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Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

classica colonna sonora elettronica experimental hip hop indie jazz [ metal ] pop punk rock

  AA.VV.  Superunknown Redux   Magnetic Eye   metal   alternative     126  
  (Hed)P.E.  Blackout   Jive   metal   nu-metal     4200  
  (Hed)P.E.  Broke   Jive   metal   nu-metal     4756  
  ... And Oceans  As In Gardens, So In Tombs   Season Of Mist   metal   black metal     305  
  16  Bridges To Burn   Relapse   metal   sludge     2791  
  1980  1980   Autoproduzione   metal   progressive     3842  
  30 Seconds To Mars  A Beautiful Lie   Virgin   metal   nu-metal     8370  
  5ive  5ive   Tortuga   metal   drone     3791  
  5ive  Telestic Disfracture   Tortuga   metal   drone     3609  
  5ive  Hesperus   Tortuga   metal   post-metal     4958  
  A Life Once Lost  Hunter   Ferret   metal   metalcore     6046  
  A Life Once Lost  A Great Artist   Ferret   metal   metalcore     3501  
  A Perfect Circle  Mer De Noms   Virgin   metal   alternative     8105  
  A Perfect Circle  Thirteen Step   Virgin   metal   alternative     9749  
  A Perfect Circle  eMOTIVe   Virgin   metal   alternative     5149  
  A Perfect Murder  Strength Through Vengeance   Victory   metal   metalcore     3302  
  A Storm Of Light  As The Valley Of Death   Profound Lore   metal   post-metal     3032  
  A Swarm Of The Sun  The King Of Everything   Version Studio   metal   post-metal     3426  
  A Swarm Of The Sun  The Woods   Version Studio   metal   post-metal     320  
  AA.VV.  Dracula 2000   Columbia   metal   alternative     4391  
  AA.VV.  Ozzfest Second Stage Live   Divine   metal   nu-metal     2902  
  AA.VV.  Spawn - The Album   Immortal   metal   elettronica     4396  
  AA.VV.  Babylon Magazine Compilation   Psychosoda Blaster   metal   nu-metal     4317  
  AA.VV.  Neurot Recordings I   Neurot   metal   sludge     3764  
  AA.VV.  Everything Comes And Goes   Temporary Residence   metal   post-metal     2915  
  AA.VV.  Triad   Neurot   metal   experimental     3922  
  AA.VV.  Stones From The Sky Neurosound Vol.1   Neuroprison   metal   post-metal     3958  
  AA.VV.  The Tribute to Syd Barrett - Like Black Hole In Th   Dwell   metal   alternative     3390  
  AA.VV.  Dirt Redux   Magnetic Eye   metal   sludge     546  
  Abel Is Dying  Promo 2k5   DEMO   metal   metalcore     3744  
  Abhorrent Expanse  Gateways to Resplendence   Amalgam   metal   experimental     297  
  Abominable Iron Sloth, The  The Abominable Iron Sloth   Goodfellow   metal   sludge     3131  
  Abraham  Débris De Mondes Perdus   Pelagic   metal   post-metal     271  
  Absent In Body  Plague God   Relapse   metal   post-metal     317  
  Acid King  Beyond Vision   Blues Funeral   metal   doom     357  
  Across Tundras  Sage   Neurot   metal   post-metal     2267  
  Aeviterne  The Ailing Facade   Profound Lore   metal   black metal     319  
  Afsky  Om hundrede år   Vendetta   metal   black metal     246  
  Agalloch  Marrow Of The Spirit   Profound Lore   metal   black metal     2318  
  Agoraphobic Nosebleed  Agorapocalypse   Relapse   metal   grindcore     3485  
  Aidan Baker  Green & Cold   Gears Of Sand   metal   drone     3065  
  Akimbo  Navigating The Bronze   Alternative Tentacles   metal   sludge     3889  
  Akimbo  Jersey Shores   Neurot   metal   alternative     3142  
  Alabama Thunderpussy  Open Fire   Relapse   metal   hard rock     3739  
  Alastor  Onwards and Downwards   Riding Easy   metal   doom     330  
  Alcest  Les Voyages De L'Ame   Prophecy   metal   post-metal     2062  
  Alexander Tucker  Dorwytch   Thrill Jockey   metal   drone     2542  
  Alexander Tucker  Third Mouth   Thrill Jockey   metal   drone     2586  
  All Pigs Must Die  God Is War   Southern Lord   metal   hardcore     1542  
  Allhelluja  Inferno Museum   Scarlet   metal   stoner     3352  
  Allhelluja  Pain Is The Game   Scarlet   metal   stoner     3220  
  Altar Of Plagues  Mammal   Profound Lore   metal   black metal     2373  
  Amen  We've Come For Your Parents   Virgin   metal   nu-metal     3735  
  Amenra  De Doorn   Relapse   metal   post-metal     278  
  American Head Charge  The War Of Art   American   metal   nu-metal     7040  
  American Head Charge  The Feeding   DRT   metal   nu-metal     3916  
  American Heritage  Sedentary   Translation Loss   metal   alternative     2310  
  Angra  Aurora Consurgens   SPV   metal   power     3161  
  Antigama  Warning   Relapse   metal   grindcore     2673  
  Apex Theory  The Topsy Turvy   Dreamworks   metal   nu-metal     3257  
  Apex Theory  Inthatskyissomethingwatching EP   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     3533  
  Apiary  Lost In Focus   Metal Blade   metal   progressive     4722  
  Appalooza  The Holy Of Holies   Ripple Music   metal   alternative     380  
  Aquefrigide  Un Caso Isolato   Subsound   metal   alternative     5428  
  Artdisorder  Anoplogaster Cornuta   Jestrai   metal   nu-metal     3400  
  Asg  Win Us Over   Volcom   metal   alternative     2654  
  Ashenspire  Hostile Architecture   Code666   metal   progressive     469  
  ASVA  What You Don't Know Is Frontier   Southern Records   metal   drone     3837  
  Atomic Opera  For Madmen Only   Giant Records   metal   alternative     437  
  Author & Punisher  Kruller   Relapse   metal   industrial     234  
  B-Blast  Insidioso Ascolto Della Musica   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     3004  
  Baroness  Red Album   Relapse   metal   sludge     5925  
  Baroness  Blue Record   Relapse   metal   sludge     2641  
  Baroness  Yellow & Green   Relapse   metal   alternative     2903  
  Baroness  Gold & Grey   Abraxan Hymns   metal   alternative     398  
  Baroness  Stone   Abraxan Hymns   metal   alternative     111  
  Battle Of Mice  A Day Of Nights   Neurot   metal   post-metal     6733  
  Battle Of Mice  / Jesu - Split   Robotic Empire   metal   post-metal     3015  
  Behold...The Arctopus  Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning   Metal Blade   metal   progressive     5500  
  Bell Witch  & Aerial Ruin - Stygian Bough Volume I   Profound Lore   metal   doom     473  
  Bell Witch  Future's Shadow Part 1   Profound Lore   metal   doom     147  
  Between The Buried And Me  Alaska   Victory   metal   progressive     3818  
  Between The Buried And Me  The Anatomy Of   Victory   metal   progressive     4125  
  Between The Buried And Me  Colors   Victory   metal   progressive     2730  
  Big Brave  A Gaze Among Them   Southern Lord   metal   experimental     511  
  Big Brave  Vital   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     629  
  Big Brave  Nature Morte   Thrill Jockey   metal   sludge     293  
  Big Business  Mind The Drift   Hydra Head   metal   alternative     3173  
  Big Business  Quadruple Single   Gold Metal   metal   sludge     2019  
  Big Business  The Beast You Are   Joyful Noise   metal   sludge     316  
  Biogora  Sheep?   Antibet   metal   nu-metal     3175  
  Birds Of Prey  Weight Of The Wound   Relapse   metal   death metal     3142  
  Bison BC  Quiet Earth   Metal Blade   metal   sludge     2575  
  Black Cobra  Chronomega   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     4090  
  Black Label Society  1919 Eternal   Spitfire   metal   hard rock     3850  
  Black Math Horseman  Wyllt   Tee Pee   metal   doom     2805  
  Black Sabbath  Paranoid   Vertigo   metal   hard rock     6316  
  Black Sabbath  Past Lives   Sanctuary   metal   hard rock     4672  
