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Alfabetico Per Anno Per Casa Discografica [ Per Genere ] Classici DEMO

classica colonna sonora elettronica experimental hip hop indie jazz metal pop punk [ rock ]

(P)itch  Bambina Atomica   Vox Pop   rock   alternative     7626  
(P)itch  Velluto   Bmg   rock   alternative     5024  
(P)neumatica  Pneumatica   Desvelos   rock   noise     3859  
*Shels  Plains Of The Purple Buffalo   Shelsmusic   rock   post-rock     2206  
... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead  Source Tags & Codes   Interscope   rock   noise     5231  
... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead  So Divided   Interscope   rock   alternative     3280  
10 Minute Warning  10 Minute Warning   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     3936  
2 Novembre  Bellorio   Elevator   rock   alternative     3201  
24 Grana  Underpop   La Canzonetta   rock   pop     5474  
30000 Monkies  Are Forever   Consouling Sounds   rock   noise     166  
61 Winter's Hat  Wallace Mail Series 5   Wallace   rock   noise     2901  
65 Days Of Static  The Fall Of Math   Monotreme   rock   post-rock     6508  
65 Days Of Static  One Time For All Time   Monotreme   rock   post-rock     4552  
90 Day Men  To Everybody   Southern   rock   post-rock     3131  
A Frames  Black Forest   Sub Pop   rock   noise     2862  
A Short Apnea with Gorge Trio  ...Just Arrived   Wallace   rock   noise     2721  
A.S.O.B.  Sfriziona Come Il Cioccolato   DEMO   rock   alternative     3453  
AA.VV  Daze Of The Underground - A Tribute To Hawkwind   Edgy   rock   stoner     3571  
AA.VV.  Alpha Motherfuckers   Bitzcore   rock   tributo     2804  
AA.VV.  Give The People What We Want   Sub Pop   rock   tributo     2572  
AA.VV.  Hype! Surviving The Northwest Rock Explosion   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     4086  
AA.VV.  Josh's Blair Witch Mix   Chapter III   rock   alternative     2653  
AA.VV.  Judgment Night   Immortal   rock   alternative     5051  
AA.VV.  Metallic Assault   Big Eye   rock   tributo     3181  
AA.VV.  Non Pi¨ I Cadaveri Dei Soldati   MucchioExtra   rock   tributo     2955  
AA.VV.  PO Box 52   Wallace   rock   noise     3708  
AA.VV.  Singles Soundtrack   Epic   rock   grunge     6398  
AA.VV.  Smells Like Bleach   Cleopatra   rock   tributo     2861  
AA.VV.  Spiderman Soudtrack   Sony   rock   alternative     3461  
AA.VV.  Sub Pop 200   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     4623  
AA.VV.  Vegetable Man Project   Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati   rock   tributo     2548  
AA.VV.  We're A Happy Family   Columbia   rock   tributo     4019  
AA.VV.  Welcome To Meteor City   Meteor City   rock   stoner     5287  
AA.VV.  Mescal.it   Mescal   rock   alternative     3215  
AA.VV.  Fragments   Psychotica   rock   noise     2709  
AA.VV.  Collisioni In Cerchio   From Scratch   rock   noise     2836  
AA.VV.  Vegetable Man Project Vol.2   Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati   rock   alternative     3025  
AA.VV.  The Beatles Tribute   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2772  
AA.VV.  Heavy Rotation 2   About Rock   rock   alternative     2902  
AA.VV.  Classic   About Rock   rock   alternative     2708  
AA.VV.  Desert Sound - The Spaghetti Session Vol.1   W*uck   rock   stoner     4389  
AA.VV.  We Reach The Music Of The Melvins   Fractured Trasmitter   rock   tributo     2733  
AA.VV.  Nativity In Black   Columbia   rock   tributo     3129  
AA.VV.  Gainsbourg Revisited   Universal   rock   tributo     2534  
AA.VV.  The Killer In You - A Tribute To Smashing Pumpkins   Reignition   rock   tributo     2416  
AA.VV.  Black Days - Tribute To Soundgarden   Midwest Movement   rock   tributo     3106  
AA.VV.  No New York   Antilles Records   rock   new wave     3329  
AA.VV.  Butchering The Beatles   Restless   rock   tributo     4178  
AA.VV.  About A Son Soundtrack   Barsuk   rock   alternative     2474  
AA.VV.  Il Pease E' Reale   Ac Europerecords   rock   pop     2704  
AA.VV.  Transmission From Sinai   Arthur   rock   psych     2542  
Admiral Backbarents  A Decade Of Harbour Control   DEMO   rock   wave     2364  
Adrian Belew  Side One   Sanctuary   rock   progressive     3471  
Aerosol  Aerosol   DEMO   rock   mainstream     2319  
Afghan Whigs  Unbreakable A Retrospective   Rhino   rock   alternative     4042  
Afterhours  La Gente Sta Male   Mescal   rock   alternative     3784  
Afterhours  Quello Che Non C'Ŕ   Mescal   rock   alternative     6412  
Afterhours  Siam Tre Piccoli Porcellin   Mescal   rock   alternative     7476  
Afterhours  Gioia E Rivoluzione   Mescal   rock   alternative     6046  
Afterhours  Ballate Per Piccole Iene   Mescal   rock   alternative     6977  
Afterhours  I Milanesi Ammazzano Il Sabato   Universal   rock   alternative     4356  
Alexander Tucker  Portal   ATP   rock   folk     3066  
Algiers  There Is No Year   Matador   rock   alternative     44  
Alhambra  Luna Nuova   Fly Agaric!   rock   progressive     4110  
Alice In Chains  Facelift   Columbia   rock   grunge     5467  
Alice In Chains  SAP EP   Columbia   rock   grunge     5227  
Alice In Chains  Dirt   Columbia   rock   grunge     9027  
Alice In Chains  Live   Columbia   rock   grunge     6781  
Alix  Ground   Go Down   rock   stoner     4982  
Alix  Good 1   TrebleLabel   rock   stoner     2541  
All The Shit's Hole  Mr.Sickness'Whisper   DEMO   rock   grunge     3667  
Allun  Onitsed   Bar La Muerte   rock   alternative     3091  
Alpha Hopper  Aloha Hopper   Radical Empathy   rock   noise     37  
Alps  The Shining   Foreign Affair   rock   alternative     3227  
Alter Bridge  One Day Remains   Wind Up   rock   grunge     6066  
Altin Gun  Gece   Glitterbeat   rock   psych     8231  
Amplifier  The Octopus   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     7786  
Anatrofobia  Tesa Musica Marginale   Wallace   rock   noise     2983  
Andrew WK  I Get Wet   Def Jam   rock   alternative     2897  
Aneurysm  Awareness   Tor Johnson   rock   alternative     34  
Anima Morte  The Nightmare Becomes Reality   Transubstans   rock   progressive     2078  
Anonimo FTP  Vetro   Load Up   rock   alternative     3101  
Arabrot  Solar Anus   Fysik Format   rock   noise     1501  
