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A.A. Williams  Songs From Isolation   Bella Union   rock   pop     160  
Alastor  Onwards and Downwards   Riding Easy   metal   doom     115  
Alexis Marshall  House Of Lull. House Of When   Sargent House   rock   experimental     124  
Altin Gun  Yol   Glitterbeat   rock   psych     87  
Amenra  De Doorn   Relapse   metal   post-metal     101  
Amyl And The Sniffers  Comfort To Me   Rough Trade   punk   garage     49  
Andrew W.K.  God Is Partying   Napalm   rock   hard rock     122  
Angel Bat Dawid  Hush Harbor Mixtape Vol. 1 Doxology   International Anthem   jazz   experimental     21  
Appalooza  The Holy Of Holies   Ripple Music   metal   alternative     165  
Arabrot  Norwegian Gothic   Pelagic   rock   noise     115  
Arooj Aftab  Vulture Prince   New Amsterdam   pop   folk     96  
Bala  Maleza   Century Media   rock   alternative     98  
Big Brave  Vital   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     276  
Black Country, New Road  For the First Time   Ninja Tune   rock   post-rock     820  
Black Midi  Cavalcade   Rough Trade   rock   alternative     202  
Bongzilla  Weedsconsin   Heavy Psych Sounds   metal   sludge     199  
Boss Keloid  Family the Smiling Thrush   Ripple Music   metal   alternative     117  
BrÝi  Sem Propˇsito   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     114  
Capra  In Transmission   Metal Blade   punk   post-hardcore     132  
Chubby And The Gang  The Mutt's Nuts   Partisan   punk   rock     34  
Circle Of Sighs  Narci   Metal Assault   metal   progressive     239  
Comet Control  Inside The Sun   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     75  
Concrete Ships  In Observance   Trepanations   rock   noise     213  
Dale Crover  Rat-A-Tat-Tat!   Joyful Noise   rock   alternative     165  
Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble  Now   International Anthem   jazz   experimental     36  
Dana Dentata  Pantychrist   Roadrunner   metal   alternative     60  
Darkthrone  Eternal Hails   Peaceville   metal   black metal     125  
Deafkids  & Rakta - Live At Sesc Pompeia   Rapid Eye   rock   psych     278  
delving  Hirschbrunnen   Stickman   rock   psych     202  
Divide And Dissolve  Gas Lit   Invada   metal   drone     292  
Domkraft  Seeds   Prophecy   metal   doom     96  
Dry Cleaning  New Long Leg   4AD   rock   noise     228  
Dust Moth  Rising // Sailing   A Thousand Arms   rock   alternative     141  
Dvne  Etemen Ănka   Metal Blade   metal   progressive     128  
Eyehategod  A History of Nomadic Behavior   Century Media   metal   sludge     194  
FACS  Present Tense   Trouble In Mind   rock   post-punk     131  
Floating Points  & Pharoah Sanders - Promises   Luaka Bop   experimental   ambient     102  
Gatecreeper  An Unexpected Reality   Closed Casket Activities   metal   death metal     260  
Genghis Tron  Dream Weapon   Relapse   elettronica   synthwave     128  
God's Hate  God's Hate   Closed Casket Activities   metal   metalcore     118  
Godspeed You Black Emperor  G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END!   Constellation   rock   post-rock     148  
Halsey  If I Canĺt Have Love, I Want Power   Capitol   pop   rock     242  
Hildur Gu­nadˇttir  Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack   Invada   colonna sonora   ambient     133  
Hooded Menace  The Tritonus Bell   Season Of Mist   metal   doom     253  
Iceburn  Asclepius   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     263  
Ison  Aurora   Avantgarde   rock   post-rock     99  
Jadsa  Olho de Vidro   Balaclava   pop   rock     62  
Jess And The Ancient Ones  Vertigo   Svart   rock   psych     79  
