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(Hed)P.E.  Blackout   Jive   nu-metal     3683  
(P)neumatica  Pneumatica   Desvelos   indie     3758  
A Life Once Lost  A Great Artist   Ferret   metal     3144  
A Perfect Circle  Thirteen Step   Virgin   metal     9284  
AA.VV.  Loser My Religion #3   Loser Web Radio   indie     2817  
AA.VV.  Non Pi¨ I Cadaveri Dei Soldati   MucchioExtra   rock     2883  
AA.VV.  PO Box 52   Wallace   indie     3623  
AA.VV.  Vegetable Man Project   Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati   rock     2463  
AA.VV.  We're A Happy Family   Columbia   rock     3937  
AA.VV.  Worlds Of Possibility   Domino   indie     2114  
AA.VV.  Wynona Sampler 2003   Wynona Records   punk     3393  
AA.VV.  Mescal.it   Mescal   indie     3120  
Aerosol  Aerosol   DEMO   rock     2236  
Afterhours  La Gente Sta Male   Mescal   rock     3685  
Alhambra  Luna Nuova   Fly Agaric!   rock     4004  
All The Shit's Hole  Mr.Sickness'Whisper   DEMO   grunge     3571  
Anonimo FTP  Vetro   Load Up   rock     3013  
Baby Jane  Baby Jane EP   BCF   rock     2837  
Bad Dog Boogie  Motorfucker   Nicotine Records   rock     2706  
Ben Harper  Diamonds On The Inside   Virgin   pop     3387  
Black Eyes Snakes, The  Rise Up!   Chairkickers Music   rock     2784  
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Take Them, On Your Own   Virgin   rock     2984  
Black Sabbath  Past Lives   Sanctuary   metal     4188  
Blood Brothers  Burn Piano Island Burn   Artist Direct   post-hardcore     5006  
Blur  Think Tank   Virgin   pop     3118  
Boris  Akuma No Uta   Diwphalanx Records   stoner     4557  
Brutal Rash  The Gyre   DEMO   metal     3176  
Burning Brides  Glass Slipper EP   V2   rock     4726  
Butterfly Effect  Begins Here   Modern Record   metal     5357  
Cave In  Antenna   BMG   post-hardcore     3619  
Cesare Basile  Gran Cavalera Elettrica   Mescal   indie     3383  
Chevelle  Wonder What's Next   Epic   grunge     4284  
Ciaff / Barcode  Ciaff Vs Barcode   Nocturnal Music   punk     3141  
Cods  Sperochett¨stia   Mexicat   indie     2186  
Costruzione 02  Demo 2003   DEMO   punk     3551  
Curse Of Golden Vampire  Mass Destruction   Ipecac   elettronica     2696  
Darkness, The  Permission To Land   Atlantic   rock     3223  
Deadburger  S.t.0.r.1.e.   Wot4   rock     3246  
Deadpeach  Promo EP   DEMO   stoner     3375  
Deftones  Deftones   Maverick   nu-metal     4203  
Desert Sessions  Vol 9 - 10   Ipecac   stoner     5010  
Detroit Cobras  Seven Easy Pieces   Rough Trade   rock     2719  
Diavolo Divino  Fuori   Music Center   pop     3019  
Dillinger Escape Plan  Cursed, Unshaven, And Misbehavin'   Relapse   post-hardcore     3872  
Distillers, The  Coral Fang   Sire   punk     3295  
Dysrhythmia  Pretest   Relapse   post-hardcore     4785  
Effetto Doppler  Indifferenti Cieli   Mizmaze   indie     2527  
Egokid  The Egotrip Of The Egokid   Snowdonia   indie     2423  
Electric Six  Fire   XL   rock     2953  
Elio E Le Storie Tese  Cicciput   BMG   rock     4369  
End, The  Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point   Relapse   post-hardcore     2919  
Ephel Duath  The Painters Palette   Earache   post-hardcore     6409  
Eric Sardinas  Black Pearls   Favored Nations   rock     3424  
Estra  A Conficcarsi in Carne D'Amore   Mescal   rock     2757  
Evanescence  Fallen   Wind Up   metal     4423  
Extrema  And The Best Has Yet To Come   About Rock   metal     3287  
File  File   Silvertone   grunge     2966  
Fratelli Di Soledad  Sulla Strada In Concerto   Mescal   punk     2655  
Full Effect  Reconcilement   Loudblast   post-hardcore     5378  
Gea  Ssssh...Blam!   Santeria   stoner     4027  
Godsmack  Faceless   Universal   grunge     4518  
Guilty Method  Touch   About Rock   nu-metal     4669  
Hellacopters  By The Grace Of God   Universal   rock     3940  
Imodium  Nowhere EP   Sub Rock   grunge     2861  
Ion Dissonance  Breathing Is Irrilevant   Willowtip   post-hardcore     2896  
Isis  Oceanic   Ipecac   post-metal     7411  
Jailsound  Free In A Cage   Suono Vivo   indie     2399  
Jane's Addiction  Strays   Capitol   rock     2897  
Jasminshock  2monkeys Fighting For A Banana   Wallace   rock     2692  
Joe Strummer  Streetcore   Hellcat   rock     2723  
Johnny Cash  The Man Comes Around   American   pop     3715  
Kenos  Extracted From Intersection   DEMO   metal     3820  
Kid606  Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You   Ipecac   elettronica     2620  
Kills, The  Keep On Your Mean Side   Domino   indie     2310  