Arctic Monkeys  Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not   Domino   rock   brit     3992  
Area  Arbeit Macht Frei   Cramps   rock   progressive     4731  
Ash  Free All Angels   Infectious   rock   alternative     2681  
Atomic Bitchwax  The Local Fuzz   TeePee   rock   stoner     2651  
Atto IV  Stati Alterati   DEMO   rock   progressive     3178  
Audioslave  Audioslave   Epic   rock   alternative     6190  
Audioslave  Out Of Exile   Interscope   rock   alternative     5462  
Audioslave  Revelations   Epic   rock   alternative     4439  
Axis Of Justice  Concert Series Vol.1   Serjical Strike   rock   alternative     3168  
Baby Jane  Baby Jane EP   BCF   rock   alternative     2935  
Babyruth  Mr Right Hand Man   Go Down   rock   hard     2969  
Babyshambles  Down In Albion   Creation   rock   brit     3665  
Baldoria  Baldoria   DEMO   rock   alternative     3201  
Baldoria  Baldoria Promo 2006   DEMO   rock   alternative     2735  
Barn Owl  Ancestral Star   Thrill Jockey   rock   psych     1906  
Battles  Mirrored   Warp   rock   post-rock     4262  
Bellini  Small Stones   Temporary Residence LTD   rock   noise     4246  
Besvńrjelsen  Frost   Blues Funeral   rock   stoner     68  
Big Black  Atomizer   Homestead   rock   noise     3468  
Billy Corgan  The Future Embrace   Warner   rock   pop     3894  
Black Eyes  Cough   Dischord   rock   noise     3419  
Black Eyes Snakes, The  Rise Up!   Chairkickers Music   rock   alternative     2878  
Black Heart Procession, The  The Spell   Touch & Go   rock   folk     1924  
Black Label Society  Hangover Music Vol.VI   Spitfire   rock   grunge     3585  
Black Midi  Schlagenheim   Rough Trade   rock   alternative     106  
Black Mountain  Destroyer   Jagjaguwar   rock   psych     96  
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  B.R.M.C.   Virgin   rock   alternative     2583  
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Take Them, On Your Own   Virgin   rock   alternative     3083  
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Howl   RCA   rock   alternative     3603  
Blonde Redhead  Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons   Touch & Go   rock   noise     4690  
Blonde Redhead  Melodie Citronique   Touch & Go   rock   noise     2889  
Blood Ceremony  Living With The Ancients   Rise Above   rock   hard     2471  
Blue Cheer  Vincebus Eruptum   Philips   rock   hard     5486  
Body Hound  No Moon   Autoproduzione   rock   progressive     36  
Bonnie Parkers, The  Sweaty Shirts & Bloody Fingers   Nice To Mommy   rock   alternative     2977  
Boogamen  Ritorno Alla Barbarie   Autoproduzione   rock   ska     2314  
Boris  Pink   Diwphalanx   rock   stoner     4437  
Boris  with Ian Astbury - BXI   Southern Lord   rock   alternative     2317  
Bron Y Aur  Quien Sabe?   Wallace   rock   noise     2881  
Brutus  Nest   Sargent House   rock   post-rock     173  
Buildings  Negative Sound   Gilead Media   rock   noise     37  
Burning Brides  Glass Slipper EP   V2   rock   alternative     4817  
Bush  Golden State   Atlantic   rock   grunge     3415  
But God Created Woman  BGCW   Psychotica   rock   noise     3896  
Calexico & Iron And Wine  In The Reins EP   Touch & Go   rock   folk     2719  
Calibro 35  Italian Golden Age Soundtrack   Cinedelic   rock   soundtrack     3539  
Calibro 35  Ogni Riferimento A Persone Esistenti   Autoproduzione   rock   funk     1412  
Carusella  Carusella   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     4140  
Catwalk  Thin Rebellion   Maninalto!   rock   ska     2765  
Cayorosso  Tempo Stabile   About Rock / Sugar   rock   alternative     3461  
Cesare Basile  Primo Concime EP   Mescal   rock   pop     3002  
Cesare Basile  Gran Cavalera Elettrica   Mescal   rock   pop     3441  
ChŔ  Sounds Of Liberation   Mans Ruin   rock   stoner     3962  
Cheap Trick  Rockford   SPV   rock   hard     2332  
Chelsea Wolfe  Apokalypsis   Pendu Sound   rock   alternative     1632  
Chelsea Wolfe  Birth Of Violence   Sargent House   rock   alternative     102  
Cherubs  Immaculada High   Relapse   rock   noise     100  
Chevelle  Wonder What's Next   Epic   rock   grunge     4395  
Child Bite  Blow Off The Omens   Housecore   rock   noise     34  
Clutch  Pitchfork And Lost Needles   Megaforce   rock   alternative     2935  
Clutch  Strange Cousins From The West   Weathermaker Music   rock   stoner     3491  
Cods  Sperochett¨stia   Mexicat   rock   post-rock     2264  
Cold  13 Ways To Bleed On Stage   Flip   rock   grunge     4141  
Cold  A Different Kind Of Pain   Lava   rock   grunge     3828  
Coliseum  House With A Curse   Temporary Residence   rock   alternative     2246  
Colonel Claypool's Bucket Of Bernie Brains  Big Eyeball in the Sky   Prawn Songs   rock   progressive     2708  
Colt 38  Colt Thirtyeight   VE Records   rock   stoner     3421  
Comets On Fire  Avatar   Sub Pop   rock   psych     4326  
Corin Tucker Band  1000 Years   Kill Rock Stars   rock   alternative     2169  
Creed  Weathered   Wind Up   rock   grunge     4219  
Cunts  Cunts   Ipecac   rock   noise     29  
Cut Of Mica  Finally It's Friday   Green Fog   rock   noise     2704  
CVD  Test Di Resistenza All'Onda D'Urto   Eclectic Circus   rock   alternative     2437  
Dale Crover  Drumb   Mans Ruin   rock   noise     3052  
Damien  Pretend We Are Kings   Autoproduzione   rock   grunge     2823  
Danava  Hemisphere Of Shadows   Kemado   rock   stoner     2275  
Danko Jones  We Sweat Blood   Bad Taste   rock   alternative     2929  
Darkness, The  Permission To Land   Atlantic   rock   hard     3306  
Daughters  Daughters   Hydra Head   rock   noise     2491  
Dave Evans  Sinner   Soul Food   rock   hard     2600  
De Lorians  De Lorians   Beyond Beyond Is Beyond   rock   progressive     8231  
Dead Elephant  Sing The Separation EP   Autoproduzione   rock   noise     5043  
Dead Elephant  Lowest Shared Descent   Robot Radio   rock   noise     4677  
Dead Elephant  Thanatology   Riot Season   rock   noise     2291  
Dead Meadow  Dead Meadow   Tolotta   rock   stoner     11890  
Deadburger  S.t.0.r.1.e.   Wot4   rock   alternative     3355  
Deadpeach  Promo EP   DEMO   rock   stoner     3492  
Deadpeach  Old Fuzz Generation   Brainstorm   rock   stoner     3133  
Deadpeach  Psycle   Go Down   rock   stoner     3382  
Deafkids  MetaprogramašŃo   Neurot   rock   psych     53  
Default  The Fallout   TVT   rock   grunge     3351  
