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  1000mods  Youth Of Dissent   Ouga Booga And The Mighty Oug   rock   alternative     460  
  A.A. Williams  Forever Blue   Bella Union   rock   alternative     318  
  AA.VV.  What Is This That Stands Before Me?   Sacred Bones   rock   alternative     211  
  AA.VV.  Dirt Redux   Magnetic Eye   metal   sludge     414  
  Algiers  There Is No Year   Matador   rock   alternative     550  
  Anna Von Hausswolff  All Thoughts Fly   Southern Lord   experimental   ambient     397  
  Atomic Bitchwax  Scorpio   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     684  
  Backxwash  God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of I   Autoproduzione   hip hop   experimental     222  
  Bada  Bada   Pomperipossa   experimental   ambient     433  
  Bell Witch  & Aerial Ruin - Stygian Bough Volume I   Profound Lore   metal   doom     330  
  Billy Nomates  Billy Nomates   Invada   indie   elettronica     392  
  Black Magick SS  Rainbow Nights   Infinite Wisdom   rock   hard rock     1163  
  BlackLab  Abyss   New Heavy Sounds   metal   sludge     766  
  BleakHeart  DreamGreaver   Sailor Records   metal   doom     361  
  Blues Pills  Holy Moly!   Nuclear Blast   rock   hard rock     239  
  Body Count  Carnivore   Century Media   metal   nu-metal     738  
  Bohren & Der Club Of Gore  Patchouli Blue   PIAS   jazz   dark     576  
  Boris  NO   Fangs Anal Satan   metal   drone     407  
  Boris  & Merzbow - 2R0I2P0   Relapse   metal   drone     282  
  Brant Bjork  Brant Bjork   Heavy Psych Sounds   rock   stoner     558  
  Bríi  Entre Tudo que é Visto e Oculto   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     151  
  Briqueville  Quelle   Pelagic   metal   post-metal     351  
  Bully  Sugaregg   Sub Pop   rock   alternative     361  
  Burzum  Thulean Mysteries   Byelobog Productions   elettronica   dungeon synth     596  
  Calibro 35  Momentum   Record Kicks   rock   funk     334  
  Celebrity Sex Scandal  The Fundamental   Razor To Wrist   metal   nu-metal     267  
  Chris Cornell  No One Sings Like You Anymore   Universal   pop   rock     386  
  Chubby And The Gang  Speed Kills   Static Shock   punk   rock     538  
  Code Orange  Underneath   Roadrunner   metal   metalcore     260  
  Constance Tomb  MCMLXXXVIII   Bloodrock   rock   post-punk     304  
  Couch Slut  Take A Chance On Rock 'n' Roll   Gilead Media   rock   noise     305  
  Crack Cloud  Pain Olympics   Meat Machine   rock   post-punk     501  
  Dark Buddha Rising  Mathreyata   Svart   metal   drone     326  
  Deafbrick  Deafbrick   Rocket Recordings   rock   psych     381  
  Deftones  Ohms   Reprise   metal   nu-metal     705  
  Duma  Duma   Nyege Nyege Tapes   metal   grindcore     312  
  Dune Rats  Hurry Up And Wait   Ratbag   rock   alternative     301  
  Dystopian Future Movies  Inviolate   Lasairfhíona Records   metal   alternative     210  
  Elder  Omens   Stickman   rock   psych     598  
  En Minor  When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome   Housecore   rock   folk     681  
  Envy  The Fallen Crimson   Pelagic   punk   post-hardcore     563  
  Eternal Champion  Ravening Iron   No Remorse   metal   hard rock     321  
  Exhalants  Atonements   Hex   rock   noise     527  
  Fiona Apple  Fetch The Bolt Cutters   Epic   pop   rock     360  
  Fontaines D.C.  A Hero's Death   Partisan   rock   post-punk     592  
  Frayle  1692   Lay Bare Recordings   metal   doom     523  
  Fuzz  III   In The Red   rock   stoner     613  
  Gargoyl  Gargoyl   Season Of Mist   metal   alternative     299  
  Godthrymm  Reflections   Profound Lore   metal   doom     427  
  Golem Mecanique  Nona, Decima Et Morta   Editions Mego   experimental   ambient     276  
  Green Day  Father Of All   Reprise   rock   alternative     385  
