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  S.N.P.  Scarface   Adrenaline   metal   nu-metal     3711  
  Sabbath Assembly  Restored To One   The Ajna Offensive   rock   psych     3408  
  Sabot  Further Conversations   Cesta   indie   jazzcore     2814  
  Sadist  Above The Light   Beyond   metal   progressive     6434  
  Sadist  Sadist   Beyond   metal   progressive     3933  
  Sadist  Tribe   Beyond   metal   progressive     4522  
  Saeta  We Are Waiting All For Hope   Ghost Records   indie   pop     3833  
  Saint Vitus  Live   Southern Lord   metal   doom     3885  
  Salome  Terminal   Profound Lore   metal   doom     2576  
  Salvation  Year Of The Fly   Forge Again   rock   grunge     770  
  Sandrider  Enveletration   Satanik Royalties   metal   alternative     429  
  Sangre De Muerdago  & Judasz & Nahimana - Cantiga de Folhas e Agulhas   Autoproduzione   pop   folk     356  
  Santo Niente  Il Fiore Dell'Agave   Black Candy   rock   alternative     4128  
  Santo Niente  Occhiali Scuri Al Mattino EP   Black Candy   rock   alternative     3217  
  Sarah Davachi  Cantus, Descant   Late Music   experimental   ambient     593  
  Sasami  Squeeze   Domino   pop   rock     501  
  Sasquatch  Fever Fantasy   Mad Oak   rock   stoner     546  
  Satantango  Mr.Bore   Wallace   rock   alternative     3388  
  Saul Williams  The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     2896  
  Savage Master  Myth, Magic And Steel   Shadow Kingdom   metal   hard rock     428  
  Scarapocchio  Attenti, Sono Felice!   Snowdonia   indie   pop     3370  
  Scarcity  Aveilut   Flenser   metal   black metal     588  
  Scars Of Tomorrow  The Horror Of Realization   Victory   metal   metalcore     3178  
  Schism  Dissolution Or Minds   DEMO   metal   alternative     4072  
  Scissor Sisters  Ta-Dah   Universal   pop   rock     3232  
  Scott Kelly  The Wake   Neurot   rock   folk     3426  
  Scowl  How Flowers Grown   Flatspot   punk   hardcore     365  
  Scowl  Psychic Dance Routine   Flatspot   punk   hardcore     324  
  Screaming Females  Desire Pathway   Don Giovanni   rock   alternative     402  
  Scum  Gospels For The Sick   Dogjob   rock   death metal     2590  
  Searchin' Guitar  Searchin' Guitar   DEMO   rock   mathrock     4079  
  Sebadoh  Act Surprised   Dangerbirds   rock   alternative     410  
  Secret Shame  Dark Synthetics   Portrayal Of Guilt Records   rock   post-punk     560  
  Sedia  Sedia   Wallace   rock   mathrock     3227  
  SeeYouSpaceCowboy  The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds   Pure Noise   punk   post-hardcore     450  
  Senor Tonto  Switched On T.A.R.M.   La Tempesta   elettronica   pop     3268  
  Senyawa  Alkisah   Autoproduzione   experimental   ambient     511  
  Sepultura  Dante XXI   SPV   metal   thrash     3429  
  Sepultura  Quadra   Nuclear Blast   metal   thrash     817  
  Sepultura  Roorback   SPV   metal   metalcore     4491  
  Serart  Serart   Serjical Strike   experimental   etnico     5829  
  Settevite  Settevite   About Rock   rock   alternative     4457  
  Setwall  Up To The Unseen   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     2999  
  Shaam Larein  Sculpture   Icons Creating Evil Art   metal   doom     677  
  Shabaka And The Ancestors  We Are Sent Here By History   Impulse   jazz   rock     744  
  Shame  Drunk Tank Pink   Dead Oceans   rock   post-punk     674  
  Shandon  Fetish   V2   punk   ska     3513  
  Shandon  Not So Happy To Be Sad   Ammonia   punk   ska     4908  
  Shandon  Punk.Billy.Ska.Core   Ammonia   punk   ska     5630  
  Sharon Van Etten  Remind Me Tomorrow   Jagjaguwar   pop   rock     429  
  Shearwater  Animal Joy   Sub Pop   rock   folk     2199  
  Sheer Mag  A Distant Call   Wilsuns   rock   hard rock     308  
  Shellac  To All Trains   Touch And Go   rock   noise     92  
  Shelter Of Leech  Shelter Of Leech   Bunkker   metal   nu-metal     3295  
  Shift  Spacesuit   Equal Vision   punk   post-hardcore     662  
  Shiner  Schadenfreude   Two Black Eyes   rock   alternative     490  
  Shining  Black Jazz   Indie   metal   black metal     3620  
  Shit And Shine  Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs   Riot Season   rock   noise     376  
  Shitkid  Duo Limbo   PNKSLM   rock   alternative     503  