John Carpenter  Lost Themes III   Sacred Bones   elettronica   synthwave     156  
Kabbalah  The Omen   Ripple Music   rock   doom     100  
King Buffalo  The Burden Of Restlessness   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     126  
King Woman  Celestial Blues   Relapse   metal   doom     84  
Lice  Wasteland   Settled Law   rock   post-punk     134  
Lingua Ignota  Sinner Get Ready   Sargent House   rock   experimental     143  
Low  Hey What   Sub Pop   elettronica   rock     363  
Lunar Funeral  Road To Siberia   Regain Records   rock   psych     88  
Lustmord  & Karin Park - Alter   Pelagic   experimental   ambient     94  
Mdou Moctar  Afrique Victime   Matador   rock   psych     100  
Monster Magnet  A Better Dystopia   Napalm   rock   hard     96  
Moon Coven  Slumber Wood   Ripple Music   metal   doom     118  
Motorpsycho  Kingdom Of Oblivion   Stickman   rock   psych     212  
Mythic Sunship  Wildfire   Tee Pee   rock   psych     316  
Neptunian Maximalism  Solar Drone Ceremony   I, Voidhanger   metal   drone     72  
Old Nick  A New Generation Of Vampiric Conspiracies   Grime Stone   metal   black metal     80  
Part Chimp  Drool   Wrong Speed   rock   noise     111  
Poppy  EAT (NXT Soundtrack)   Sumerian   metal   alternative     137  
Portrayal Of Guilt  We Are Always Alone   Closed Casket Activities   punk   post-hardcore     174  
Prosperina  Flag   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     88  
Quicksand  Distant Populations   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     603  
Really From  Really From   Topshelf   rock   post-rock     260  
Red Fang  Arrows   Relapse   metal   alternative     87  
Senyawa  Alkisah   Autoproduzione   experimental   ambient     104  
Shame  Drunk Tank Pink   Dead Oceans   rock   alternative     181  
Sleater Kinney  The Path Of Wellness   Mom + Pop   rock   alternative     93  
Slow Machine  Black Tide EP   Autoproduzione   metal   doom     128  
Somnuri  Nefarous Wave   Blues Funeral   metal   sludge     188  
Sons Of Kemet  Black To The Future   Impulse   jazz   rock     72  
Squid  Bright Green Field   Warp   rock   mathrock     198  
Steve Von Till  A Deep Voiceless Wilderness   Neurot   experimental   ambient     100  
St÷ner  Stoners Rule   Heavy Psych Sounds   rock   stoner     276  
Teke Teke  Shirushi   Kill Rock Stars   rock   psych     79  
Tetrarch  Unstable   Napalm   metal   nu-metal     137  
The Armed  Ultrapop   Sargent House   punk   post-hardcore     146  
The Pretty Reckless  Death By Rock And Roll   Century Media   rock   alternative     127  
Thou  Emma Ruth Rundle - The Helm Of Sorrow   Sacred Bones   metal   sludge     339  
Thronehammer  Incantation Rites   Usurper Records   metal   doom     145  
Tomahawk  Tonic Immobility   Ipecac   rock   alternative     166  
Trialogos  Stroh Zu Gold   Exile On Mainstream   rock   psych     110  
Tropical Fuck Storm  Deep States   Joyful Noise   rock   noise     52  
Turnstile  Glow On   Roadrunner   punk   post-hardcore     851  
Viagra Boys  Welfare Jazz   Year001   rock   alternative     606  
Warish  Next To Pay   Riding Easy   rock   alternative     94  
White Ward  Debemur Morti EP   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     77  
Wolvennest  Temple   Van   metal   experimental     169  
Wolves In The Throne Room  Primordial Arcana   Relapse   metal   black metal     121  
Worn  Human Work   From Within   punk   hardcore     144  
Yautja  The Lurch   Relapse   metal   grindcore     129  
Yoo Doo Right  Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose   Mothland Records   rock   post-rock     97  
Ătheria Conscientia  Corrupted Pillars of Vanity   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     204