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  *Shels  Plains Of The Purple Buffalo   Shelsmusic   rock   post-rock     2504  
  A Storm Of Light  As The Valley Of Death   Profound Lore   metal   post-metal     3004  
  Across Tundras  Sage   Neurot   metal   post-metal     2241  
  Alexander Tucker  Dorwytch   Thrill Jockey   metal   drone     2509  
  All Pigs Must Die  God Is War   Southern Lord   metal   hardcore     1518  
  Altar Of Plagues  Mammal   Profound Lore   metal   black metal     2346  
  American Heritage  Sedentary   Translation Loss   metal   alternative     2285  
  Anima Morte  The Nightmare Becomes Reality   Transubstans   rock   progressive     2445  
  Arabrot  Solar Anus   Fysik Format   rock   noise     1779  
  Atomic Bitchwax  The Local Fuzz   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     2998  
  Big Business  Quadruple Single   Gold Metal   metal   sludge     1999  
  Blood Ceremony  Living With The Ancients   Rise Above   rock   doom     2783  
  Boris  Attention Please   Sargent House   indie   pop     2210  
  Bruce Lamont  Feral Songs For The Epic Decline   At A Loss   metal   doom     1936  
  Cassilis  My Colours   Slow Growth   punk   post-hardcore     2336  
  Cave In  White Silence   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     2955  
  Chelsea Wolfe  Apokalypsis   Pendu Sound   rock   alternative     1964  
  Crowbar  Sever The Wicked Hand   Century Media   metal   sludge     2177  
  Danava  Hemisphere Of Shadows   Kemado   rock   stoner     2615  
  Dead Elephant  Thanatology   Riot Season   rock   noise     2576  
  Devil  Time To Repent   Soulseller   metal   doom     2309  
  Dirge  Elysian Magnetic Fields   Division   metal   post-metal     3106  
  Dredg  Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy   Superball   rock   pop     10699  
  Dyskinesia  Dalla Nascita   Frohike   metal   post-metal     3078  
  Earth  Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light 1   Southern Lord   metal   drone     2577  
  Engineer  Crooked Voices   Blackmarket Activities   punk   post-hardcore     1345  
  Esoteric  Paragon Of Dissonance   Season Of Mist   metal   doom     2096  
  Evangelista  In Animal Tongue   Constellation   rock   pop     1560  
  Grails  Deep Politics   Temporary Residence   rock   post-rock     2644  
  Graveyard  Hisingen Blues   Nuclear Blast   rock   hard rock     3165  
  Hull  Beyond The Lightless Sky   The End   metal   progressive     1471  
  Indian  Guiltless   Relapse   metal   doom     2256  
  Jesu  Ascension   Caldo Verde   rock   post-rock     2232  
  Karl Marx Was A Broker  Alpha To Omega   Escape From Today   rock   mathrock     1373  
  Ken Mode  Venerable   Profound Lore   rock   noise     2494  
  Korn  The Path Of Totality   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     2412  
  Lecherous Gaze  Lecherous Gaze EP   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     2319  
  Lento  Icon   Denovali   metal   post-metal     2687  
  Liturgy  Aesthethica   Thrill Jockey   metal   black metal     2394  
  Long Distance Calling  Long Distance Calling   Superball   rock   post-rock     1490  
  Lustmord  Songs Of Gods And Demons   Vaultworks   metal   drone     1840  
  Mamiffer  Mare Decendrii   Conspiracy   metal   drone     2473  
  Mastodon  Live At Aragon   Reprise   metal   alternative     2620  
  Mastodon  The Hunter   Reprise   metal   alternative     2491  
  Melvins  Sugar Daddy Live   Ipecac   rock   hard rock     2430  
  Metallica Lou Reed  Lulu   Warner   pop   trash     1890  
  Motorhead  The World Is Yours   EMI   metal   hard rock     1819  
  Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation  Anthropomorphic   Denovali   jazz   dark     2701  
  Oathbreaker  Maelstrom   Deatwish   punk   post-hardcore     1572  
  Obrero  Mortui Vivos Docent   Night Tripper   rock   doom     2138  
  Omega Massif  Karpatia   Denovali   metal   post-metal     1769  
  Opeth  Heritage   Roadrunner   metal   progressive     1967  
  Orbe  Albedo   Autoproduzione   metal   post-metal     2113  
  Premonition 13  13   Volcom   metal   doom     1905  
  Primus  Green Naugahyde   Prawn Song   rock   alternative     1579  
  Psychic Paramount  II   No Quarter   rock   noise     2223  
  Radiohead  The King Of Limbs   Autoproduzione   pop   rock     2504  
  Red Fang  Murder The Mountains   Relapse   metal   alternative     3796  
  Retox  Ugly Animals   Ipecac   punk   hardcore     1578  
  Rwake  Rest   Relapse   metal   sludge     2385  
  Sigiriya  Return To Earth   The Church Within   metal   stoner     2228  
  Solstafir  Svartir Sandar   Season Of Mist   metal   post-metal     2387  
  Soundgarden  Live On I5   A&M   rock   grunge     2909  
  Subrosa  No Help For The Mighty One   Profound Lore   metal   doom     2046  
  Sungrazer  Mirador   Elektrohasch   rock   stoner     2761  
  Tartar Lamb  Polyimage Of Known Exits   Autoproduzione   metal   drone     1981  
  The Devil's Blood  The Thousandfold Epicentre   Van   metal   doom     2365  
  TheConflitto  Dusk Over The Nations   Worm Hole Death   punk   post-hardcore     2101  
  U.S.Christmas  The Valley Path   Neurot   rock   psych     1897  
  Ulver  Wars Of The Roses   Kscope   rock   sperimentale     1848  
  Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats  Blood Lust   Rise Above   rock   doom     3629  
  Valerian Swing  A Sailor Lost Around The Earth   Antistar   metal   post-metal     3179  
  Virus  The Agent That Shapes The Desert   Duplicate   metal   alternative     2540  
  Weedeater  Jason... The Dragon   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     2715  
  White Hills  HP-1   Thrill Jockey   rock   psych     2456  
  Wild Flag  Wild Flag   Merge   rock   alternative     1492  
  William Elliott Whitmore  Field Songs   Anti   rock   folk     1936  
  Wolves In The Throne Room  Celestial Lineage   Southern Lord   metal   black metal     2473  
  Yob  Atma   Profound Lore   metal   doom     2810  
  Young Widows  In And Out Of Youth And Lightness   Temporary Residence   rock   noise     1860  
  Zippo  Maktub   Subsound   rock   stoner     3192