Delorean  Delorean   About Rock   rock   alternative     2976  
Demian K  Demian K E Le Linee Aeree Del Terrore   DEMO   rock   alternative     2755  
Depeche Mode  Playing The Angel   Mute   rock   electro     7000  
Desaparecidos  Read Music / Speak Spanish   Saddle Creek   rock   alternative     3394  
Desert Sessions  Vol 9 - 10   Ipecac   rock   stoner     5108  
Dinosaur Jr  Beyond   Fat Possum   rock   alternative     2815  
Dirty Pretty Things  Waterloo To Anywhere   Vertigo   rock   pop     2744  
Division Of Laura Lee  Black City   Burning Heart   rock   alternative     3047  
Don Caballero  What Burns Never Returns   Touch & Go   rock   post-rock     5564  
Don Caballero  World Class Listening Problem   Relapse   rock   progressive     2957  
Doppio Alibi  Americanati   DEMO   rock   alternative     3096  
Dozer  Beyond Colossal   Small Stone   rock   stoner     4916  
Dredg  El Cielo   Interscope   rock   alternative     7795  
Dredg  Catch Without Arms   Interscope   rock   alternative     7986  
Dredg  Live At The Fillmore   Interscope   rock   alternative     3859  
Dredg  Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy   Superball   rock   pop     8231  
Drool  Drool II   Born Yesterday Records   rock   noise     54  
Duff McKagan  Tenderness   Universal   rock   folk     95  
Duke Spirit, The  Neptune   You Are Here   rock   alternative     2615  
Dune Rats  The Kids Will Know It's Bullshit   Ratbag   rock   alternative     24  
Dust For Life  Dust For Life   Wind Up   rock   grunge     3375  
Eagles Of Death Metal  Live At Slim   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     3812  
Eagles Of Death Metal  Peace Love Death Metal   Rekords Rekords   rock   alternative     3253  
Earth  Primitive And Deadly   Southern Lord   rock   stoner     4350  
Ed Harcourt  Here Be Monsters   Heavenly   rock   folk     3619  
Ed Harcourt  Maplewood EP   Heavenly   rock   folk     2864  
Eddie Vedder  Into The Wild   J Records   rock   pop     3210  
Edible Woman  SPARE ME/calf   Psychotica   rock   noise     2655  
El Caco  From Dirt   Black Baloon   rock   stoner     3537  
Elder  The Gold & Silver Sessions   Blues Funeral   rock   stoner     102  
Electric Six  Fire   XL   rock   alternative     3044  
Elio E Le Storie Tese  Cicciput   BMG   rock   pop     4465  
Emma Ruth Rundle  Some Heavy Oceans   Sargent House   rock   folk     4020  
Eric Sardinas  Black Pearls   Favored Nations   rock   pop     3521  
Estra  A Conficcarsi in Carne D'Amore   Mescal   rock   alternative     2851  
Eva Kant  Stand Up And Kiss   Uptones   rock   noise     3962  
Evangelista  In Animal Tongue   Constellation   rock   pop     1333  
Evens, The  Get Even   Dischord   rock   folk     2114  
Ex Hex  It's Real   Merge   rock   alternative     45  
Ex Models  Zoo Psychology   Psychotica   rock   noise     2865  
Ex Models  Chrome Panthers   Psychotica   rock   noise     2699  
Fantomas  Amenaza Al Mundo   Ipecac   rock   alternative     5614  
Fantomas  / Melt Banana - Split   Unhip   rock   alternative     4920  
Festa Mesta  Festa Mesta   DEMO   rock   alternative     3213  
File  File   Silvertone   rock   grunge     3077  
Fireball Ministry  FMEP   Small Stone   rock   stoner     3162  
Fiub  Brown Stripes   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2971  
Fiub  Ciubirismeicheuan   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3781  
Foo Fighters  One By One   BMG   rock   alternative     3466  
Franklin Delano  Come Home   Ghost Records   rock   folk     2271  
Franz Ferdinand  You Could Have It So Much Better   Domino   rock   pop     3476  
Fu Manchu  Daredevil   Bong Load   rock   stoner     5454  
Fuck Buttons  Street Horrrsing   ATP Recordings   rock   post-rock     2704  
Fucking Champs, The  VI   Drag City   rock   progressive     2748  
Fuel  Something Like Human   Epic   rock   grunge     3536  
Fursaxa  Mycorrhizae Realm   ATP   rock   psych     2096  
Garbage  Bleed Like Me   Geffen   Rock   Commerciale     2654  
Gary Lee Conner  Unicorn Curry   Vincebus Eruptum   rock   psych     126  
Gea  Ruggine   Santeria   rock   stoner     5063  
Gea  Ssssh...Blam!   Santeria   rock   stoner     4134  
Gea  Baillame Generale   Il Re Non Si Diverte   rock   alternative     3964  
Gea  From Gea With Love   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2209  
Gebbia, Ligeti, Pupillo  The Williamsburg Sonatas   Wallace   rock   noise     3330  
General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners  General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners   Ipecac   rock   alternative     4367  
GG Allin  Carnival Of Excess   Vinyl Retentive   rock   country     82  
Ghost (Jap)  Hypnotic Underworld   Drag City   rock   psych     4049  
Giant Sand  Cover Magazine   Thrill Jockey   rock   folk     2228  
Giardini Di Mir˛  Rise And Fall Of Academic Drifting   Homesleep   rock   post-rock     3809  
Giardini Di Mir˛  Dividing Opinions   Homesleep   rock   post-rock     2503  
Giorgio Canali  Giorgio Canali & Rossofuoco   La Tempesta   rock   alternative     3407  
Girl Band  The Talkies   Rough Trade   rock   noise     40  
Glenn Hughes  Soul Mover   Frontier   rock   hard     3100  
Gluecifer  Basement Apes   SPV   rock   hard     3737  
Godsmack  Awake   Universal   rock   grunge     5288  
Godsmack  Faceless   Universal   rock   grunge     4638  
Godsmack  IV   Universal   rock   grunge     4073  
Godsmack  Good Times Bad Times   Universal   rock   grunge     3706  
Gorilla  Rock Our Souls   Go Down   rock   stoner     2814  
Gorillaz  Demon Days   Virgin   rock   pop     3970  
Grails  Redlight   Neurot   rock   post-rock     3734  
Grails  Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 1,2, & 3   Important Records   rock   post-rock     3382  
Grails  Doomsdayer's Holiday   Temporary Residence   rock   progressive     2968  
Grails  Deep Politics   Temporary Residence   rock   post-rock     2346  
Graveyard  Hisingen Blues   Nuclear Blast   rock   hard     2820  
Green Lung  Woodland Rites   Kozmik Artifact   rock   stoner     61  
Green River  Come On Down   Homestead   rock   grunge     5714  
Green River  Dry As A Bone/Rehab Doll   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     4506  
Greg Dulli  Greg Dulli's Amber Headlight   One Little Indian   rock   pop     3062  
