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  A.A. Williams  Songs From Isolation   Bella Union   rock   pop     281  
  A.A. Williams  Arco EP   Bella Union   pop   folk     144  
  AA.VV.  Ô - A Tribute To Ô Paon   Autoproduzione   rock   tributo     137  
  Alastor  Onwards and Downwards   Riding Easy   metal   doom     229  
  Alexis Marshall  House Of Lull. House Of When   Sargent House   rock   experimental     268  
  Altin Gun  Yol   Glitterbeat   rock   psych     256  
  Amenra  De Doorn   Relapse   metal   post-metal     197  
  Amyl And The Sniffers  Comfort To Me   Rough Trade   punk   garage     257  
  Andrew W.K.  God Is Partying   Napalm   rock   hard rock     353  
  Angel Bat Dawid  Hush Harbor Mixtape Vol. 1 Doxology   International Anthem   jazz   experimental     257  
  Appalooza  The Holy Of Holies   Ripple Music   metal   alternative     248  
  Arabrot  Norwegian Gothic   Pelagic   rock   noise     200  
  Arooj Aftab  Vulture Prince   New Amsterdam   pop   folk     251  
  Bad Waitress  No Taste   Royal Mountain   rock   alternative     145  
  Bala  Maleza   Century Media   rock   alternative     218  
  Big Brave  Vital   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     432  
  Big Brave  & The Body - Leaving None But Small Birds   Thrill Jockey   rock   folk     252  
  Black Country, New Road  For the First Time   Ninja Tune   rock   post-punk     1077  
  Black Midi  Cavalcade   Rough Trade   rock   alternative     690  
  Black Sky Giant  Planet Terror   Made Of Stone   rock   stoner     147  
  Body Void  Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth   Prosthetic   metal   sludge     190  
  Bongzilla  Weedsconsin   Heavy Psych Sounds   metal   sludge     397  
  Boss Keloid  Family the Smiling Thrush   Ripple Music   metal   alternative     255  
  Bríi  Sem Propósito   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     283  
  Bummer  Dead Horse   Thrill Jockey   rock   noise     291  
  Capra  In Transmission   Metal Blade   punk   post-hardcore     270  
  Cerce  Cowboy Music   Autoproduzione   punk   post-hardcore     178  
  Chevelle  Niratias   Epic   metal   alternative     169  
  Chubby And The Gang  The Mutt's Nuts   Partisan   punk   rock     218  
  Circle Of Sighs  Narci   Metal Assault   metal   progressive     371  
  Comet Control  Inside The Sun   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     373  
  Concrete Ships  In Observance   Trepanations   rock   noise     351  
  Converge  Bloodmoon I   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     364  
  Dale Crover  Rat-A-Tat-Tat!   Joyful Noise   rock   alternative     531  
  Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble  Now   International Anthem   jazz   experimental     193  
  Dana Dentata  Pantychrist   Roadrunner   metal   alternative     199  
  Darkthrone  Eternal Hails   Peaceville   metal   black metal     287  
  Dead Heat  World At War   Triple-B   metal   thrash     145  
  Dead Sara  It Ain't Tragic   Warner   rock   alternative     178  
  Deafkids  & Rakta - Live At Sesc Pompeia   Rapid Eye   rock   psych     426  
  delving  Hirschbrunnen   Stickman   rock   psych     315  
  Divide And Dissolve  Gas Lit   Invada   metal   drone     409  
  Domkraft  Seeds   Prophecy   metal   doom     274  
  Dr. Colossus  I'm a Stupid Moron   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     133  
  Dry Cleaning  New Long Leg   4AD   rock   post-punk     531  
  Dust Moth  Rising // Sailing   A Thousand Arms   rock   alternative     219  
  Dvne  Etemen Ænka   Metal Blade   metal   progressive     248  
  Elder  & Kadavar - Eldovar   Robotor   rock   psych     185  
  Emma Ruth Rundle  Engine Of Hell   Sargent House   rock   folk     240  
  Endless Boogie  Admonitions   No Quarter   rock   psych     218  
  Engine Kid  Special Olympics   Southern Lord   rock   post-rock     148  
  Eye Flys  Exigent Circumstance   Closed Casket   metal   sludge     169  
  Eyehategod  A History of Nomadic Behavior   Century Media   metal   sludge     300  
  FACS  Present Tense   Trouble In Mind   rock   post-punk     415  
  Failure  Wild Type Droid   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     225  
  Five The Hierophant  Through Aureate Void   Dark Essence   metal   post-metal     206  
