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Alfabetico [ Per Anno ] Per Casa Discografica Per Genere Classici DEMO

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... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead  Worlds Apart   Interscope   indie     3498  
24 Grana  Metaversus Deluxe   La Canzonetta   pop     4828  
30 Seconds To Mars  A Beautiful Lie   Virgin   nu-metal     8059  
61 Winter's Hat  Wallace Mail Series 5   Wallace   indie     2850  
65 Days Of Static  The Fall Of Math   Monotreme   indie     6451  
9MM  On The Edge   Wynona Records   punk     4327  
A Frames  Black Forest   Sub Pop   rock     2803  
A Life Once Lost  Hunter   Ferret   metal     5667  
A Perfect Murder  Strength Through Vengeance   Victory   metal     3006  
A.S.O.B.  Sfriziona Come Il Cioccolato   DEMO   alternative     3397  
AA.VV.  Desert Sound - The Spaghetti Session Vol.1   W*uck   stoner     4324  
AA.VV.  Lo Zecchino D'Oro Dell'Underground   Snowdonia   indie     2897  
AA.VV.  Everything Comes And Goes   Temporary Residence   alternative     2631  
AA.VV.  We Reach The Music Of The Melvins   Fractured Trasmitter   rock     2677  
Abel Is Dying  Promo 2k5   DEMO   metal     3394  
Adrian Belew  Side One   Sanctuary   rock     3398  
Afterhours  Ballate Per Piccole Iene   Mescal   indie     6925  
Aidoru  13 Piccoli Singoli Radiofonici   Snowdonia   indie     3088  
Alec Empire  Futurist   Digital Hardcore   elettronica     3666  
Allhelluja  Inferno Museum   Scarlet   stoner     3027  
Allun  Onitsed   Bar La Muerte   alternative     3024  
Almavenus  Bambini Di Strada   DEMO   pop     2758  
Alps  The Shining   Foreign Affair   rock     3165  
American Head Charge  The Feeding   DRT   nu-metal     3593  
Antithesis  Antithesis   Concubine   post-hardcore     3400  
Apex Theory  Inthatskyissomethingwatching EP   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     3089  
Ardecore  Ardecore   Il Manifesto   indie     4826  
At The Drive-In  This Station Is Non Operational   Fearless   post-hardcore     3591  
Audioslave  Out Of Exile   Interscope   rock     5391  
Babyruth  Mr Right Hand Man   Go Down   rock     2918  
Babyshambles  Down In Albion   Creation   rock     3614  
Baldoria  Baldoria   DEMO   rock     3132  
Bellini  Small Stones   Temporary Residence LTD   rock     4184  
Between The Buried And Me  Alaska   Victory   post-hardcore     3429  
Billy Corgan  The Future Embrace   Warner   pop     3856  
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Howl   RCA   rock     3547  
Bongzilla  Amerijuanican   Relapse   stoner     3471  
Boyhitscar  The Passage   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     3766  
Buried Inside  Chronoclast   Relapse   post-hardcore     3755  
But God Created Woman  BGCW   Psychotica   rock     3842  
Calexico & Iron And Wine  In The Reins EP   Touch & Go   indie     2672  
Callisto  True Nature Unfold   Earache   post-metal     4299  
Calomito  Inaudito   Megaplomb   indie     3060  
Catwalk  Thin Rebellion   Maninalto!   rock     2724  
Cave In  Perfect Pitch Black   Hydrahead   post-hardcore     5135  
Cayorosso  Tempo Stabile   About Rock / Sugar   rock     3398  
Chixdiggit  Pink Razors   Bad Taste   punk     2350  
Clutch  Pitchfork And Lost Needles   Megaforce   rock     2871  
Cold  A Different Kind Of Pain   Lava   grunge     3765  
Coldplay  X&Y   EMI   pop     5748  
Comeback Kid  Wake The Dead   Victory   punk     3153  
Coprofago  Unorthodox Creative Criteria   Sekhmet   metal     4940  
Curl Up And Die  The End Of All That Is   Revelation   post-hardcore     2840  
