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30000 Monkies  Are Forever   Consouling Sounds   rock   noise     31  
A Swarm Of The Sun  The Woods   Version Studio   metal   post-metal     44  
Altin Gun  Gece   Glitterbeat   rock   psych     8091  
Amyl And The Sniffers  Amyl And The Sniffers   Rough Trade   punk   rock     94  
Angel Olsen  All Mirrors   Jagjaguwar   indie   pop     77  
Baroness  Gold & Grey   Abraxan Hymns   metal   alternative     69  
Big Brave  A Gaze Among Them   Southern Lord   metal   experimental     76  
Black Midi  Schlagenheim   Rough Trade   rock   alternative     82  
Black Mountain  Destroyer   Jagjaguwar   rock   psych     79  
Blut Aus Nord  Hallucinogen   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     27  
Bongtower  Altered States   Autoproduzione   metal   sludge     77  
Brutus  Nest   Sargent House   rock   post-rock     121  
Carlos Dunga  Oltre Quella Linea   UA   metal   thrash     71  
Cave In  Final Transmission   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     95  
Chelsea Wolfe  Birth Of Violence   Sargent House   rock   alternative     85  
Cherubs  Immaculada High   Relapse   rock   noise     74  
Darkthrone  Old Star   Peaceville   metal   black metal     108  
De Lorians  De Lorians   Beyond Beyond Is Beyond   rock   progressive     8091  
Deathspell Omega  The Furnaces Of Palingenesia   Norma Evangelium Diaboli   metal   black metal     22  
Domkraft  Slow Fidelity   Blues Funeral   metal   doom     35  
Dreadnought  Emergence   Profound Lore   metal   progressive     78  
Duff McKagan  Tenderness   Universal   rock   folk     77  
Dysrhythmia  Terminal Treshold   Terminal Treshold   metal   progressive     32  
Elder  The Gold & Silver Sessions   Blues Funeral   rock   stoner     74  
Ezra Collective  You Can't Steal My Joy   Enter The Jungle   jazz   funk     65  
Feedbacker  XII   Kontingent Records   metal   sludge     179  
Gary Lee Conner  Unicorn Curry   Vincebus Eruptum   rock   psych     101  
Green Lung  Woodland Rites   Kozmik Artifact   rock   stoner     31  
Helium Horse Fly  Hollowed   Dipole Experiment Records   rock   experimental     70  
Helms Alee  Noctiluca   Sargent House   rock   alternative     85  
Hexgrafv  Ritual   Ozium   metal   doom     45  
Hildur Gušnadóttir  Chernobyl   Deutsche Grammophon   colonna sonora   sperimentale     96  
Idle Hands  Mana   Eisenwald Tonschmiede   metal   hard     63  
Idles  A Beautiful Thing Idles Live At Le Bataclan   Partisan   rock   noise     12  
Iggy Pop  Free   Loma Vista   rock   pop     83  
Jambinai  ONDA   Bella Union   rock   post-rock     105  
Jinjer  Macro   Napalm   metal   progressive     24  
Kate Tempest  The Book Of Traps And Lessons   American   hip hop   experimental     76  
Korn  The Nothing   Elektra   metal   nu-metal     131  
L7  Scatter The Rats   Blackhearts Records   rock   grunge     102  
Le Butcherettes  bi/MENTAL   Rise   rock   alternative     41  
Lingua Ignota  Caligula   Profound Lore   metal   experimental     141  
Lo Pan  Subtle   Aqualamb   rock   stoner     18  
Lord Dying  Mysterium Tremendum   eOne   metal   sludge     46  
Louise Lemon  A Broken Heart Is An Open Heart   Icons Creating Evil Art   rock   alternative     39  
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard  Yn Ol I Annwn   New Heavy Sounds   metal   doom     36  
Marissa Nadler  & Stephen Brodsky - Droneflower   Sacred Bones   rock   folk     72  
Mark Lanegan  Somebody's Knocking   Heavenly   pop   synth     86  
Mdou Moctar  Ilana The Creator   Sahel Sounds   rock   psych     73  
Meat Puppets  Dusty Notes   Megaforce   rock   alternative     115  
Mgla  Age Of Excuse   No Solace   metal   black metal     63  
Misžyrming  Algleymi   Norma Evangelium Diaboli   metal   black metal     77  
Mizmor  Cairn   Gilead Media   metal   black metal     8091  
Molasses  Mourning Haze / Drops of Sunlight   Van   rock   hard     49  
Monolord  No Comfort   Relapse   metal   doom     78  
Mudhoney  Morning In America   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     75  
Mudhoney  Pedazo De Pastel   Folc   rock   grunge     33  
Om  BBC Radio 1   Drag City   rock   stoner     28  
Oozing Wound  High Anxiety   Thrill Jockey   rock   noise     74  
Otoboke Beaver  Itekoma Hits   Damnably   punk   rock     101  
Pelican  Nighttime Stories   Southern Lord   metal   post-metal     70  
Pixies  Beneath The Eyrie   Infectious Music   rock   alternative     62  
Ruff Majik  Tarn   Lay Bare Recordings   metal   stoner     28  
Savage Master  Myth, Magic And Steel   Shadow Kingdom   metal   hard     63  
Sebadoh  Act Surprised   Dangerbirds   rock   alternative     66  
Secret Shame  Dark Synthetics   Portrayal Of Guilt Records   rock   post-punk     59  
SeeYouSpaceCowboy  The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds   Pure Noise   punk   post-hardcore     26  
Sharon Van Etten  Remind Me Tomorrow   Jagjaguwar   pop   rock     37  
Shit And Shine  Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs   Riot Season   rock   noise     34  
Sleater Kinney  The Center Won't Hold   Mom + Pop   rock   alternative     63  
Smoulder  Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring   Cruz Del Sur   metal   doom     40  
Spirit Adrift  Divided By Darkness   20 Buck Spin   metal   doom     31  
Spotlights  Love & Decay   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     63  
Stew  People   Ripple Music   rock   hard     31  
Sunn O)))  Life Metal   Southern Lord   metal   drone     74  
Swans  Leaving Meaning   Young God   rock   experimental     175  
The Black Heart Death Cult  The Black Heart Death Cult   Oak Island   rock   psych     29  
The Comet Is Coming  Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery   Impulse   jazz   rock     81  
The Lunar Effect  Calm Before The Calm   Kozmik Artifact   rock   hard     29  
The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra  Pyramids   Ropeadope   jazz   rock     62  
The Silence  Metaphysical Feedback   Drag City   rock   progressive     26  
Torche  Admission   Relapse   metal   sludge     92  
Torpor  Rhetoric of the Image   Sludgelord   metal   post-metal     31  
Toxic Holocaust  Primal Future 2019   eOne   metal   thrash     105  
Tropical Fuck Storm  Braindrops   Joyful Noise   rock   noise     34  
Tropical Trash  Southern Indiana Drone Footage   National Waste Products   rock   noise     29  
Twin Temple  Bring You Their Signature Sound   Rise Above   pop   soul     80  
USA/Mexico  Matamoros   12XU   rock   noise     124  
Werian  Animist   Eisenwald Tonschmiede   metal   black metal     15  
William Duvall  One Alone   DVL Recordings   pop   rock     14  
Yung Druid  Yung Druid   Totem Cat   rock   stoner     29  
Zig Zags  They'll Never Take Us Alive   Riding Easy   metal   thrash     58  
Zu  Terminalia Amazonia   House of Mythology   experimental   ambient     240