  Black Sabbath  We Sold Our Soul For Rock'n'Roll   NEMS   metal   hard rock     3947  
  Black Sky Giant  End Of Days Pilgrimage   Autoproduzione   metal   stoner     280  
  Black Tusk  Taste The Sin   Relapse   metal   sludge     2541  
  Blacklab  In A Bizarre Dream   New Heavy Sounds   metal   sludge     385  
  BlackLab  Abyss   New Heavy Sounds   metal   sludge     1047  
  BleakHeart  DreamGreaver   Sailor Records   metal   doom     557  
  Blood Incantation  Hidden History Of Human Race   Century Media   metal   progressive     466  
  Bloody Panda  Summon   Profound Lore   metal   doom     3359  
  Bloodywood  Rakshak   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     390  
  Blueprint  Phenomenology   Golf   metal   alternative     3594  
  Blut Aus Nord  Hallucinogen   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     458  
  Blut Aus Nord  Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     434  
  Blut Aus Nord  Disharmonium - Nahab   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     56  
  Body Count  Carnivore   Century Media   metal   nu-metal     922  
  Body Void  Burn The Homes Of Those Who Seek To Control   Autoproduzione   metal   sludge     258  
  Body Void  Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth   Prosthetic   metal   sludge     285  
  Bongripper  Satan Worshipping Doom   Feretro   metal   sludge     3199  
  Bongtower  Altered States   Autoproduzione   metal   sludge     343  
  Bongzilla  Amerijuanican   Relapse   metal   sludge     3897  
  Bongzilla  Weedsconsin   Heavy Psych Sounds   metal   sludge     572  
  Boris  Absolutego   Fangs Anal Satan   metal   drone     5890  
  Boris  Flood   Midi Creative   metal   drone     6772  
  Boris  Heavy Rocks   Quattro Uk Discs   metal   stoner     6886  
  Boris  Akuma No Uta   Diwphalanx Records   metal   stoner     5079  
  Boris  Feedbacker   Diwphalanx Records   metal   drone     4661  
  Boris  with Merzbow - Sun Baked Snow Cave   Hydra Head   metal   drone     3830  
  Boris  NO   Fangs Anal Satan   metal   drone     594  
  Boris  & Merzbow - 2R0I2P0   Relapse   metal   drone     418  
  Boris  Fade   Fangs Anal Satan   metal   drone     336  
  Boss Keloid  Family the Smiling Thrush   Ripple Music   metal   alternative     349  
  Boyhitscar  Boyhitscar   Wind Up   metal   nu-metal     4135  
  Boyhitscar  The Passage   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     4127  
  Bríi  Entre Tudo que é Visto e Oculto   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     311  
  Bríi  Sem Propósito   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     419  
  Bríi  Corpos Transparentes   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     307  
  Briqueville  Quelle   Pelagic   metal   post-metal     553  
  Bruce Lamont  Feral Songs For The Epic Decline   At A Loss   metal   doom     1964  
  Brutal Rash  The Gyre   DEMO   metal   metalcore     3523  
  Buried Inside  Chronoclast   Relapse   metal   progressive     4194  
  Burnt By The Sun  Heart Of Darkness   Relapse   metal   post-metal     3560  
  Burst  Lazarus Bird   Relapse   metal   post-metal     3918  
  Butterfly Effect  Begins Here   Modern Record   metal   alternative     5829  
  Callisto  True Nature Unfold   Earache   metal   post-metal     4746  
  Callisto  Noir   Fullsteam   metal   post-metal     4853  
  Callisto  Providence   Fullsteam   metal   post-metal     3547  
  Carlos Dunga  Oltre Quella Linea   UA   metal   thrash     475  
  Caustic Casanova  Glass Enclosed Nerve Center   Magnetic Eye   metal   progressive     521  
  Cavalera Conspiracy  Inflikted   Roadrunner   metal   thrash     2780  
  Cave In  Heavy Pendulum   Relapse   metal   alternative     493  
  Celebrity Sex Scandal  The Fundamental   Razor To Wrist   metal   nu-metal     428  
  Celeste  Mortes Nees   Denovali   metal   post-metal     3415  
  Chariot, The  Wars And Rumors Of Wars   Solid State   metal   metalcore     2477  
  Chevelle  Wonder What's Next   Epic   metal   alternative     4657  
  Chevelle  Niratias   Epic   metal   alternative     304  
  Christian Mistress  Possession   Relapse   metal   hard rock     1757  
  Ciemra  The Tread Of Darkness   Avantgarde   metal   black metal     242  
  Circle Of Sighs  Narci   Metal Assault   metal   progressive     481  
  Cloud Rat  Pollinator   Artoffact Records   metal   grindcore     391  
  Coal Chamber  Dark Days   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     3212  
  Code Orange  Underneath   Roadrunner   metal   elettronica     401  
  Coldseed  Completion Makes The Tragedy   Nuclear Blast   metal   nu-metal     2546  
  Come To Grief  When The World Dies   Translation Loss   metal   sludge     284  
  Communic  Waves Of Visual Decay   Nuclear Blast   metal   thrash     3079  
  Conan  Evidence Of Immortality   Napalm   metal   doom     356  
  Conifer  Crown Fire   Important   metal   post-metal     2936  
  Coprofago  Unorthodox Creative Criteria   Sekhmet   metal   progressive     5348  
  Corey  Sacroniente   Dufresne   metal   grindcore     3910  
  Cough  Ritual Abuse   Relapse   metal   doom     3206  
  Crawl  Damned   Profound Lore   metal   black metal     88  
  Crawler  Crawler   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     2977  
  Crawler  F.T.C.T.T.P.   Kick Agency   metal   nu-metal     2694  
  Cretin  Freakery   Relapse   metal   grindcore     3569  
  Crowbar  Sever The Wicked Hand   Century Media   metal   sludge     2199  
  Crowbar  Zero And Below   MNRK   metal   sludge     359  
  Cryptae  Vestigial   Tartarus Records   metal   death metal     355  
  Cult Of Luna  Somewhere Along The Highway   Earache   metal   post-metal     4132  
  Cynic  Focus   Roadrunner   metal   progressive     5817  
  Damage Plan  New Found Power   Elektra   metal   metalcore     3805  
  Dana Dentata  Pantychrist   Roadrunner   metal   alternative     340  
  Dark Buddha Rising  Mathreyata   Svart   metal   drone     480  
  Darkest Hour  Undoing Run   Victory   metal   metalcore     3039  
  Darkthrone  Too Old Too Cold EP   Moonfog   metal   punk     3110  
  Darkthrone  Old Star   Peaceville   metal   black metal     523  
  Darkthrone  Eternal Hails   Peaceville   metal   black metal     406  
  Darkthrone  Astral Fortress   Peaceville   metal   black metal     267  
  Dead Cross  II   Ipecac   metal   alternative     275  
  Dead Heat  World At War   Triple-B   metal   thrash     222  
  Dead To A Dying World  Elegy   Profound Lore   metal   post-metal     444  
  Death  Individual Thought Patterns   Relativity   metal   progressive     4602  
  Deathbell  A Nocturnal Crossing   Svart   metal   doom     264  
  Deathspell Omega  Paracletus   Season Of Mist   metal   black metal     2911  
  Deathspell Omega  The Furnaces Of Palingenesia   Norma Evangelium Diaboli   metal   black metal     471  
  Deathspell Omega  The Long Defeat   Norma Evangelium Diaboli   metal   black metal     451  
  Decapitated  Organic Hallucinosis   Earache   metal   death metal     3856  
  Deflore  Human Indu[B]strial   Subsound   metal   industrial     3080  
  Deftones  Adrenaline   Maverick   metal   nu-metal     4981  
  Deftones  Around The Fur   Maverick   metal   nu-metal     5551  
  Deftones  White Pony   Maverick   metal   nu-metal     8039  
  Deftones  Back To School   Maverick   metal   nu-metal     3460  
  Deftones  Deftones   Maverick   metal   nu-metal     4848  
  Deftones  B-side And Rarities   Maverick   metal   nu-metal     4302  
  Deftones  Saturday Night Wrist   Maverick   metal   nu-metal     4959  
