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Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

classica colonna sonora elettronica experimental hip hop indie jazz metal pop [ punk ] rock

  9MM  On The Edge   Wynona Records   punk   rock     4587  
  AA.VV.  Flex Your Head   Dischord   punk   hardcore     2912  
  AA.VV.  Short Music For Short People   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore melodico     2750  
  AA.VV.  Time To Move   No Brain Records   punk   hardcore     3318  
  AA.VV.  Wynona Sampler 2003   Wynona Records   punk   rock     3649  
  AA.VV.  Night Of The Speed Demons   Tube   punk   hardcore     3936  
  Against Me!  As The Eternal Cowboy   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore     2589  
  All  Live Plus One   Epitaph   punk   hardcore melodico     2736  
  Amyl And The Sniffers  Amyl And The Sniffers   Rough Trade   punk   garage     320  
  Amyl And The Sniffers  Comfort To Me   Rough Trade   punk   garage     233  
  Antithesis  Antithesis   Concubine   punk   post-hardcore     3762  
  Arsenico  Forti Di Incomprensioni Instabili   Mastello   punk   hardcore     3737  
  At The Drive-In  In Casino Out   Fearless   punk   post-hardcore     4726  
  At The Drive-In  Relationship Of Command   Grand Royal   punk   post-hardcore     5499  
  At The Drive-In  This Station Is Non Operational   Fearless   punk   post-hardcore     3817  
  Baby Shakes  Cause A Scene   Lil Chewy   punk   garage     216  
  Bad Dog Boogie  Motorfucker   Nicotine Records   punk   garage     2954  
  Bad Dog Boogie  /Electric Frankenstein - Doktor Frankendragster   Nicotine Records   punk   garage     2967  
  Barrato  'mmerecano Siupesciò   Surface   punk   post-hardcore     2986  
  Be Your Own Pet  Be Your Own Pet   XL   punk   rock     5697  
  Bellrays, The  Meet The Bellrays   Poptones   punk   garage     3268  
  Bellrays, The  Have A Little Faith   Cheap Lullaby   punk   rock     3226  
  Black Flag  Damaged   SST   punk   hardcore     5654  
  Black Flag  My War   SST   punk   hardcore     5251  
  Black Flag  The Process Of Weeding Out   SST   punk   hardcore     9713  
  Bless With Ecstasy  Hurry Up!   DEMO   punk   hardcore melodico     2750  
  Blood Brothers  Burn Piano Island Burn   Artist Direct   punk   post-hardcore     5304  
  Blood Brothers  Crimes   V2   punk   post-hardcore     4009  
  Brain Donor  Love Peace & Fuck   Impresario   punk   garage     4388  
  Brama  Stayla   Autoproduzione   punk   rock     2948  
  Breach  Kollapse   Burning Heart   punk   post-hardcore     6843  
  Candy  Heaven Is Here   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     103  
  Capra  In Transmission   Metal Blade   punk   post-hardcore     249  
  Cassilis  My Colours   Slow Growth   punk   post-hardcore     2272  
  Cave In  Until Your Heart Stops   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     5752  
  Cave In  Jupiter   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     4589  
  Cave In  Antenna   BMG   punk   post-hardcore     3995  
  Cave In  Perfect Pitch Black   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     5477  
  Cave In  White Silence   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     2849  
  Cave In  Final Transmission   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     361  
  Cerce  Cowboy Music   Autoproduzione   punk   post-hardcore     161  
  Chixdiggit  Pink Razors   Bad Taste   punk   rock     2555  
  Chubby And The Gang  Speed Kills   Static Shock   punk   rock     505  
  Chubby And The Gang  The Mutt's Nuts   Partisan   punk   rock     192  
  Ciaff / Barcode  Ciaff Vs Barcode   Nocturnal Music   punk   hardcore     3333  
