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Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

classica colonna sonora elettronica experimental hip hop [ indie ] jazz metal pop punk rock

  !!!  Louden Up NOw   Warp   indie   rock     3462  
  ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead  Worlds Apart   Interscope   indie   rock     3882  
  ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead  Festival Thyme EP   Superball Music   indie   rock     2925  
  AA.VV.  Loser My Religion #1   Loser Web Radio   indie   rock     2828  
  AA.VV.  Loser My Religion #3   Loser Web Radio   indie   rock     3124  
  AA.VV.  Worlds Of Possibility   Domino   indie   lo-fi     2392  
  AA.VV.  Idbox.it Compilation Vol.1   Idbox   indie   rock     2653  
  AA.VV.  Indies Against In(vi)die   Sub Records/Black Candy   indie   rock     2779  
  AA.VV.  March(e)ingegno Sonoro   Kathodik   indie   rock     2986  
  AA.VV.  Lo Zecchino D'Oro Dell'Underground   Snowdonia   indie   pop     3287  
  Aidoru  13 Piccoli Singoli Radiofonici   Snowdonia   indie   pop     3402  
  Angel Olsen  All Mirrors   Jagjaguwar   indie   pop     405  
  Ardecore  Ardecore   Il Manifesto   indie   pop     5334  
  Bachi Da Pietra  Tarlo Terzo   Wallace   indie   rock     2377  
  Be Your Own Pet  Get Awkward   XL   indie   rock     12310  
  Beck  Sea Change   Geffen   indie   pop     3450  
  Beck  The Information   Geffen   indie   pop     2370  
  Billy Nomates  Billy Nomates   Invada   indie   elettronica     561  
  Bjork  Vespertine   One Little Indian   indie   elettronica     3217  
  Bjork  Medulla   One Little Indian   indie   elettronica     3327  
  Blake Babies, The  God Bless The Blake Babies   Zoe   indie   rock     2686  
  Blonde Redhead  Misery Is A Butterfly   4AD   indie   rock     4010  
  Boris  Attention Please   Sargent House   indie   pop     2365  
  Breakfast  Breakfast   Santeria   indie   pop     3356  
  Breakfast  Carry On EP   Mescal   indie   pop     2759  
  Breakfast  Ordinary Heroes   Mescal   indie   pop     3657  
  Breakfast  Take Me Home EP   Mescal   indie   pop     2724  
  Broken Social Scene  You Forgot It In People   Arts & Crafts   indie   rock     3673  
  Brother James  Days   Black Candy   indie   rock     3682  
  Bugo  Dal Lofi Al Cisei   Universal   indie   pop     3503  
  Bugo  Ne Vale La Pena?   Wallace   indie   pop     4164  
  Bugo  Sentimento Westernato   Wallace   indie   pop     7089  
  Cat Power  The Greatest   Matador   indie   pop     3403  
  Cloakroom  Dissolution Wave   Relapse   indie   rock     290  
  dEUS  Pocket Revolution   Mercury   indie   pop     3908  
  Devendra Banhart  Rejoicing In The Hands   Young God   indie   pop     3128  
  DIIV  Deceiver   Captured Tracks   indie   rock     403  
  Eels  Souljacker   Dreamworks   indie   rock     3160  
  Eerie Wanda  Pet Town   Joyful Noise   indie   pop     278  
  Effetto Doppler  Indifferenti Cieli   Mizmaze   indie   rock     2868  
  Egokid  The Egotrip Of The Egokid   Snowdonia   indie   pop     2755  
  Elliott Smith  Figure 8   Dreamworks   indie   pop     4199  
  En Roco  Ad Occhi Chiusi   Green Fog   indie   pop     3062  
  Enon  High Society   Touch & Go   indie   pop     2786  
  Evens, The  The Evens   Dischord   indie   rock     3660  
  Fine Before You Came  Fine Before You Came   Black Candy   indie   rock     3147  
  Finger, The  Sugar Plum Fairy   Snowdonia   indie   pop     2849  
  Forecast, The  Late Night Conversation   Victory   indie   emo     2434  
  Franz Ferdinand  Franz Ferdinand   Domino   indie   rock     4361  
  Giorgio Canali  Rossofuoco   Gammapop   indie   rock     3878  
  Illuminati Hotties  Free I.H   Autoproduzione   indie   rock     505  
  Illuminati Hotties  Let Me Do One More Time   Hopeless   indie   rock     303  
  Jailsound  Free In A Cage   Suono Vivo   indie   pop     2718  
  Jason Collett  Motor Motel Love Songs   Arts & Crafts   indie   pop     2948  
  Jennifer Gentle  Valende   Sub Pop   indie   rock     4070  
  Joe Lally  There To Here   Dischord   indie   rock     2930  
  Joe Leaman  People Against Loneliness   Gammapop   indie   rock     2787  
  Joe Leaman  Truly Got Fishin'   Black Candy   indie   rock     2615  
  John Frusciante  To Record Only Water For Ten Days   Warner   indie   pop     5205  
  Juliana Hatfield  Gold Star The Collection   Zoe   indie   rock     2519  
  Kaito  Band Red   Blast First   indie   rock     3088  
  Kech  Join The Cousins   Black Candy   indie   pop     3014  
  Ken Stringfellow  Touched   Poptones   indie   pop     2746  
  Kills, The  Keep On Your Mean Side   Domino   indie   rock     2800  