Greg Koch  Radio Free Gristle   Favored Nations   rock   pop     2738  
Grinderman  Grinderman   Mute   rock   alternative     3624  
Guapo  Black Oni   Ipecac   rock   progressive     3766  
Guinea Pig  Guinea Pig   Psychotica   rock   noise     2713  
Guns N'Roses  Greatest Hits   Geffen   rock   hard     4445  
Hand Rolling  City Of Angels   DEMO   rock   grunge     3224  
Handsome Boy Modeling School  White People   Elektra   rock   alternative     3021  
Hank Williams III  Straigh To Hell   Curb   rock   country     2678  
Harvestman  / Minsk / U.S. Christmas - Hawkwind Triad   Neurot   rock   psych     2885  
Helium Horse Fly  Hollowed   Dipole Experiment Records   rock   experimental     94  
Hell Demonio  Discography   Wallace   rock   noise     2251  
Hella  There's No 666 in Outer Space   Ipecac   rock   progressive     3486  
Hellacopters  By The Grace Of God   Universal   rock   hard     4052  
Hellacopters  High Visibility   Universal   rock   hard     3304  
Helmet  Monochrome   Warcon Enterprise   rock   alternative     4457  
Helms Alee  Noctiluca   Sargent House   rock   alternative     110  
Hermano  Only A Suggestion   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     3985  
Hermano  Dare I Say   Suburban   rock   stoner     4207  
High Confessions, The  Turning Lead Into Gold With The High Confessions   Relapse   rock   noise     1855  
Him  Dark Light   Warner   rock   pop     5328  
Hissing Tiles  Boychoir   Whited Sepulchre   rock   noise     34  
Hole  Live Through This   Geffen   rock   grunge     5182  
Hot Gossip  Hot Gossip   Eaten By Squirrels   rock   alternative     4831  
How To Destroy Angels  How To Destroy Angels   Null   rock   alternative     2077  
Idles  A Beautiful Thing Idles Live At Le Bataclan   Partisan   rock   noise     61  
Iggy Pop  Beat'em Up   Virgin   rock   hard     2910  
Iggy Pop  Free   Loma Vista   rock   pop     99  
Il Teatro Degli Orrori  Dell'Impero Delle Tenebre   La Tempesta   rock   noise     5941  
Il Teatro Degli Orrori  / Zu - Split   La Tempesta   rock   noise     4470  
Imodium  Imodium   Decibel   rock   grunge     3552  
Imodium  Nowhere EP   Sub Rock   rock   grunge     2947  
Impasto Nudo  Impasto Nudo   DEMO   rock   alternative     2992  
Incubus  Morning View   Immortal   rock   grunge     4058  
Incubus  A Crow Left Of The Murder   Immortal   rock   grunge     4204  
Incubus  Light Grenades   Sony   rock   alternative     4384  
Innocent X  Haut/Bas   Label Bleu   rock   noise     2346  
Institute  Distort Yourself   Universal   rock   alternative     3602  
Internal Disfunction  Nine Feet Under   DEMO   rock   alternative     3300  
Ioioi  Bright Future   Ebria   rock   jazz     3483  
Iridyum  Slamd   DEMO   rock   alternative     3057  
Iridyum  No Cover Up   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     2981  
Isis  + Aerogramme - In The Fishtank   Konkurrent   rock   post-rock     5068  
It's Not Not  Giving Everything   About Rock   rock   alternative     2645  
Jambinai  ONDA   Bella Union   rock   post-rock     127  
Jane's Addiction  Strays   Capitol   rock   alternative     2983  
Jasminshock  2monkeys Fighting For A Banana   Wallace   rock   alternative     2789  
Jeff Buckley  Live Al'Olympia   Columbia   rock   pop     3410  
Jerry Cantrell  Degradation Trip   Roadrunner   rock   grunge     5169  
Jesu  Ascension   Caldo Verde   rock   post-rock     1878  
Jesus & Mary Chain  Psychocandy   Creation   rock   noise     4151  
Jet  Shine On   Atlantic   rock   pop     4173  
Jex Thoth  Blood Moon Rise   I Hate   rock   stoner     5525  
Jimmy Chamberlin Complex  Life Begins Again   Sanctuary   rock   pop     3053  
Joanna Newsom  Ys   Drag City   rock   folk     2778  
Joe Strummer  Streetcore   Hellcat   rock   pop     2817  
John Garcia  John Garcia And The Band Of Gold   Napalm   rock   stoner     68  
Johnny Cash  The Man Comes Around   American   rock   folk     3787  
Johnny Cash  A Hundred Highways   American   rock   folk     2876  
Kabang  Equilibrium   Tribro   rock   hard     8231  
Kaiser Chiefs  Employment   Universal   rock   pop     4206  
Karate  Cancel/Sing   Southern   rock   post-rock     2926  
Kardia  Frammenti Di Violenza Controllata   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     2713  
Karl Marx Was A Broker  Alpha To Omega   Escape From Today   rock   math     1153  
Karnea  La Matta EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3752  
Karnea  Gi¨ Da Me   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2708  
Ken Mode  Venerable   Profound Lore   rock   noise     2192  
Khoma  The Second Wave   Roadrunner   rock   alternative     3156  
Killing Joke  Hosannas From The Basement Of Hell   Cooking Vinyl   rock   industrial     2480  
Killing Joke  Absolute Dissent   Spinefarm   rock   industrial     1649  
Kim Gordon  No Home Record   Matador   rock   alternative     154  
King Buzzo  This Machine Kills Artists   Ipecac   rock   alternative     4404  
King Crimson  In The Court Of Crimson King   EG   rock   progressive     4198  
Kings Of Leon  Only By The Night   RCA   rock   pop     2781  
Kyuss  Muchas Gracias - The Best   Elektra   rock   stoner     5047  
L'Altra  In The Afternoon   Aesthetics   rock   post-rock     2462  
L7  Scatter The Rats   Blackhearts Records   rock   grunge     117  
Lana  Esiclonica   Jestrai   rock   grunge     3250  
Lana  Presenze EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2505  
Larsen  Seies   Important   rock   post-rock     2746  
Larsen Lombriki  Free From Deceit Or Cunnings   Snowdonia   rock   noise     2748  
Le Butcherettes  bi/MENTAL   Rise   rock   alternative     56  
Lecherous Gaze  Lecherous Gaze EP   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     2113  
Lecrevisse  Le Piccole Foglie EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2906  
Les Claypool  Of Whales And Woe   Prawn Songs   rock   alternative     3813  
Les Claypool  Of Fungi And Foe   Prawn Song   rock   alternative     2441  
Let's Get Lost  ...I Remember Yesterday When I Was Grey   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3155  
Libertines, The  Up The Bracket   Rough Trade   rock   brit     3315  
Libertines, The  The Libertines   Rough Trade   rock   alternative     3043  
Lightning Bolt  Sonic Citadel   Thrill Jockey   rock   noise     203  
Lijubarosa  The No-Sense Song EP   dEPOT   rock   alternative     2347  