  Greg Dulli  Random Desire   Royal Cream   pop   rock     718  
  Greg Puciato  Child Soldier Creator of God   Federal Prisoner   rock   alternative     467  
  Hallas  Conundrum   Napalm   rock   hard rock     785  
  Henrick Palm  Poverty Metal   Svart   rock   alternative     316  
  Hey Colossus  Dances / Curses   Wrong Speed Records   rock   psych     398  
  Horse Lords  The Common Task   Northern Spy   rock   mathrock     240  
  Horseneck  Fever Dream   Autoproduzione   rock   stoner     291  
  Household God  Palace Intrigue   Greyday Records   rock   alternative     274  
  Hum  Inlet   Earth Analog   metal   alternative     590  
  Human Impact  Human Impact   Ipecac   rock   noise     711  
  Idles  Ultra Mono   Partisan   rock   post-punk     523  
  Illuminati Hotties  Free I.H   Autoproduzione   indie   rock     342  
  Ils  Curse   Pogo Records   rock   noise     334  
  Imperial Triumphant  Alphaville   Century Media   metal   progressive     326  
  Insect Ark  The Vanishing   Profound Lore   metal   post-metal     567  
  Intronaut  Fluid Existential Inversions   Metal Blade   metal   sludge     448  
  Irreversible Entanglements  Who Sent You?   International Anthem   jazz   free jazz     331  
  Jazz Sabbath  Jazz Sabbath   Blacklake   jazz   rock     454  
  Jeff Parker  Suite For Max Brown   International Anthem   jazz   rock     307  
  Jesu  Never EP   Avalanche   metal   post-metal     342  
  Kall  Brand   Prophecy   metal   post-metal     398  
  Khruangbin  & Leon Bridges - Texas Sun   Dead Oceans   pop   soul     377  
  Kidbug  Kidbug   Joyful Noise   rock   alternative     374  
  Killer Be Killed  Reluctan Hero   Nuclear Blast   metal   alternative     217  
  Kind  Mental Nudge   Ripple Music   metal   alternative     308  
  King Krule  Man Alive!   Matador   pop   rock     377  
  Kira McSpice  Attack   Autoproduzione   rock   folk     251  
  Kirk Windstein  Dream In Motion   eOne   metal   alternative     518  
  Konvent  Puritan Masochism   Napalm   metal   doom     411  
  Kvelertak  Splid   Rise   punk   hardcore     684  
  L.A.Witch  Play With Fire   Suicide Squeeze   punk   rock     432  
  Lina Rodrigues Refree  Lina_Raül Refree   Glitterbeat   pop   folk     292  
  Lingua Ignota  The Caligula Demos   Autoproduzione   rock   experimental     305  
  Liturgy  Origin of the Alimonies   YLYLCYN   metal   black metal     557  
  Louise Lemon  Devil   Icons Creating Evil Art   rock   alternative     314  
  Lowrider  Refractions   Blues Funeral   rock   stoner     738  
  Lucidvox  We Are   Glitterbeat   rock   alternative     404  
  Lump Hammer  Beast   Inverted Grim-Mill   rock   noise     250  
  Maggot Heart  Mercy Machine   Rapid Eye   metal   alternative     342  
  Major Kong  Off the Scale   Autoproduzione   rock   stoner     332  
  Mantar  Grungetown Hooligans II   Autoproduzione   metal   sludge     419  
  Metz  Atlas Vending   Sub Pop   rock   noise     340  
  Midnight  Rebirth By Blasphemy   Metal Blade   metal   heavy     325  
  Might  Might   Exile On Mainstream   metal   sludge     391  
  Mizmor  & Andrew Black - Dialethia   Gilead Media   metal   drone     253  
  Molassess  Through The Hollow   Season Of Mist   rock   hard rock     244  
  Mondo Generator  Fuck It   Heavy Psych Sounds   punk   hardcore     658  
  Moon Destroys  Maiden Voyage   Brutal Panda   metal   alternative     241  
  Mortiis  Spirit Of Rebellion   Dead Seed Productions   elettronica   dungeon synth     303  
  Motorpsycho  The All Is One   Rune Grammofon   rock   psych     456  
  Mountain Caller  Chronicle I The Truthseeker   New Heavy Sounds   metal   progressive     236  
  Mr Bungle  The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo   Ipecac   metal   thrash     399  
