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Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

alternative classica drone elettronica experimental grunge hardcore indie [ metal ] nu-metal pop post rock post-harcore post-hardcore post-metal punk rock stoner

16  Bridges To Burn   Relapse   metal     2413  
A Life Once Lost  Hunter   Ferret   metal     5585  
A Life Once Lost  A Great Artist   Ferret   metal     3117  
A Perfect Circle  Mer De Noms   Virgin   metal     7466  
A Perfect Circle  Thirteen Step   Virgin   metal     9257  
A Perfect Murder  Strength Through Vengeance   Victory   metal     2941  
AA.VV.  Dracula 2000   Columbia   metal     3878  
AA.VV.  The Tribute to Syd Barrett - Like Black Hole In Th   Dwell   metal     2966  
Abel Is Dying  Promo 2k5   DEMO   metal     3327  
Abominable Iron Sloth, The  The Abominable Iron Sloth   Goodfellow   metal     2787  
Agalloch  Marrow Of The Spirit   Profound Lore   metal     1939  
Agoraphobic Nosebleed  Agorapocalypse   Relapse   metal     3063  
Akimbo  Navigating The Bronze   Alternative Tentacles   metal     3422  
Akimbo  Jersey Shores   Neurot   metal     2708  
Alabama Thunderpussy  Open Fire   Relapse   metal     3386  
All Pigs Must Die  God Is War   Southern Lord   metal     1201  
Altar Of Plagues  Mammal   Profound Lore   metal     1911  
American Heritage  Sedentary   Translation Loss   metal     1958  
Angra  Aurora Consurgens   SPV   metal     2834  
Antigama  Warning   Relapse   metal     2208  
Aquefrigide  Un Caso Isolato   Subsound   metal     5071  
Asg  Win Us Over   Volcom   metal     2266  
Baroness  Red Album   Relapse   metal     5368  
Baroness  Blue Record   Relapse   metal     2154  
Baroness  Yellow & Green   Relapse   metal     2521  
Big Business  Mind The Drift   Hydrahead   metal     2658  
Birds Of Prey  Weight Of The Wound   Relapse   metal     2774  
Bison BC  Quiet Earth   Metal Blade   metal     2232  
Black Cobra  Chronomega   Southern Lord   metal     3573  
Black Label Society  1919 Eternal   Spitfire   metal     3413  
Black Math Horseman  Wyllt   TeePee   metal     2401  
Black Sabbath  Paranoid   Vertigo   metal     5904  
Black Sabbath  Past Lives   Sanctuary   metal     4162  
Black Sabbath  We Sold Our Soul For Rock'n'Roll   NEMS   metal     3522  
Black Tusk  Taste The Sin   Relapse   metal     2160  
Bloody Panda  Summon   Profound Lore   metal     2897  
Blueprint  Phenomenology   Golf   metal     3170  
Brutal Rash  The Gyre   DEMO   metal     3152  
Butterfly Effect  Begins Here   Modern Record   metal     5331  
Cavalera Conspiracy  Inflikted   Roadrunner   metal     2395  
Chariot, The  Wars And Rumors Of Wars   Solid State   metal     2184  
Christian Mistress  Possession   Relapse   metal     1406  
Communic  Waves Of Visual Decay   Nuclear Blast   metal     2726  
Coprofago  Unorthodox Creative Criteria   Sekhmet   metal     4865  
Corey  Sacroniente   Dufresne   metal     3364  
Cough  Ritual Abuse   Relapse   metal     2742  
Cretin  Freakery   Relapse   metal     3031  
Crowbar  Sever The Wicked Hand   Century Media   metal     1806  
Cynic  Focus   Roadrunner   metal     5135  
Damage Plan  New Found Power   Elektra   metal     3506  
Darkest Hour  Undoing Run   Victory   metal     2726  
Darkthrone  Too Old Too Cold EP   Moonfog   metal     2732  
Death  Individual Thought Patterns   Relativity   metal     4137  
Deathspell Omega  Paracletus   Season Of Mist   metal     2365  
Decapitated  Organic Hallucinosis   Earache   metal     3439  
Deflore  Human Indu[B]strial   Subsound   metal     2625  
Devil  Time To Repent   Soulseller   metal     1923  