Darkest Hour  Undoing Run   Victory   metal     2781  
Deadwalk, The  Super Boring Music   Derotten   punk     2481  
Death Of Anna Karina  New Liberalistic Pleasures   Unhip   post-hardcore     4324  
Deftones  B-side And Rarities   Maverick   nu-metal     3935  
Delorean  Delorean   About Rock   rock     2905  
Demian K  Demian K E Le Linee Aeree Del Terrore   DEMO   alternative     2703  
Depeche Mode  Playing The Angel   Mute   rock     6964  
dEUS  Pocket Revolution   Mercury   indie     3591  
Dilaila  Musica Per Robot   Il Re Non Si Diverte   pop     2855  
Disturbed  10000 Fists   Warner   nu-metal     4449  
Dog Bisquits  Dietro Un Vetro   DEMO   nu-metal     2928  
Dream Theater  Octavarium   Atlantic   metal     5759  
Dredg  Catch Without Arms   Interscope   rock     7919  
Earth  Living In The Gleam Of An Unsheathed Sword   Troubleman   drone     7852  
Earth  Hex Or Printing In The Infernal Method   Southern Lord   drone     4945  
Elbow  Leaders Of The Free World   V2   pop     3053  
En Roco  Ad Occhi Chiusi   Green Fog   indie     2719  
Entombed  Unreal Estate   Threeman   metal     3265  
Ephel Duath  Pain Necessary To Know   Elitist / Earache   post-hardcore     5340  
Ephen Rian  The Special Referendum   Wynona Records   punk     2213  
Evens, The  The Evens   Dischord   indie     3331  
Evildoer  Terror Audio   Scarlet   metal     2867  
Ex Models  Chrome Panthers   Psychotica   rock     2626  
Fantomas  Suspended Animation   Ipecac   post-hardcore     5025  
Fantomas  / Melt Banana - Split   Unhip   post-hardcore     4852  
Fausto Balbo  Falbo   Snowdonia   elettronica     2606  
Festa Mesta  Festa Mesta   DEMO   rock     3151  
Flyindolly  Le Teorie Dell'Uomo Moderno   Airbag   pop     3011  
Forecast, The  Late Night Conversation   Victory   indie     2180  
Forty Winks  Forty Winks   Wynona Records   punk     3164  
Franz Ferdinand  You Could Have It So Much Better   Domino   rock     3424  
Garbage  Bleed Like Me   Geffen   Rock     2612  
Gea  Baillame Generale   Il Re Non Si Diverte   rock     3901  
Gebbia, Ligeti, Pupillo  The Williamsburg Sonatas   Wallace   indie     3281  
General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners  General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners   Ipecac   alternative     4302  
Glenn Hughes  Soul Mover   Frontier   rock     3039  
Gorillaz  Demon Days   Virgin   pop     3922  
Greg Dulli  Greg Dulli's Amber Headlight   One Little Indian   rock     3016  
Guapo  Black Oni   Ipecac   rock     3694  
Handsome Boy Modeling School  White People   Elektra   alternative     2960  
Hapax  No One Knows...   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     3488  
Harvestman  Lashing The Rye   Neurot   drone     5654  
Hermano  Dare I Say   Suburban   stoner     4142  
High On Fire  Blessed Black Wings   Relapse   stoner     4739  
Him  Dark Light   Warner   rock     5278  
Hot Gossip  Hot Gossip   Eaten By Squirrels   rock     4779  
Imodium  ..And So Dodgem Songs!   Vacation House   punk     2572  
Infarto Scheisse!  The Infarto Scheisse!   Concubine   post-hardcore     5886  
Inferno  Inferno   Bar La Muerte   post-hardcore     3679  
Institute  Distort Yourself   Universal   rock     3547  
Internal Disfunction  Nine Feet Under   DEMO   rock     3243  
Into The Moat  The Design   Metal Blade   post-hardcore     5338  
Ioioi  Bright Future   Ebria   alternative     3430  
Ion Dissonance  Solace   Abacus   post-hardcore     3480  
Iridyum  No Cover Up   Autoproduzione   rock     2933  
Jennifer Gentle  Valende   Sub Pop   indie     3743  
Jesu  Jesu   Hydrahead   post-metal     4624  
