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... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead  So Divided   Interscope   rock   alternative     3369  
65 Days Of Static  One Time For All Time   Monotreme   rock   post-rock     4624  
AA.VV.  Gainsbourg Revisited   Universal   rock   tributo     2595  
AA.VV.  The Killer In You - A Tribute To Smashing Pumpkins   Reignition   rock   tributo     2475  
AA.VV.  Night Of The Speed Demons   Tube   punk   hardcore     3789  
AA.VV.  Black Days - Tribute To Soundgarden   Midwest Movement   rock   tributo     3173  
AA.VV.  Triad   Neurot   metal   experimental     3607  
AA.VV.  Butchering The Beatles   Restless   rock   tributo     4239  
Abominable Iron Sloth, The  The Abominable Iron Sloth   Goodfellow   metal   sludge     2957  
Admiral Backbarents  A Decade Of Harbour Control   DEMO   rock   wave     2422  
Allhelluja  Pain Is The Game   Scarlet   metal   stoner     2998  
Angra  Aurora Consurgens   SPV   metal   power     2971  
Apiary  Lost In Focus   Metal Blade   metal   progressive     4473  
Aquefrigide  Un Caso Isolato   Subsound   metal   alternative     5240  
Arctic Monkeys  Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not   Domino   rock   brit     4055  
Audioslave  Revelations   Epic   rock   alternative     4538  
Baldoria  Baldoria Promo 2006   DEMO   rock   alternative     2805  
Battle Of Mice  A Day Of Nights   Neurot   metal   post-metal     6377  
Be Your Own Pet  Be Your Own Pet   XL   punk   rock     5556  
Beatles, The  Love   EMI   pop   rock     5584  
Beck  The Information   Geffen   indie   pop     2186  
Behold...The Arctopus  Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning   Metal Blade   metal   progressive     5278  
Bellrays, The  Have A Little Faith   Cheap Lullaby   punk   rock     3122  
Between The Buried And Me  The Anatomy Of   Victory   metal   progressive     3936  
Biogora  Sheep?   Antibet   metal   nu-metal     2842  
Birds Of Prey  Weight Of The Wound   Relapse   metal   death metal     2952  
Black Heart Procession, The  The Spell   Touch & Go   rock   folk     1979  
Boogamen  Ritorno Alla Barbarie   Autoproduzione   rock   ska     2366  
Boris  with Merzbow - Sun Baked Snow Cave   Hydra Head   metal   drone     3591  
Boris  Pink   Diwphalanx   rock   stoner     4548  
Callisto  Noir   Fullsteam   metal   post-metal     4557  
Cat Power  The Greatest   Matador   indie   pop     3204  
Cheap Trick  Rockford   SPV   rock   hard rock     2384  
Cibelle  The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves   Crammed Discs   pop   folk     3131  
Clark Nova  So Young   Tube / Ghost Records   pop   psych     3299  
Coldseed  Completion Makes The Tragedy   Nuclear Blast   metal   nu-metal     2345  
Comets On Fire  Avatar   Sub Pop   rock   psych     4388  
Comity  As Everything Is A Tragedy   Candelight   punk   post-hardcore     3333  
Communic  Waves Of Visual Decay   Nuclear Blast   metal   thrash     2894  
Converge  No Heroes   Epitaph   punk   post-hardcore     6278  
Cretin  Freakery   Relapse   metal   grindcore     3269  
Cult Of Luna  Somewhere Along The Highway   Earache   metal   post-metal     3919  
Darkthrone  Too Old Too Cold EP   Moonfog   metal   punk     2870  
Daughters  Hell Songs   Hydra Head   punk   post-hardcore     3446  
Dead Elephant  Sing The Separation EP   Autoproduzione   rock   noise     5108  
Dead Hearts  Bitter Verse   Ferret   punk   hardcore     2437  
Deadpeach  Psycle   Go Down   rock   stoner     3470  
Decapitated  Organic Hallucinosis   Earache   metal   death metal     3616  
Deflore  Human Indu[B]strial   Subsound   metal   industrial     2768  