  Clash  London Calling   CBS   punk   rock     4212  
  Coilguns  Watchwinders   Hummus   punk   post-hardcore     288  
  Comeback Kid  Wake The Dead   Victory   punk   hardcore     3375  
  Comity  As Everything Is A Tragedy   Candelight   punk   post-hardcore     3470  
  Converge  Jane Doe   Equal Vision   punk   post-hardcore     8149  
  Converge  You Fail Me   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     5707  
  Converge  No Heroes   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     6457  
  Converge  Bloodmoon I   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     336  
  Costruzione 02  Demo 2003   DEMO   punk   hardcore     3913  
  Curl Up And Die  The End Of All That Is   Revelation   punk   post-hardcore     3048  
  Cut  Torture EP   Gammapop   punk   garage     3087  
  Cut  Will U Die 4 Me?   Gammapop   punk   garage     2929  
  D.U.N.E.  L'ipotesi Della Stipsi   Donna Bavosa   punk   post-hardcore     3327  
  Daughters  Hell Songs   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     3552  
  Dead Hearts  Bitter Verse   Ferret   punk   hardcore     2525  
  Deadwalk, The  Super Boring Music   Derotten   punk   rock     2726  
  Death Of Anna Karina  New Liberalistic Pleasures   Unhip   punk   post-hardcore     4596  
  Detroit Cobras  Seven Easy Pieces   Rough Trade   punk   garage     2978  
  Dillinger Escape Plan  Under The Running Board   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     4625  
  Dillinger Escape Plan  & Mike Patton Irony Is A Dead Scene   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     5714  
  Dillinger Escape Plan  Cursed, Unshaven, And Misbehavin'   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     4165  
  Dillinger Escape Plan  Miss Machine   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     8897  
  Dillinger Escape Plan  Plagiarism EP   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     4771  
  Dillinger Escape Plan  Miss Machine The DVD [DVD]   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     4053  
  Dillinger Escape Plan  Ire Works   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     4718  
  Distillers, The  Sing Sing Death House   Hellcat   punk   rock     3278  
  Distillers, The  The Distillers   Hellcat   punk   rock     5547  
  Distillers, The  Coral Fang   Sire   punk   rock     3563  
  Donnas  Turn 21   Epitaph   punk   rock     2650  
  Downset  Check Your People   Epitaph   punk   hardcore     6087  
  Downset  Universal   Hawino   punk   hardcore     3201  
  Drug Church  Hygiene   Pure Noise   punk   post-hardcore     150  
  Dwarves  Blood Guts & Pussy   Sub Pop   punk   hardcore     6764  
  Dwarves  Invented Rock & Roll   Recess   punk   hardcore     2664  
  Engineer  Crooked Voices   Blackmarket Activities   punk   post-hardcore     1272  
  Envy  The Fallen Crimson   Pelagic   punk   post-hardcore     541  
  Ephen Rian  The Special Referendum   Wynona Records   punk   screamo     2394  
  Fluxus  Fluxus   Furious Party   punk   post-hardcore     5539  
  Forty Winks  Forty Winks   Wynona Records   punk   rock     3345  
  Fratelli Di Soledad  Sulla Strada In Concerto   Mescal   punk   ska     2839  
  Full Effect  Reconcilement   Loudblast   punk   post-hardcore     5729  
  Gaia Corporation, The  Equilibrium   Wynona Records   punk   post-hardcore     3232  
  Gerda  Cosa Dico Quando Non Parlo   Donna Bavosa   punk   post-hardcore     3947  
  Green Day  Warning   Warner   punk   rock     9302  
  Handsome  Handsome   Epic   punk   post-hardcore     461  
  High Tension  Purge   Cooking Vinyl   punk   hardcore     279  
  Hurt Process  Drive By Monologue   Golf   punk   post-hardcore     3071  