Lillayell  Lillayell   Psychotica   rock   noise     2876  
Lingua  The Smell Of A Life That Could Have Been   Rebel Monster   rock   grunge     4161  
Lingua  All My Rivals Are Imaginary Ghost   Aural   rock   alternative     3354  
Lo Pan  Subtle   Aqualamb   rock   stoner     59  
Logan  Love Said Gas   Psychotica   rock   noise     2714  
London Underground  Through A Glass Darkly   Musea   rock   progressive     2914  
Long Distance Calling  Long Distance Calling   Superball   rock   post-rock     1297  
Lotus  Nessuno Ŕ Innocente   Mescal   rock   alternative     2069  
Lou Reed  Berlin   RCA   rock   pop     4845  
Lou Reed  Metal Machine Music   RCA   rock   noise     4871  
Louise Lemon  A Broken Heart Is An Open Heart   Icons Creating Evil Art   rock   alternative     60  
Love  Forever Changes   Elektra   rock   psych     3839  
Love In Elevator  Venoma EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     3414  
Low  Things We Lost In The Fire   Kranky   rock   post-rock     4229  
Low Dose  Low Dose   Knife Hits   rock   alternative     31  
Lucertulas  Tragol De Rova   Robotradio   rock   noise     2848  
Lungbutter  Honey   Constellation   rock   noise     27  
Made Out Of Babies  The Ruiner   The End   rock   noise     2786  
Madlena  Promo   DEMO   rock   alternative     2668  
Mammatus  The Coast Explodes   Holy Mountain   rock   psych     3472  
Maniscalco Maldestro, Il  Il Maniscalco Maldestro   Videoradio   rock   progressive     12620  
Margaret  Flashback   DEMO   rock   alternative     2430  
Marilyn Manson  Antichrist Superstar   Nothing   rock   industrial     6685  
Marilyn Manson  Eat Me Drink Me   Interscope   rock   industrial     3709  
Marissa Nadler  & Stephen Brodsky - Droneflower   Sacred Bones   rock   folk     93  
Mark Lanegan  Field Songs   Sub Pop   rock   folk     3572  
Mark Lanegan  Here Comes That Weird Chill   Beggars Banquet   rock   folk     4573  
Mark Lanegan  Bubblegum   Beggars Banquet   rock   alternative     3552  
Marlene Kuntz  Che Cosa Vedi   Virgin   rock   alternative     6499  
Marlene Kuntz  Senza Peso   Virgin   rock   alternative     4945  
Mars Volta  Tremulant EP   Southern   rock   progressive     4274  
Mars Volta  De-Loused In The Comatorium   Universal   rock   progressive     5334  
Mars Volta  Live   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     4083  
Mars Volta  Televators   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     3326  
Mars Volta  Frances The Mute   Universal   rock   progressive     4983  
Mars Volta  The Widow EP   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     4621  
Mars Volta  Scabdates   Gold Standard   rock   progressive     4101  
Mars Volta  Amputechture   Universal   rock   progressive     4888  
Martin Grech  March Of The Lonely   Genepool   rock   alternative     4481  
Massimo Bubola  Niente Passa Invano   Sconfini   rock   pop     4067  
Masters Of Reality  Flik'n'Flight   Brownhouse   rock   stoner     3850  
Matra  Missione Delta   Last Scream   rock   revival     2283  
Mc5  Kick Out The Jams   Sundazed   rock   pop     3680  
Mdou Moctar  Ilana The Creator   Sahel Sounds   rock   psych     90  
Meat Puppets  Golden Lies   Atlantic   rock   alternative     3021  
Meat Puppets  Dusty Notes   Megaforce   rock   alternative     149  
Meganoidi  Outside The Loop Stupendo Sensation   Green Fog   rock   alternative     7751  
Meganoidi  And Then We Met Impero EP   Green Fog   rock   alternative     4644  
Meganoidi  Granvanoeli   Green Fog   rock   alternative     4793  
Meganoidi  Al Posto Del Fuoco   Green Fog   rock   alternative     4043  
Melissa Auf Der Maur  Auf Der Maur   Extra Labels   rock   alternative     3608  
Melloncek  Melloncek   Ghost Records   rock   post-rock     2680  
Melvins  Trilogy   Ipecac   rock   alternative     16936  
Melvins  Electroretard   Mans Ruin   rock   alternative     5134  
Melvins  + Lustmord - Pigs Of The Roman Empire   Ipecac   rock   noise     3573  
Melvins  A Senile Animal   Ipecac   rock   noise     5613  
Melvins  Sugar Daddy Live   Ipecac   rock   hard     2112  
Mesas  Spasmi Che Sanno Di Me   Maninalto!   rock   stoner     3434  
MGR  Wavering On The Cresting Heft   Conspiracy Records   rock   post-rock     2537  
Minus The Bear  Planet Of Ice   Suicidal Squeeze   rock   alternative     3329  
Mistonocivo  Edgar   Arte Nativa   rock   alternative     2987  
Molasses  Mourning Haze / Drops of Sunlight   Van   rock   hard     74  
Mondo Generator  A Drug Problem That Never Existed   Ipecac   rock   alternative     2781  
Mondo Generator  Cocaine Rodeo   Southern Lord   rock   stoner     5210  
Mondo Generator  Dead Planet Sonicslowmotiontrails   Mother Tongue   rock   alternative     3069  
Monster Magnet  Mastermind   Napalm   rock   stoner     2231  
Morkobot  Morkobot   Airbag   rock   psych     4493  
Morkobot  Mostro   Supernatural Cat   rock   psych     5011  
Morkobot  Morto   Supernatural Cat   rock   psych     3124  
Motley Crue  Carnival Of Sins Live   SPV   rock   hard     3095  
Motorpsycho  Barracuda   Stickman   rock   stoner     11890  
Motorpsycho  Phanerothyme   Stickman   rock   psych     4738  
Motorpsycho  + Jaga Jazzist Horns   Konkurrent   rock   psych     3067  
Motorpsycho  Black Hole / Black Canvas   Stickman   rock   stoner     4061  
Motorpsycho  The Death Defying Unicorn   Stickman   rock   progressive     2013  
Mr Wilson  Mr Wilson   Allright Family   rock   grunge     3215  
Mudhoney  Mudhoney   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     3958  
Mudhoney  Every Good Boy Deserve Fudge   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     3510  
Mudhoney  Piece Of Cake   Reprise   rock   grunge     5358  
Mudhoney  My Brother The Cow   Reprise   rock   grunge     5090  
Mudhoney  Since We've Become Translucent   Sub Pop   rock   alternative     3260  
Mudhoney  The Lucky Ones   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     2969  
Mudhoney  Morning In America   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     110  
Mudhoney  Pedazo De Pastel   Folc   rock   grunge     78  
Multicult  Simultaneity Now   Learning Curve   rock   noise     42  
Muse  Absolution   Mushroom   rock   alternative     4655  
Muse  Black Holes And Revelations   Wea   rock   alternative     3768  
