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Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

alternative classica drone elettronica experimental grunge hardcore indie metal nu-metal pop post rock post-harcore post-hardcore post-metal [ punk ] rock stoner

9MM  On The Edge   Wynona Records   punk     4335  
AA.VV.  Flex Your Head   Dischord   punk     2704  
AA.VV.  Short Music For Short People   Fat Wrech   punk     2530  
AA.VV.  Time To Move   No Brain Records   punk     3088  
AA.VV.  Wynona Sampler 2003   Wynona Records   punk     3418  
AA.VV.  Night Of The Speed Demons   Tube   punk     3676  
Against Me!  As The Eternal Cowboy   Fat Wrech   punk     2354  
All  Live Plus One   Epitaph   punk     2515  
Arsenico  Forti Di Incomprensioni Instabili   Mastello   punk     3517  
Ataris  End Is Forever   Kung Fu   punk     2646  
Black Flag  Damaged   SST   punk     5373  
Black Flag  My War   SST   punk     4947  
Black Flag  The Process Of Weeding Out   SST   punk     9351  
Bless With Ecstasy  Hurry Up!   DEMO   punk     2556  
Brama  Stayla   Autoproduzione   punk     2638  
Chixdiggit  Pink Razors   Bad Taste   punk     2354  
Ciaff / Barcode  Ciaff Vs Barcode   Nocturnal Music   punk     3160  
Clash  London Calling   CBS   punk     3970  
Comeback Kid  Wake The Dead   Victory   punk     3160  
Costruzione 02  Demo 2003   DEMO   punk     3597  
Dead Hearts  Bitter Verse   Ferret   punk     2338  
Deadwalk, The  Super Boring Music   Derotten   punk     2485  
Distillers, The  Sing Sing Death House   Hellcat   punk     3037  
Distillers, The  The Distillers   Hellcat   punk     5267  
Distillers, The  Coral Fang   Sire   punk     3316  
Donnas  Turn 21   Epitaph   punk     2382  
Dwarves  Blood Guts & Pussy   Sub Pop   punk     6469  
Dwarves  Invented Rock & Roll   Recess   punk     2442  
Ephen Rian  The Special Referendum   Wynona Records   punk     2218  
Forty Winks  Forty Winks   Wynona Records   punk     3174  
Fratelli Di Soledad  Sulla Strada In Concerto   Mescal   punk     2675  
Green Day  Warning   Warner   punk     8970  
Husker Du  Zen Arcade   SST   punk     4852  
Imodium  ..And So Dodgem Songs!   Vacation House   punk     2577  
Jimmy Eat World  Bleed American   Dreamworks   punk     3860  
Joey Ramone  Don't Worry About Me   Sanctuary   punk     3239  
June  If You Speak Any Faster   Victory   punk     1865  
Junior Varisty  Wide Eyed   Victory   punk     2114  
Lars Frederiksen  And The Bastards   Hellcat   punk     2959  
Less Than Jake  In With The Out Crowd   Warner   punk     2221  
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes  Blow In The Wind   Fat Wrech   punk     3488  
Meat Puppets  II   SST   punk     3767  
Minor Threat  Minor Threat   Dischord   punk     3960  
Minor Threat  Salad Days   Dischord   punk     2659  
Minor Threat  At DC Space [DVD]   Dischord   punk     3676  
Mongrel - Code 4-15  Split   Fond Of Life   punk     2081  
My Own Voice  The Dinner Of The Ashes   Vacation House   punk     2788  
Nettezza Umana  Il Teatro Dell'Assurdo   Derotten   punk     2982  
Nofx  Pump Up The Valiuum   Epitaph   punk     6770  
Nofx  7 Inch Of The Month Club   Fat Wrech   punk     15237  
Nofx  Wolves In Wolves‘ Clothing   Fat Wrech   punk     4309  
NoFx / Rancid  Split Series Vol.3   Better Youth   punk     3793  
NoMeansNo  Wrong   Alternative Tentacles   punk     4603  
Onelinedrawing  Visitor   Jade Tree   punk     2508  
Pennywise  The Fuse   Epitaph   punk     2994  
Persiana Jones  Brace For Impact   Uaz   punk     3568  
Plastiscines  LP1   Virgin   punk     3869  
Pop Group  Y   Radar   punk     5803  
Ramones  Ramones   Sire   punk     5234  
Rancid  Indestructible   Hellcat   punk     3162  
Rancid  Rancid   Epitaph   punk     3953  
Red As Monkey  Four Break Fast   Fond Of Life   punk     2218  
Retox  Ugly Animals   Ipecac   punk     1277  
Rival Schools  United By Fate   Island   punk     3973  
Rival Schools  United By Onelinedrawing   Some   punk     2386  
Rollins Band  Audio Airstrike Consultan   2/13/61   punk     3848  
Shandon  Fetish   V2   punk     2966  
Shandon  Not So Happy To Be Sad   Ammonia   punk     4593  
Shandon  Punk.Billy.Ska.Core   Ammonia   punk     5061  
Silverstein  Discovering The Waterfront   Victory   punk     2630  
Slight  Everything Starts By A Feedback   Vacation House   punk     2690  
Slits  Cut   Island   punk     3144  
Social Distortion  Greatest Hits   Time Bomb Recordings   punk     2504  
Sparta  Austere EP   Dreamworks   punk     2291  
Spleen Flipper  Istinto Alla Sopravvivenza   Vacation House   punk     3111  
Supermarket  Supermarket   Derotten   punk     3005  
Teen Idles  Teen Idles EP   Dischord   punk     3614  
Television  Marquee Moon   Elektra   punk     3038  
Testext  I Padroni Di Babele   DEMO   punk     3089  
Tiny Elvis  We Are Not All Civilians   Golf   punk     2068  
Venerea  One Louder   Bad Taste   punk     2105  
With Honor  This Is Our Revenge   Victory   punk     2435  
Zebrahead  Broadcast To The World   SPV   punk     2430