  Husker Du  Zen Arcade   SST   punk   hardcore     5152  
  Imodium  ..And So Dodgem Songs!   Vacation House   punk   emo     2761  
  Infarto Scheisse!  The Infarto Scheisse!   Concubine   punk   post-hardcore     6314  
  Inferno  Inferno   Bar La Muerte   punk   post-hardcore     4014  
  Jimmy Eat World  Bleed American   Dreamworks   punk   emo     4104  
  Joey Ramone  Don't Worry About Me   Sanctuary   punk   rock     3464  
  Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  Plastic Fang   Mute   punk   garage     2892  
  June  If You Speak Any Faster   Victory   punk   emo     2052  
  Junior Varisty  Wide Eyed   Victory   punk   emo     2283  
  Khiis  Bezoar   La Vida Es Un Mus   punk   hardcore     346  
  Kvelertak  Splid   Rise   punk   hardcore     652  
  L.A.Witch  Play With Fire   Suicide Squeeze   punk   rock     411  
  Lack Of Love  The Hunter Is Still Whistling   Circle Pit   punk   post-hardcore     4714  
  Laghetto  Sonate In Bu Minore Per 400 Scimmiette Urlanti   Donna Bavosa   punk   post-hardcore     6522  
  Laghetto  /Magazine Du Kakao - Split   Loudblast   punk   post-hardcore     6470  
  Laghetto  Pocapocalisse   Donna Bavosa   punk   post-hardcore     5005  
  Lars Frederiksen  And The Bastards   Hellcat   punk   rock     3172  
  Lars Frederiksen  Viking   Hellcat   punk   rock     3130  
  Less Than Jake  In With The Out Crowd   Warner   punk   hardcore melodico     2388  
  Little Killers  Little Killers   Crypt   punk   garage     2967  
  Locust  Plague Soundscapes   Anti   punk   post-hardcore     3766  
  Locust  Safety Seconds, Body Last   Ipecac   punk   post-hardcore     3581  
  Loose  Rock The Fuck On!   Mousemen   punk   garage     2787  
  Me First & The Gimme Gimmes  Blow In The Wind   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore melodico     3700  
  Meat Puppets  II   SST   punk   hardcore     4007  
  Meth.  Mother Of Red Light   Prosthetic   punk   post-hardcore     249  
  Million Dead  A Song To Ruin   About Rock   punk   post-hardcore     3502  
  Minor Threat  Minor Threat   Dischord   punk   hardcore     4198  
  Minor Threat  Salad Days   Dischord   punk   hardcore     2888  
  Minor Threat  At DC Space [DVD]   Dischord   punk   hardcore     3906  
  Mobina Galore  Dont' Worry   Gunner   punk   rock     194  
  Mondo Generator  Fuck It   Heavy Psych Sounds   punk   hardcore     504  
  Mongrel - Code 4-15  Split   Fond Of Life   punk   hardcore melodico     2262  
  Montecristo  Montecristo   Sleeping Star   punk   rock     3871  
  Motorama  No Bass Fidelity   Bar La Muerte   punk   garage     3052  
  Motorama  Shy Girl   Bar La Muerte   punk   garage     3255  
  My Own Voice  The Dinner Of The Ashes   Vacation House   punk   hardcore     2998  
  Nettezza Umana  Il Teatro Dell'Assurdo   Derotten   punk   hardcore     3263  
  Neurosis  Pain Of Mind   Alchemy Records   punk   hardcore     316  
  Nofx  Pump Up The Valiuum   Epitaph   punk   hardcore melodico     7038  
  Nofx  7 Inch Of The Month Club   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore melodico     15518  
  Nofx  Wolves In Wolves‘ Clothing   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore melodico     4543  
  NoFx / Rancid  Split Series Vol.3   Better Youth   punk   hardcore melodico     4016  
  NoMeansNo  Wrong   Alternative Tentacles   punk   hardcore     5046  
  Not Moving  Live In The 80's   Go Down   punk   garage     4589  
  Oathbreaker  Maelstrom   Deatwish   punk   post-hardcore     1453  
  Onelinedrawing  Visitor   Jade Tree   punk   emo     2746  
  Orange Man Theory, The  Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To   Indelirium   punk   post-hardcore     6632  