My Bloody Valentine  Loveless   Creation   rock   noise     4599  
My Brightest Diamond  Bring Me The Workhorse   Asthmatic Kitty   rock   pop     2398  
My Vitriol  Fine Lines   Pias   rock   grunge     3553  
Naam  Naam   Tee Pee   rock   stoner     4108  
Nadja  Autopergamene   Essence   rock   post-rock     2123  
Negramaro  Negramaro   Sugar   rock   pop     8452  
Neil Young  Greendale   Reprise   rock   pop     3129  
Neil Young  Harvest   Reprise   rock   folk     4303  
Neil Young  Mirrorball   Reprise   rock   grunge     6753  
Neil Young  Weld   Reprise   rock   pop     4845  
Neil Young  Prairie Wind   Reprise   rock   pop     2899  
Nick Cave  Henry's Dream   Mute   rock   pop     3782  
Nick Cave  Let Love In   Mute   rock   pop     4591  
Nick Cave  Murder Ballads   Mute   rock   pop     3853  
Nick Cave  No More Shall We Part   Mute   rock   pop     4219  
Nickelback  The State   Roadrunner   rock   grunge     3751  
Night Vapor  1000 Miles Of Mud   Corpse Flower   rock   noise     8  
Nine Inch Nails  And All That Could Have Been   Nothing   rock   industrial     4155  
Nine Inch Nails  With Teeth   Interscope   rock   alternative     4810  
Nippon And The Simbol  Universonbangaorfeo   Ebria   rock   progressive     2906  
Nirvana  Bleach   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     6079  
Nirvana  Nevermind   Geffen   rock   grunge     7748  
Nirvana  Hormoaning EP   Geffen   rock   grunge     4513  
Nirvana  Incesticide   Geffen   rock   grunge     5193  
Nirvana  In Utero   Geffen   rock   grunge     7228  
Nirvana  Unplugged In New York   Geffen   rock   grunge     5827  
Nirvana  From The Muddy Banks Of The Whishkah   Geffen   rock   grunge     4101  
No Code  Try To Understand   Autoproduzione   rock   grunge     3083  
No Way  Demo 2003   DEMO   rock   alternative     2440  
NYC Smoke  For The Posers   Smoke Recordings   rock   pop     2539  
Oasis  Don t Believe The Truth   Epic   rock   pop     4913  
Oceansize  Frames   Superball   rock   alternative     3791  
Oceansize  Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up   Superball   rock   alternative     2016  
Officinalchemike  Ho Le Mie Buone Ragioni   Maninalto!   rock   pop     2882  
Oginoknaus  Oginoknaus   Vacation House   rock   noise     2977  
Ojm  The Light Album   Go Down   rock   hard     2966  
Ojm  Under The Thunder   Go Down   rock   hard     3150  
Ojm  Volcano   Go Down   rock   stoner     2457  
OM  Variations On A Theme   Holy Mountain   rock   psych     4117  
OM  Conference Of The Birds   Holy Mountain   rock   psych     4148  
Om  God Is Good   Drag City   rock   stoner     4844  
Om  Advaitic Songs   Drag City   rock   stoner     2376  
Om  BBC Radio 1   Drag City   rock   stoner     85  
One Dimensional Man  You Kill Me   Gammapop   rock   noise     3709  
One Dimensional Man  Take Me Away   Ghost Records   rock   noise     3606  
Oneida  Secret Wars   Jagjaguwar   rock   psych     3983  
Oneida  Happy New Year   Jagjaguwar   rock   noise     2604  
Oozing Wound  High Anxiety   Thrill Jockey   rock   noise     84  
Orthrelm  OV   Ipecac   rock   noise     3566  
Overock  Acid Sounds In A Groove Box   DEMO   rock   alternative     2798  
Paolino E Gli Anziani  Paolino E Gli Anziani   DEMO   rock   alternative     7585  
Paul McCartney  Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard   Parlophone   rock   pop     3008  
Paz Lenchantin  Songs For Luci   Autoproduzione   rock   folk     3007  
Pearl Jam  Ten   Epic   rock   grunge     7797  
Pearl Jam  Vs   Epic   rock   grunge     6932  
Pearl Jam  Vitalogy   Epic   rock   grunge     7934  
Pearl Jam  No Code   Epic   rock   grunge     10000  
Pearl Jam  Yield   Epic   rock   grunge     5999  
Pearl Jam  Binaural   Epic   rock   grunge     6688  
Pearl Jam  Riot Act   Epic   rock   pop     6084  
Pearl Jam  Live At The Garden [DVD]   Epic   rock   grunge     8344  
Pearl Jam  Lost Dogs   Epic   rock   grunge     8210  
Pearl Jam  Pearl Jam   J Records   rock   alternative     6274  
Pearl Jam  Live At Easy Street EP   J Records   rock   alternative     4693  
Pearl Jam  Immagine In Cornice [DVD]   Rhino   rock   alternative     5370  
Pearl Jam  Backspacer   Monkey Wrench   rock   alternative     4765  
Permanent Fatal Error  Law Speed   Wallace   rock   noise     2690  
PGR  Per Grazia Ricevuta   Mercury   rock   pop     3477  
Pink Floyd  The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn   Columbia   rock   psych     5464  
Pixies  Beneath The Eyrie   Infectious Music   rock   alternative     76  
PJ Harvey  Uh Huh Her   Island   rock   alternative     2852  
PJ Harvey  Please Leave Quietly [DVD]   Island   rock   alternative     3538  
Plush  Hands   DEMO   rock   grunge     3167  
Plush  Sounds Better, Frank   Autoproduzione   rock   grunge     2655  
Porcupine Tree  Fear Of A Blank Planet   Universal   rock   progressive     3923  
Porcupine Tree  We Lost The Skyline   Transmission   rock   progressive     3812  
Porn  American Style   Mans Ruin   rock   stoner     7470  
Primus  Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People   Interscope   rock   alternative     4470  
Primus  Green Naugahyde   Prawn Song   rock   alternative     1326  
Proteo  Proteo   DEMO   rock   progressive     2989  
Psychic Paramount  II   No Quarter   rock   noise     1872  
Puddle Of Mudd  Come Clean   Flawless   rock   grunge     3955  
Puppy  The Goat   Spinefarm   rock   alternative     32  
Purson  The Circle And The Blue Door   Rise Above   rock   hard     2304  
Putiferio  Ate Ate Ate   Robotradio   rock   noise     3248  
Queens Of The Stone Age  Q.O.T.S.A.   Loosegroove   rock   stoner     6831  
Queens Of The Stone Age  Feel Good Hit Of The Summer   Interscope   rock   stoner     5849  
Queens Of The Stone Age  Rated R   Interscope   rock   stoner     8969  
Queens Of The Stone Age  Songs For The Deaf   Interscope   rock   alternative     9290  
Queens Of The Stone Age  Stone Age Complication   Interscope   rock   stoner     4619  
Queens Of The Stone Age  Lullabies To Paralyze   Interscope   rock   alternative     7739  
Queens Of The Stone Age  Era Vulgaris   Interscope   rock   alternative     5093  
Quest For Fire  Lights From Paradise   TeePee   rock   psych     2240  
Qui  Love's Miracle   Ipecac   rock   noise     2681  
Quinto Stato  Quinto Stato   Load Up   rock   alternative     4881  