  Floating Points  & Pharoah Sanders - Promises   Luaka Bop   jazz   elettronica     197  
  Fu Manchu  A Look Back Dogtown & Z-Boys   At Dojo   rock   stoner     243  
  Full Of Hell  Garden Of Burning Apparitions   Relapse   metal   grindcore     168  
  Gatecreeper  An Unexpected Reality   Closed Casket Activities   metal   death metal     420  
  Geese  Projector   Partisan   rock   post-punk     319  
  Genghis Tron  Dream Weapon   Relapse   elettronica   synthwave     243  
  God's Hate  God's Hate   Closed Casket Activities   metal   metalcore     203  
  Godspeed You Black Emperor  G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END!   Constellation   rock   post-rock     261  
  Green Lung  Black Harvest   Svart   metal   hard rock     191  
  Halsey  If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power   Capitol   pop   rock     458  
  Hemelbestormer  Collide & Merge   Van   metal   post-metal     121  
  Hildur Guðnadóttir  Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack   Invada   colonna sonora   ambient     267  
  Hooded Menace  The Tritonus Bell   Season Of Mist   metal   doom     425  
  Iceburn  Asclepius   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     482  
  Idles  Crawler   Partisan   rock   post-punk     336  
  Illuminati Hotties  Let Me Do One More Time   Hopeless   indie   rock     214  
  Indigo Raven  Looking for Transcendence   Argonauta   metal   doom     158  
  Irreversible Entanglements  Open The Gates   International Anthem   jazz   free jazz     313  
  Ison  Aurora   Avantgarde   rock   post-rock     271  
  Jadsa  Olho de Vidro   Balaclava   pop   rock     225  
  Jerry Cantrell  Brighten   Double J   rock   grunge     260  
  Jerusalem In My Heart  Qalaq   Constellation   experimental   elettronica     202  
  Jess And The Ancient Ones  Vertigo   Svart   rock   psych     162  
  John Carpenter  Lost Themes III   Sacred Bones   elettronica   synthwave     237  
  Kaatayra  Inpariquipê   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     168  
  Kabbalah  The Omen   Ripple Music   rock   doom     240  
  Kal-El  Dark Majesty   Majestic Mountain   rock   stoner     183  
  Khemmis  Deceiver   Nuclear Blast   metal   doom     194  
  King Buffalo  The Burden Of Restlessness   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     266  
  King Buffalo  Acheron   Stickman   rock   stoner     200  
  King Woman  Celestial Blues   Relapse   metal   doom     212  
  Kowloon Walled City  Piecework   Neurot   metal   post-metal     240  
  Kulk  We Spare Nothing   Hominid Sounds   metal   sludge     192  
  Lice  Wasteland   Settled Law   rock   post-punk     313  
  Limp Bizkit  Still Sucks   Suretone   metal   nu-metal     460  
  Lingua Ignota  Sinner Get Ready   Sargent House   rock   experimental     333  
  Low  Hey What   Sub Pop   elettronica   rock     618  
  Lunar Funeral  Road To Siberia   Regain Records   rock   psych     187  
  Lustmord  & Karin Park - Alter   Pelagic   experimental   ambient     209  
  Margaritas Podridas  Margaritas Podridas   Cintas   rock   alternative     171  
  Marissa Nadler  The Path Of The Clouds   Sacred Bones   pop   folk     180  
  Mastodon  Hushed And Grim   Reprise   metal   progressive     426  
  Mdou Moctar  Afrique Victime   Matador   rock   psych     264  
  Melvins  Five Legged Dog   Ipecac   rock   alternative     196  
  Midwife  Luminol   Flenser   indie   pop     225  
  Moin  Moot!   AD93   rock   post-rock     212  
  Monolord  Your Time To Shine   Relapse   metal   doom     135  
  Monster Magnet  A Better Dystopia   Napalm   rock   hard     201  
  Moon Coven  Slumber Wood   Ripple Music   metal   doom     189  
  Motorpsycho  Kingdom Of Oblivion   Stickman   rock   psych     332  
  Mythic Sunship  Wildfire   Tee Pee   rock   psych     401  
  Nala Sinephro  Space 1.8   Warp   jazz   elettronica     236  
  Neptunian Maximalism  Solar Drone Ceremony   I, Voidhanger   metal   drone     139  
  Nolan Potter  Music Is Dead   Castle Face   rock   psych     173  
  Old Nick  A New Generation Of Vampiric Conspiracies   Grime Stone   metal   black metal     191  
  Pan Daijing  Jade   PAN   experimental   elettronica     169  