  Deftones  Diamond Eyes   Warner   metal   nu-metal     2613  
  Deftones  Ohms   Reprise   metal   nu-metal     907  
  Devil  Time To Repent   Soulseller   metal   doom     2327  
  Devil Master  Satan Spits on Children of Light   Relapse   metal   black metal     158  
  Devil Master  Ecstasies of Never Ending Night   Relapse   metal   black metal     301  
  DGM  Misplaced   Scarlet   metal   progressive     3080  
  Dirge  Elysian Magnetic Fields   Division   metal   post-metal     3129  
  Disorder  Disorder   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3126  
  Dissolve Patterns  Dissolve Patterns   Brucia Records   metal   black metal     308  
  Disturbed  Believe   Warner   metal   nu-metal     6509  
  Disturbed  The Sickness   Warner   metal   nu-metal     13487  
  Disturbed  10000 Fists   Warner   metal   nu-metal     4766  
  Divide And Dissolve  Gas Lit   Invada   metal   drone     515  
  Divide And Dissolve  Systemic   Invada   metal   drone     84  
  Dog Bisquits  Dietro Un Vetro   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3235  
  Dog Fashion Disco  Anarchist Of Good Taste   Spitfire   metal   nu-metal     4992  
  Domkraft  Slow Fidelity   Blues Funeral   metal   doom     467  
  Domkraft  Seeds   Prophecy   metal   doom     511  
  Down  II   Elektra   metal   sludge     5734  
  Down  III - Over The Under   Roadrunner   metal   sludge     4920  
  Dr. Colossus  I'm a Stupid Moron   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     189  
  Dreadnought  The Endless   Profound Lore   metal   progressive     270  
  Dreadnought  Emergence   Profound Lore   metal   progressive     518  
  Dream Theater  Octavarium   Atlantic   metal   progressive     6039  
  Dream Widow  Dream Widow   Roswell Records Inc   metal   alternative     406  
  Dredg  Orph EP   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     5001  
  Dredg  Leitmotif   Interscope   metal   alternative     5242  
  Dub Trio  The Shape Of Dub To Come   New Damage   metal   alternative     371  
  Duma  Duma   Nyege Nyege Tapes   metal   grindcore     525  
  Dvne  Etemen Ænka   Metal Blade   metal   progressive     340  
  Dyskinesia  Dalla Nascita   Frohike   metal   post-metal     3107  
  Dysrhythmia  Pretest   Relapse   metal   progressive     5414  
  Dysrhythmia  Barriers And Passages   Relapse   metal   progressive     5034  
  Dysrhythmia  Psychic Map   Relapse   metal   progressive     3453  
  Dysrhythmia  Terminal Treshold   Terminal Treshold   metal   progressive     352  
  Dystopian Future Movies  Inviolate   Lasairfhíona Records   metal   alternative     352  
  E-L-R  Vexier   Prophecy   metal   post-metal     318  
  Earth  Earth 2   Sub Pop   metal   drone     6456  
  Earth  Sunn Amps And Smashed Guitars   Blast First   metal   drone     4547  
  Earth  Living In The Gleam Of An Unsheathed Sword   Troubleman   metal   drone     8284  
  Earth  Hex Or Printing In The Infernal Method   Southern Lord   metal   drone     5442  
  Earth  Hibernaculum   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4349  
  Earth  The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4005  
  Earth  Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light 1   Southern Lord   metal   drone     2609  
  Earth  Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light 2   Southern Lord   metal   drone     2348  
  Egg  Egg   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     4385  
  Eight Bells  Legacy Of Ruins   Prophecy   metal   post-metal     315  
  Electric Wizard  Black Masses   Rise Above   metal   doom     3396  
  End Of Level Boss  Inside The Difference Engine   Exile On Mainstream   metal   alternative     3462  
  End, The  Within Dividia   Relapse   metal   progressive     3301  
  End, The  Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point   Relapse   metal   progressive     3274  
  End, The  Elementary   Relapse   metal   progressive     3937  
  Endo  Evolve   Panacea   metal   nu-metal     3227  
  Entombed  Uprising   Sanctuary   metal   death metal     5180  
  Entombed  Unreal Estate   Threeman   metal   death metal     3652  
  Entombed  Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments   Candlelight Record   metal   death metal     3193  
  Ephel Duath  The Painters Palette   Earache   metal   progressive     6879  
  Ephel Duath  Pain Necessary To Know   Earache   metal   progressive     5777  
  Ephel Duath  Through My Dog's Eyes   Earache   metal   progressive     2910  
  Esoteric  Paragon Of Dissonance   Season Of Mist   metal   doom     2124  
  Eternal Champion  The Armor Of Ire   No Remorse   metal   hard rock     218  
  Eternal Champion  Ravening Iron   No Remorse   metal   hard rock     483  
  Ettrick  Sudden Arrhythmic Death   American Grizzly   metal   black metal     3147  
  Evanescence  Fallen   Wind Up   metal   goth     4808  
  Evanescence  The Open Door   Wind Up   metal   alternative     4424  
  Evildoer  Terror Audio   Scarlet   metal   thrash     3122  
  Extrema  And The Best Has Yet To Come   About Rock   metal   thrash     3657  
  Eye Flys  Context   Thrill Jockey   metal   sludge     435  
  Eye Flys  Exigent Circumstance   Closed Casket   metal   sludge     269  
  Eyehategod  A History of Nomadic Behavior   Century Media   metal   sludge     386  
  Facedowninshit  Nothing Positive Only Negative   Relapse   metal   sludge     3441  
  Famili, The  Neonoir   Fisheye   metal   death metal     3248  
  Fantomas  The Director's Cut   Ipecac   metal   alternative     6239  
  Fantomas  Suspended Animation   Ipecac   metal   experimental     5442  
  Fear Factory  Digimortal   Roadrunner   metal   thrash     3602  
  Feedbacker  XII   Kontingent Records   metal   sludge     607  
  Fight Amp  Hungry For Nothing   Translation Loss   metal   sludge     3367  
  Firebreather  Under A Blood Moon   Riding Easy   metal   sludge     380  
  Five Star Prison Cell  Slaves Of Virgo   Faultline   metal   alternative     3224  
  Five The Hierophant  Through Aureate Void   Dark Essence   metal   post-metal     300  
  Flaw  Through The Eyes   Universal   metal   nu-metal     4064  
  Floor  Dove   No Idea   metal   sludge     5016  
  Frayle  1692   Lay Bare Recordings   metal   doom     737  
  Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects  Sol Niger Within   Relapse   metal   progressive     4823  
  Friends Of Hell  Friends Of Hell   Rise Above   metal   doom     318  
  Frostmoon Eclipse  Death Is Coming   Iso666   metal   black metal     4218  
  Fudge Tunnel  Hate Songs In E Minor   Earache   metal   alternative     792  
  Full Of Hell  Garden Of Burning Apparitions   Relapse   metal   grindcore     271  
  Gaerea  Mirage   Season Of Mist   metal   black metal     365  
  Gallhammer  Ill Innocence   Peaceville   metal   black metal     4341  
  Gargoyl  Gargoyl   Season Of Mist   metal   alternative     478  
  Gatecreeper  An Unexpected Reality   Closed Casket Activities   metal   death metal     560  
  Gersch, The  The Gersch   Tortuga   metal   sludge     3513  
  GGGOLDDD  This Shame Should Not Be Mine   Artoffact   metal   post-metal     405  
  Ghost  Impera   Loma Vista   metal   hard rock     315  
  Ghostride  Cobrasunrise   Golf   metal   alternative     3231  
  Giant Squid  The Ichthyologist   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     3638  
  Goatsnake  Flower Of Disease   Mans Ruin   metal   stoner     5327  
  Goblin Cock  Come With Me If You Want to Live   Robcore   metal   alternative     2604  