DGM  Misplaced   Scarlet   metal     2693  
Down  II   Elektra   metal     5153  
Down  III - Over The Under   Roadrunner   metal     4369  
Dream Theater  Octavarium   Atlantic   metal     5722  
Dredg  Leitmotif   Interscope   metal     4554  
Electric Wizard  Black Masses   Rise Above   metal     2937  
End Of Level Boss  Inside The Difference Engine   Exile On Mainstream   metal     3058  
Entombed  Uprising   Sanctuary   metal     4493  
Entombed  Unreal Estate   Threeman   metal     3179  
Entombed  Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments   Candlelight Record   metal     2759  
Esoteric  Paragon Of Dissonance   Season Of Mist   metal     1660  
Evanescence  Fallen   Wind Up   metal     4404  
Evanescence  The Open Door   Wind Up   metal     4041  
Evildoer  Terror Audio   Scarlet   metal     2813  
Extrema  And The Best Has Yet To Come   About Rock   metal     3267  
Facedowninshit  Nothing Positive Only Negative   Relapse   metal     2990  
Famili, The  Neonoir   Fisheye   metal     2825  
Fear Factory  Digimortal   Roadrunner   metal     3242  
Fight Amp  Hungry For Nothing   Translation Loss   metal     2902  
Five Star Prison Cell  Slaves Of Virgo   Faultline   metal     2773  
Floor  Dove   No Idea   metal     4420  
Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects  Sol Niger Within   Relapse   metal     4323  
Frostmoon Eclipse  Death Is Coming   Iso666   metal     3753  
Gallhammer  Ill Innocence   Peaceville   metal     3877  
Gersch, The  The Gersch   Tortuga   metal     3054  
Ghost  Opus Eponymous   Rise Above   metal     2630  
Ghostride  Cobrasunrise   Golf   metal     2799  
Giant Squid  The Ichthyologist   Autoproduzione   metal     2975  
Goblin Cock  Come With Me If You Want to Live   Robcore   metal     2210  
Gojira  The Way Of All The Flesh   Listenable   metal     2841  
Grip Inc.  Incorporated   Hunter   metal     4134  
Harvey Milk  Life... The Best Game In Town   Hydrahead   metal     2480  
Hatebreed  Supremacy   Roadrunner   metal     2892  
Helmet  Seeing Eye Dog   Work Song   metal     1965  
Helms Alee  Night Terror   Hydrahead   metal     2478  
High On Fire  Snakes For The Divine   Koch   metal     2433  
In Flames  A Sense Of Purpose   Nuclear Blast   metal     2175  
Indian  Guiltless   Relapse   metal     1637  
Iron Monkey  Iron Monkey Our Problem Box   Earache   metal     2709  
Jex Thoth  Jex Thoth   I Hate Records   metal     4522  
Jucifer  If Thine Enemy Hunger   Relapse   metal     3049  
Jucifer  L'Autrichienne   Relapse   metal     2514  
Kalas  Kalas   Tee Pee   metal     2851  
Kamelot  One Cold Winter's Night   SPV   metal     2134  
Katatonia  The Great Cold Distance   Peaceville   metal     3862  
Kenos  Extracted From Intersection   DEMO   metal     3793  
Kittie  Never Again EP   Rock Ridge   metal     3046  
Kittie  Funeral For Yesterday   X Of Infamy   metal     3875  
Klimt 1918  Dopoguerra   Prophecy   metal     6327  
Kvelertak  Kvelertak   Indie   metal     3185  
Kylesa  To Walk A Middle Course   Prosthetic   metal     4597  
Kylesa  Time Will Fuse Its Worth   Prosthetic   metal     3458  
Kylesa  Static Tension   Prosthetic   metal     4324  
Kylesa  Spiral Shadow   Season Of Mist   metal     2558  
Kylesa  Ultraviolet   Season Of Mist   metal     2978  
Lacuna Coil  Comalies   Century Media   metal     3975  
Lacuna Coil  Unleashed Memories   Century Media   metal     4291  
Lacuna Coil  Karmacode   Century Media   metal     3780  
Lair Of The Minotaur  The Ultimate Destroyer   Southern Lord   metal     3202  
Lair Of The Minotaur  War Metal Battle Master   Southern Lord   metal     2817  