  Shock Narcotic  I Have Seen The Future And It Doesn't Work   Housecore   metal   grindcore     382  
  Shooting Daggers  Love & Rage   New Heavy Sounds   rock   alternative     35  
  Shovaway  The Chocking Season   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     2976  
  Show Me The Body  Dog Whistle   Loma Vista   punk   post-hardcore     649  
  Show Me The Body  Trouble The Water   Loma Vista   punk   post-hardcore     374  
  Siena Root  The Secret Of Our Time   MIG   rock   psych     619  
  Sightless Pit  Grave Of A Dog   Thrill Jockey   experimental   noise     504  
  Sigiriya  Return To Earth   The Church Within   metal   stoner     2314  
  Sigur Ros  Hvarf/Heim   EMI   rock   post-rock     3339  
  Sigur Ros  Meğ Suğ I Eyrum Viğ Spilum Endalaust   EMI   rock   post-rock     3764  
  Sigur Ròs  Takk   EMI   rock   post-rock     3471  
  Sikth  Death Of A Dead Day   Bieler Bros   metal   nu-metal     3770  
  Sikth  The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something   Unparalleled   metal   nu-metal     6506  
  Silverbacks  Archive Material   Full Time Hobby   rock   post-punk     329  
  Silverstein  Discovering The Waterfront   Victory   punk   screamo     2963  
  Sin Of Silence  Sin Of Silence   DEMO   metal   alternative     3363  
  Sinai Beach  Immersed   Victory   metal   metalcore     2985  
  Since By Man  A Hate Love Relationship   Revelation   metal   metalcore     3514  
  Sinead O'Brien  Time Bend and Break The Bower   Chess Club   rock   post-punk     363  
  Sinestesia  Demo   DEMO   rock   alternative     3307  
  Sirom  The Liquified Throne of Simplicity   Glitterbeat   experimental   folk     532  
  Sisteria  Dark Matter   Horton   rock   hard rock     465  
  Skasico  Terapia   Kick Agency   metal   nu-metal     5416  
  Skeleton Key  Gravity Is The Enemy   Arctic Rodeo   rock   alternative     2589  
  Skeleton Key  Obtainium   Ipecac   rock   progressive     4983  
  Slayer  Christ Illusion   Warner   metal   thrash     4197  
  Slayer  Show No Mercy   Metal Blade   metal   thrash     904  
  Sleater Kinney  All Hands On The Bad One   Kill Rock Stars   indie   rock     2893  
  Sleater Kinney  Dig Me Out   Kill Rock Stars   indie   rock     3653  
  Sleater Kinney  The Center Won't Hold   Mom + Pop   rock   alternative     408  
  Sleater Kinney  The Path Of Wellness   Mom + Pop   rock   alternative     359  
  Sleater Kinney  The Woods   Sub Pop   rock   alternative     4467  
  Sleep  Jerusalem   Music Cartel   metal   doom     6032  
  Sleepy Jackson  Personality   Virgin   rock   pop     3187  
  Sleigh Bells  Texis   Mom + Pop   metal   alternative     407  
  Slift  Ilion   Sub Pop   rock   psych     445  
  Slift  Ummon   Vicious Circle   rock   psych     1054  
  Slight  Everything Starts By A Feedback   Vacation House   punk   hardcore     3187  
  Slint  Spiderland   Touch And Go   rock   post-rock     6035  
  Slipknot  All Hope Is Gone   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     6041  
  Slipknot  Iowa   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     6634  
  Slipknot  Vol 3 Subliminal Verse   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     6163  
  Slits  Cut   Island   punk   new wave     3603  
  Slow Machine  Black Tide EP   Autoproduzione   metal   doom     369  
  Slowshine  Living Light   The Lasting Dose   rock   psych     371  
  Slugs  Bob Berdella Bizarre Bordello   Black Candy   rock   alternative     4108  
  Small Jackets  Play At High Level   Go Down   rock   hard rock     3238  
  Small Jackets  Walking The Boogie   Go Down   rock   hard rock     4156  
  Smashing Pumpkins  Machina II   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     5804  
  Smashing Pumpkins  Zeitgeist   Reprise   rock   alternative     5527  
  SmaXone  Regression   Scarlet   metal   nu-metal     3286  
  Smiths, The  The Queen Is Dead   Rough Trade   pop   brit     4843  
  Smog  Knock Knock   Drag City   indie   pop     573  
  Smoulder  Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring   Cruz Del Sur   metal   doom     361  
  Snot  Strait Up   Virgin   metal   nu-metal     6916  
  So I Had To Shoot Him  Alpha Males & Popular Girls   Crucial Blast   metal   alternative     3920  
  Social Distortion  Greatest Hits   Time Bomb Recordings   punk   rock     2776  
  Soilent Green  Confrontation   Relapse   metal   sludge     3602  