Raconteurs, The  Broken Boy Soldier   XL   rock   alternative     4152  
Rage Against The Machine  Renegades   Epic   rock   alternative     4083  
Rakta  Falha Comum   La Vida Es Un Mus   rock   psych     48  
Rangda  False Flag   Drag City   rock   psych     1842  
Red Hot Chili Peppers  By The Way   WEA   rock   alternative     4697  
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Stadium Arcadium   WEA   rock   pop     6604  
Red Sparowes  At The Soundless Dawn   Neurot   rock   post-rock     6371  
Red Sparowes  Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun   Neurot   rock   post-rock     3901  
Renoir  Vega EP   Jestrai   rock   alternative     2656  
Rigie  Rigie   DEMO   rock   alternative     2712  
Rilod  Viaggio Verso   BCF   rock   alternative     2621  
Rolling Stones  A Bigger Bang   Virgin   rock   pop     3838  
Rollins Band  Nice   SPV   rock   alternative     3769  
Rollins Band  Get Some Go Again   Dreamworks   rock   alternative     4106  
Rose Windows  The Sun Dogs   Sub Pop   rock   psych     3322  
Rosegarden Funeral Party  Martyr   Moon Sounds   rock   post-punk     51  
Rotor  4   Elektrohasch   rock   stoner     2777  
Roxy Saint  The Underground Personality Tapes [DVD]   Star Blue TV   rock   alternative     2867  
RumoreRosa  Solo Un Errore   BMG   rock   alternative     2601  
Russian Circle  Station   Suicide Squeeze   rock   post-rock     4178  
Sabbath Assembly  Restored To One   The Ajna Offensive   rock   psych     2961  
Salvation  Year Of The Fly   Forge Again   rock   grunge     74  
Santo Niente  Il Fiore Dell'Agave   Black Candy   rock   alternative     3739  
Santo Niente  Occhiali Scuri Al Mattino EP   Black Candy   rock   alternative     2814  
Satantango  Mr.Bore   Wallace   rock   alternative     2721  
Saul Williams  The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     2483  
Scott Kelly  The Wake   Neurot   rock   folk     3099  
Scum  Gospels For The Sick   Dogjob   rock   death metal     2309  
Searchin' Guitar  Searchin' Guitar   DEMO   rock   mathrock     3813  
Sebadoh  Act Surprised   Dangerbirds   rock   alternative     86  
Secret Shame  Dark Synthetics   Portrayal Of Guilt Records   rock   post-punk     89  
Sedia  Sedia   Wallace   rock   noise     2836  
Settevite  Settevite   About Rock   rock   alternative     3604  
Shearwater  Animal Joy   Sub Pop   rock   folk     1778  
Sheer Mag  A Distant Call   Wilsuns   rock   hard     39  
Shit And Shine  Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs   Riot Season   rock   noise     58  
Sigur R˛s  Takk   EMI   rock   post-rock     3165  
Sigur Ros  Hvarf/Heim   EMI   rock   post-rock     2943  
Sigur Ros  Me­ Su­ I Eyrum Vi­ Spilum Endalaust   EMI   rock   post-rock     3324  
Sinestesia  Demo   DEMO   rock   alternative     2923  
Skeleton Key  Obtainium   Ipecac   rock   progressive     4596  
Skeleton Key  Gravity Is The Enemy   Arctic Rodeo   rock   alternative     2295  
Sleater Kinney  The Woods   Sub Pop   rock   alternative     3989  
Sleater Kinney  The Center Won't Hold   Mom + Pop   rock   alternative     80  
Sleepy Jackson  Personality   Virgin   rock   pop     2842  
Slint  Spiderland   Touch & Go   rock   post-rock     5426  
Slugs  Bob Berdella Bizarre Bordello   Black Candy   rock   alternative     3850  
Small Jackets  Play At High Level   Go Down   rock   hard     2829  
Small Jackets  Walking The Boogie   Go Down   rock   hard     3847  
Smashing Pumpkins  Machina II   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     5411  
Smashing Pumpkins  Zeitgeist   Reprise   rock   alternative     5183  
Sonic Youth  A Thousand Leaves   Geffen   rock   noise     4879  
Sonic Youth  Murray Street   Interscope   rock   noise     3469  
Sonic Youth  Rather Ripped   Geffen   rock   noise     3179  
Sonic Youth  The Eternal   Matador   rock   noise     3086  
Sorelle Kraus  Sorelle Kraus   Autoproduzione   rock   alternative     3221  
Soundgarden  Screaming Life   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     5122  
Soundgarden  Fopp   Sub Pop   rock   grunge     4205  
Soundgarden  Ultramega Ok   SST   rock   grunge     4717  
Soundgarden  Louder Than Love   A&M   rock   grunge     13682  
Soundgarden  Badmotorfinger   A&M   rock   grunge     6593  
Soundgarden  Superunknown   A&M   rock   grunge     7163  
Soundgarden  Down On The Upside   A&M   rock   grunge     5824  
Soundgarden  SOMMS EP   A&M   rock   grunge     6248  
Soundgarden  Telephantasm   A&M   rock   grunge     3001  
Soundgarden  Live On I5   A&M   rock   grunge     2634  
Soundtrack Of Our Lives  Behind The Music   Stickman   rock   psych     3877  
Southern Isolation  Southern Isolation   Baphomet   rock   folk     4099  
Souvenir's Young America  An Ocean Without Water   Crucial Blast   rock   post-rock     2244  
Souvenir's Young America  The Name Of The Snake   Init   rock   post-rock     2017  
Spleen  Nun Lover!   Load Up   rock   noise     2941  
Stabbing Westward  Stabbing Westward   Edel   rock   grunge     4783  
Staind  14 Shades Of Grey   Elektra   rock   grunge     4845  
Staind  Break The Cycle   Atlantic   rock   grunge     5369  
Staind  Chapter V   Atlantic   rock   grunge     3898  
Staind  The Singles 1996-2006   Atlantic   rock   grunge     3698  
Steve Earle  Transcendental Blues   Artemis   rock   folk     2766  
Stew  People   Ripple Music   rock   hard     93  
Stone Gossard  Bayleaf   Epic   rock   alternative     4201  
Stone Sour  Stone Sour   Roadrunner   rock   grunge     4783  
Stone Sour  Come (What)Ever May   Roadrunner   rock   pop     4344  
Strokes, The  Is This It   RCA   rock   alternative     3889  
Strokes, The  Room On Fire   RCA   rock   alternative     3091  
Strokes, The  First Impression On Earth   RCA   rock   pop     5846  
Subarachnoid Space  Eight Bells   Crucial Blast   rock   psych     2781  
Subsonica  Controllo Del Livello Di Rombo   Mescal   rock   pop     4870  
Subsonica  Cielo Tangenziale Ovest DVD   Mescal   rock   pop     3942  
Sungrazer  Mirador   Elektrohasch   rock   stoner     2434  
Sunna  One Minute Science   Virgin   rock   grunge     6943  
Super Elastic Bubble Plastic  The Swindler   RedLed   rock   alternative     5358  
Sushi  Vs Madaski - dDt   Mescal   rock   pop     3010  
Swans  My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky   Young God   rock   alternative     2026  