Deftones  Saturday Night Wrist   Maverick   metal   nu-metal     4696  
Dillinger Escape Plan  Plagiarism EP   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     4621  
Dillinger Escape Plan  Miss Machine The DVD [DVD]   Relapse   punk   post-hardcore     3914  
Dirty Pretty Things  Waterloo To Anywhere   Vertigo   rock   pop     2796  
Don Caballero  World Class Listening Problem   Relapse   rock   progressive     3006  
Dredg  Live At The Fillmore   Interscope   rock   alternative     3929  
Dysrhythmia  Barriers And Passages   Relapse   metal   progressive     4786  
Ettrick  Sudden Arrhythmic Death   American Grizzly   metal   black metal     2910  
Evanescence  The Open Door   Wind Up   metal   alternative     4218  
Evens, The  Get Even   Dischord   rock   folk     2168  
Facedowninshit  Nothing Positive Only Negative   Relapse   metal   sludge     3176  
Famili, The  Neonoir   Fisheye   metal   death metal     3017  
Final  3   Neurot   elettronica   ambient     2648  
Fine Before You Came  Fine Before You Came   Black Candy   indie   rock     2991  
Fiub  Ciubirismeicheuan   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3905  
Franklin Delano  Come Home   Ghost Records   rock   folk     2333  
Gaia Corporation, The  Equilibrium   Wynona Records   punk   post-hardcore     3137  
Gersch, The  The Gersch   Tortuga   metal   sludge     3254  
Godsmack  IV   Universal   rock   grunge     4184  
Grails  Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 1,2, & 3   Important Records   rock   post-rock     3442  
Grinderman  Grinderman   Mute   rock   alternative     3699  
Hank Williams III  Straigh To Hell   Curb   rock   country     2733  
Hatebreed  Supremacy   Roadrunner   metal   metalcore     3186  
Helmet  Monochrome   Warcon Enterprise   rock   alternative     4534  
Ill Nino  The Undercover Sessions EP   Cement Shoes   metal   nu-metal     3295  
Incubus  Light Grenades   Sony   rock   alternative     4440  
Intronaut  Null EP   Goodfellow   metal   progressive     5178  
Intronaut  Void   Goodfellow   metal   progressive     4138  
Isis  Live 4 Selections 2001-2005   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     3513  
Isis  + Aerogramme - In The Fishtank   Konkurrent   rock   post-rock     5130  
Isis  In The Absence Of Truth   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     4963  
Jesu  Silver EP   Neurot   metal   post-metal     3876  
Jet  Shine On   Atlantic   rock   pop     4245  
Joanna Newsom  Ys   Drag City   rock   folk     2834  
Joe Lally  There To Here   Dischord   indie   rock     2748  
Johnny Cash  A Hundred Highways   American   rock   folk     2935  
Jucifer  If Thine Enemy Hunger   Relapse   metal   sludge     3246  
Kalas  Kalas   Tee Pee   metal   sludge     3063  
Kamelot  One Cold Winter's Night   SPV   metal   power     2258  
Kasabian  Empire   BMG   pop   brit     3553  
Katatonia  The Great Cold Distance   Peaceville   metal   alternative     4036  
Khlyst  Chaos Is My Name   Hydra Head   metal   drone     3779  
Khoma  The Second Wave   Roadrunner   rock   alternative     3214  
Killing Joke  Hosannas From The Basement Of Hell   Cooking Vinyl   rock   industrial     2526  
Kittie  Never Again EP   Rock Ridge   metal   death metal     3257  
Kylesa  Time Will Fuse Its Worth   Prosthetic   metal   sludge     3654  
Lacuna Coil  Karmacode   Century Media   metal   goth     3948  
Lair Of The Minotaur  The Ultimate Destroyer   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     3393  
Larsen  Seies   Important   rock   post-rock     2804  
Last Minute To Jaffna  Promo 2006   DEMO   metal   post-metal     3330  
