephel Duath  Pain Necessary To Know   Earache   metal   progressive     5865  
  Ephel Duath  The Painters Palette   Earache   metal   progressive     6958  
  Ephel Duath  Through My Dog's Eyes   Earache   metal   progressive     2993  
  Ephen Rian  The Special Referendum   Wynona Records   punk   screamo     2514  
  Eric Sardinas  Black Pearls   Favored Nations   rock   pop     3970  
  Esoteric  Paragon Of Dissonance   Season Of Mist   metal   doom     2203  
  Estra  A Conficcarsi in Carne D'Amore   Mescal   rock   alternative     3319  
  Eternal Champion  Ravening Iron   No Remorse   metal   hard rock     588  
  Eternal Champion  The Armor Of Ire   No Remorse   metal   hard rock     295  
  Ettrick  Sudden Arrhythmic Death   American Grizzly   metal   black metal     3228  
  Eunoia  Psyop of the Year   Tomb Tree   punk   post-hardcore     395  
  Eva Kant  Stand Up And Kiss   Uptones   rock   noise     4454  
  Evanescence  Fallen   Wind Up   metal   goth     4890  
  Evanescence  The Open Door   Wind Up   metal   alternative     4507  
  Evangelista  In Animal Tongue   Constellation   rock   pop     1669  
  Evens, The  Get Even   Dischord   rock   folk     2495  
  Evens, The  The Evens   Dischord   indie   rock     3729  
  Evildoer  Terror Audio   Scarlet   metal   thrash     3192  
  Ex Hex  It's Real   Merge   rock   alternative     351  
  Ex Models  Chrome Panthers   Psychotica   rock   noise     3097  
  Ex Models  Zoo Psychology   Psychotica   rock   noise     3267  
  Exhalants  Atonements   Hex   rock   noise     910  
  Extrema  And The Best Has Yet To Come   About Rock   metal   thrash     3728  
  Eye  Dark Light   New Heavy Sounds   rock   alternative     153  
  Eye Flys  Context   Thrill Jockey   metal   sludge     550  
  Eye Flys  Exigent Circumstance   Closed Casket   metal   sludge     374  
  Eye Flys  Eye Flyes   Thrill Jockey   metal   sludge     386  
  Eyehategod  A History of Nomadic Behavior   Century Media   metal   sludge     506  
  Ezra Collective  You Can't Steal My Joy   Enter The Jungle   jazz   funk     343