Lamb Of God  Wrath   Roadrunner   metal     2437  
Lamb Of God  Resolution   Roadrunner   metal     1683  
Lesbian  Power Hor   Holy Mountain   metal     3228  
Lesbian  Stratospheria Cubensis   Important   metal     2309  
Liturgy  Aesthethica   Thrill Jockey   metal     1784  
Loincloth  Iron Balls Of Steel   Southern Lord   metal     1572  
Manes  How The World Came To An End   Candlelight Record   metal     3031  
Marilyn Manson  & The Spooky Kids - White Trash   InBread   metal     3727  
Martyr  Feeding The Abscess   Galy   metal     3990  
Mastodon  Remission   Relapse   metal     4671  
Mastodon  Leviathan   Relapse   metal     7994  
Mastodon  The Workhorse Chronicles [DVD]   Relapse   metal     4615  
Mastodon  Blood Mountain   Warner   metal     7179  
Mastodon  Crack The Skye   Warner   metal     3702  
Mastodon  Live At Aragon   Reprise   metal     2210  
Mastodon  The Hunter   Reprise   metal     1999  
Mastodon  Once More Around The Sun   Reprise   metal     3856  
Megadeth  The World Needs A Hero   Sanctuary   metal     3391  
Megadeth  System Has Failed   Sanctuary   metal     3369  
Melvins  Hostile Ambient Takeover   Ipecac   metal     6096  
Melvins  Houdini Live 2005   Ipecac   metal     3409  
Melvins  Houdini   Atlantic   metal     5997  
Melvins  Stoner Witch   Atlantic   metal     4335  
Melvins  Nude With Boots   Ipecac   metal     4106  
Melvins  The Bride Screamed Murder   Ipecac   metal     2729  
Menace  Quake Metal   DEMO   metal     2242  
Menace Ruine  Union Of Irreconcilables   Aurora Borealis   metal     7393  
Meshuggah  Contraddiction Collapse   Nuclear Blast   metal     3867  
Meshuggah  None EP   Nuclear Blast   metal     4053  
Meshuggah  Chaosphere   Nuclear Blast   metal     6339  
Meshuggah  Rare Trax   Nuclear Blast   metal     3567  
Meshuggah  I   Fractured Transmitter Records   metal     4832  
Meshuggah  Catch 33   Nuclear Blast   metal     5810  
Meshuggah  Obzen   Nuclear Blast   metal     3388  
Metallica  St.Anger   Vertigo   metal     8730  
Metallica  Death Magnetic   Warner   metal     4039  
Midnight  Sakada   Black Lotus   metal     2647  
Misery Signals  Mirrors   Ferret   metal     2536  
Mistress  The Glory Bitches Of Doghead   Feto Records   metal     3944  
Motorhead  The World Is Yours   EMI   metal     1533  
Municipal Waste  Hazardous Mutation   Earache   metal     3031  
My Dying Bride  A Line of Deathless Kings   Peaceville   metal     3438  
Napalm Death  Smear Campaign   Century Media   metal     3383  
Napalm Death  Utilitarian   Century Media   metal     1956  
Nasum  Doombringer   Relapse   metal     2761  
Nevermore  Enemies Of Reality   Century Media   metal     5090  
No Reason  Demo 2003   DEMO   metal     2990  
None Of Us  Further Hangin' Menace   Nerdsound   metal     2207  
Norma Jean  Meridional   Razor & Tie   metal     2152  
Obrero  Mortui Vivos Docent   Night Tripper   metal     1718  
Ocean, The  Heliocentric   Metal Blade   metal     2387  
Ocean, The  Anthropocentric   Metal Blade   metal     2094  
Opeth  Heritage   Roadrunner   metal     1421  
Oranssi Pazuzu  Kosmonument   Spinefarm   metal     2622  
Paatos  Silence Of Another Kind   SPV   metal     2441  
Pantera  Power Metal   Metal Magic   metal     6658  
Pantera  Vulgar Display Of Power   East West   metal     6194  
Pantera  Reinventing Hell   Rhino   metal     4850  
Philm  Harmonic   Ipecac   metal     1913  
Pig Destroyer  Terrifier   Relapse   metal     3193  
Pig Destroyer  Phantom Limb   Relapse   metal     3544  
Premonition 13  13   Volcom   metal     1581  
Priestess  Prior To The Fire   Tee Pee   metal     2129  
Probot  Probot   Southern Lord   metal     2830  