  Lali Puna  Scary World Theory   Morr   indie   elettronica     3237  
  Magnolia Electric Co.  Fading Trails   Secretly Canadian   indie   pop     2429  
  Maisie  Bacharach For President...   Snowdonia   indie   pop     2721  
  Marco Parente  Pillole Buone   Mescal   indie   pop     2771  
  Marco Parente  L'Attuale Jungla   Mescal   indie   jazz     2390  
  merci Miss Monroe  merci Miss Monroe   Ghost Records   indie   rock     3087  
  Midwife  Luminol   Flenser   indie   pop     382  
  Milaus  Rock Da City   Cane Andaluso   indie   rock     4030  
  Milaus  JJJ   Black Candy   indie   rock     3139  
  Moldy Peaches, The  The Moldy Peaches   Rough Trade   indie   pop     2703  
  Moltheni  Splendore Terrore   La Tempesta   indie   pop     3877  
  Mm  Finally We Are No One   Fat Cat   indie   elettronica     2813  
  Mm  Summer Make Good   Fat Cat   indie   elettronica     1979  
  New Pornographers, The  Mass Romantic   Matador   indie   pop     2855  
  NoMeansNo  All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt   Wrong   indie   rock     2666  
  Nothing  The Great Dismal   Relapse   indie   rock     368  
  Notwist  Neon Golden   City Slang   indie   pop     2817  
  Numero6  Iononsono   Alternative Produzioni   indie   pop     2920  
  Odawas  The Aether Eater   Jagjaguwar   indie   pop     4800  
  Offlaga Disco Pax  Bachelite   Santeria   indie   rock     2762  
  Onq  Canzoni Tutte Uguali   Eaten By Squirrels   indie   rock     3948  
  Orange  Carnival And Cosmos   Snowdonia   indie   pop     2592  
  Pecksniff  Elementary Watson   Merendina   indie   pop     3606  
  Pecksniff  The Book Of Stanley Creep   Black Candy   indie   pop     3009  
  Pecksniff  Honey You're Murdering Me   Black Candy   indie   pop     3128  
  Perturbazione  In Circolo   Santeria   indie   pop     5177  
  Perturbazione  Waiting To Happen   On Off   indie   pop     4439  
  Phoebe Bridgers  Punisher   Dead Oceans   indie   pop     592  
  Pipettes, The  We Are The Pipettes   Memphis Industries   indie   pop     2975  
  Pixies  Complete B Sides   4AD   indie   rock     3858  
  Prague  / My Dear Killer - Split EP   Eaten By Squirrels   indie   pop     2844  
  R.E.M.  Murmur   I.R.S.   indie   rock     4297  
  Radiohead  Amnesiac   Parlophone   indie   elettronica     3805  
  Radiohead  Kid A   Parlophone   indie   elettronica     6617  
  Radiohead  In Rainbows   XL   indie   rock     3290  
  Rosolina Mar  Rosolina Mar   Wallace   indie   noise     2905  
  Sabot  Further Conversations   Cesta   indie   jazzcore     2758  
  Saeta  We Are Waiting All For Hope   Ghost Records   indie   pop     3744  
  Scarapocchio  Attenti, Sono Felice!   Snowdonia   indie   pop     3292  
  Sleater Kinney  Dig Me Out   Kill Rock Stars   indie   rock     3557  
  Sleater Kinney  All Hands On The Bad One   Kill Rock Stars   indie   rock     2803  
  Smog  Knock Knock   Drag City   indie   pop     488  
  Songs Ohia  Ghost Tropic   Secretly Canadian   indie   pop     466  
  Sonic Youth  Dirty   Geffen   indie   rock     7098  
  Sophia  Technology Won't Save Us   Flower Shop   indie   pop     3249  
  Squirrel Bait  Skag Heaven   Homestead   indie   rock     4591  
  Stephen Malkmus  Stephen Malkmus   Domino   indie   pop     3231  
  Stephen Malkmus  Jenny And The Ess-dog   Matador   indie   pop     2772  
  Suite  Suite   DEMO   indie   rock     2587  
  Super Elastic Bubble Plastic  Small Rooms   RedLed   indie   rock     3803  
  Supersystem  Always Never Again   Touch & Go   indie   funk     2290  
  Sux!  Lucido   Santeria   indie   rock     3821  
  Tbh  Emanuele Dopo EP   Jestrai   indie   pop     2805  
  Tbh  Tutti Contro Bob   Jestrai   indie   pop     3111  
  Teenage Fanclub  & Jad Fair - Words Of Wisdom & Hope   Geographic   indie   pop     3777  
  The Beths  Jump Rope Gazers   Carpark   indie   rock     510  
  The Murder Capital  When I Have Fears   Human Season   indie   rock     359  
  Thom Yorke  The Eraser   XL   indie   elettronica     2547  
  Three One In Gentleman Suit  Some New Strategies   Black Candy   indie   rock     2782  
  Uber  My New Lifestyle   From Scratch   indie   noise     2658  
  Valley Of The Giants  Valley Of The Giants   Arts & Crafts   indie   rock     2686  
  Vincent Gallo  When   Warp   indie   pop     4093  
  Violet Hour  Lazarus   Play/Rec   indie   rock     2796  
  Vivian Girls  Vivian Girls   In The Red   indie   rock     2392  
  Wilco  Yankee Hotel Foxtrot   Nonesuch   indie   pop     3136  
  Xiu Xiu  La Foret   5 Rue Christine   indie   pop     3492  
  Zen Circus  Doctor Seduction   Linea Records   indie   rock     2928