  Otoboke Beaver  Itekoma Hits   Damnably   punk   rock     477  
  Pennywise  The Fuse   Epitaph   punk   hardcore melodico     3183  
  Persiana Jones  Brace For Impact   Uaz   punk   ska     3775  
  Plastiscines  LP1   Virgin   punk   rock     4114  
  Pop Group  Y   Radar   punk   new wave     6017  
  Portrayal Of Guilt  We Are Always Alone   Closed Casket Activities   punk   post-hardcore     277  
  Quicksand  Distant Populations   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     799  
  Ramones  Ramones   Sire   punk   rock     5519  
  Rancid  Indestructible   Hellcat   punk   rock     3484  
  Rancid  Rancid   Epitaph   punk   rock     4317  
  Ray Daytona & The GooGoo Bombos  Space Age Traffic   Mad Driver   punk   rock     3221  
  Red As Monkey  Four Break Fast   Fond Of Life   punk   hardcore melodico     2390  
  Retox  Ugly Animals   Ipecac   punk   hardcore     1510  
  Rival Schools  United By Fate   Island   punk   emo     4242  
  Rival Schools  United By Onelinedrawing   Some   punk   emo     2614  
  Rollins Band  Audio Airstrike Consultan   2/13/61   punk   hardcore     4087  
  Scowl  How Flowers Grown   Flatspot   punk   hardcore     145  
  SeeYouSpaceCowboy  The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds   Pure Noise   punk   post-hardcore     263  
  Shandon  Fetish   V2   punk   ska     3252  
  Shandon  Not So Happy To Be Sad   Ammonia   punk   ska     4781  
  Shandon  Punk.Billy.Ska.Core   Ammonia   punk   ska     5352  
  Shift  Spacesuit   Equal Vision   punk   post-hardcore     401  
  Show Me The Body  Dog Whistle   Loma Vista   punk   post-hardcore     426  
  Silverstein  Discovering The Waterfront   Victory   punk   screamo     2803  
  Slight  Everything Starts By A Feedback   Vacation House   punk   hardcore     2907  
  Slits  Cut   Island   punk   new wave     3378  
  Social Distortion  Greatest Hits   Time Bomb Recordings   punk   rock     2672  
  Sorelle Kraus  Lunatic EP   O Style   punk   garage     3169  
  Soul Glo  The Nigga Is Me   SRA   punk   post-hardcore     245  
  Soul Glo  Diaspora Problems   Epitaph   punk   hardcore     228  
  Sparta  Austere EP   Dreamworks   punk   emo     2457  
  Spleen Flipper  Istinto Alla Sopravvivenza   Vacation House   punk   hardcore     3299  
  Stooges, The  Funhouse   Elektra   punk   rock     4198  
  Stooges, The  Raw Power   Columbia   punk   rock     3108  
  Stooges, The  The Stooges   Elektra   punk   rock     3763  
  Stooges, The  The Weirdness   Virgin   punk   rock     3025  
  Supermarket  Supermarket   Derotten   punk   rock     3221  
  Sweat  Gotta Give Up   Pirate Press   punk   hardcore     132  
  Teen Idles  Teen Idles EP   Dischord   punk   hardcore     3867  
  Television  Marquee Moon   Elektra   punk   new wave     3338  
  Testext  I Padroni Di Babele   DEMO   punk   rock     3346  
  The Armed  Ultrapop   Sargent House   punk   post-hardcore     262  
  TheConflitto  Dusk Over The Nations   Worm Hole Death   punk   post-hardcore     2056  
  Thee STP  Sin Temptation & Pain   Ammonia   punk   garage     3307  
  Tiny Elvis  We Are Not All Civilians   Golf   punk   rock     2242  
  Turnstile  Glow On   Roadrunner   punk   post-hardcore     1199  
  Venerea  One Louder   Bad Taste   punk   hardcore melodico     2293  
  Virgen  Primera Vez   Inferno   punk   post-hardcore     2672  
  Will Haven  Will Haven   Golf   punk   post-hardcore     4345  
  With Honor  This Is Our Revenge   Victory   punk   hardcore     2692  
  Worn  Human Work   From Within   punk   hardcore     203  
  Zebrahead  Broadcast To The World   SPV   punk   rock     2612  
  Zozobra  Harmonic Tremors   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     3896