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  1980  1980   Autoproduzione   metal   progressive     3704  
  A Swarm Of The Sun  The King Of Everything   Version Studio   metal   post-metal     3342  
  AA.VV.  About A Son Soundtrack   Barsuk   rock   alternative     2660  
  AA.VV.  Stones From The Sky Neurosound Vol.1   Neuroprison   metal   post-metal     3839  
  Afghan Whigs  Unbreakable A Retrospective   Rhino   rock   alternative     4268  
  Aidan Baker  Green & Cold   Gears Of Sand   metal   drone     3000  
  Air  Pocket Symphony   Virign   pop   electro     2491  
  Akimbo  Navigating The Bronze   Alternative Tentacles   metal   sludge     3784  
  Alabama Thunderpussy  Open Fire   Relapse   metal   hard rock     3659  
  Amon Tobin  Foley Rooms   Ninja Tune   elettronica   alternative     2997  
  Baroness  Red Album   Relapse   metal   sludge     5783  
  Battles  Mirrored   Warp   rock   mathrock     4494  
  Between The Buried And Me  Colors   Victory   metal   progressive     2642  
  Chris Cornell  Carry On   Interscope   pop   rock     4948  
  Cut Of Mica  Finally It's Friday   Green Fog   rock   noise     2883  
  Dillinger Escape Plan  Ire Works   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     4717  
  Dinosaur Jr  Beyond   Fat Possum   rock   alternative     2984  
  Down  III - Over The Under   Roadrunner   metal   sludge     4780  
  Earth  Hibernaculum   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4193  
  Eddie Vedder  Into The Wild   J Records   rock   pop     3402  
  El Caco  From Dirt   Black Baloon   rock   stoner     3690  
  End Of Level Boss  Inside The Difference Engine   Exile On Mainstream   metal   alternative     3380  
  End, The  Elementary   Relapse   metal   progressive     3840  
  Entombed  Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments   Candlelight Record   metal   death metal     3072  
  Five Star Prison Cell  Slaves Of Virgo   Faultline   metal   alternative     3110  
  Fucking Champs, The  VI   Drag City   rock   progressive     2921  
  Gallhammer  Ill Innocence   Peaceville   metal   black metal     4232  
  Giardini Di Mir˛  Dividing Opinions   Homesleep   rock   post-rock     2661  
  Godsmack  Good Times Bad Times   Universal   rock   grunge     3880  
  Gorilla  Rock Our Souls   Go Down   rock   stoner     2979  
  Hella  There's No 666 in Outer Space   Ipecac   rock   progressive     3662  
  Il Teatro Degli Orrori  Dell'Impero Delle Tenebre   La Tempesta   rock   noise     6203  
  Imani Coppola  The Black & White Album   Ipecac   pop   rock     3090  
  Ion Dissonance  Minus The Herd   Century Media   metal   progressive     3183  
  Jesu  Conqueror   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     4396  
  Kittie  Funeral For Yesterday   X Of Infamy   metal   alternative     4157  
  Korn  Mtv Unplugged   Virgin   metal   nu-metal     6048  
  Lesbian  Power Hor   Holy Mountain   metal   sludge     3513  
  Lucertulas  Tragol De Rova   Robotradio   rock   noise     3078  
  Mammatus  The Coast Explodes   Holy Mountain   rock   psych     3698  
  Manes  How The World Came To An End   Candlelight Record   metal   alternative     3265  
  Marilyn Manson  Eat Me Drink Me   Interscope   rock   industrial     3867  
  Martin Grech  March Of The Lonely   Genepool   rock   alternative     4700  
  Martyr  Feeding The Abscess   Galy   metal   progressive     4310  
  MGR  Wavering On The Cresting Heft   Conspiracy Records   rock   post-rock     2688  
  Middian  Age Eternal   Metal Blade   metal   doom     255  
  Minus The Bear  Planet Of Ice   Suicidal Squeeze   rock   alternative     3493  
  Mistress  The Glory Bitches Of Doghead   Feto Records   metal   sludge     4281  
  Montecristo  Montecristo   Sleeping Star   punk   rock     3870  
  Morkobot  Mostro   Supernatural Cat   rock   psych     5215  
  Neurosis  Given To The Rising   Neurot   metal   post-metal     5834  
  Nightwatchman, The  One Man Revolution   Epic   pop   folk     2936  
  Nora  Save Yourself   Trustkill   metal   metalcore     2555  
  Ocean, The  Precambrian   Metal Blade   metal   post-metal     4417  
  Oceansize  Frames   Superball   rock   alternative     4069  
  Ojm  Under The Thunder   Go Down   rock   hard rock     3361  
  Pearl Jam  Immagine In Cornice [DVD]   Rhino   rock   alternative     5672  
  Pelican  City Of Echoes   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     3547  
  Pig Destroyer  Phantom Limb   Relapse   metal   grindcore     3920  
  Plastiscines  LP1   Virgin   punk   rock     4113  
  Porcupine Tree  Fear Of A Blank Planet   Universal   rock   progressive     4103  
  Queens Of The Stone Age  Era Vulgaris   Interscope   rock   alternative     5301  
  Qui  Love's Miracle   Ipecac   rock   noise     2847  
  Radiohead  In Rainbows   XL   indie   rock     3193  
  Sadist  Sadist   Beyond   metal   progressive     3628  
  Saul Williams  The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     2705  
  Sigur Ros  Hvarf/Heim   EMI   rock   post-rock     3148  
  Smashing Pumpkins  Zeitgeist   Reprise   rock   alternative     5366  
  Social Distortion  Greatest Hits   Time Bomb Recordings   punk   rock     2671  
  Souvenir's Young America  An Ocean Without Water   Crucial Blast   rock   post-rock     2392  
  Spleen  Nun Lover!   Load Up   rock   noise     3154  
  Stoner Kebab  Imber Vulgi   Dufresne   metal   doom     3776  
  Stooges, The  The Weirdness   Virgin   punk   rock     3023  
  Tomahawk  Anonymous   Ipecac   rock   alternative     3592  
  Torquemada  Tales From The Bottle   Insecta   rock   noise     2826  
  Ulver  Shadows Of The Sun   Jester Records   metal   black metal     4115  
  Vanessa Van Basten  La Stanza Di Swedenborg   Eibon / ColdCurrent / Noisecult / Radiotarab   metal   post-metal     4665  
  Verdena  Requiem   Universal   rock   alternative     5600  
  Witchcraft  The Alchemist   Rise Above   rock   hard rock     3616  
  Zozobra  Harmonic Tremors   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     3895