Jimmy Chamberlin Complex  Life Begins Again   Sanctuary   rock     3001  
June  If You Speak Any Faster   Victory   punk     1861  
Junior Varisty  Wide Eyed   Victory   punk     2110  
Kabang  Equilibrium   Tribro   rock     7582  
Kaiser Chiefs  Employment   Universal   pop     4163  
Kech  Join The Cousins   Black Candy   indie     2548  
Khanate  Capture & Release   Hydrahead   drone     3945  
King's X  Ogre Tones   Inside Out   rock     3032  
Klimt 1918  Dopoguerra   Prophecy   metal     6392  
Korn  See You On The Other Side   Sony   nu-metal     4994  
Kylesa  To Walk A Middle Course   Prosthetic   metal     4672  
Laghetto  Pocapocalisse   Donna Bavosa   post-hardcore     4544  
Larsen Lombriki  Free From Deceit Or Cunnings   Snowdonia   rock     2691  
Let's Get Lost  ...I Remember Yesterday When I Was Grey   Jestrai   rock     3094  
Limp Bizkit  The Unquestionable Truth Part 1   Geffen   nu-metal     6465  
Linea 77  Available For Propaganda   Earache   nu-metal     5248  
Locust  Safety Seconds, Body Last   Ipecac   post-hardcore     3361  
Losing Sun  Inertia   Copro   nu-metal     2375  
Low  The Great Destroyer   Rough Trade   indie     2722  
Mad Capsule Markets  1997 - 2004   Victor   nu-metal     5387  
Mad Capsule Markets  1990 - 1996   Victor   nu-metal     2483  
Mad Capsule Markets  020120   Victor   nu-metal     3182  
Made Out Of Babies  Trophy   Neurot   post-metal     4485  
Mars Volta  Frances The Mute   Universal   rock     4914  
Mars Volta  The Widow EP   Gold Standard   rock     4560  
Mass, The  Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness   Monotreme   post-metal     4898  
Matra  Missione Delta   Last Scream   rock     2245  
Meganoidi  And Then We Met Impero EP   Green Fog   indie     4589  
Melloncek  Melloncek   Ghost Records   indie     2623  
Menace  Quake Metal   DEMO   metal     2274  
Mesas  Spasmi Che Sanno Di Me   Maninalto!   stoner     3377  
Meshuggah  Catch 33   Nuclear Blast   metal     5882  
Midnight  Sakada   Black Lotus   metal     2694  
Miocene  A Pefect Life With A View Of The Swamp   Corporate Risk   nu-metal     5320  
Moltheni  Splendore Terrore   La Tempesta   indie     3492  
Mongrel - Code 4-15  Split   Fond Of Life   punk     2077  
Motorama  Shy Girl   Bar La Muerte   rock     2977  
Mr Wilson  Mr Wilson   Allright Family   grunge     3155  
Mudvayne  Lost And Found   Epic   nu-metal     4611  
Negramaro  Mentre Tutto Scorre   Sugar   pop     6166  
Neil Young  Prairie Wind   Reprise   pop     2856  
Nine Inch Nails  With Teeth   Interscope   rock     4743  
Nippon And The Simbol  Universonbangaorfeo   Ebria   rock     2851  
No Code  Try To Understand   Autoproduzione   grunge     3023  
Nofx  7 Inch Of The Month Club   Fat Wrech   punk     15226  
Oasis  Don t Believe The Truth   Epic   pop     4866  
Odawas  The Aether Eater   Jagjaguwar   indie     4483  
Officinalchemike  Ho Le Mie Buone Ragioni   Maninalto!   rock     2829  
OM  Variations On A Theme   Holy Mountain   stoner     4062  
Orthrelm  OV   Ipecac   alternative     3479  
Overmars  Affliction, Endocrine...Vertigo   Appease Me   post-hardcore     5457  
Paul McCartney  Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard   Parlophone   rock     2948  
Pelican  The March Into The Sea EP   Hydrahead   post-metal     4322  
Pelican  The Fire In Our Throats Wil Beckon The Thaw   Hydrahead   post-metal     7619  
Pennywise  The Fuse   Epitaph   punk     2989  
Prague  / My Dear Killer - Split EP   Eaten By Squirrels   indie     2537  
Queens Of The Stone Age  Lullabies To Paralyze   Interscope   stoner     7675  
Rammstein  Rosenrot   Universal   metal     4533  