  God's Hate  God's Hate   Closed Casket Activities   metal   metalcore     295  
  Godflesh  Purge   Avalanche   metal   industrial     156  
  Godthrymm  Reflections   Profound Lore   metal   doom     619  
  Gojira  The Way Of All The Flesh   Listenable   metal   thrash     3286  
  Gold  Why Aren't You Laughing?   Artoffact   metal   post-metal     517  
  Green Arrows  The Sky   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     3276  
  Green Lung  Black Harvest   Svart   metal   hard rock     290  
  Grip Inc.  Incorporated   Hunter   metal   thrash     4571  
  Guilty Method  Touch   About Rock   metal   nu-metal     5143  
  Hapax  No One Knows...   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     3847  
  Harvestman  Lashing The Rye   Neurot   metal   drone     6066  
  Harvestman  Trinity   Neurot   metal   drone     3446  
  Harvey Milk  Life... The Best Game In Town   Hydra Head   metal   sludge     2813  
  Hasard  Malivore   I Voidhanger   metal   black metal     153  
  Hatebreed  Supremacy   Roadrunner   metal   metalcore     3567  
  Heirs  Fowl   Denovali   metal   post-metal     2530  
  Helmet  Seeing Eye Dog   Work Song   metal   alternative     2315  
  Helms Alee  Night Terror   Hydra Head   metal   alternative     2871  
  Hemelbestormer  Collide & Merge   Van   metal   post-metal     193  
  Hexgrafv  Ritual   Ozium   metal   doom     605  
  High On Fire  Blessed Black Wings   Relapse   metal   sludge     5125  
  High On Fire  Snakes For The Divine   eOne   metal   sludge     3035  
  Ho99o9  Skin   DTA Records   metal   elettronica     379  
  Hoobastank  Hoobastank   Universal   metal   nu-metal     3930  
  Hooded Menace  The Tritonus Bell   Season Of Mist   metal   doom     573  
  Horrible Network  Let's Sabotage Transmission   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     2764  
  Hull  Beyond The Lightless Sky   The End   metal   progressive     1493  
  Hum  Inlet   Earth Analog   metal   alternative     770  
  Iceburn  Asclepius   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     659  
  Idle Hands  Mana   Eisenwald Tonschmiede   metal   hard rock     424  
  Ill Nino  Revolution / Revolucion   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     4143  
  Ill Nino  The Undercover Sessions EP   Cement Shoes   metal   nu-metal     3455  
  Imbogodom  The Metallic Year   Thrill Jockey   metal   drone     2810  
  Imperial Triumphant  Alphaville   Century Media   metal   progressive     534  
  Imperial Triumphant  Spirit Of Ecstasy   Century Media   metal   progressive     352  
  In Flames  A Sense Of Purpose   Nuclear Blast   metal   death melodico     2520  
  Incubus  Enjoy Incubus EP   Immortal   metal   nu-metal     3836  
  Incubus  S.C.I.E.N.C.E.   Immortal   metal   nu-metal     6895  
  Incubus  Make Yourself   Immortal   metal   nu-metal     5513  
  Indian  Guiltless   Relapse   metal   doom     2288  
  Indigo Raven  Looking for Transcendence   Argonauta   metal   doom     228  
  Insect Ark  The Vanishing   Profound Lore   metal   post-metal     713  
  Into The Moat  The Design   Metal Blade   metal   progressive     5704  
  Intronaut  Null EP   Goodfellow   metal   progressive     5401  
  Intronaut  Void   Goodfellow   metal   progressive     4479  
  Intronaut  Fluid Existential Inversions   Metal Blade   metal   sludge     627  
  Ion Dissonance  Breathing Is Irrilevant   Willowtip   metal   progressive     3237  
  Ion Dissonance  Solace   Abacus   metal   progressive     3771  
  Ion Dissonance  Minus The Herd   Century Media   metal   progressive     3261  
  Ion Dissonance  Cursed   Basick Records   metal   progressive     1753  
  Iron Monkey  Iron Monkey Our Problem Box   Earache   metal   sludge     3191  
  Isis  Oceanic   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     8076  
  Isis  Panopticon   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     8648  
  Isis  Live 4 Selections 2001-2005   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     3742  
  Isis  In The Absence Of Truth   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     5151  
  Jesu  Jesu   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     5159  
  Jesu  Silver EP   Neurot   metal   post-metal     4099  
  Jesu  Conqueror   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     4540  
  Jesu  Infinity   Avalanche   metal   post-metal     2673  
  Jesu  Never EP   Avalanche   metal   post-metal     485  
  Jinjer  Macro   Napalm   metal   progressive     562  
  Jucifer  If Thine Enemy Hunger   Relapse   metal   sludge     3438  
  Jucifer  L'Autrichienne   Relapse   metal   sludge     3019  
  Kaatayra  Inpariquipê   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     301  
  Kalas  Kalas   Tee Pee   metal   sludge     3379  
  Kall  Brand   Prophecy   metal   post-metal     600  
  Kamelot  One Cold Winter's Night   SPV   metal   power     2424  
  Katatonia  The Great Cold Distance   Peaceville   metal   alternative     4222  
  Keelhaul  Subject to Change Without Notice   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     5106  
  Keelhaul  Triumphant Return To Obscurity   Hydra Head   metal   sludge     2962  
  Kenos  Extracted From Intersection   DEMO   metal   death metal     4205  
  Khanate  Capture & Release   Hydra Head   metal   drone     4937  
  Khanate  To Be Cruel   Sacred Bones   metal   drone     78  
  Khemmis  Deceiver   Nuclear Blast   metal   doom     326  
  Khlyst  Chaos Is My Name   Hydra Head   metal   drone     4015  
  Killer Be Killed  Reluctan Hero   Nuclear Blast   metal   alternative     341  
  Kind  Mental Nudge   Ripple Music   metal   alternative     479  
  King Buffalo  The Burden Of Restlessness   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     382  
  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard  Infest The Rats' Nest   Flightless   metal   alternative     395  
  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard  PetroDragonic Apocalypse   KGLW   metal   alternative     168  
  King Woman  Celestial Blues   Relapse   metal   doom     345  
  King's X  Ogre Tones   Inside Out   metal   alternative     3404  
  Kirk Windstein  Dream In Motion   eOne   metal   alternative     637  
  Kittie  Oracle   Artemis   metal   nu-metal     4191  
  Kittie  Spit   Artemis   metal   nu-metal     3505  
  Kittie  Until The End   Artemis   metal   nu-metal     3476  
  Kittie  Never Again EP   Rock Ridge   metal   death metal     3518  
  Kittie  Funeral For Yesterday   X Of Infamy   metal   alternative     4241  
  Klimt 1918  Dopoguerra   Prophecy   metal   alternative     6811  
  Kongh  Shadows Of The Shapeless   Trust No One   metal   post-metal     3510  
  Konvent  Puritan Masochism   Napalm   metal   doom     566  
  Konvent  Call Down The Sun   Napalm   metal   doom     311  
  Korn  Korn   Immortal   metal   nu-metal     7896  
  Korn  Life Is Peachy   Immortal   metal   nu-metal     6116  
  Korn  Follow The Leader   Immortal   metal   nu-metal     5786  
  Korn  Issues   Immortal   metal   nu-metal     8334  
  Korn  Untouchables   Immortal   metal   nu-metal     6068  
  Korn  Take A Look In The Mirror   Immortal   metal   nu-metal     5362  
  Korn  See You On The Other Side   Sony   metal   nu-metal     5332  
  Korn  Mtv Unplugged   Virgin   metal   nu-metal     6182  
  Korn  The Path Of Totality   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     2439  
  Korn  The Nothing   Elektra   metal   nu-metal     640  
  Korn  Requiem   Loma Vista   metal   nu-metal     457  