Les Claypool  Of Whales And Woe   Prawn Songs   rock   alternative     3859  
Less Than Jake  In With The Out Crowd   Warner   punk   hardcore melodico     2303  
Lingua  The Smell Of A Life That Could Have Been   Rebel Monster   rock   grunge     4225  
Made Out Of Babies  Coward   Neurot   metal   alternative     5028  
Magnolia Electric Co.  Fading Trails   Secretly Canadian   indie   pop     2234  
Maniscalco Maldestro, Il  Il Maniscalco Maldestro   Videoradio   rock   progressive     12670  
Mark Lanegan  And Isobel Campbell - Ballad Of The Broken Seas   V2   pop   rock     3886  
Mars Volta  Scabdates   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     4173  
Mars Volta  Amputechture   Universal   rock   progressive     4955  
Marti  Unmade Beds   Green Fog   pop   rock     3205  
Massive Attack  Collected   EMI   elettronica   trip-hop     4438  
Mastodon  Call Of The Mastodon   Relapse   metal   sludge     5805  
Mastodon  The Workhorse Chronicles [DVD]   Relapse   metal   alternative     4827  
Mastodon  Blood Mountain   Warner   metal   alternative     7404  
Meganoidi  Granvanoeli   Green Fog   rock   alternative     4883  
Melvins  Houdini Live 2005   Ipecac   metal   alternative     3604  
Melvins  A Senile Animal   Ipecac   rock   noise     5684  
Milaus  JJJ   Black Candy   indie   rock     2855  
Misery Signals  Mirrors   Ferret   metal   metalcore     2707  
Mondo Generator  Dead Planet Sonicslowmotiontrails   Mother Tongue   rock   alternative     3127  
Morkobot  Morkobot   Airbag   rock   psych     4565  
Motley Crue  Carnival Of Sins Live   SPV   rock   hard rock     3148  
Motorpsycho  Black Hole / Black Canvas   Stickman   rock   stoner     4124  
Municipal Waste  Hazardous Mutation   Earache   metal   thrash     3176  
Muse  Black Holes And Revelations   Wea   rock   alternative     3831  
My Brightest Diamond  Bring Me The Workhorse   Asthmatic Kitty   rock   pop     2451  
My Dying Bride  A Line of Deathless Kings   Peaceville   metal   doom     3609  
Napalm Death  Smear Campaign   Century Media   metal   grindcore     3628  
Nettezza Umana  Il Teatro Dell'Assurdo   Derotten   punk   hardcore     3075  
Nicola Manzan  Bologna Violenta   Autoproduzione   elettronica   noise     3471  
Nofx  Wolves In Wolves‘ Clothing   Fat Wreck Chords   punk   hardcore melodico     4397  
NoMeansNo  All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt   Wrong   indie   rock     2514  
None Of Us  Further Hangin' Menace   Nerdsound   metal   screamo     2339  
Not Moving  Live In The 80's   Go Down   punk   garage     4423  
Oginoknaus  Oginoknaus   Vacation House   rock   noise     3059  
OM  Conference Of The Birds   Holy Mountain   rock   psych     4225  
Oneida  Happy New Year   Jagjaguwar   rock   noise     2672  
Orange Man Theory, The  Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To   Indelirium   punk   post-hardcore     6477  
Osian  The Slow Fade Of Loving Things   Rising Works   metal   nu-metal     3856  
Overock  Acid Sounds In A Groove Box   DEMO   rock   alternative     2849  
Paatos  Silence Of Another Kind   SPV   metal   goth     2572  
Paz Lenchantin  Songs For Luci   Autoproduzione   rock   folk     3064  
Pearl Jam  Pearl Jam   J Records   rock   alternative     6358  
Pearl Jam  Live At Easy Street EP   J Records   rock   alternative     4778  
Pecksniff  Honey You're Murdering Me   Black Candy   indie   pop     2928  
Peeping Tom  Peeping Tom   Ipecac   pop   rock     7169  
Pipettes, The  We Are The Pipettes   Memphis Industries   indie   pop     2816  
PJ Harvey  Please Leave Quietly [DVD]   Island   rock   alternative     3602  