Swans  Leaving Meaning   Young God   rock   experimental     225  
T-Rex  Electric Warrior   A&M   rock   pop     4076  
T.H.U.M.B.  Lunar Flight EP   W*uck   rock   stoner     3158  
Tanake  Reazioni Pilomotorie   Idee Nere   rock   noise     2439  
Tasaday  In Attesa Nel Labirinto   Wallace   rock   alternative     3135  
The Austerity Program  Bible Songs 1   Controlled Burn   rock   noise     37  
The Black Heart Death Cult  The Black Heart Death Cult   Oak Island   rock   psych     69  
The Lunar Effect  Calm Before The Calm   Kozmik Artifact   rock   hard     69  
The Muffs  No Holiday   Omnivore   rock   alternative     47  
The Silence  Metaphysical Feedback   Drag City   rock   progressive     104  
Theramin  We Were Gladiators   Psychotica   rock   noise     3034  
Tomahawk  Mit Gas   Ipecac   rock   alternative     5707  
Tomahawk  Tomahawk   Ipecac   rock   alternative     5294  
Tomahawk  Anonymous   Ipecac   rock   alternative     3361  
Tommy Lee  Tommyland The Ride   SPV   rock   alternative     4176  
Tomviolence  Tomviolence   Black Candy   rock   post-rock     2924  
Tone  Solidarity   Neurot   rock   post-rock     3723  
Torquemada  Tales From The Bottle   Insecta   rock   noise     2681  
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  Il Principe In Bicicletta EP   La Tempesta   rock   alternative     7087  
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  La Testa Indipendente   BMG   rock   alternative     5251  
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  Le Origini   La Tempesta   rock   alternative     5925  
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  (Il Sogno Del Gorilla Bianco)   Alternative Produzioni   rock   alternative     3868  
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti  (Non Mi Manca Niente, Non Ho Niente) [DVD]   La Tempesta   rock   alternative     3359  
Tropical Fuck Storm  Braindrops   Joyful Noise   rock   noise     52  
Tropical Trash  Southern Indiana Drone Footage   National Waste Products   rock   noise     53  
TV On The Radio  Return To Cookie Mountain   Interscope   rock   alternative     4038  
Twilight Singers  Powder Burns   One Little Indian   rock   alternative     3217  
U.S.Christmas  The Valley Path   Neurot   rock   psych     1661  
Ulver  Wars Of The Roses   Kscope   rock   sperimentale     1625  
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats  Blood Lust   Rise Above   rock   stoner     3293  
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats  Mind Control   Rise Above   rock   stoner     5359  
Uncode Duello  Uncode Duello   Wallace / Ebria Records   rock   noise     2630  
Universi Paralleli  Indelebile   Helikonia   rock   alternative     3077  
Universi Paralleli  Back Up   Helikonia   rock   alternative     2650  
Unsane  Lambhouse   Relapse   rock   noise     5941  
Unsane  Wreck   Alternative Tentacles   rock   noise     2140  
USA/Mexico  Matamoros   12XU   rock   noise     145  
Vanessa Van Basten  Vanessa Van Basten   Autoproduzione   rock   post-rock     5188  
Vanillina  Sagome EP   Latlantide   rock   alternative     2362  
Vanillina  Spine   Latlantide   rock   alternative     2834  
Vanishing Floor  Demo   DEMO   rock   grunge     3080  
Velvet Revolver  Contraband   RCA   rock   hard     4015  
Velvet Underground  Loaded   Verve   rock   pop     4388  
Velvet Underground  Velvet Underground & Nico   Verve   rock   pop     5546  
Velvet Underground  The Velvet Underground   Verve   rock   pop     3437  
Velvet Underground  White Light White Heat   Verve   rock   pop     3823  
Veracrash  The Ghost EP   Go Down   rock   stoner     4334  
Verdena  Requiem   Universal   rock   alternative     5341  
Vernon Reid  & Masque - Known Unknown   Favored Nations   rock   hard     2818  
Vicodin  10000 Year Old Soldier   Morgana   rock   stoner     2716  
Vipers, The  Promo 2005   DEMO   rock   stoner     3431  
Vista Chino  Peace   Napalm   rock   stoner     5941  
Von Bondies  Pawn Shoppe Heart   Sire   rock   alternative     2773  
Vortice Cremisi  Promo   DEMO   rock   stoner     3760  
Waax  Big Grief   Dew Process   rock   alternative     41  
Wednesday 13  Transylvania 90210   Roadrunner   rock   hard     3082  
Weeed  You Are The Sky   Halfshell   rock   psych     38  
Wellwater Conspiracy  The Scroll And Its Combinations   TVT   rock   alternative     4254  
White Hills  HP-1   Thrill Jockey   rock   psych     2166  
White Stripes  Elephant   XL   rock   alternative     4017  
White Stripes  White Blood Cells   SFTRI   rock   alternative     3271  
White Stripes  Get Behind Me Satan   XL   rock   alternative     3656  
Who, The  Who's Next   MCA   rock   hard     3749  
Wild Flag  Wild Flag   Merge   rock   alternative     1270  
William Elliott Whitmore  Field Songs   Anti   rock   folk     1665  
William Shatner  Has Been   Shout   rock   alternative     3057  
Witchcraft  The Alchemist   Rise Above   rock   hard     3451  
Witchcraft  Legend   Nuclear Blast   rock   stoner     3316  
Wolfmother  Wolfmother   Interscope   rock   hard     3444  
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Fever To Tell   Dress Up   rock   alternative     4806  
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow [DVD]   Dress Up   rock   alternative     2981  
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Show Your Bones   Interscope   rock   alternative     3239  
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  It's Blitz   Polydor   rock   pop     2590  
Young Widows  In And Out Of Youth And Lightness   Temporary Residence   rock   noise     1665  
Yung Druid  Yung Druid   Totem Cat   rock   stoner     61  
Zach Hill  Astrological Straits   Ipecac   rock   progressive     2733  
Zebrahead  Playmate Of The Year   Columbia   rock   alternative     3389  
Zeronic  People And Sound   Foreign Affair   rock   alternative     3109  
Zeus!  Zeus!   Bar La Muerte   rock   math     2174  
Zeus!  Opera   Three One G   rock   math     2941  
Zippo  Maktub   Subsound   rock   stoner     2737  
Zola Jesus  Versions   Sacred Bones   rock   alternative     5199  
Zombi  Surface To Air   Relapse   rock   progressive     3289  
Zu  Live In Helsinki   Tang   rock   noise     4619  
Zu  /Dalek - Zu vs Dalek   Psychotica / Wallace   rock   noise     4191  
Zu  & Xabier Iriondo / Iceburn - Split Series   Phonometak / Wallace   rock   noise     3632