  Kowloon Walled City  Piecework   Neurot   metal   post-metal     403  
  Krallice  Crystalline Exhaustion   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     372  
  krvvla  X   Brucia Records   metal   black metal     381  
  Kulk  We Spare Nothing   Hominid Sounds   metal   sludge     320  
  Kvelertak  Kvelertak   Indie   metal   alternative     3863  
  Kylesa  To Walk A Middle Course   Prosthetic   metal   sludge     5101  
  Kylesa  Time Will Fuse Its Worth   Prosthetic   metal   sludge     3939  
  Kylesa  Static Tension   Prosthetic   metal   sludge     4837  
  Kylesa  Spiral Shadow   Season Of Mist   metal   sludge     3095  
  Kylesa  Ultraviolet   Season Of Mist   metal   sludge     3695  
  Lacuna Coil  Comalies   Century Media   metal   goth     4301  
  Lacuna Coil  Unleashed Memories   Century Media   metal   goth     4649  
  Lacuna Coil  Karmacode   Century Media   metal   goth     4177  
  Lair Of The Minotaur  The Ultimate Destroyer   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     3590  
  Lair Of The Minotaur  War Metal Battle Master   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     3265  
  Lamb Of God  Wrath   Roadrunner   metal   metalcore     2837  
  Lamb Of God  Resolution   Roadrunner   metal   metalcore     2053  
  Last Green Field  Another Way To Relate   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     3068  
  Last Minute To Jaffna  Promo 2006   DEMO   metal   post-metal     3559  
  Lento  Icon   Denovali   metal   post-metal     2717  
  Les Discrets  Ariettes Oubliees   Prophecy   metal   post-metal     2437  
  Lesbian  Power Hor   Holy Mountain   metal   sludge     3596  
  Lesbian  Stratospheria Cubensis   Important   metal   sludge     2643  
  Lethargy  Discography 93-99   Spoth   metal   grindcore     4920  
  Limp Bizkit  Chocolate Starfish   Flip   metal   nu-metal     4682  
  Limp Bizkit  Results May Vary   Flip   metal   nu-metal     4566  
  Limp Bizkit  The Unquestionable Truth Part 1   Geffen   metal   nu-metal     6741  
  Limp Bizkit  Still Sucks   Suretone   metal   nu-metal     590  
  Linea 77  Available For Propaganda   Earache   metal   nu-metal     5576  
  Linkin Park  Hybrid Theory   Warner   metal   nu-metal     5553  
  Linkin Park  Meteora   Warner   metal   nu-metal     5567  
  Liturgy  Aesthethica   Thrill Jockey   metal   black metal     2435  
  Liturgy  H.A.Q.Q.   YLYLCYN   metal   black metal     796  
  Liturgy  Origin of the Alimonies   YLYLCYN   metal   black metal     765  
  Loincloth  Iron Balls Of Steel   Southern Lord   metal   progressive     1897  
  Lord Dying  Mysterium Tremendum   eOne   metal   sludge     281  
  Losing Sun  Inertia   Copro   metal   nu-metal     2660  
  Lostprophets  The Fake Sound Of Progress   Columbia   metal   nu-metal     7040  
  Lustmord  Other   Hydra Head   metal   drone     2930  
  Lustmord  Songs Of Gods And Demons   Vaultworks   metal   drone     1875  
  Mad Capsule Markets  010   Palm   metal   nu-metal     5343  
  Mad Capsule Markets  Osc Dis   Palm   metal   nu-metal     3436  
  Mad Capsule Markets  1997 - 2004   Victor   metal   nu-metal     5734  
  Mad Capsule Markets  1990 - 1996   Victor   metal   nu-metal     2752  
  Mad Capsule Markets  020120   Victor   metal   nu-metal     3485  
  Made Out Of Babies  Trophy   Neurot   metal   alternative     4984  
  Made Out Of Babies  Coward   Neurot   metal   alternative     5293  
  Madhouse  Pig!   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     4073  
  Magazine Du Kakao  /Laghetto - Split   Loudblast   metal   nu-metal     6660  
  Magazine Du Kakao  Bazum   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     4690  
  Maggot Heart  Mercy Machine   Rapid Eye   metal   alternative     509  
  Mamiffer  Mare Decendrii   Conspiracy   metal   drone     2495  
  Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard  Yn Ol I Annwn   New Heavy Sounds   metal   doom     391  
  Manes  How The World Came To An End   Candlelight Record   metal   alternative     3355  
  Mantar  Grungetown Hooligans II   Autoproduzione   metal   sludge     610  
  Mantar  Pain Is Forever and This Is the End   Metal Blade   metal   alternative     255  
  Mare  Mare EP   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     7188  
  Mares Of Thrace  The Exile   Autoproduzione   metal   sludge     368  
  Marigold  Divisional   Black Desert   metal   nu-metal     4158  
  Marilyn Manson  & The Spooky Kids - White Trash   InBread   metal   industrial     4032  
  Martyr  Feeding The Abscess   Galy   metal   progressive     4422  
  Mass, The  Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness   Monotreme   metal   progressive     5300  
  Master Musicians Of Bukkake  Totem One   Conspiracy   metal   drone     3689  
  Master Musicians Of Bukkake  Totem Two   Important   metal   drone     2874  
  Mastodon  Lifesblood EP   Relapse   metal   alternative     4658  
  Mastodon  Remission   Relapse   metal   alternative     5344  
  Mastodon  Leviathan   Relapse   metal   alternative     8688  
  Mastodon  Call Of The Mastodon   Relapse   metal   sludge     6129  
  Mastodon  The Workhorse Chronicles [DVD]   Relapse   metal   alternative     5106  
  Mastodon  Blood Mountain   Warner   metal   alternative     7763  
  Mastodon  Crack The Skye   Warner   metal   alternative     4260  
  Mastodon  Live At Aragon   Reprise   metal   alternative     2657  
  Mastodon  The Hunter   Reprise   metal   alternative     2522  
  Mastodon  Once More Around The Sun   Reprise   metal   progressive     4359  
  Mastodon  Hushed And Grim   Reprise   metal   progressive     559  
  Medication  Medication EP   Wea   metal   nu-metal     2737  
  Megadeth  The World Needs A Hero   Sanctuary   metal   thrash     3759  
  Megadeth  System Has Failed   Sanctuary   metal   thrash     3743  
  Melvins  Colossus Of Destiny   Ipecac   metal   drone     4182  
  Melvins  Hostile Ambient Takeover   Ipecac   metal   alternative     6750  
  Melvins  Houdini Live 2005   Ipecac   metal   alternative     3947  
  Melvins  Houdini   Atlantic   metal   alternative     7009  
  Melvins  Stoner Witch   Atlantic   metal   alternative     5023  
  Melvins  Nude With Boots   Ipecac   metal   alternative     4705  
  Melvins  The Bride Screamed Murder   Ipecac   metal   alternative     3258  
  Melvins  Lord Of The Flies EP   Amphetamine Reptile   metal   alternative     543  
  Menace  Quake Metal   DEMO   metal   heavy     2560  
  Menace Ruine  Union Of Irreconcilables   Aurora Borealis   metal   black metal     10895  
  Menace Ruine  Nekyia   Union Finale   metal   drone     326  
  Meschalina  Something 2 Die 4   Militant   metal   nu-metal     3188  
  Meshuggah  Contraddiction Collapse   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     4289  
  Meshuggah  None EP   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     4520  
  Meshuggah  Chaosphere   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     7050  
  Meshuggah  Rare Trax   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     4020  
  Meshuggah  I   Fractured Transmitter Records   metal   progressive     5412  
  Meshuggah  Catch 33   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     6320  
  Meshuggah  Obzen   Nuclear Blast   metal   progressive     4101  
  Meshuggah  Immutable   Atomic Fire   metal   progressive     488  
  Messa  Close   Svart   metal   doom     484  
  Metallica  St.Anger   Vertigo   metal   hard rock     9259  
  Metallica  Death Magnetic   Warner   metal   thrash     4414  
  Mgla  Age Of Excuse   No Solace   metal   black metal     589  