  Solstafir  Svartir Sandar   Season Of Mist   metal   post-metal     2508  
  Somnuri  Desiderium   MNRK   metal   sludge     277  
  Somnuri  Nefarous Wave   Blues Funeral   metal   sludge     501  
  Songs Ohia  Ghost Tropic   Secretly Canadian   indie   pop     541  
  Sonic Flower  Me And My Bellbottom Blues   Heavy Psych Sounds   rock   stoner     463  
  Sonic Youth  A Thousand Leaves   Geffen   rock   noise     5368  
  Sonic Youth  Dirty   Geffen   indie   rock     7193  
  Sonic Youth  In/Out/In   Three Lobed Recordings   rock   noise     531  
  Sonic Youth  Murray Street   Interscope   rock   noise     3958  
  Sonic Youth  Rather Ripped   Geffen   rock   noise     3599  
  Sonic Youth  The Eternal   Matador   rock   noise     3471  
  Sonoria  Demo   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3443  
  Sons  Family Dinner   Caroline Benelux   rock   garage     353  
  Sons Of Kemet  Black To The Future   Impulse   jazz   rock     334  
  Sophia  Technology Won't Save Us   Flower Shop   indie   pop     3317  
  Sorelle Kraus  Lunatic EP   O Style   punk   garage     3289  
  Sorelle Kraus  Sorelle Kraus   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     3557  
  Sothis  Fusion   Temple Of Noise   metal   thrash     3050  
  Soul Glo  Diaspora Problems   Epitaph   punk   hardcore     590  
  Soul Glo  The Nigga Is Me   SRA   punk   post-hardcore     423  
  Soulfly  Primitive   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     4030  
  Soundgarden  Badmotorfinger   A&M   rock   grunge     7191  
  Soundgarden  Down On The Upside   A&M   rock   grunge     6307  
  Soundgarden  Fopp   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     7440  
  Soundgarden  Live On I5   A&M   rock   grunge     3007  
  Soundgarden  Louder Than Love   A&M   rock   grunge     14165  
  Soundgarden  Screaming Life   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     5561  
  Soundgarden  SOMMS EP   A&M   rock   grunge     6763  
  Soundgarden  Superunknown   A&M   rock   grunge     7745  
  Soundgarden  Telephantasm   A&M   rock   grunge     3611  
  Soundgarden  Ultramega Ok   SST   rock   grunge     5137  
  Soundtrack Of Our Lives  Behind The Music   Stickman   rock   psych     4290  
  Southern Isolation  Southern Isolation   Baphomet   rock   folk     4554  
  Souvenir's Young America  An Ocean Without Water   Crucial Blast   rock   post-rock     2538  
  Souvenir's Young America  The Name Of The Snake   Init   rock   post-rock     2281  
  Space Afrika  Honest Labour   Dais   elettronica   dub     554  
  Sparta  Austere EP   Dreamworks   punk   emo     2575  
  Spineshank  The Height Of Callousness   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     4017  
  Spirit Adrift  Divided By Darkness   20 Buck Spin   metal   doom     485  
  Spiritbox  Eternal Blue   Pale Chord   metal   alternative     449  
  Spleen  Nun Lover!   Load Up   rock   noise     3429  
  Spleen Flipper  Istinto Alla Sopravvivenza   Vacation House   punk   hardcore     3417  
  Spotlights  Alchemy For The Deads   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     497  
  Spotlights  Love & Decay   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     460  
  Sprain  As Lost Through Collision   Flenser   rock   post-rock     563  
  Sprain  The Lamb As Effigy   Flenser   rock   post-rock     390  
  Sprints  Letter To Self   City Slang   rock   alternative     278  
  Spylacopa  Spylacopa EP   Rising Pulse   metal   alternative     2780  
  Squid  Bright Green Field   Warp   rock   post-punk     656  
  Squirrel Bait  Skag Heaven   Homestead   indie   rock     4679  
  Stabbing Westward  Hallowed Hymns   COP International   rock   industrial     442  
  Stabbing Westward  Stabbing Westward   Edel   rock   industrial     5154  
  Staind  14 Shades Of Grey   Elektra   rock   grunge     5199  
  Staind  Break The Cycle   Atlantic   rock   grunge     5703  
  Staind  Chapter V   Atlantic   rock   grunge     4292  
  Staind  The Singles 1996-2006   Atlantic   rock   grunge     3993  
  Stands, The  Horse Fabulous   Echo   pop   brit     4126  
  Stefano Maria Ricatti  Ad Ore Piene   Storie Di Note   pop   folk     2831  
  Stephen Malkmus  Jenny And The Ess-dog   Matador   indie   pop     2866  
  Stephen Malkmus  Stephen Malkmus   Domino   indie   pop     3306  
