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  Naam  Naam   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     4637  
  Nadja  Autopergamene   Essence   rock   post-rock     2625  
  Nailbomb  Point Blank   Roadrunner   metal   alternative     1282  
  Naiveover  I Touch The Darkness With My Emotions   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3835  
  Naked City  Leng Tch'e   Toys Factory   metal   drone     401  
  Nala Sinephro  Space 1.8   Warp   jazz   elettronica     479  
  Napalm Death  Smear Campaign   Century Media   metal   grindcore     4033  
  Napalm Death  Utilitarian   Century Media   metal   death metal     2543  
  Narrows  Painted   Deathwish Inc   metal   post-metal     2432  
  Nasum  Doombringer   Relapse   metal   grindcore     3401  
  Nebula  Transmission From Mothership Earth   Heavy Psych Sounds   rock   stoner     465  
  Negramaro  Mentre Tutto Scorre   Sugar   pop   rock     6545  
  Negramaro  Negramaro   Sugar   rock   pop     8998  
  Neil Finn  & Friends - 7 Worlds Collide   Parlophone   pop   rock     4254  
  Neil Finn  One Nil   Emi   pop   rock     3640  
  Neil Young  Colorado   Reprise   rock   pop     442  
  Neil Young  Greendale   Reprise   rock   pop     3535  
  Neil Young  Harvest   Reprise   rock   folk     4745  
  Neil Young  Mirrorball   Reprise   rock   grunge     7292  
  Neil Young  Prairie Wind   Reprise   rock   pop     3241  
  Neil Young  Weld   Reprise   rock   pop     5405  
  Neptunian Maximalism  Eons   I, Voidhanger   metal   drone     606  
  Neptunian Maximalism  Solar Drone Ceremony   I, Voidhanger   metal   drone     288  
  Nero Di Marte  Immoto   Season Of Mist   metal   post-metal     1710  
  Nettezza Umana  Il Teatro Dell'Assurdo   Derotten   punk   hardcore     3508  
  Neurosis  A Sun That Never Sets   Relapse   metal   post-metal     8116  
  Neurosis  Given To The Rising   Neurot   metal   post-metal     6043  
  Neurosis  Pain Of Mind   Alchemy Records   punk   hardcore     1082  
  Neurosis  The Eye Of Every Storm   Relapse   metal   post-metal     6105  
  Nevermore  Enemies Of Reality   Century Media   metal   thrash     5612  
  New Order  Get Ready   WEA   pop   electro     2795  
  New Pornographers, The  Mass Romantic   Matador   indie   pop     2919  
  Nick Cave  Ghosteen   Ghosteen LTD   pop   rock     615  
  Nick Cave  Henry's Dream   Mute   rock   pop     4282  
  Nick Cave  Let Love In   Mute   rock   pop     5147  
  Nick Cave  Murder Ballads   Mute   rock   pop     4296  
  Nick Cave  No More Shall We Part   Mute   rock   pop     4652  
  Nickelback  The State   Roadrunner   rock   grunge     4036  
  Nicola Manzan  Bologna Violenta   Autoproduzione   elettronica   noise     3717  
  Night Vapor  1000 Miles Of Mud   Corpse Flower   rock   noise     273  
  Nightwatchman, The  One Man Revolution   Epic   pop   folk     3156  
  Nihil  Demo1   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3444  
  Nine Inch Nails  And All That Could Have Been   Nothing   rock   industrial     4483  
  Nine Inch Nails  With Teeth   Interscope   rock   industrial     5193  
  Ninefold  Motel   Loudblast   metal   nu-metal     3684  
  Nino Buonocore  Libero Passeggero   La Canzonetta   pop   jazz     4985  
  Nippon And The Simbol  Universonbangaorfeo   Ebria   rock   progressive     3210  
  Nirvana  Bleach   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     6788  
  Nirvana  From The Muddy Banks Of The Whishkah   Geffen   rock   grunge     4425  
  Nirvana  Hormoaning EP   Geffen   rock   grunge     4951  
  Nirvana  In Utero   Geffen   rock   grunge     7666  
  Nirvana  Incesticide   Geffen   rock   grunge     5737  
  Nirvana  Nevermind   Geffen   rock   grunge     8223  
  Nirvana  Unplugged In New York   Geffen   rock   grunge     6213  
  Nivhek  After Its Own Death   W.25TH   experimental   ambient     316  
  No Code  Try To Understand   Autoproduzione   rock   grunge     3346  
  No Reason  Demo 2003   DEMO   metal   thrash     3448  
  No Spill Blood  Eye of Night   Svart   metal   post-metal     350  
  No Way  Demo 2003   DEMO   rock   alternative     2717  
  Nofx  7 Inch Of The Month Club   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore melodico     15754  
  Nofx  Pump Up The Valiuum   Epitaph   punk   hardcore melodico     7252  
  Nofx  Wolves In Wolves‘ Clothing   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore melodico     4714  
  NoFx / Rancid  Split Series Vol.3   Better Youth   punk   hardcore melodico     4231  
  Nolan Potter  Music Is Dead   Castle Face   rock   psych     350  
  NoMeansNo  All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt   Wrong   indie   rock     2725  
  NoMeansNo  Wrong   Alternative Tentacles   punk   hardcore     5373  
  None Of Us  Further Hangin' Menace   Nerdsound   metal   screamo     2563  
  None Of Us  Twice Again   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3892  
  Nora  Save Yourself   Trustkill   metal   metalcore     2753  
  Norma Jean  Meridional   Razor & Tie   metal   metalcore     2631  
  Norna  Star Is Way Way Is Eye   Vinter   metal   post-metal     428  
  Not Moving  Live In The 80's   Go Down   punk   garage     4777  
  Nothing  The Great Dismal   Relapse   indie   rock     452  
  Notwist  Neon Golden   City Slang   indie   pop     2874  
  Nova Twins  Supernova   Marshall Records   metal   nu-metal     448  
  Nova Twins  Who Are The Girls?   333 Wreckords Crew   rock   alternative     580  
  Numero6  Iononsono   Alternative Produzioni   indie   pop     3005  
  NYC Smoke  For The Posers   Smoke Recordings   rock   pop     2871