Ramesses  Take The Curse   Ritual Productions   metal     2116  
Rammstein  Rosenrot   Universal   metal     4486  
Red Fang  Murder The Mountains   Relapse   metal     3252  
Roadrunner United  The All-Star Sessions   Roadrunner   metal     3965  
Rose Kemp  Golden Shroud   12 Year Stretch   metal     2436  
Rwake  Rest   Relapse   metal     1848  
Sadist  Above The Light   Beyond   metal     5831  
Sadist  Tribe   Beyond   metal     3800  
Sadist  Sadist   Beyond   metal     3217  
Salome  Terminal   Profound Lore   metal     1913  
Scars Of Tomorrow  The Horror Of Realization   Victory   metal     2781  
Schism  Dissolution Or Minds   DEMO   metal     3635  
Sepultura  Roorback   SPV   metal     3820  
Sepultura  Dante XXI   SPV   metal     2927  
Shining  Black Jazz   Indie   metal     3001  
Sin Of Silence  Sin Of Silence   DEMO   metal     2925  
Sinai Beach  Immersed   Victory   metal     2613  
Since By Man  A Hate Love Relationship   Revelation   metal     3049  
Slayer  Christ Illusion   Warner   metal     3762  
Soilent Green  Confrontation   Relapse   metal     3160  
Sothis  Fusion   Temple Of Noise   metal     2607  
Spylacopa  Spylacopa EP   Rising Pulse   metal     2380  
Stoner Kebab  Imber Vulgi   Dufresne   metal     3511  
Strapping Young Lad  SYL   Century Media   metal     3702  
Subrosa  No Help For The Mighty One   Profound Lore   metal     1742  
Superjoint Ritual  Use Once & Destroy   Sanctuary   metal     5514  
Symmetric Disorder  Extract From Biomechanical Nonsense Connection   DEMO   metal     2377  
Terror 2000  Terror For Sale   Scarlet   metal     2603  
The Devil's Blood  The Thousandfold Epicentre   Van   metal     1840  
The Secret  Solve Et Coagula   Southern Lord   metal     1574  
The Sword  Gods Of The Earth   Kemado   metal     2400  
Throwdown  Vendetta   Trustkill   metal     3267  
Tony Iommi  Iommi   Priority   metal     3318  
Tool  Opiate EP   Volcano   metal     4764  
Tool  Undertow   Volcano   metal     6592  
Tool  Aenima   Volcano   metal     10552  
Tool  Lateralus   Zoo   metal     11123  
Tool  Schism [DVD]   Volcano   metal     5967  
Tool  Parabola [DVD]   Volcano   metal     6989  
Tool  10000 Days   Volcano   metal     13088  
Torche  Meanderthal   Hydrahead   metal     3147  
Torche  Songs For Singles   Hydrahead   metal     1957  
Totimoshi  Ladron   Crucial Blast   metal     3145  
Triptykon  Eparistera Daimones   Century Media   metal     2217  
Trivium  The Crusade   Roadrunner   metal     3246  
Twelve Tribes  Midwest Panic   Ferret   metal     2404  
Ueickap  Stereotyped   Uck   metal     8558  
Ulver  Shadows Of The Sun   Jester Records   metal     3769  
Un-kind  Hurts To The Core   Vacation House   metal     2735  
Unearthly Trance  The Trident   Relapse   metal     3195  
Unearthly Trance  Electrocution   Relapse   metal     2609  
Unearthly Trance  V   Relapse   metal     1994  
Virus  The Agent That Shapes The Desert   Duplicate   metal     2088  
Voivod  Katorz   Nuclear Blast   metal     3424  
Voivod  To The Death 84   Alternative Tentacles   metal     1354  
Warrel Dane  Praises To The War Machine   Century Media   metal     2290  
Weedeater  Jason... The Dragon   Southern Lord   metal     2307  
Wolves In The Throne Room  Celestial Lineage   Southern Lord   metal     2050  
Woods Of Ypres  Woods 5   Earache   metal     1791  
Yakuza  Of Seismic Consequence   Profound Lore   metal     1867  
Yob  Atma   Profound Lore   metal     2183  
Zao  The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here   Ferret   metal     3501  
Znort  200 Bpm   DEMO   metal     3086  
Zozobra  Bird Of Prey   Hydrahead   metal     2946