  Middian  Age Eternal   Metal Blade   metal   doom     371  
  Midnight  Rebirth By Blasphemy   Metal Blade   metal   heavy     463  
  Midnight  Let There Be Witchery   Metal Blade   metal   thrash     317  
  Midnight (1)  Sakada   Black Lotus   metal   progressive     3013  
  Might  Abyss   Exile On Mainstream   metal   sludge     335  
  Might  Might   Exile On Mainstream   metal   sludge     624  
  Miocene  A Pefect Life With A View Of The Swamp   Corporate Risk   metal   nu-metal     5787  
  Misery Signals  Mirrors   Ferret   metal   metalcore     2869  
  Mistress  The Glory Bitches Of Doghead   Feto Records   metal   sludge     4390  
  Misþyrming  Algleymi   Norma Evangelium Diaboli   metal   black metal     378  
  Misþyrming  Með Hamri   Norma Evangelium Diaboli   metal   black metal     244  
  Mizmor  Cairn   Gilead Media   metal   black metal     10895  
  Mizmor  & Andrew Black - Dialethia   Gilead Media   metal   drone     426  
  Mizmor  Wit's End   Gilead Media   metal   doom     258  
  Mizmor  Yodh   Gilead Media   metal   black metal     258  
  Mizmor  & Thou - Myopia   Gilead Media   metal   sludge     425  
  Mizmor  Prosaic   Profound Lore   metal   black metal     152  
  Monolord  No Comfort   Relapse   metal   doom     368  
  Monolord  Your Time To Shine   Relapse   metal   doom     219  
  Moon Coven  Slumber Wood   Ripple Music   metal   doom     294  
  Moon Destroys  Maiden Voyage   Brutal Panda   metal   alternative     395  
  Motorhead  The World Is Yours   EMI   metal   hard rock     1842  
  Mountain Caller  Chronicle I The Truthseeker   New Heavy Sounds   metal   progressive     401  
  Mr Bungle  The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo   Ipecac   metal   thrash     553  
  Mrs Piss  Self-Surgery   Sargent House   metal   alternative     740  
  MSW  Obliviosus   Gilead Media   metal   doom     565  
  Mu.St.  Rack Your Brain To Know Why   Lady Music   metal   nu-metal     2915  
  Mudvayne  L.D.50   Epic   metal   nu-metal     6568  
  Mudvayne  The End Of All Things To Come   Epic   metal   nu-metal     3968  
  Mudvayne  Lost And Found   Epic   metal   nu-metal     4936  
  Municipal Waste  Hazardous Mutation   Earache   metal   thrash     3388  
  Mutoid Man  Mutants   Sargent House   metal   alternative     148  
  MWWB  The Harvest   New Heavy Sounds   metal   doom     318  
  My Dying Bride  A Line of Deathless Kings   Peaceville   metal   doom     3820  
  Nailbomb  Point Blank   Roadrunner   metal   alternative     879  
  Naiveover  I Touch The Darkness With My Emotions   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3763  
  Napalm Death  Smear Campaign   Century Media   metal   grindcore     3952  
  Napalm Death  Utilitarian   Century Media   metal   death metal     2445  
  Narrows  Painted   Deathwish Inc   metal   post-metal     2355  
  Nasum  Doombringer   Relapse   metal   grindcore     3301  
  Neptunian Maximalism  Eons   I, Voidhanger   metal   drone     486  
  Neptunian Maximalism  Solar Drone Ceremony   I, Voidhanger   metal   drone     215  
  Nero Di Marte  Immoto   Season Of Mist   metal   post-metal     1452  
  Neurosis  A Sun That Never Sets   Relapse   metal   post-metal     8019  
  Neurosis  The Eye Of Every Storm   Relapse   metal   post-metal     6004  
  Neurosis  Given To The Rising   Neurot   metal   post-metal     5947  
  Nevermore  Enemies Of Reality   Century Media   metal   thrash     5514  
  Nihil  Demo1   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3359  
  Ninefold  Motel   Loudblast   metal   nu-metal     3585  
  No Reason  Demo 2003   DEMO   metal   thrash     3367  
  No Spill Blood  Eye of Night   Svart   metal   post-metal     222  
  None Of Us  Twice Again   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3813  
  None Of Us  Further Hangin' Menace   Nerdsound   metal   screamo     2505  
  Nora  Save Yourself   Trustkill   metal   metalcore     2684  
  Norma Jean  Meridional   Razor & Tie   metal   metalcore     2551  
  Norna  Star Is Way Way Is Eye   Vinter   metal   post-metal     304  
  Nova Twins  Supernova   Marshall Records   metal   nu-metal     361  
  Obsidian Kingdom  Meat Machine   Season Of Mist   metal   alternative     399  
  Ocean, The  Precambrian   Metal Blade   metal   post-metal     4530  
  Ocean, The  Heliocentric   Metal Blade   metal   alternative     2750  
  Ocean, The  Anthropocentric   Metal Blade   metal   alternative     2499  
  Old Nick  A New Generation Of Vampiric Conspiracies   Grime Stone   metal   black metal     309  
  Omega Massif  Karpatia   Denovali   metal   post-metal     1787  
  Onségen Ensemble  Fear   Svart   metal   progressive     429  
  Opeth  Heritage   Roadrunner   metal   progressive     2005  
  Orange Goblin  A Eulogy For The Damned   Candelight   metal   stoner     2438  
  Oranssi Pazuzu  Kosmonument   Spinefarm   metal   black metal     3087  
  Oranssi Pazuzu  Mestarin Kynsi   Nuclear Blast   metal   black metal     714  
  Orbe  Albedo   Autoproduzione   metal   post-metal     2135  
  Originalii  Pendulum   Devil In The Woods   metal   alternative     476  
  Osian  The Slow Fade Of Loving Things   Rising Works   metal   nu-metal     4009  
  Otep  Jihad EP   Capitol   metal   nu-metal     3466  
  Otep  Sevas Tra   Capitol   metal   nu-metal     5222  
  Overmars  Affliction, Endocrine...Vertigo   Appease Me   metal   sludge     5838  
  Ovo  Miasma   Artoffact   metal   experimental     548  
  Paatos  Silence Of Another Kind   SPV   metal   goth     2741  
  Pantera  Power Metal   Metal Magic   metal   hard rock     7136  
  Pantera  Vulgar Display Of Power   East West   metal   thrash     6641  
  Pantera  Reinventing Hell   Rhino   metal   thrash     5396  
  Papa Roach  Infest   Dreamworks   metal   nu-metal     4017  
  Papangu  Holoceno   Autoproduzione   metal   progressive     501  
  Passenger  Passenger   Century Media   metal   nu-metal     3133  
  Pelican  Pelican EP   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     4222  
  Pelican  Australasia   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     5382  
  Pelican  The March Into The Sea EP   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     4690  
  Pelican  The Fire In Our Throats Wil Beckon The Thaw   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     8048  
  Pelican  City Of Echoes   Hydra Head   metal   post-metal     3635  
  Pelican  Ephemeral EP   Southern Lord   metal   post-metal     2988  
  Pelican  Young Widows / Split   Temporary Residence   metal   post-metal     2869  
  Pelican  What We All Come To Need   Southern Lord   metal   post-metal     3670  
  Pelican  Nighttime Stories   Southern Lord   metal   post-metal     375  
  Persekutor  Snow Business   Blues Funeral   metal   heavy     41  
  Petbrick  Liminal   Neurot   metal   elettronica     346  
  Philm  Harmonic   Ipecac   metal   alternative     2403  
  Pig Destroyer  Terrifier   Relapse   metal   grindcore     3807  
  Pig Destroyer  Phantom Limb   Relapse   metal   grindcore     4043  
  Pike Vs The Automaton  Pike Vs The Automaton   MNRK   metal   sludge     297  
  Plebeian Grandstand  Rien Ne Suffit   Debemur Morti   metal   experimental     305  
  Poppy  I Disagree   Sumerian Records   metal   alternative     738  
  Poppy  EAT (NXT Soundtrack)   Sumerian   metal   alternative     393  
  Possessor  Damn The Light   APF Records   metal   sludge     588  
  Poundhound  Massive Grooves   Metal Blade   metal   alternative     390  