  Mrs Piss  Self-Surgery   Sargent House   metal   alternative     572  
  MSW  Obliviosus   Gilead Media   metal   doom     342  
  My Morning Jacket  Waterfall II   ATO   rock   alternative     505  
  Myrkur  Folkesange   Relapse   pop   folk     542  
  Neptunian Maximalism  Eons   I, Voidhanger   metal   drone     313  
  Nero Di Marte  Immoto   Season Of Mist   metal   post-metal     1129  
  Nothing  The Great Dismal   Relapse   indie   rock     228  
  Nova Twins  Who Are The Girls?   333 Wreckords Crew   rock   alternative     314  
  Obsidian Kingdom  Meat Machine   Season Of Mist   metal   alternative     265  
  Onségen Ensemble  Fear   Svart   metal   progressive     293  
  Oranssi Pazuzu  Mestarin Kynsi   Nuclear Blast   metal   black metal     475  
  Originalii  Pendulum   Devil In The Woods   metal   alternative     306  
  Ovo  Miasma   Artoffact   metal   experimental     361  
  Pearl Jam  Gigaton   Monkeywrench   rock   alternative     1831  
  Pharaoh Overlord  6   Rocket Recordings   elettronica   synthwave     233  
  Phoebe Bridgers  Punisher   Dead Oceans   indie   pop     399  
  Poppy  I Disagree   Sumerian Records   metal   alternative     582  
  Porridge Radio  Every Bad   Secretly Canadian   rock   alternative     337  
  Possessor  Damn The Light   APF Records   metal   sludge     399  
  Primitive Man  Immersion   Relapse   metal   sludge     229  
  Protomartyr  Ultimate Success Today   Domino   rock   post-punk     373  
  Raging Slab  Sisterslab and the Boogie Coalition Vol. 1   Joyful Noise   rock   hard rock     270  
  Rosy Finch  Scarlet   Discos Macarras   metal   alternative     249  
  Ryte  Ryte   Heavy Psych Sounds   rock   stoner     301  
  Sarah Davachi  Cantus, Descant   Late Music   experimental   ambient     321  
  Sepultura  Quadra   Nuclear Blast   metal   thrash     471  
  Shaam Larein  Sculpture   Icons Creating Evil Art   metal   doom     443  
  Shabaka And The Ancestors  We Are Sent Here By History   Impulse   jazz   rock     471  
  Shiner  Schadenfreude   Two Black Eyes   rock   alternative     218  
  Shitkid  Duo Limbo   PNKSLM   rock   alternative     277  
  Siena Root  The Secret Of Our Time   MIG   rock   psych     316  
  Sightless Pit  Grave Of A Dog   Thrill Jockey   experimental   noise     293  
  Slift  Ummon   Vicious Circle   rock   psych     723  
  Sprain  As Lost Through Collision   Flenser   rock   post-rock     293  
  Stabbing Westward  Hallowed Hymns   COP International   rock   industrial     225  
  Steve Von Till  No Wilderness Deep Enough   Neurot   rock   folk     567  
  Stone Temple Pilots  Perdida   Rhino   rock   alternative     382  
  Tallah  Matriphagy   Earache   metal   nu-metal     394  
  The Beths  Jump Rope Gazers   Carpark   indie   rock     366  
  The Necks  Three   Fish Of Milk   jazz   experimental     220  
  Thou  Blessings Of The Highest Order   Robotic Empire   metal   sludge     546  
  Thou  A Primer of Holy Words   Robotic Empire   metal   sludge     410  
  Thou  Emma Ruth Rundle - May Our Chambers Be Full   Sacred Bones   metal   sludge     334  
  Thurston Moore  By The Fire   The Daydream Library Series   rock   alternative     308  
  Tricot  ???   8902 Records   rock   noise     366  
  Uada  Djinn   Eisenwald Tonschmiede   metal   black metal     349  
  Vile Creature  Glory Glory! Apathy Took Helm!   Prosthetic   metal   sludge     214  
  Völur  Death Cult   Prophecy   metal   doom     217  
  Witchcraft  Black Metal   Nuclear Blast   rock   folk     369  
  Witchfucker  Afterhour In Walhalla   Autoproduzione   metal   post-metal     486  
  Wrekmeister Harmonies  We Love To Look At The Carnage   Thrill Jockey   rock   experimental     288  
  Zola Mennanöh  Longing for Belonging   Figureight   pop   sperimentale     216  
  Zombi  2020   Relapse   metal   post-metal     293