Quintorigo  Il Cannone   Exess   pop   jazz     3377  
Raconteurs, The  Broken Boy Soldier   XL   rock   alternative     4231  
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Stadium Arcadium   WEA   rock   pop     6699  
Red Sparowes  Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun   Neurot   rock   post-rock     3958  
Reflections  Free Violence   Temple Of Noise   metal   nu-metal     3291  
Rob Zombie  Educated Horses   Universal   metal   nu-metal     3048  
Rosetta  Galilean Satellites   Translation Loss Records   metal   post-metal     3723  
Scars Of Tomorrow  The Horror Of Realization   Victory   metal   metalcore     2933  
Scissor Sisters  Ta-Dah   Universal   pop   rock     3010  
Sepultura  Dante XXI   SPV   metal   thrash     3089  
Sikth  Death Of A Dead Day   Bieler Bros   metal   nu-metal     3475  
Slayer  Christ Illusion   Warner   metal   thrash     3914  
Sleepy Jackson  Personality   Virgin   rock   pop     2899  
Small Jackets  Walking The Boogie   Go Down   rock   hard rock     3911  
So I Had To Shoot Him  Alpha Males & Popular Girls   Crucial Blast   metal   alternative     3598  
Sonic Youth  Rather Ripped   Geffen   rock   noise     3248  
Sophia  Technology Won't Save Us   Flower Shop   indie   pop     3043  
Sorelle Kraus  Lunatic EP   O Style   punk   garage     3070  
Sothis  Fusion   Temple Of Noise   metal   thrash     2792  
Staind  The Singles 1996-2006   Atlantic   rock   grunge     3750  
Stereophonics  Live From Dakota   V2   pop   brit     3114  
Stone Sour  Come (What)Ever May   Roadrunner   rock   pop     4406  
Subinterior  Selaxon Lutberg / Split   Coldcurrent   elettronica   ambient     2719  
Sunn O)))  & Boris - Altar   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4929  
Super Elastic Bubble Plastic  Small Rooms   RedLed   indie   rock     3651  
Supermarket  Supermarket   Derotten   punk   rock     3122  
Test Switch Isolator  Let's Dance   Casket   metal   progressive     3813  
Thom Yorke  The Eraser   XL   indie   elettronica     2394  
Tommy Lee  Tommyland The Ride   SPV   rock   alternative     4243  
Tone  Solidarity   Neurot   rock   post-rock     3788  
Tool  Schism [DVD]   Volcano   metal   alternative     6231  
Tool  Parabola [DVD]   Volcano   metal   alternative     7299  
Tool  10000 Days   Volcano   metal   alternative     13338  
Totimoshi  Ladron   Crucial Blast   metal   alternative     3367  
Trivium  The Crusade   Roadrunner   metal   thrash     3390  
TV On The Radio  Return To Cookie Mountain   Interscope   rock   alternative     4105  
Twelve Tribes  Midwest Panic   Ferret   metal   metalcore     2573  
Twilight Singers  Powder Burns   One Little Indian   rock   alternative     3276  
Ueickap  Stereotyped   Uck   metal   goth     8726  
Unearthly Trance  The Trident   Relapse   metal   sludge     3382  
Vanessa Van Basten  Vanessa Van Basten   Autoproduzione   rock   post-rock     5258  
Veracrash  The Ghost EP   Go Down   rock   stoner     4385  
Vicodin  10000 Year Old Soldier   Morgana   rock   stoner     2777  
Virgen  Primera Vez   Inferno   punk   post-hardcore     2579  
Voivod  Katorz   Nuclear Blast   metal   alternative     3645  
Wolfmother  Wolfmother   Interscope   rock   hard rock     3535  
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Show Your Bones   Interscope   rock   alternative     3302  
Zao  The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here   Ferret   metal   metalcore     3711  
Zebrahead  Broadcast To The World   SPV   punk   rock     2524  
Zombi  Surface To Air   Relapse   rock   progressive     3348  
Zu  & Xabier Iriondo / Iceburn - Split Series   Phonometak / Wallace   rock   noise     3697