  Papangu  Holoceno   Autoproduzione   metal   progressive     332  
  Part Chimp  Drool   Wrong Speed   rock   noise     268  
  Plebeian Grandstand  Rien Ne Suffit   Debemur Morti   metal   experimental     215  
  Poppy  EAT (NXT Soundtrack)   Sumerian   metal   alternative     280  
  Poppy  Flux   Sumerian   rock   pop     199  
  Portrayal Of Guilt  We Are Always Alone   Closed Casket Activities   punk   post-hardcore     301  
  Prosperina  Flag   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     173  
  Pupil Slicer  Mirrors   Prosthetic   metal   progressive     128  
  Quicksand  Distant Populations   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     821  
  Really From  Really From   Topshelf   rock   post-rock     390  
  Red Fang  Arrows   Relapse   metal   alternative     186  
  Richard Dawson  & Circle - Henki   Domino   rock   folk     170  
  Rid Of Me  Traveling   Knife Hits Records   rock   noise     138  
  Sangre De Muerdago  & Judasz & Nahimana - Cantiga de Folhas e Agulhas   Autoproduzione   pop   folk     159  
  Scowl  How Flowers Grown   Flatspot   punk   hardcore     167  
  Senyawa  Alkisah   Autoproduzione   experimental   ambient     254  
  Shame  Drunk Tank Pink   Dead Oceans   rock   post-punk     351  
  Sleater Kinney  The Path Of Wellness   Mom + Pop   rock   alternative     177  
  Sleigh Bells  Texis   Mom + Pop   metal   alternative     178  
  Slow Machine  Black Tide EP   Autoproduzione   metal   doom     183  
  Slowshine  Living Light   The Lasting Dose   rock   psych     142  
  Somnuri  Nefarous Wave   Blues Funeral   metal   sludge     267  
  Sons Of Kemet  Black To The Future   Impulse   jazz   rock     153  
  Space Afrika  Honest Labour   Dais   elettronica   dub     237  
  Spiritbox  Eternal Blue   Pale Chord   metal   alternative     210  
  Squid  Bright Green Field   Warp   rock   post-punk     386  
  Steve Von Till  A Deep Voiceless Wilderness   Neurot   experimental   ambient     195  
  Stew  Taste   Uprising   rock   hard rock     200  
  Stöner  Stoners Rule   Heavy Psych Sounds   rock   stoner     368  
  Succumb  XXI   Flenser   metal   death metal     254  
  Sugar Horse  The Live Long After   Small Pond   rock   noise     243  
  Sunn O)))  Metta, Benevolence   Southern Lord   metal   drone     267  
  Teke Teke  Shirushi   Kill Rock Stars   rock   psych     176  
  Tetrarch  Unstable   Napalm   metal   nu-metal     241  
  The Answer Lies In The Black Void  Forlorn   Burning World   metal   doom     136  
  The Armed  Ultrapop   Sargent House   punk   post-hardcore     282  
  The Bug  Fire   Ninja Tune   elettronica   dub     175  
  The Pretty Reckless  Death By Rock And Roll   Century Media   rock   alternative     206  
  Thou  Emma Ruth Rundle - The Helm Of Sorrow   Sacred Bones   metal   sludge     466  
  Thronehammer  Incantation Rites   Usurper Records   metal   doom     264  
  Tomahawk  Tonic Immobility   Ipecac   rock   alternative     258  
  Trialogos  Stroh Zu Gold   Exile On Mainstream   rock   psych     253  
  Tropical Fuck Storm  Deep States   Joyful Noise   rock   noise     240  
  Turnstile  Glow On   Roadrunner   punk   post-hardcore     1227  
  Unto Others  Strenght   Roadrunner   metal   hard rock     155  
  Vanishing Twin  Ookii Gekkou   Fire Records   pop   sperimentale     128  
  Viagra Boys  Welfare Jazz   Year001   rock   alternative     780  
  Violet Cold  Empire Of Love   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     278  
  Warish  Next To Pay   Riding Easy   rock   alternative     215  
  White Ward  Debemur Morti EP   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     219  
  Wolvennest  Temple   Van   metal   experimental     283  
  Wolves In The Throne Room  Primordial Arcana   Relapse   metal   black metal     288  
  Worn  Human Work   From Within   punk   hardcore     217  
  X'ed Out  We All Do Wrong   Human Worth   rock   noise     181  
  Yautja  The Lurch   Relapse   metal   grindcore     256  
  Year Of No Light  Consolamentum   Pelagic   metal   post-metal     170  
  Yoo Doo Right  Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose   Mothland Records   rock   post-rock     216  
  Ætheria Conscientia  Corrupted Pillars of Vanity   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     352