  Poweman 5000  Transform   Dreamworks   metal   nu-metal     3444  
  Premonition 13  13   Volcom   metal   doom     1927  
  Priestess  Prior To The Fire   Tee Pee   metal   alternative     2437  
  Primitive Man  Immersion   Relapse   metal   sludge     367  
  Primitive Man  Insurmountable   Relapse   metal   sludge     346  
  Probot  Probot   Southern Lord   metal   hard rock     3350  
  Prosperina  Flag   Autoproduzione   metal   alternative     293  
  Psyopus  Odd Sense   Metal Blade   metal   progressive     2853  
  Pupil Slicer  Mirrors   Prosthetic   metal   progressive     225  
  Puya  Fundamental   MCA   metal   nu-metal     6891  
  Puya  Union   MCA   metal   nu-metal     5198  
  Pyreship  Light Is A Barrier   Autoproduzione   metal   post-metal     394  
  Pyrithe  Monuments to Impermanence   Gilead Media   metal   sludge     491  
  Rainbow Grave  No You   God Unknown   metal   sludge     594  
  Ramesses  Take The Curse   Ritual Productions   metal   doom     2619  
  Rammstein  Rosenrot   Universal   metal   industrial     4966  
  Red Fang  Murder The Mountains   Relapse   metal   alternative     3847  
  Red Fang  Arrows   Relapse   metal   alternative     307  
  Red Rot  Mal De Vivre   Svart   metal   progressive     285  
  Reflections  Free Violence   Temple Of Noise   metal   nu-metal     3502  
  Relative Ash  Our Time With You   Polygram   metal   nu-metal     2752  
  Returning  Severence   Realm And Ritual   metal   black metal     325  
  Rex Devon / Family Pusher  Loudblast Split Vol5   Loudblast   metal   nu-metal     3058  
  Rigorous Institution  Cainsmarsh   Black Water   metal   punk     352  
  Roadrunner United  The All-Star Sessions   Roadrunner   metal   alternative     4475  
  Rob Zombie  Educated Horses   Universal   metal   nu-metal     3233  
  Rolo Tomassi  Where Myth Becomes Memory   MNRK   metal   progressive     263  
  Rose Kemp  Golden Shroud   12 Year Stretch   metal   experimental     2841  
  Rosetta  Galilean Satellites   Translation Loss Records   metal   post-metal     3890  
  Rosetta  A Determinism Of Morality   Translation Loss   metal   post-metal     3051  
  Rosy Finch  Scarlet   Discos Macarras   metal   alternative     404  
  Royal Thunder  CVI   Relapse   metal   alternative     2754  
  Ruff Majik  Tarn   Lay Bare Recordings   metal   stoner     297  
  Rwake  Rest   Relapse   metal   sludge     2411  
  S.N.P.  Scarface   Adrenaline   metal   nu-metal     3604  
  Sadist  Above The Light   Beyond   metal   progressive     6338  
  Sadist  Tribe   Beyond   metal   progressive     4395  
  Sadist  Sadist   Beyond   metal   progressive     3803  
  Saint Vitus  Live   Southern Lord   metal   doom     3788  
  Salome  Terminal   Profound Lore   metal   doom     2462  
  Sandrider  Enveletration   Satanik Royalties   metal   alternative     303  
  Savage Master  Myth, Magic And Steel   Shadow Kingdom   metal   hard rock     350  
  Scarcity  Aveilut   Flenser   metal   black metal     422  
  Scars Of Tomorrow  The Horror Of Realization   Victory   metal   metalcore     3102  
  Schism  Dissolution Or Minds   DEMO   metal   alternative     3990  
  Sepultura  Roorback   SPV   metal   metalcore     4382  
  Sepultura  Dante XXI   SPV   metal   thrash     3348  
  Sepultura  Quadra   Nuclear Blast   metal   thrash     681  
  Setwall  Up To The Unseen   Vacation House   metal   nu-metal     2931  
  Shaam Larein  Sculpture   Icons Creating Evil Art   metal   doom     594  
  Shelter Of Leech  Shelter Of Leech   Bunkker   metal   nu-metal     3235  
  Shining  Black Jazz   Indie   metal   black metal     3530  
  Shock Narcotic  I Have Seen The Future And It Doesn't Work   Housecore   metal   grindcore     319  
  Shovaway  The Chocking Season   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     2915  
  Sigiriya  Return To Earth   The Church Within   metal   stoner     2244  
  Sikth  The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something   Unparalleled   metal   nu-metal     6420  
  Sikth  Death Of A Dead Day   Bieler Bros   metal   nu-metal     3682  
  Sin Of Silence  Sin Of Silence   DEMO   metal   alternative     3295  
  Sinai Beach  Immersed   Victory   metal   metalcore     2923  
  Since By Man  A Hate Love Relationship   Revelation   metal   metalcore     3443  
  Skasico  Terapia   Kick Agency   metal   nu-metal     5330  
  Slayer  Christ Illusion   Warner   metal   thrash     4117  
  Slayer  Show No Mercy   Metal Blade   metal   thrash     757  
  Sleep  Jerusalem   Music Cartel   metal   doom     5924  
  Sleigh Bells  Texis   Mom + Pop   metal   alternative     283  
  Slipknot  Iowa   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     6501  
  Slipknot  Vol 3 Subliminal Verse   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     6072  
  Slipknot  All Hope Is Gone   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     5948  
  Slow Machine  Black Tide EP   Autoproduzione   metal   doom     265  
  SmaXone  Regression   Scarlet   metal   nu-metal     3202  
  Smoulder  Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring   Cruz Del Sur   metal   doom     300  
  Snot  Strait Up   Virgin   metal   nu-metal     6795  
  So I Had To Shoot Him  Alpha Males & Popular Girls   Crucial Blast   metal   alternative     3843  
  Soilent Green  Confrontation   Relapse   metal   sludge     3534  
  Solstafir  Svartir Sandar   Season Of Mist   metal   post-metal     2413  
  Somnuri  Nefarous Wave   Blues Funeral   metal   sludge     385  
  Somnuri  Desiderium   MNRK   metal   sludge     106  
  Sonoria  Demo   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3357  
  Sothis  Fusion   Temple Of Noise   metal   thrash     2973  
  Soulfly  Primitive   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     3939  
  Spineshank  The Height Of Callousness   Roadrunner   metal   nu-metal     3896  
  Spirit Adrift  Divided By Darkness   20 Buck Spin   metal   doom     409  
  Spiritbox  Eternal Blue   Pale Chord   metal   alternative     333  
  Spotlights  Love & Decay   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     374  
  Spotlights  Alchemy For The Deads   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     135  
  Spylacopa  Spylacopa EP   Rising Pulse   metal   alternative     2719  
  Stoner Kebab  Chapter Zero   Dufresne   metal   doom     4228  
  Stoner Kebab  Imber Vulgi   Dufresne   metal   doom     3865  
  Strapping Young Lad  SYL   Century Media   metal   death metal     4107  
  Subrosa  No Help For The Mighty One   Profound Lore   metal   doom     2063  
  Suburban Base  Suburban Base   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3017  
  Succumb  XXI   Flenser   metal   death metal     389  
  Sunn O)))  00 Void   Double H Noise   metal   drone     7457  
  Sunn O)))  Flight Of The Behemot   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4615  
  Sunn O)))  White 1   Southern Lord   metal   drone     4885  
  Sunn O)))  White 2   Southern Lord   metal   drone     6166  
  Sunn O)))  Black One   Southern Lord   metal   drone     7203  
  Sunn O)))  & Boris - Altar   Southern Lord   metal   drone     5176  
  Sunn O)))  Life Metal   Southern Lord   metal   drone     446  
  Sunn O)))  Metta, Benevolence   Southern Lord   metal   drone     390  
  Superjoint Ritual  Use Once & Destroy   Sanctuary   metal   sludge     5960  
  Symmetric Disorder  Extract From Biomechanical Nonsense Connection   DEMO   metal   death metal     2676  
  System Of A Down  System Of A Down   American   metal   nu-metal     6926  