  Stereophonics  Live From Dakota   V2   pop   brit     3401  
  Steve Earle  Transcendental Blues   Artemis   rock   folk     3200  
  Steve Von Till  A Deep Voiceless Wilderness   Neurot   experimental   ambient     379  
  Steve Von Till  No Wilderness Deep Enough   Neurot   rock   folk     856  
  Stew  People   Ripple Music   rock   hard rock     636  
  Stew  Taste   Uprising   rock   hard rock     453  
  Stone Gossard  Bayleaf   Epic   rock   alternative     4611  
  Stone Sour  Come (What)Ever May   Roadrunner   rock   pop     4644  
  Stone Sour  Stone Sour   Roadrunner   rock   grunge     5104  
  Stone Temple Pilots  Perdida   Rhino   rock   alternative     601  
  Stoner Kebab  Chapter Zero   Dufresne   metal   doom     4300  
  Stoner Kebab  Imber Vulgi   Dufresne   metal   doom     3945  
  Stooges, The  Funhouse   Elektra   punk   rock     4406  
  Stooges, The  Raw Power   Columbia   punk   rock     3311  
  Stooges, The  The Stooges   Elektra   punk   rock     3970  
  Stooges, The  The Weirdness   Virgin   punk   rock     3167  
  Strapping Young Lad  SYL   Century Media   metal   death metal     4195  
  Strokes, The  First Impression On Earth   RCA   rock   pop     6146  
  Strokes, The  Is This It   RCA   rock   alternative     4305  
  Strokes, The  Room On Fire   RCA   rock   alternative     3558  
  Stöner  Stoners Rule   Heavy Psych Sounds   rock   stoner     588  
  Stöner  Totally...   Heavy Psych Sounds   rock   stoner     554  
  Subarachnoid Space  Eight Bells   Crucial Blast   rock   psych     3035  
  Subinterior  Selaxon Lutberg / Split   Coldcurrent   elettronica   ambient     2998  
  Subinterior  The Chrysalis Secret   Afe   elettronica   ambient     2831  
  Subrosa  No Help For The Mighty One   Profound Lore   metal   doom     2126  
  Subsonica  Cielo Tangenziale Ovest DVD   Mescal   rock   pop     4351  
  Subsonica  Controllo Del Livello Di Rombo   Mescal   rock   pop     5425  
  Suburban Base  Suburban Base   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3068  
  Succumb  XXI   Flenser   metal   death metal     514  
  Sugar Horse  The Live Long After   Small Pond   rock   noise     495  
  Suite  Suite   DEMO   indie   rock     2667  
  Sumac  The Healer   Thrill Jockey   metal   drone     116  
  Sungrazer  Mirador   Elektrohasch   rock   stoner     2887  
  Sunn O)))  & Boris - Altar   Southern Lord   metal   drone     5264  
  Sunn O)))  00 Void   Double H Noise   metal   drone     7551  
  Sunn O)))  Black One   Southern Lord   metal   drone     7300  
  Sunn O)))  Flight Of The Behemot   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4703  
  Sunn O)))  Life Metal   Southern Lord   metal   drone     547  
  Sunn O)))  Metta, Benevolence   Southern Lord   metal   drone     494  
  Sunn O)))  White 1   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4985  
  Sunn O)))  White 2   Southern Lord   metal   drone     6281  
  Sunna  One Minute Science   Virgin   rock   grunge     7354  
  Super Elastic Bubble Plastic  Small Rooms   RedLed   indie   rock     3867  
  Super Elastic Bubble Plastic  The Swindler   RedLed   rock   alternative     5752  
  Supergrass  Road To Rouen   Parlophone   pop   rock     3837  
  Superjoint Ritual  Use Once & Destroy   Sanctuary   metal   sludge     6040  
  Supermarket  Supermarket   Derotten   punk   rock     3399  
  Supersystem  Always Never Again   Touch And Go   indie   funk     2348  
  Sushi  Vs Madaski - dDt   Mescal   rock   pop     3309  
  Sux!  Lucido   Santeria   indie   rock     3915  
  Svalbard  The Weight Of The Mask   Nuclear Blast   metal   black metal     368  
  Swans  Leaving Meaning   Young God   rock   experimental     721  
  Swans  My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky   Young God   rock   alternative     2373  
  Sweat  Gotta Give Up   Pirate Press   punk   hardcore     368  
  Symmetric Disorder  Extract From Biomechanical Nonsense Connection   DEMO   metal   death metal     2738  
  System Of A Down  Hypnotize   Columbia   metal   nu-metal     7133  
  System Of A Down  Mezmerize   American   metal   nu-metal     10930  
  System Of A Down  Steal This Album!   American   metal   nu-metal     6112  
  System Of A Down  System Of A Down   American   metal   nu-metal     7036  
  System Of A Down  Toxicity   American   metal   nu-metal     9356