Korn  Take A Look In The Mirror   Immortal   nu-metal     4974  
Laghetto  Sonate In Bu Minore Per 400 Scimmiette Urlanti   Donna Bavosa   post-hardcore     6174  
Lana  Esiclonica   Jestrai   grunge     3141  
Le Masque  Gli Anni Di Globiana   Snowdonia   pop     3492  
Limp Bizkit  Results May Vary   Flip   nu-metal     4220  
Linkin Park  Meteora   Warner   nu-metal     5192  
Locust  Plague Soundscapes   Anti   post-hardcore     3465  
Lotus  Nessuno Ŕ Innocente   Mescal   indie     2013  
Mad Capsule Markets  010   Palm   nu-metal     5022  
Madhouse  Pig!   DEMO   nu-metal     3508  
Madlena  Promo   DEMO   indie     2600  
Madrigali Magri  L'Avaro   Autoproduzione   indie     3013  
Magazine Du Kakao  /Laghetto - Split   Loudblast   nu-metal     5976  
Maisie  Bacharach For President...   Snowdonia   indie     2404  
Marco Parente  Pillole Buone   Mescal   elettronica     2447  
Margaret  Flashback   DEMO   indie     2352  
Mark Lanegan  Here Comes That Weird Chill   Beggars Banquet   pop     4502  
Marlene Kuntz  Senza Peso   Virgin   rock     4852  
Mars Volta  De-Loused In The Comatorium   Universal   rock     5244  
Massimo Bubola  Niente Passa Invano   Sconfini   rock     3979  
Massive Attack  100th Window   Virgin   elettronica     4033  
Meganoidi  Outside The Loop Stupendo Sensation   Green Fog   rock     7643  
Meschalina  Something 2 Die 4   Militant   nu-metal     2915  
Metallica  St.Anger   Vertigo   metal     8763  
Milaus  Rock Da City   Cane Andaluso   indie     3459  
Miranda  Inside The Whale   From Scratch   indie     2506  
Miranda  Whale Shit   From Scratch   indie     2940  
Mondo Generator  A Drug Problem That Never Existed   Ipecac   rock     2687  
Motorama  No Bass Fidelity   Bar La Muerte   rock     2773  
Muse  Absolution   Mushroom   rock     4529  
Negramaro  Negramaro   Sugar   rock     8351  
Neil Young  Greendale   Reprise   pop     3066  
Nevermore  Enemies Of Reality   Century Media   metal     5118  
Ninefold  Motel   Loudblast   nu-metal     3081  
No Reason  Demo 2003   DEMO   metal     3008  
No Way  Demo 2003   DEMO   indie     2372  
None Of Us  Twice Again   DEMO   nu-metal     3403  
Numero6  Iononsono   Alternative Produzioni   indie     2530  
Orange  Carnival And Cosmos   Snowdonia   indie     2306  
Pantera  Reinventing Hell   Rhino   metal     4871  
Paolino E Gli Anziani  Paolino E Gli Anziani   DEMO   indie     7523  
Passenger  Passenger   Century Media   nu-metal     2752  
Pearl Jam  Lost Dogs   Epic   grunge     8048  
Pecksniff  Elementary Watson   Merendina   indie     3236  
Pelican  Pelican EP   Hydrahead   post-metal     3732  
Pelican  Australasia   Hydrahead   post-metal     4758  
Poweman 5000  Transform   Dreamworks   nu-metal     3169  
Primus  Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People   Interscope   rock     4384  
Quinto Stato  Quinto Stato   Load Up   rock     4790  
Rancid  Indestructible   Hellcat   punk     3130  
Rex Devon / Family Pusher  Loudblast Split Vol5   Loudblast   nu-metal     2728  
Rilod  Viaggio Verso   BCF   rock     2535  
RumoreRosa  Solo Un Errore   BMG   rock     2520  
Sepultura  Roorback   SPV   metal     3859  
Serart  Serart   Serjical Strike   experimental     5359  
Settevite  Settevite   About Rock   rock     3480  
Shovaway  The Chocking Season   DEMO   nu-metal     2613  
Sinestesia  Demo   DEMO   indie     2850  
Staind  14 Shades Of Grey   Elektra   grunge     4743  
Strapping Young Lad  SYL   Century Media   metal     3724  
Strokes, The  Room On Fire   RCA   rock     2979  
Subsonica  Controllo Del Livello Di Rombo   Mescal   rock     4780  
Sunn O)))  White 1   Southern Lord   drone     4436  
Sux!  Lucido   Santeria   indie     3206  
Tasaday  Kaspar Project   Wallace   experimental     3163  
Tbh  Emanuele Dopo EP   Jestrai   indie     2434  
Tbh  Tutti Contro Bob   Jestrai   indie     2658  
Thisgust  Thisgust   Lady Music   nu-metal     2893  
Tittytwister  Demo n Side   DEMO   nu-metal     2521  
Tomahawk  Mit Gas   Ipecac   rock     5579  
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  Le Origini   La Tempesta   rock     5828  
Unsane  Lambhouse   Relapse   post-hardcore     5829  
Unsifted  Unsifted   DEMO   nu-metal     3119  
Vanillina  Sagome EP   Latlantide   rock     2273  
White Stripes  Elephant   XL   rock     3910  
Yakudoshi  Al Diavolo Che Ha Allietato I Nostri Giorni   DEMO   indie     2969  
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Fever To Tell   Dress Up   rock     4699  
Yuppie Flu  Days Before The Day   Homesleep   indie     2754  
Zu  Live In Helsinki   Tang   indie     4545