  System Of A Down  Toxicity   American   metal   nu-metal     9263  
  System Of A Down  Steal This Album!   American   metal   nu-metal     6013  
  System Of A Down  Mezmerize   American   metal   nu-metal     10847  
  System Of A Down  Hypnotize   Columbia   metal   nu-metal     7039  
  Tallah  Matriphagy   Earache   metal   nu-metal     584  
  Taproot  The Gift   Warner   metal   nu-metal     3675  
  Tartar Lamb  Polyimage Of Known Exits   Autoproduzione   metal   drone     2006  
  Terror 2000  Terror For Sale   Scarlet   metal   thrash     2923  
  Terzij de Horde  In One Of These, I Am Your Enemy   Consouling Sounds   metal   black metal     296  
  Test Switch Isolator  Let's Dance   Casket   metal   progressive     4056  
  Tetrarch  Unstable   Napalm   metal   nu-metal     376  
  The Answer Lies In The Black Void  Forlorn   Burning World   metal   doom     204  
  The Dead C  Rare Ravers   Ba Da Bing   metal   drone     353  
  The Devil's Blood  The Thousandfold Epicentre   Van   metal   doom     2403  
  The Fifth Alliance  The Depth Of The Darkness   Burning World   metal   post-metal     386  
  The Lord  Forest Nocturne   Southern Lord   metal   drone     406  
  The Lord  & Petra Haden - Devotional   Southern Lord   metal   drone     280  
  The Night Watch  An Embarrassment of Riches   Autoproduzione   metal   progressive     291  
  The Secret  Solve Et Coagula   Southern Lord   metal   hardcore     1876  
  The Sword  Gods Of The Earth   Kemado   metal   hard rock     2744  
  The Sword  Warp Riders   Kemado   metal   stoner     2325  
  Thisgust  Thisgust   Lady Music   metal   nu-metal     3342  
  Thou  Blessings Of The Highest Order   Robotic Empire   metal   sludge     746  
  Thou  A Primer of Holy Words   Robotic Empire   metal   sludge     578  
  Thou  Emma Ruth Rundle - May Our Chambers Be Full   Sacred Bones   metal   sludge     526  
  Thou  Emma Ruth Rundle - The Helm Of Sorrow   Sacred Bones   metal   sludge     589  
  Thronehammer  Incantation Rites   Usurper Records   metal   doom     399  
  Throwdown  Vendetta   Trustkill   metal   metalcore     3714  
  Time To Burn  Starting Point   Basement Apes   metal   sludge     3632  
  Tittytwister  Demo n Side   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     2796  
  Tony Iommi  Iommi   Priority   metal   hard rock     3654  
  Tony Iommi  The 1996 Dep Sessions   Sanctuary   metal   hard rock     3189  
  Tool  Opiate EP   Volcano   metal   alternative     5551  
  Tool  Undertow   Volcano   metal   alternative     7342  
  Tool  Aenima   Volcano   metal   alternative     11261  
  Tool  Lateralus   Zoo   metal   alternative     11850  
  Tool  Schism [DVD]   Volcano   metal   alternative     6554  
  Tool  Parabola [DVD]   Volcano   metal   alternative     7625  
  Tool  10000 Days   Volcano   metal   alternative     13717  
  Torche  Meanderthal   Hydra Head   metal   alternative     3688  
  Torche  Songs For Singles   Hydra Head   metal   alternative     2349  
  Torche  Admission   Relapse   metal   sludge     613  
  Torpor  Rhetoric of the Image   Sludgelord   metal   post-metal     361  
  Totimoshi  Ladron   Crucial Blast   metal   alternative     3609  
  Toxic Holocaust  Primal Future 2019   eOne   metal   thrash     522  
  Treedeon  New World Hoarder   Exile On Mainstream   metal   sludge     381  
  Triptykon  Eparistera Daimones   Century Media   metal   black metal     2694  
  Trivium  The Crusade   Roadrunner   metal   thrash     3538  
  Twelve Tribes  Midwest Panic   Ferret   metal   metalcore     2713  
  Uada  Djinn   Eisenwald Tonschmiede   metal   black metal     510  
  Ueickap  Stereotyped   Uck   metal   goth     8972  
  Ufomammut  Eve   Supernatural Cat   metal   sludge     3026  
  Ufomammut  Opus Alter   Neurot   metal   sludge     2938  
  Ultha  All That Has Never Been True   Vendetta   metal   black metal     344  
  Ulver  Shadows Of The Sun   Jester Records   metal   black metal     4236  
  Un-kind  Hurts To The Core   Vacation House   metal   metalcore     3154  
  Unearthly Trance  The Trident   Relapse   metal   sludge     3688  
  Unearthly Trance  Electrocution   Relapse   metal   doom     3076  
  Unearthly Trance  V   Relapse   metal   sludge     2418  
  Union Underground  An Education In Rebellion   Columbia   metal   nu-metal     2888  
  Unsifted  Unsifted   DEMO   metal   nu-metal     3607  
  Unsolved Problems Of Noise  EP   Autoproduzione   metal   post-metal     3636  
  Unto Others  Strenght   Roadrunner   metal   hard rock     274  
  Valerian Swing  A Sailor Lost Around The Earth   Antistar   metal   post-metal     3201  
  Vanessa Van Basten  La Stanza Di Swedenborg   Eibon / ColdCurrent / Noisecult / Radiotarab   metal   post-metal     4770  
  Vanessa Van Basten  Psygnosis EP   Consouling   metal   post-metal     3350  
  Vile Creature  Glory Glory! Apathy Took Helm!   Prosthetic   metal   sludge     368  
  Violet Cold  Empire Of Love   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     412  
  Virus  The Agent That Shapes The Desert   Duplicate   metal   alternative     2570  
  Vision Of Disorder  From Bliss To Devastation   TVT   metal   nu-metal     3151  
  Voivod  Katorz   Nuclear Blast   metal   alternative     3951  
  Voivod  To The Death 84   Alternative Tentacles   metal   thrash     1750  
  Voivod  Synchro Anarchy   Century Media   metal   progressive     310  
  Volumi Criminali  Promo   Autoproduzione   metal   nu-metal     2623  
  Vorlust  Lick The Flesh   Transylvanian Recordings   metal   black metal     249  
  Völur  Death Cult   Prophecy   metal   doom     379  
  Warrel Dane  Praises To The War Machine   Century Media   metal   heavy     2585  
  Weedeater  Jason... The Dragon   Southern Lord   metal   sludge     2736  
  Werian  Animist   Eisenwald Tonschmiede   metal   black metal     523  
  White Ward  Love Exchange Failure   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     492  
  White Ward  Debemur Morti EP   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     329  
  White Ward  False Light   Debemur Morti   metal   black metal     438  
  Wiegedood  There's Always Blood At The End Of The Road   Century Media   metal   black metal     291  
  Witchfucker  Afterhour In Walhalla   Autoproduzione   metal   post-metal     663  
  Wolvennest  Temple   Van   metal   experimental     450  
  Wolves In The Throne Room  Celestial Lineage   Southern Lord   metal   black metal     2516  
  Wolves In The Throne Room  Primordial Arcana   Relapse   metal   black metal     478  
  Woods Of Ypres  Woods 5   Earache   metal   goth     2119  
  Wormrot  Hiss   Earache   metal   grindcore     430  
  Yakuza  Of Seismic Consequence   Profound Lore   metal   progressive     2312  
  Yautja  The Lurch   Relapse   metal   grindcore     380  
  Year Of No Light  Consolamentum   Pelagic   metal   post-metal     258  
  Yob  Atma   Profound Lore   metal   doom     2849  
  Zao  The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here   Ferret   metal   metalcore     3960  
  Zeal & Ardor  Zeal & Ardor   Mvka   metal   black metal     332  
  Zig Zags  They'll Never Take Us Alive   Riding Easy   metal   thrash     294  
  Znort  200 Bpm   DEMO   metal   metalcore     3516  
  Zombi  2020   Relapse   metal   post-metal     473  
  Zona Loud  Quello Che Vedi   Jair Records   metal   nu-metal     3062  
  Zozobra  Bird Of Prey   Hydra Head   metal   sludge     3280  
  Zu  Carboniferous   Ipecac   metal   post-metal     5996  
  Ætheria Conscientia  Corrupted Pillars of Vanity   Autoproduzione   metal   black metal     501