Red As Monkey  Four Break Fast   Fond Of Life   punk     2214  
Red Sparowes  At The Soundless Dawn   Neurot   post-hardcore     6320  
Roadrunner United  The All-Star Sessions   Roadrunner   metal     4017  
Rolling Stones  A Bigger Bang   Virgin   rock     3776  
Saeta  We Are Waiting All For Hope   Ghost Records   pop     3423  
Saint Vitus  Live   Southern Lord   stoner     3471  
Santo Niente  Il Fiore Dell'Agave   Black Candy   rock     3683  
Schism  Dissolution Or Minds   DEMO   metal     3689  
Scum  Gospels For The Sick   Dogjob   rock     2266  
Searchin' Guitar  Searchin' Guitar   DEMO   indie     3772  
Setwall  Up To The Unseen   Vacation House   nu-metal     2686  
Sigur Rs  Takk   EMI   indie     3116  
Silverstein  Discovering The Waterfront   Victory   punk     2623  
Sin Of Silence  Sin Of Silence   DEMO   metal     2982  
Sinai Beach  Immersed   Victory   metal     2665  
Sleater Kinney  The Woods   Sub Pop   indie     3935  
Slugs  Bob Berdella Bizarre Bordello   Black Candy   rock     3793  
SmaXone  Regression   Scarlet   nu-metal     2862  
Soilent Green  Confrontation   Relapse   metal     3214  
Staind  Chapter V   Atlantic   grunge     3807  
Stands, The  Horse Fabulous   Echo   pop     3751  
Stefano Maria Ricatti  Ad Ore Piene   Storie Di Note   pop     2496  
Stoner Kebab  Chapter Zero   Dufresne   stoner     3906  
Strokes, The  First Impression On Earth   RCA   rock     5789  
Subinterior  The Chrysalis Secret   Afe   elettronica     2456  
Suburban Base  Suburban Base   DEMO   nu-metal     2784  
Suite  Suite   DEMO   indie     2248  
Sunn O)))  Black One   Southern Lord   drone     6799  
Super Elastic Bubble Plastic  The Swindler   RedLed   indie     5298  
Supergrass  Road To Rouen   Parlophone   pop     3474  
Supersystem  Always Never Again   Touch & Go   indie     2031  
Symmetric Disorder  Extract From Biomechanical Nonsense Connection   DEMO   metal     2427  
System Of A Down  Mezmerize   American   nu-metal     10390  
System Of A Down  Hypnotize   Columbia   nu-metal     6675  
T.H.U.M.B.  Lunar Flight EP   W*uck   stoner     3100  
Team Sleep  Team Sleep   Maverick   elettronica     3906  
Terror 2000  Terror For Sale   Scarlet   metal     2660  
Testext  I Padroni Di Babele   DEMO   punk     3084  
Three One In Gentleman Suit  Some New Strategies   Black Candy   indie     2456  
Throwdown  Vendetta   Trustkill   metal     3334  
Time To Burn  Starting Point   Basement Apes   post-hardcore     3267  
Tomviolence  Tomviolence   Black Candy   indie     2872  
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  (Non Mi Manca Niente, Non Ho Niente) [DVD]   La Tempesta   rock     3291  
Tying Tiffany  Undercover   Suoni Di Jato   elettronica     5458  
Uber  My New Lifestyle   From Scratch   indie     2386  
Uncode Duello  Uncode Duello   Wallace / Ebria Records   indie     2580  
Vancouver  Great News From The Foggy Town   Recycled   indie     3147  
Vanillina  Spine   Latlantide   indie     2779  
Venerea  One Louder   Bad Taste   punk     2101  
Violet Hour  Lazarus   Play/Rec   indie     2553  
Vipers, The  Promo 2005   DEMO   stoner     3368  
Volumi Criminali  Promo   Autoproduzione   nu-metal     2372  
Wednesday 13  Transylvania 90210   Roadrunner   rock     3026  
White Stripes  Get Behind Me Satan   XL   rock     3598  
With Honor  This Is Our Revenge   Victory   punk     2431  
Xiu Xiu  La Foret   5 Rue Christine   indie     3116  
Zeronic  People And Sound   Foreign Affair   rock     3055  
Znort  200 Bpm   DEMO   metal     3160  
Zu  /Dalek - Zu vs Dalek   Psychotica / Wallace   indie     4117